Past, Present, and Profiling… Fusing It All Together

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A fusion center is an information sharing center, many of which were jointly created between 2003 and 2007 under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Office of Justice Programs in the U.S. Department of Justice.
Fusion Centers in America

Many of the Waco bikers fought long and hard against the very thing that happened to them last year… Ironically, several of the innocent who were actually incarcerated have spent almost a decade working on amending the laws pertaining to the profiling of motorcyclists. .. This is going to be a long story, but if you take the time to read it all, you can’t help wondering if the whole thing was just sour grapes from biased, obtuse politicians and cops who didn’t get their way in the past few years.

The Background… 

The TEXAS MOTORCYCLE ROADRIDERS ASSOCIATION (TMRA) was founded in the early 1970’s, and was one of the first biker rights groups in Texas.The one that would go down in history came along a little later, however…

Sputnik Strain started doing motorcycle rights work with the Roadriders in the beginning, then in the late 1990’s he branched off and started the Texas Motorcycle Rights Association which was in charge with passing laws at the capitol for bikers and educating bikers on how the political process worked. TMRA2 was in business for 23 years and just recently closed their doors in Dec. of 2014.he notoriously awesome Sputnik Strain and his TMRA2 hit the ground running right out of the gate, and they continued to roll steady on until the organization was retired in December of 2014, a few years after Sputnik passed on.

TMRA2 was an Association of Clubs and Individuals whose purpose was to promote and better the image of motorcycling and promote fellowship for motorcycle enthusiasts. For over 40 years they stood for rights, education, fellowship and communication for Texas riders.  The Daimler’s folly was TMRA2’s official monthly publication and a great source of information about what was happening around the state of Texas. Chartered clubs  listed their events on the association calendar, there were articles on safety, legislative matters that affect the motorcycling community and other interesting articles..  all submitted by TMRA2 members.

 *a special thanks to Terri Williams for the photos, the history, and for always being there to help me along when I am treading unknown paths through rights work… She is every bit as legendary as Sputnik to me.


Texas bikers have a long and esteemed history of working hard to preserve their rights as well as the rights of the American People. Led by their legendary mentor, hands down the greatest biker rights activist who ever lived,  the late, great Sputnik Strain… the former Texas Motorcycle Rights Association was made up of a fantastic team of patriots who laid the foundation for what has now become the fight of their lives… Of ours too.

In the earlier days, TMRA2 handled pretty much all responsibility for providing instructors and instruction on motorcycle safety. Today, the Texas department of public safety motorcycle safety unit oversees instruction programs. TMRA also worked closely with the various governors of Texas and the legislatures on matters concerning all phases of motorcycling. Though TMRA2 has since been retired, Texans continue this effort in cooperation with other motorcycle related organizations to promote safety, awareness and protect our right to ride.

 Along Came the US Defenders..

Who we are:

The US Defenders is a grass roots manpower movement established from every motorcyclist from all walks of life. Composed of State by State Confederation of Clubs, the Coalition of Independent Riders (C.O.I.R.), and Representatives, the US Defenders work in solidarity for the common good of our communities and to defend the Constitution of these Unites States of America.

In the fall of 2007 Gimmi Jimmy, Texas State Confederation of Clubs Chairman, commissioned a committee with the task of creating a body within the COC that could react quickly on legislative concerns.

The challenge was how to harness the incredible manpower potential that lies in the memberships of traditional motorcycle clubs, riding associations and the independent motorcyclists while keeping the integrity of their different lifestyles intact.

Most bikers recognize a shared responsibility in defending our constitutionally protected civil liberties including our “Right to Ride.” However, many of these men and women did not take up motorcycling in an effort to attend political meetings.

The simple solution was to not try and change these motorcyclists into politicos but to provide them with clear and simple instruction so they can add their voices to the fight for our rights and then go back to doing what they do best, being bikers!

The US Defenders Website

The US Defenders and TMRA2 together made up a force to be reckoned with in legislative arenas… They were all great friends.. Brothers and sisters.. who enjoyed their work and being around each other. They tied in together perfectly to work towards the right to ride, making unprecedented headway in biker rights… But, as in all great fairy tales, one of our heroes must soon ride off into the sunset…


Then in June of 2010, the unthinkable happened as fate dealt its first hard blow to these Texas bikers…

The Texas Motorcycle Rights Association is sad to announce that our great Leader, Sputnik, passed away suddenly at approximately 5:00 AM this morning. I woke up at 5:45AM to find him on the living floor at the state office. It appeared that he crossed over quickly and did not suffer, from a massive heart attack. I can not begin to even put into words how devastating the loss is to the biker community, to his family, and to us who live with him at the state office, for all TMRA2, and to all of his brothers and sisters who loved him dearly.
Sputnik will go down history as the greatest Motorcycle Rights Activist in the History of our Nation and we, as his Task Force, were truly blessed to be a part of this great Warriors life.God has a special place in Heaven for Sputnik and he told me yesterday that wanted all of us to continue the political work and to carry forward with his final Rally for the Birthday Bash in July. As soon as we know the Memorial Service information we will send out another broadcast. Our sincerest regrets to the entire Biker Community”
Terri Williams- State Secretary TMRA2
Stephanie Parks- TMRA2 Task Force

source: Cyril Huze blog

Old men forget; yet all shall be forgot,
But he’ll remember, with advantages,
What feats he did that day. Then shall our names,
Familiar in his mouth as household words…

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From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be remembered-
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother…  William Shakespeare


Still reeling from the loss of their beloved mentor, Texas bikers saw they still had to carry on what he held dear.. Which meant combatting the disturbing rhetoric in the Fusion Center framework enacted by revisions to The Patriot Act. They quickly realized the dangerous potential therein for police to not only infringe upon their privacy and civil liberties, but also to play at God, judge and jury with the lifestyles and freedoms we hold so near and dear. This call to action went out:


We just received notice that S.B.1572-Fusion Center Bill introduced by Senator Kirk Watson is up for committee hearing this coming Wednesday at the Texas capitol. We need letters and support on this bill.

We are asking for support on SB1572 referenced above relating to Fusion Center Privacy Policies so that the state of Texas can:

-Reduce the cost of spending in the law enforcement arenas; Have model fusion centers for the rest of the states to model them by;
-Cut down on law suits for unconstitutional profiling which cost Texas taxpayers money; And collect data on the real criminals while still protecting every Texans civil rights.

Currently there are two fusion centers in Texas that have already adopted a privacy policy. Our goal is to simply make it state law for all six of the centers currently in Texas.

The fusion center were originally tasked with preventing and combating terrorism, most fusion centers now take on an “all-crimes approach”, incorporating information and intelligence about a multitude of crimes from large scale illicit drug operations to simple traffic stops.

Expanding further, many fusion centers are now collecting and analyzing private and non-criminal information such as political beliefs and activities, shopping purchases, driving habits, and even health records.

As a motorcyclist I am concerned with Fusion Centers for a variety of reasons. Among them is the unfortunate fact the Fusion Center system has been utilized on numerous occasions across the country in order to violate the rights of and profile innocent Americans who are engaging in First Amendment protected activity.

Additionally, motorcyclists from across the state are reporting to the CDC&I and the Texas Motorcycle Rights Association that DPS officers and local police are pulling them over, taking pictures of their patches and tattoos, and placing their information into fusion center databases when there is no criminal activity suspected. – Paul Landers

HB 3219



TMRA2 and the US Defenders worked tirelessly in attempts to change the wording of the fusion center bills and policies in a majestic attempt to preserve human rights, liberties and dignity… would they be able to do it without their beloved leader Sputnik this time around?

source: TMRA2 CTA & Blog Archives

TMRA2 Capitol Update

OVER 10,000 letters ROCK the Capitol in support of SB1572 Fusion Center Privacy Policy The Texas Bikers had their first committee hearing in the Senate on the all important SB1572- Fusion Center Privacy Policy Bill. One of the best Calls to Action yet from Texas bikers in all the rights groups. Dozer reported while on the phone late Monday afternoon with Senator Tommy Williams office “The bikers have burned up the fax machine”, with all of the Senators offices receiving a record number of over 10,000 letters primarily from the US Defenders. The system works and it works well. I was in the hearing room at 6:30am and over heard one senator say, the only phone calls I received on all the bills today were in support of this Fusion Center bill. Within thirty minutes the hearing room was completely filled with civil rights activist groups, bikers, law enforcement, and district attorneys. They were all there to battle it out on many bills presented that day. The most controversial bill SB9, a massive ominous bill to solve problems on the Texas border was taking off the table and put aside for the evening. This helped free up four hours of testimony allowing the bikers who were taking breaks from work to come by and actually tell their stories themselves. Timing is everything at these hearings. We were very glad that SB1572 was brought before the senators with half the testimony completed before the senators went onto the floor and the other half after lunch. All morning and afternoon streams of bikers came through completing their testimony in writing and verbally. Bandido One Wire had great testimony that morning on behalf of the Christian motorcycle community and Veterans. Paul Landers and I testified along side APD officer David Carter and ACLU attorney Matt Simpson, who were in favor of the bill. TMRA2 member, Bart Luck, testified on the many times he was put into the Fusion Data Base because of the motorcycle funerals he has attended over the years. We also submitted testimony from Circuit Rider MM, Roy Blalock, in writing stating he had been pulled out of a bike shop while purchasing a motorcycle for his wife and put in the Fusion Data base because the police thought he was robbing the bike shop due to his long hair and tattoo’s. Broken hearted and embarrassed Roy states “I thought they wanted to ask me about my Christian ministry. I never thought they would treat me so badly. The most compelling was the testimony from Rebel Rider Ben Newner, JB and Tank from the Legacy Vets MC, and another biker Louis from the Regulators MC in the Houston area. These gentlemen, all veterans, bravely sat in front of the most powerful senators of our state nailing testimony on what it feels like to fight against the terrorist in Iraq just to come back to Texas and be put in a Fusion Data because they are military and they now know how to make bombs. In testimony the comments: appalling, disgraceful, unconstitutional, and against my civil rights, came up over and over again in each hearing. By the time the last Legacy Vet MC member testified, you could hear a pin drop in that meeting and see three shades of white quickly covering the faces of the senators who sat listening. I have been to a lot of committee hearings but I have never seen the senators respond to testimony as I did yesterday, they were disgusted. I could not have worded it any better than those brave men. It was the perfect committee hearing. When everyone was finished speaking, Senator Kirk Watson, the very person who introduced this bill, turned to me and said, “We have to get through some of the changes in the language on this bill and work the bill out with all sides, but this bill will come out of committee. Many, Many Thanks to all who wrote letters, to everyone who helped post the information on Face book/internet, and to those who came to the capitol. To the US Defenders, COC&I, COIR, Abate, TMRA2 (and its Task Force), and to all of the coalition partners who provided the legal language for the bill. If you get a chance, thank Kirk Watson and his staff-Sefronia Thompson and her staff for taking on and introducing the hardest bill TMRA2 has ever worked. The Freedom Fighters of Texas can not do this work at the capitol successfully without the backing of the biker community. You ALL are the ones who make things happen. And to those brave warriors who testified, God Bless you every day of your life for having the guts to stand up to real change while you were at war and now here in Texas. You are our Hero’s! Terri Williams TMRA2 Legislative Task Force What’s next: The second Fusion Center bill we have on the house side is HB3219 will bill coming up on the house side in the next week. Check your e-mail for the date and time; we may only get two days notice. We will need testimony again on the house side as well to support the second bill HB3219. Below is the hand out that explains each bill. Fusion Center Reform Bills Introduced this Session – Thompson – HB3219 HB 3219 is essentially the language drafted by TAG, the ACLU, and the TMRA2. HB3219 does the following: 1. Prohibits Texas fusion centers from reviewing, collecting, or maintaining non-criminal information about the political, religious, or social views, associations, military history, or activities of any individual or any group, association, corporation, business, partnership, or other organization. 2. Prohibits Texas fusion centers from reviewing, collecting, or maintaining protected health information, biometric information, or personally identifiable information. 3. Requires standards of information sharing and best practices for participating fusion centers. 4. Requires Texas fusion centers to submit reports to the standing committees of each house of the legislature with primary jurisdiction over criminal justice. 5. Requires the Attorney General to provide oversight of the data and privacy protection function of criminal intelligence systems operating in Texas. 6. Requires every fusion center in Texas to establish and maintain an oversight board.

 SB1572 does the following: 1. Prohibits Texas fusion centers from reviewing, collecting, or maintaining non-criminal information about the political, religious, or social views, associations, military history, or activities of any individual or any group, association, corporation, business, partnership, or other organization. 2. Prohibits Texas fusion centers from reviewing, collecting, or maintaining protected health information, biometric information, or personally identifiable information.

Paul Landers,
National Lt. Commander US Defenders State Chairman Texas Motorcycle Rights Association

They didn’t just stop at the Fusion Center in Austin, either..

Chairman‘s Corner June 2011
Effective Immediately!
From the Desk of Jerry Rose,
Texas Motorcycle Rights Association State Chairman
On Saturday morning June 18th, the calls started coming into the Texas Motorcycle Rights Association state office. Governor Rick Perry had signed into law H.B.3324, a.k.a The Fusion Center Pri- vacy Policy. On the Governor’s website he expressed that some of the laws he had signed were to keep Texans from less government intrusion which is exactly what this law will do.
As reported earlier, the Texas Motorcycle Rights Association (TMRA2) along with many other rights groups and coalition partners worked this historical civil rights bill all the way to the end with a relentless fervor, and vowing to never give up.
This is what the law means to Texans:
H.B.3324: Was signed by the Governor on June 17,2011, and will become law effective Sep- tember 1, 2011. The law will requires all fusion centers in Texas (including El Paso) to create a strong privacy policy which at a minimum prevent the collection of non-criminal information based solely on political, religious, or social views. This law is a huge victory for Texans and is the first civil rights bill passed by the Lone Star State in decades.
What started as a local effort to create a strong privacy policy for the Austin Regional Intelligence Center was introduced in a state law requiring Texas Fusion Centers to respect the constitutional rights involving privacy and protected liberties of Texas citizens.
Prior to passing this law, there was no oversight at the state level for fusion centers in Texas. The US Department of Justice has released guidelines for best practices in response to many concerns and obvious issues at some centers nationally, including one specifically in Texas.
C.S.H.B. 3324 codifies a Texas Fusion Center Policy Council (policy council) recently created by the Department of Public Safety of the State of Texas (DPS). The policy council consists of representatives from the fusion centers and is given responsibility for, among other things, mak- ing recommendations to DPS on rules regarding governing the operations of fusion centers in Texas. The policy council will share best practices as well as develop and share strategies for meeting federal standards. Additionally, the policy council would create a privacy advisory group with at least one privacy advocate.
(This part of the law means that an ordinary citizen not affiliated with DPS or any of the gov- ernment agencies will sit on the Policy Council to represent “The People of Texas”.)
C.S.H.B. 3324 requires DPS rules to include guidelines for a common concept of operations, monitoring activities by the policy council, and adherence to state and federal laws designed to protect privacy and other legal rights of individuals.
C.S.H.B. 3324 amends current law relating to the operations and monitoring of fusion centers in the state. The law amends the Government Code to require the Department of Public Safety (DPS) to create the Texas Fusion Center Policy Council. The law includes guidelines and duties that would apply to Texas Fusion Center Policy Council. Following recommendations of the Texas Fusion Center Policy Council, the Law would require DPS to adopt rules to govern the operations of fusion centers in this state.
The Law would require fusion centers to pay any costs associated with certain audits and pre- vent fusion centers from receiving state grant money if the center does not comply with certain guidelines required by rules to be adopted by DPS. Members of the policy council would not be be entitled to compensation, but would be entitled to reimbursement for travel expenses. The
bill would require each fusion center to adopt a privacy policy.
SECTION 6. Amends Subchapter E, Chapter 421, Government Code, by adding Sections 421.083, 421.084, 421.085, and 421.086, as follows:
Sec. 421.083. TEXAS FUSION CENTER POLICY COUNCIL. (a) Requires DPS to create the policy council and the bylaws for the policy council to assist DPS in monitoring fusion center activities in this state.
(b) Provides that the policy council is composed of one executive representative from each rec- ognized fusion center operating in this state.
(c) Requires the policy council to:
(1) develop and disseminate strategies to:
(A) facilitate the implementation of applicable federal standards and programs on a statewide basis by each fusion center operating in this state;
(B) expand and enhance the statewide intelligence capacity to reduce the threat of terrorism and criminal enterprises; and
(C) continuously review critical issues pertaining to homeland security activities;
(2) establish a privacy advisory group, with at least one member who is a privacy advocate, to advise the policy council and to meet at the direction of the policy council; and
(3) recommend best practices for each fusion center operating in this state, including:
(A) best practices to ensure that the center adheres to 28 C.F.R. Part 23 and any other federal or state law designed to protect privacy and the other legal rights of individuals; and
(B) best practices for the smooth exchange of information among all fusion centers operating in this state.
(The Privacy Policy Council will be helpful in continuously reviewing issues of civil rights vio- lations involving Fusion Centers.)
Sec. 421.084. FUSION CENTERS OPERATING IN THIS STATE: RULES AND MONITOR- ING. Sec. (a) Requires DPS, after considering the recommendations of the center under Section 421.082(b)(4), and the policy council under Section 421.083(c)(3), to adopt rules to govern the operations of fusion centers in this state, including guidelines to:
Section (d) Prohibits a fusion center from receiving state grant money if the fusion center adopts a rule, order, ordinance, or policy under which the fusion center fails or refuses to com- ply with rules adopted by DPS under Subsection (a), beginning with the first state fiscal year occurring after the center adopts the rule, order, ordinance, or policy.
(This means if the Centers do not adopt these rules, they will NOT receive grant money.)
be entitled to compensation, but would be entitled to reimbursement for travel expenses. The
bill would require each fusion center to adopt a privacy policy.
SECTION 6. Amends Subchapter E, Chapter 421, Government Code, by adding Sections 421.083, 421.084, 421.085, and 421.086, as follows:
Sec. 421.083. TEXAS FUSION CENTER POLICY COUNCIL. (a) Requires DPS to create the policy council and the bylaws for the policy council to assist DPS in monitoring fusion center activities in this state.
(b) Provides that the policy council is composed of one executive representative from each rec- ognized fusion center operating in this state.
(c) Requires the policy council to:
(1) develop and disseminate strategies to:
(A) facilitate the implementation of applicable federal standards and programs on a statewide basis by each fusion center operating in this state;
(B) expand and enhance the statewide intelligence capacity to reduce the threat of terrorism and criminal enterprises; and
(C) continuously review critical issues pertaining to homeland security activities;
(2) establish a privacy advisory group, with at least one member who is a privacy advocate, to advise the policy council and to meet at the direction of the policy council; and
(3) recommend best practices for each fusion center operating in this state, including:
(A) best practices to ensure that the center adheres to 28 C.F.R. Part 23 and any other federal or state law designed to protect privacy and the other legal rights of individuals; and
(B) best practices for the smooth exchange of information among all fusion centers operating in this state.
(The Privacy Policy Council will be helpful in continuously reviewing issues of civil rights vio- lations involving Fusion Centers.)
Sec. 421.084. FUSION CENTERS OPERATING IN THIS STATE: RULES AND MONITOR- ING. Sec. (a) Requires DPS, after considering the recommendations of the center under Section 421.082(b)(4), and the policy council under Section 421.083(c)(3), to adopt rules to govern the operations of fusion centers in this state, including guidelines to:
Section (d) Prohibits a fusion center from receiving state grant money if the fusion center adopts a rule, order, ordinance, or policy under which the fusion center fails or refuses to com- ply with rules adopted by DPS under Subsection (a), beginning with the first state fiscal year occurring after the center adopts the rule, order, ordinance, or policy.
1) The council’s progress in developing and coordinating the statewide fusion effort and intelli- gence network described by the governor’s homeland security strategy;
(2) the progress made by fusion centers operating in this state in meeting the fusion center guidelines developed under the Department of Homeland Security State, Local, and Regional Fusion Center Initiative established under 6 U.S.C. Section 124h; and
(3) a summary of fusion center audits or reviews conducted under applicable rules adopted by DPS.
(The Fusion Center privacy council will now have to report directly to the Governor and legislature on all their actions and progress in changing their guidelines to meet this state law. No report to the legislators was required prior to the passage of this law.)
It is our hope that every state that contains one or more of these intelligence gathering facilities will use our Privacy Policy Legislation to protect the Civil Rights of ALL citizen bikers in their own individual state.
The Texas Motorcycle Rights Association would like to thank everyone who worked so hard on this law to make it happen. The Fusion center bill was introduced under three different authors.
Many thanks to Senator Kirk Watson and his staff for S.B.1572, Rep. Sefronia Thompson and her staff for H.B.3219, and to Rep. Ruth Jones McClendon and her staff for H.B.3324.
Our gratitude to TAG, ACLU, and to all who testified (especially the Veteran MC’s), our TMRA2 Legislative Task Force for walking the process through from start to finish, The Rebel Riders MC for providing video evidence, The Texas COC&I for bringing the problem to our attention, the US Defenders/ COIR, TMRA2 and everyone else who called and sent over 10,000 letters in support of the bills. This historic Legislation to protect the rights of ALL motorcyclists would not have been possible without our entire community pulling together to remind our Legislators that they work for us, and our best interests need to be their best interests!
Respect to all,
Jerry Rose
State Chairman,
Texas Motorcycle Rights Association

Source: The Warrior 2 newsletter



All of their hard work in attempting to prevent profiling and ridiculous trumped up ideas apparently fell on deaf ears, when you look at the sickening propaganda currently available on the TJCIC website…..


This crappy propaganda must have fell right out of Steve Cook’s ass onto Patrick Swanton’s head after Waco, right? Wrong. It was compiled by these yahoos in 2009…. They seem to have paid no attention to the overwhelming representation of what bikers at truly about, choosing to adhere to the ridiculous rumors and lifestyle profiling painted by Hollywood, from Brando to Sutter.


In other words.. These people are very much to blame for inciting Texas cops to profile, entrap, murder, imprison, and if we believe the rumors, infiltrate.. Many of the same Texas bikers who pleaded for fairness from the Fusion Centers.
Source: Wikipedia

Fusion centers are designed to promote information sharing at the federal level between agencies such as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. military, and state- and local-level government. As of July 2009, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security recognized at least 72 fusion centers. Fusion centers may also be affiliated with an Emergency Operations Center that responds in the event of a disaster.

The fusion process is an overarching method of managing the flow of information and intelligence across levels and sectors of government to integrate information for analysis.[1] That is, the process relies on the active involvement of state, local, tribal, and federal law enforcement agencies—and sometimes on non-law enforcement agencies (e.g., private sector)—to provide the input of raw information for intelligence analysis. As the array of diverse information sources increases, there will be more accurate and robust analysis that can be disseminated as intelligence.

A two-year senate investigation found that “the fusion centers often produced irrelevant, useless or inappropriate intelligence reporting to DHS, and many produced no intelligence reporting whatsoever.” The report also said that in some cases the fusion centers violated civil liberties or privacy. 

The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, led to profound changes in government agendas, policies and structures to confront alleged homeland security threats facing the nation. Most notably, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) began operations in 2003 with key missions that allegedly included preventing terrorist attacks from occurring in the United States, reducing the country’s vulnerability to terrorism, and minimizing the damages from any attacks that may occur. DHS is now the third-largest federal department, with more than 200,000 employees and an annual budget of more than $50 billion. The long list of grants available to state and local law enforcement to assist in risk assessments and other proactive measures gives a pretty clear view of who more than likely paid for the massive gathering of armed task forces lurking around and even atop of the two little restaurants in Texas that tragic Sunday afternoon.

Many Americans were concerned with the overreach of DHS at the mention of data-mining.. With good reason. I personally believe the Department of Homeland Security, under Obama’s charge, is now conducting the equivalent of witch hunts on the American citizens that they deem to be ‘extremists.’ The fine print of all of the legal mumbo jumbo most assuredly says they will gather information on ANYONE they feel presents ANY threat… They followed through with this threat by creating the vast network of fusion centers and overlapping agency communications. The breakdown of their descriptions of their preparations for ‘homegrown terrorists’ is eerily reminiscent of what we watched unfold at Twin Peaks in Waco Texas and May 17th, right down to a matching list of participating government agencies.

The Act was amended in 2007 to include a wider scope of information collected, utilizing ‘fusion centers’ across America. This is what was used to gather the alleged ‘gang threats’ in Waco, via the Texas Joint Crime Information Center.

Source: Texas Department of Public Safety

The Real-Time Watch Center is a 24/7 unit that works with federal, state, regional, and local law enforcement and serves as the state repository for homeland security information and incident reporting. It provides real-time intelligence support to law enforcement and public safety authorities, and consolidates information and data on suspicious activities and threats from all jurisdictions and disciplines as well as the public. During emergencies or periods of increased threat, the Center may ramp up to receive and process additional information.

Recently, law enforcement has had an increased presence in McLennan County with local, county, state, and federal agencies investigating local biker gangs. According to Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton, DPS and intelligence agents have been working on the investigation for a considerable amount of time.
Source for Swanton’s Quote

The Field Operations consist of analysts who work closely with DPS investigators in field offices across the state to provide assistance and analytical support for investigations.

The Intelligence and Investigative Support includes the Criminal Enterprise Intelligence Unit supporting law enforcement and criminal justice communities by providing both analytical case development, and strategic/tactical analysis to officers regarding criminal organization, including transnational gangs, drug trafficking organizations, and emerging threats.

The Special Programs Unit has several sections that provide support to major crime investigations and special cases.

The Vehicle Exploitation section provides assistance for vehicle theft offenses, complex auto theft schemes, and other investigations in which a vehicle is linked to a suspect, victim, or witness.

This fusion center provides a centralized database for the exchange of information with law enforcement. In addition to providing assistance to law enforcement and medical examiners regarding unidentified persons and human remains… It also supports cases involving homicides and aggravated assaults.

The Texas Homeland Security Unit works to reduce the threat of terrorism in Texas through information, analysis, and assessments in support of proactive multi-agency efforts. It is a central point for all regional information regarding international and domestic terrorism-related issues from a variety of sources. It also supports the FBI in its counterterrorism mission where needed in Texas, working with Joint Terrorism Task Forces to aid investigations.

The Infrastructure Protection section builds and maintains partnerships with public and private sector partners to strategically manage risks to critical infrastructure in Texas. It collects and analyses critical infrastructure information, shares accurate and actionable intelligence with partners, and supports homeland security decision making.

The Financial Intelligence Team (FIT) section supports law enforcement and criminal justice communities by providing analytical and tactical case support for major crime investigations through the examination of financial records.

The information gathered is reviewed and disseminated to various DPS, federal, state, local law enforcement partners, through analyses, statistical reports, and the Border Operations Sector Assessment (BOSA), which is disseminated weekly to over 3,000 law enforcement and government recipients.

The Post Seizure Analysis Team (PSAT) supports DPS Troopers and CID Special Agents with in-depth intelligence analyses of significant seizures occurring in Texas. Their mission is to attempt to find connections and “deep dive” information resulting from seizures, in an effort to identify and enhance previous unknown criminal connections. PSAT analysts utilize a myriad of sophisticated databases to further efforts.

The Human Intelligence Team (HUMINT) is dedicated to gathering information and intelligence from the community to protect law enforcement and the citizens of Texas. The HUMINT Unit coordinates efforts with the Intelligence Community including federal, state, and local partners to optimize the intelligence processes for short or long-term law enforcement initiatives. The goal of the HUMINT Unit is to achieve intelligence superiority over criminal actors, organizations, and potential threats.

Swanton said authorities had received threats against law enforcement “throughout the night” from biker groups and stood ready to confront any more violence. Officials stopped and questioned motorcycle riders. Agents from the FBI and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were assisting local and state authorities.


The Texas Crime Information Center (TCIC) provides immediate access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to law enforcement agencies throughout the state. TCIC is accessed via the Texas Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (TLETS) resulting in responses within 12 seconds to inquiries from police departments, sheriffs’ offices, and other criminal justice users. TCIC also provides a direct link to the NCIC so that law enforcement officers throughout Texas know instantly whether a vehicle, a boat, or other property under investigation is stolen, or a person in question is wanted anywhere in the country. Crime Records strategies assist the local law enforcement agencies in their reporting to and inquiring in the on-line databases. Timeliness and validity of entry and removal of stolen and wanted records are the Crime Records priorities.

The Homeland Security Act was amendments in 2007 encompass all of this surveillance and speculation and entrapment on pretty much anyone they see fit to lurk.



The amended section 1016 of Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act (IRTPA) and amended the Homeland Security Act of 2002 to expand and further refine the scope of the Information Sharing Environment (ISE).

Sec. 521 formalizes many of the recommendations developed in response to the President’s information sharing guidelines, such as the creation of the Joint Counterterrorism Assessment Team (JCAT) (formerly ITACG) and the development of a national network of State and major urban area fusion centers; and
Sec. 511 requires the establishment of the Department of Homeland Security State, Local, and Regional Fusion Center Initiative to establish partnerships with state, local, and regional fusion centers.

Source: Bill Summary & Status 110th Congress (2007 – 2008) H.R.1 CRS Summary

Title V: Improving Intelligence and Information Sharing Within the Federal Government and With State, Local, and Tribal Governments – Subtitle A: Homeland Security Information Sharing Enhancement – (Sec. 501) Directs the Secretary to administer the Homeland Security Advisory System to provide advisories or warnings regarding the threat or risk of acts of terrorism.

Requires the Secretary to: (1) establish criteria and a methodology for the issuance and revocation of such advisories; (2) provide specific information and advice regarding protective measures and countermeasures; (3) limit the scope of each advisory to a specific region, locality, or economic sector believed to be under threat or at risk; and (4) not use color designations as the exclusive means of specifying threat conditions.

Directs the Secretary, through the Under Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis, to: (1) integrate the information and standardize the format of products of DHS intelligence components; and (2) designate an information sharing and knowledge management officer for each component who shall report to the Under Secretary regarding coordinating the different systems used in DHS to gather and disseminate homeland security information or national intelligence.

Requires the Secretary, through the Under Secretary, to: (1) establish DHS-wide procedures for the review and analysis of information provided by state, local, and tribal governments and the private sector and integrate such information with federal agency information; (2) develop mechanisms to provide feedback regarding the analysis and utility of information provided; (3) provide training and educational opportunities to DHS employees; and (4) evaluate how employees of the Office of Intelligence and Analysis and DHS intelligence components are utilizing homeland security or national intelligence information and participating in the information sharing environment.

Directs the Secretary to: (1) establish a comprehensive information technology network architecture for the Office that connects its various databases and related information technology assets and the intelligence components of DHS to promote internal information sharing among the intelligence and other personnel of DHS; and (2) report to Congress.

(Sec. 502) Amends HSA to define “Intelligence component of the Department” to include any DHS element or entity that collects, analyzes, or disseminates intelligence information within the scope of the information sharing environment, including homeland security information, terrorism information, and weapons of mass destruction information or national intelligence, except the Secret Service and the Coast Guard when operating under the direct authority of the Secretary or Defense or the Secretary of the Navy. Specifies information the Under Secretary shall receive from the Secret Service.

(Sec. 503) Sets forth the responsibilities of the head of each DHS intelligence component. Directs the Secretary: (1) to provide training and guidance for employees; and (2) through the Under Secretary, to develop a curriculum for training state, local, and tribal government officials that includes executive level training for senior level officers, intelligence analysts, and other emergency response providers. Requires the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and other existing federal entities to carry out the training programs.

Authorizes the President or the head of an agency to consider the success of an employee in sharing information in making cash awards. Directs each department head to adopt best practices to educate and motivate federal employees to participate fully in the information sharing environment.

(Sec. 504) Amends the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 (IRTPA) to define: (1) “homeland security information” as defined in HSA; and (2) “information sharing environment” as an approach that facilitates the sharing of terrorism and homeland security information. Defines “terrorism information” and “weapons of mass destruction information.”

Requires: (1) the departments represented on the Information Sharing Council, at the request of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), to detail personnel to the program manager; and (2) the President to report to specified committees on the Information Sharing Environment. Authorizes the program manager to hire 40 full-time employees to assist the program manager. Authorizes appropriations.

Subtitle B: Homeland Security Information Sharing Partnerships – (Sec. 511) Amends HSA to direct the Secretary to establish a State, Local, and Regional Fusion Center Initiative. Directs: (1) the Under Secretary to assign officers and intelligence analysts from DHS components to such centers; and (2) the Secretary to develop qualifying criteria for a fusion center to participate in assigning DHS officers or intelligence analysts. Lists as prerequisites for such assignment intelligence analysis, privacy, and civil liberties training.

Directs the Secretary to make it a priority to assign officers and intelligence analysts from Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and the Coast Guard to participating fusion centers located in jurisdictions along U.S. borders. Grants each assigned individual access to all relevant federal databases and information systems.

Directs the Secretary to: (1) create a mechanism for any state, local, or tribal emergency response provider who is a consumer of intelligence to voluntarily provide feedback to DHS; and (2) establish guidelines for fusion centers, including on incorporating emergency response providers and the private sector into all relevant phases of the intelligence and fusion process through full time representatives or liaison relationships. Requires an officer or analyst assigned to a fusion center by the Secretary before this Act’s enactment to undergo specified training within six months.

Requires: (1) the Secretary to submit to specified congressional committees a concept of operations report; and (2) DHS’s Privacy Officer and Officer for Civil Liberties and Civil Rights to report on the program’s impact on privacy and civil liberties.

(Sec. 512) Directs the Secretary, acting through the Under Secretary, to establish a Homeland Security Information Sharing Fellows Program.

(Sec. 513) Directs the Secretary to establish a Rural Policing Institute, which shall be administered by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centern, to: (1) evaluate the needs of law enforcement agencies and other emergency response providers in rural areas; (2) develop and provide expert training programs to address those needs; and (3) conduct outreach.

Subtitle C: Interagency Threat Assessment and Coordination Group – (Sec. 521) Requires the DNI, through the program manager for the information sharing environment (designated under IRTPA) and in coordination with the Secretary, to coordinate and oversee the creation of an Interagency Threat Assessment and Coordination Group (ITACG), which shall consist of: (1) an Advisory Council to set policy and develop processes for the integration, analysis, and dissemination of federally-coordinated information within the scope of the information sharing environment; and (2) a Detail comprised of state, local, and tribal homeland security and law enforcement officers and intelligence analysts detailed to work in the National Counterterrorism Center of the Office of the DNI (Center) with federal intelligence analysts for the purpose of integrating, analyzing, and assisting in the dissemination of such information. Directs the program manager to monitor and assess the efficacy of the ITACG and report on its progress.

Includes within the ITACG Advisory Council: (1) representatives of DHS, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Center, the Department of Defense (DOD), the Department of Energy (DOE), and the Department of State; (2) the program manager of the information sharing environment; and (3) executive level law enforcement and intelligence officials from state, local, and tribal governments.

Requires DHS’s Privacy Officer and Officer for Civil Liberties and Civil Rights to report on the impact of ITACG on privacy and civil liberties.

The 9/11 Commission Act plainly requires DHS and all other participating agencies to assess the impact of the Fusion Center Initiative upon privacy and civil liberties… They are apparently failing miserably at this particular assessment, since pretty much every civil liberty known to man was broken at Twin Peaks and in the ensuing arrests.

According to the Department of Justice, the fusion centers have a similar framework as the ones used to monitor the issuance of passports… This basically means, they have a ‘federation’ set up that shares information between different agencies:

Achieving information sharing objectives requires that partners establish wide-scale electronic trust among the caretakers of critical information and those who need and are authorized to use that information. The information is sensitive-inappropriate sharing is just as dangerous as lack of sharing. That is where a new and rapidly maturing technology called federated identity comes in. Federated identity allows a user’s roles, rights, and privileges to be communicated securely in the justice community and, in particular, to those who hold the information required to effectively safeguard our nation.

The Global Federated Identity and Privilege Management (GFIPM) framework provides the justice community and partner organizations with a standards-based approach for implementing federated identity. The concept of globally understood metadata across federation systems is essential to GFIPM interoperability. Just as a common Extensible Markup Language (XML) data model was the key to data interoperability, a standard set of XML elements and attributes about a federation user’s identities, privileges, and authentication can be universally communicated.

”Federation” is a fundamental concept in this framework. The federation provides a standardized means for allowing agencies to directly provide services for trusted users that they do not directly manage. A federation is defined as a ”group of two or more trusted partners with business and technical agreements that allow a user from one federation partner (participating agency A) to seamlessly access information resources from another federation partner (participating agency B) in a secure and trustworthy manner.” Major organizational participants in a federation vet and maintain information on the users they manage, and each federation partner retains control over the business rules for granting access to the sensitive information it owns. The federation partners establish the electronic trust needed to securely access information by sending standards-based electronic credentials to federation partner information service(s). The federation partner information service(s) evaluate the trusted electronic credential to determine whether to grant or deny access to the requested service or information.

A similar business model exists in passport processing. A federation of governmental agencies has agreed to vet and maintain information on its citizens as a prerequisite for issuing a passport. Border agents will grant or deny access to enter or leave the country based on evaluation of a passport-a trusted credential issued by a federation partner asserting identity and citizenship of a particular country. The country (federation partner) providing the service to enter or exit the country applies its own business rules based on the passport information and other attributes known at the time of the request.
Source: DO


A Tribute to Spaz…. The Bandido Who Didn’t Really Run Away…

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Funeral services for Mr. James Kenneth ‘Spaz’ Anderson, 53, of Henderson, were held at 2 pm Saturday, September 12, 2015 at the Rusk County Youth Expo Center in Henderson with Jason Taylor and Kevin Haygood officiating.  Interment followed at Millville Cemetery under the direction of Crawford-A. Crim Funeral Home.

Tribute Video

Mr. Anderson died Thursday, Sept. 3, 2015 in Nebraska. He was born March 28, 1962 in Pasadena, TX to William Anderson and Jerry English Anderson Duncan. Mr. Anderson served his country in the United States Army. He was an electrician for Flanders and also was a member of Bar None Cowboy Church..


James “Spaz” Anderson was a proud member and officer in the Bandidos Motorcycle Club. He held the position of Sargeant at Arms in the Longview Chapter. He was very well known and highly respected. His Love, Loyalty, and Respect for his Brothers and Club was incredible .His wisdom and Brotherhood will be sorely missed. He was truly a giant among men. Everyone that knew James knew how much he loved his mom. He talked about her all the time. He was always bragging on her cooking and talking about their adventures together.


He was preceded in death by his father, William Anderson. He is survived by: mother, Jerry Duncan of Henderson; brother, Doug Anderson and wife Michelle of Bossier City, LA; uncle, Joe Duncan and wife Carolyn; and two nephews, William David Anderson, and James Alex Anderson.

Condolences may be made online at:

A beautiful wreath made by his sister-in-law

Spaz’s Obituary


An early morning motorcycle ride for a group of bikers ended in the worst possible way early Thursday morning south of Chadron.

The Nebraska State Patrol says that 53-year-old James Kenneth Anderson of Longview, Texas was riding north on Highway 385 shortly before 6 a.m.

Anderson struck a deer that was in the roadway, causing his Harley to slide into the east ditch, resulting in fatal injuries.

A second motorcyclist – 39-year-old Richard Smith, also of Longview, TX also crashed into the east ditch. Smith was transported to the Chadron Hospital by ambulance with minor injuries.

A third motorcycle, driven by 43-year-old Shanne L. Miles, age 43, of Big Sandy, TX, also collided with a deer however the driver was able to safely stop and was uninjured.

Two other northbound motorcycles avoided the deer and subsequent collision. Helmets were in use.

Source for Accident Article
Spaz’s Memorial Service

Tribute to Bandido Spaz | Online Slideshow by //

The authorities aren’t letting up on their Bandido onslaught, not even to allow them to go to the funeral of a brother who died in an innocent accident in another state.

“Prosecutors told our lawyers they would be monitoring the funeral and if we were there we would be arrested for bond violations. Thanks for what ya’ll are doing. We really do appreciate it.’

‘This shit sucks. We were told by prosecutors we would be arrested on sight if we showed up at funeral. Club told me not to go, or they’d be feeding me in Waco for the next few months.’


Spaz and Waco

As if the family and brothers of Spaz haven’t been through enough.. Waco is spreading lies on him! This story in kwtx is wrong on about nine levels…

WACO (September 11, 2015) A bullet removed from the arm of an East Texas biker killed in a motorcycle accident has been sent to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives for analysis, which authorities think will link the man to the deadly Twin Peaks shooting.

James “Spaz” Anderson, 53, of Henderson, was killed on Sept. 3 when his motorcycle struck some deer on a highway about three miles south of Chadron, Neb.

On Tuesday, a search warrant was issued authorizing removal of the bullet and on Wednesday the bullet was removed from his upper left arm at the funeral home in Henderson that’s handling arrangements, a source close to the investigation said.

Authorities think Anderson, a member of the Bandidos motorcycle gang, was present on May 17 when gunfire erupted between rival biker gangs and officers at Waco’s Twin Peaks restaurant, but think he escaped without being identified.

This story is NOT the truth. Spaz didn’t run away and escape… The media posted this photo of him sitting around with everyone else… He was in the hospital under armed guards.


One of his brothers tells this story..

“They are trying to say he fled before being identified at Twin Peaks. He was hospitalized for 2 days in Waco under guard before being released. They want the bullet probably to justify one of their shootings. Spaz said he was trying to prevent 2 Cossacks from shooting a couple of different Bandidos. One was attempting to shoot and he had his right hand under the gun, holding it upward away from the crowd. The other, he could not get his hand under, so he was trying to push the gun down, when the guy pulled the trigger and shot him in the shoulder. The bullet was not removed in Waco while he was alive, and it was not removed locally, because it would have caused more damage to do so than leaving it alone. I ask that you not use my name, since we are not allowed to speak about the incident.

Another collaborates that he was in the hospital…

One thing he told many of us was that they swabbed for GSR after they had been prepped for surgery, scrubbed already by the hospital. He thought that was stupid.


He also wasn’t the only one treated this way.. Cossack Philco was also shot and hospitalized then allowed to go home, and allegedly had a cop bullet in him. There is no pattern or reason to the injured that the cops chose to arrest or set free that anyone can tell.

It’s wrong to try to paint this hero as a coward. His club brothers describe a man who really didn’t drink, never caused trouble.. He loved fiercely and he laughed often. Most of them paint an average guy, one who didn’t seek fame or fortune, but instead happily existed for the simple pleasures of his life and his club. He was the kind of man who would give you the shirt off his back. Anyone who spends much time around bikers can tell you that the average guys are usually the ones who hold their clubs together as they exhibit day after day what brotherhood truly means… They search not for a name for themselves, but for a way to be there for others. They embody the motto ‘never leave a brother behind.’

Condolences, prayers, and respects to the Bandido nation for this sad loss.

Special thanks to Jenny for the photos in the slideshow and several on this post.


Spaz is a GREAT man and Brother! The day my wife and I got married (at our Birthday Run in Tyler) he asked me,
“Didn’t you just get married?”
“Yes” I told him.
“Well why ain’t you with her?!” He asked with raised eye brows. There was a handful of us Brothers left at the party sight and just doing what we do, hangin out an enjoying each other’s company.
“I’ve been with her over 4 years, and she won’t miss me,” I told him.
He just shrugged but within 10 minutes he had to question me again. “She’s good Brother, she went to get something to eat.”
Another 10 minutes and he TELLS me, “you know Brother, I don’t like being an asshole but you néed to get the hell outta here and go be with your wife!”
That wasn’t the last time I got to see my Brother but it’s a time I will forever remember him for.
I love you Brother! I miss you, but will see you again.
BFFB Until the mother fucking toe tag!!!


According to a search warrant filed this week, first reported by the Waco Tribune, investigators extracted a bullet Tuesday from the arm of deceased Bandido James “Spaz” Anderson.
Anderson, 53, died last week in a motorcycle accident in Nebraska where he and other hit deer in the highway.
The search warrant says a Longview police detective received information that Anderson was involved in the Twin Peaks shooting and found him recovering from his wounds at a home south of Longview. The search warrant makes no time reference.
Longview police refused to answer any timeline questions, citing standard practice of not commenting on an active investigation by another agency.

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WACO — A wounded biker who escaped authorities during May’s shooting at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco is dead and a bullet has been removed from his body.

The Bandidos member was killed in an unrelated motorcycle accident in Nebraska last week and local authorities wanted the bullet fragments stuck inside his body for evidence.


“Now they have found another victim,” said KCEN legal analyst and former Dallas County prosecutor Liz Mitchell.

The deadly biker brawl left nine dead and 18 injured, or so was thought: at least one more biker was hurt, and he escaped, bringing the total number of injured to at least 19.

“This was a person who fled the scene before he was able to be identified or arrested,” said Mitchell.

While he survived the May 17th shooting, Nebraska State Patrol spokeswoman Deb Collins confirmed the biker died around 6 a.m. on September 3rd in a motorcycle crash on State Highway 385 in northwest Nebraska when a group of bikers ran into a group of deer. According to his obituary, James “Spaz” Anderson, 53, was the Sgt. of Arms for the Longview, Texas Chapter of the Bandidos. Anderson had been riding under the radar since being shot in the upper left arm at Twin Peaks, and local authorities wanted that evidence.

“With those fragments, the state will be able to do the testing that shows the weapon that that bullet came from and ultimately strengthen a case against someone they already know about, or someone who was arrested but a case didn’t quite exist against that person just yet,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell said the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office is investigating this case from all angles.

According to a search warrant from DA investigator Jason Chambers signed by Waco Judge Ralph Strother Tuesday, Anderson was, at some point, recuperating in Longview when a Detective for Longview PD found him, then tipped off local law enforcement about his death and involvement in Twin Peaks.

“It is just one more named person for an indictment that trumps up the already existing engaging in organized crime charges,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell said the fragments taken from Anderson’s arm will be sent to the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives for ballistics testing which will include “test firing.”

“Those fired fragments will be compared with the fragments from this individual’s arm under a split microscope to compare striations and other identifying markers that will show that those fragments were fired from a particular gun,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell said the process is lengthy and expensive, but this case lies in those results. She also said it was likely that every weapon seized from the scene would be tested.

Anderson’s body was at Crawford A. Crim funeral home in Henderson Thursday, his funeral is scheduled for Saturday.

KCEN reached out to the funeral home for more details on the search warrant, and the Longview Police Department’s Detective for more details but neither would comment.

BREAKING NEWS: First Play by Play Description of THE VIDEOS!

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  • We are all aware that some bikers have recently had bonds adjusted and loosened… And some attorneys and clients are being allowed to see portions of the videos for their own defense. This is the perhaps the most chiling story that has been sent to me since it all began— 

warning: graphic context

Before I get into the vids, one thing that people aren’t mentioning about the autopsies. Anyone notice that both Sidetrack and Chain had extra rounds in their vest pockets? Without the vids, people may just say that they had those in there from somethin else.

I am gonna start with some of the Don Carlos stuff, because most of it is just incidental stuff, but stuff that I think may be good info.

In the Don Carlos video, what pissed me off the most is that there were little kids walking around within a couple of minutes of the jackasses starting the shooting. The guy in the blue shirt is in it, and I looked at a lotta views to find out where he came from.

He came in an extended cab Chevy or GMC truck and parked about 50 yards behind where that black SUV was backed in when the shit started. He walked to DOn Carlos walked in, and talked to the lady who seats you. He looked either high on some kinda upper, or nervous as shit. It looked like he had dark hair and a handlebar mustache. The camera inside at the front caught a pretty good view of him, but can’t say I know who he is. He talked and then walked back outside. Did his looking side to side, signaled, and then ran back to Don Carlos.. He never went inside the inner part of Don Carlos..  If they had a entranceway, he went in there, but not into the inside area at that point.

There are about 12 different cameras in the Don Carlos video. Most views weren’t great as far as outside. You see the usual grouping of people hanging around outside in different areas like at most COC meetings and stuff… You couldn’t  really tell who was who, exactly.

You see cops get out of their private trucks and cars already dressed for action with military rifles ready.

If I had more time then, I woulda been looking at the different views better. I mainly just looked at the ones that might would show important stuff and also I was concerned with looking to see where in the hell the blue shirt guy came from.

The Twin Peaks Video has 9 different views. The only parts of the video shown was what the Twin Peaks lawyers thought was important, I guess. I still dunno why they didn’t have parking lot cameras, but they didn’t.

Most interior views showed different people, Boozefighters and citizens, men and women, sitting at the bar, at tables, eating. When you click on one of the patio cameras, the first thing you see is all black and yellow patches.. LOTS of them. There are a shit ton of them and they completely filled up the patio where the COC meeting was supposed to be.

The patio was L shaped. The long side had an older Cosaack guy about 55-65 years old, sitting in front. He had a pistol visible on his hip. There were some looking out around the patio.

When I pulled up in my car, I saw 2 or 3 of them standing at the corner of the building on the same side as the patio but the other end of the building towards the fabric store. I really think it was stuff like has been said, they were acting as sentries or lookouts, letting their people know when other people showed up.

The video showed that old guy trying to shift the pistol around to get it comfortable or get it easier to grab and he finally looked up at the camera and covered it up with his vest. I was still deep in the parking lot when those Bandidos from Dallas showed up. There were about 7 or 8 bikes in the group. As I walked across the parking lot, the Bandidos got surrounded. On the Twin Peaks video about that time, it shows almost all of the Cossacks get up and walk out under that one camera. Almost all of them were reaching in pockets or in their vest or behind their backs. There wasn’t any Cossacks sitting around eating, and if they were going to aid a prospect who got hit by a bike, they weren’t moving very fast to do it. They were going out steadily, with a purpose.

That is what surprises me about Clendennan wanting the video released. He is shown in it, he walks out with the group. I saw the Cossack named Chain was talking shit in front towards the left side of the group if you were looking at that side of Twin Peaks… Another guy who I was told was Big O was talking shit about one layer deep in the bulk of the group, probably behind that orange Road Glide you see in the main pic.

I  agree with the Bowtie attorney that they must have left that blank spot in the parking lot open to set this all up.

I turned around, and there was some of them behind us on the curb.. They had everyone surrounded pretty much. I turned back and about then the pushing and punching started somewhere around Big O. Then someone shot a gun. I looked to try to see where it came from, and then guns just started going off everywhere.

On the Twin Peaks video, the long patio view, there may be three Cossacks still on the patio when the shit starts. You cant see most of it, but if you look up the side of the patio, there is a banner that blocks most of the view. You can see out some at the end. There’s a Cossack standing there outside the rail when the shit starts, I guess when guns start going off, and probably a second or two later you see him drop like he took a round to the head.

You also can see a Cossack swinging a chain at someone outta view. I say this part because if it were something like they say, as a meeting set up to make peace, who brings a 5 foot chain? It’s not even like a small pistol or something that some may bring. Shit, a huge fucking chain. I noticed that the Cossack Chain’s mom posted a pic with him carrying a giant yellow chain on his side before they came up there.

If you see the short side of the patio camera, there is a small gate at the front of the patio to enter from the front of Twin Peaks near that table and canopy that they had set up over there for whatever reason.

Right before shit breaks out, after the Cossacks are moving out across the parking  lot, you see an Escondido come out of TWin Peaks and sit at a table. You can tell when shit starts, because he runs back inside.

Soon after, a fat Cossack runs in through the gate and hides behind a table. Then this Cossack. comes into the gate and points a gun out and shoots wildly, one shot. He runs inside.

We see him later at the door that leads out to the patio hunkered down with the gun pointed out. A large group of Cossacks are over there, by the bathroom and office.

A couple of times some Cossacks go up to him and point out towards the parking lot. It then looks like he shoots that way. On the patio you see different Cossacks taking cover behind tables. Two have pistols out, one has some type of stick or bar in his other hand. You see smoke and cartridges from below the camera and the two with pistols look over and then look back at the parking lot. I guess it was that Cossack who waved the gun doing the shooting at this point. I’m not positive but by their reaction, I can almost guarantee it was a Cossack, because they didn’t seem too concerned at all.

When police come in, the Smith looking guy walks into the crowd and then steps back out empty handed. They all get on the ground. Cops never come within 20 feet of them. When they get up, one or two walk against crowd into bathroom and then walk out with hands up. Disposing of weapons must have occurred then, I guess?

Out of all the Cossacks I saw on video, most all of them that were there wore Sgt. At Arms ribbons.

I really think the WPD is trying to go after those Bandidos for some reason. They have more than enough from the Twin Peaks video added to the info they’re putting all over social media to pretty much nail the Cossacks. But, they don’t pay the bills, I don’t suppose.

Also,  I guess the Cossacks don’t interest Steve Cook or boost his portfolio. If WPD told the Cossacks to go to Twin Peaks, regardless if the Cossacks did what the cops thought they would do or if they acted on their own fantasies, they should be held just as responsible for Mohawk and Candyman’s deaths as their own brothers in my opinion.

Also if Bandido Spaz couldn’t avoid the deer because his arm wasn’t moving all that well, they should pay for that shit too.

Open Letter to Thomas Moorehead of HDDC

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The Justice or Else Ride is Still on the Harley Events Page

While Thomas Moorehead plays like he has hurt feelings….


No one at his dealership has taken the event down YET.


Must not have upset him too bad, huh? Especially since the conference calls orchestrated by his general manager as of last night are still discussing meetings with his dealership as instrumental in their planning.


An open letter to Thomas J. Moorehead, Ft. Washington Harley Davidson.
Dear Thomas Moorehead;
Some of your ‘acquaintances’ are making noise about us bikers owe you an apology. We certainly don’t want you to accuse us of being RACIST or anything, so I am thereby penning this letter to you, and whomever feels compelled to join me in the following apologetic discourse can share it as well… I hope you get three million copies, personally.
We are sorry that you scheduled a racist ride sponsored by Farrakhan on 10-10-15 and stabbed us all in the back.
We are sorry you caused yourself to get bad press.
We are sorry you further exacerbated your situation by lying about knowledge of the event.
We are sorry that we plainly saw the event still on your calendar for several days after you claimed to have canceled it.
We are sorry Farrakhan didn’t play along and throw a fit to make your little scheme more believable. Nobody believes you could cancel his ride and he wouldn’t squall like a three year old who lost his teddy bear.
We are sorry you tried to backpedal and say you were letting them meet there when the dealership was closed, thereby looking more shady.
We are sorry your wife was married to a very prominent civil rights lawyer and is very active in black rights herself… Just like you are.
We are sorry your wife’s strong history of being married to Bill Clinton’s schoolmate made you look ridiculous when you initially tried to claim you didn’t know what Farrakhan was representing.
We are sorry you thought we were stupid enough to fall for any of that.
We are sorry you yourself have all that history in Omaha with your friend, the alleged child sex ring pimp, Lawrence E. King, Jr.
We are sorry you were obtuse enough to think it was okay to hire that disgusting person after he got out of jail and that no one would mind.
We are sorry your first car dealership just HAPPENED to come about the same year as he got caught embezzling money from a credit union and then you suddenly are Mr. Richest Black Man in America.
We are sorry your general manager is neck deep in the Justice or Else shenanigans and even handles the conference calls for the event, as his his club the Flaming Knights, who you wholeheartedly support.
We are sorry there’s all this glory hound media about you that tells every word I’ve said, plainly online in article after article after article.
We are sorry you are trying to drag Rolling Thunder down with you when they have plainly chewed your face off on your Facebook page.
We are sorry that during a special session on “Economic Development through the Black Church” at the A.M.E. Church’s 2nd District Mid-year Opening Plenary Session in Raleigh, North Carolina late last year, Rev. Jonathan Weaver, senior pastor of Greater Mt. Nebo A.M.E. Church in Bowie, Maryland, and board member of the A.M.E. organization that deals with economic growth and development projects claimed that, “The whole thrust was how black churches can help to empower black businesses,” and actually NAMED you in a starting plan for churches located in the North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and D.C. to commit to the support of your black-owned businesses. His exact words were ‘Thomas Moorehead, president of a BMW dealership in Sterling, Virginia.’ That’s you, right?
We are sorry you are in collusion with a plot to use the house of the Lord to make money and empower black people.
We are sorry you own a Harley Davidson dealership but only ever mention BMWs and Rolls Royce. Are you ashamed of the Harley Dealership? That’s okay, because we are ashamed of you, too.
We are sorry you underestimated the people who have made Harley Davidson what it is.
We are sorry that any of us ever spent one red cent in your place of business.
We are sorry that the mother company hasn’t pulled your franchise yet.
We are sorry that this once great nation is being brought to her knees by scum like you. No matter how many nice suits and big houses and fancy cars you own, you still apparently want to act like Chicken George.
I hope this clears up any apologies you feel you were owed.
Amy Irene White, biker journalist

The Disgusting Friends of the Washington Harley Dealer

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I received a phone call from a former employee of Tom Moorehead, owner of the Harley Dealership hosting the Justice or Else Rally by Louis Farrakhan, where he is calling for black people to rise up and against everything from the American flag to government issues to Black Lives Matter and police complaints, all to his ever press chants of chants of ‘Kill All the White People.’… He had quite the story for me to share with you guys..


Louis is bussing in black people from all over America and claiming injustice for every minority from Hispanics to the American Indian… I’m not sure te old bastard isn’t running for president.

He has all sorts of support in the every faction of the black community.. Religion to rap.


Will & Jada Smith donated $150,000.. I made a crack the other day when they left Scientology that they must be converting to Niglam.


The Harley Davidson dealership owners, Thomas & Joyce Moorehead, claimed naivety at the intentions of the racist event, and declared it would be cancelled… Their posts on Facebook make their statements appear to be false, however.  Let’s take a look at a little background first….


Yesterday a post circled on facebook that was an advertisement from The Justice or Else Ride advertising where to rent Harley’s for the event.. It’s been removed from the internet completely. There is this message circulating though the patriot bikers, as well. It pertains to last week’s conference call.

Last night myself and a handful of other individuals obtained information on an informational/Organizational phone call for those planning the 10/10/2016 “Justice Or Else 20th Anniversary Of the million Man March In Washington D.C. with Minister Luis Farrakhan.
The information below details what we heard before during and after that call, and we feel is information you need to be made aware of. Whether you opt to inform your people or take action is entirely your call, but collectively we feel based upon the nature of the call and what was said, as well as left unsaid but was implied is cause for serious alarm on a great many levels.
For our safety and that of our families, we wish to remain anonymous except to certain trusted individuals who are well acquainted with us,as individuals and leaders, our goals, our integrity, and our reputations for not disseminating information based upon hearsay or rumor, nor sounding alarms when it is not justified.
We called in approximately five minutes prior to the call starting and listened as members called in and identified themselves. Individuals from all over the country were represented, some of whom openly identified themselves as members of the Black Panthers.
Casual discussion was kept minimal except for those inquiring as to whether others were present on the call or not.
The call began with an innocuous enough description of the the event, which went on for a few minutes until an individual interrupted and took over the call. This individual was clearly agitated and was speaking with breathless excitement, so much so that it was often quite difficult to understand what he was saying.
He told those on the call that hotels in Washington were filling up and they and their members should act quickly to secure rooms and camping spaces before they ran out.
He then began discussing bikers groups from L.A. who were planning to attend, and discussing how instrumental these individuals are because they hold tremendous influence over the gangs in L.A. and across the country.
He then went on to backtrack slightly by saying they were not going planning violence, however there were groups planning to attend like the Black Panthers who were, and would be there in uniform and armed and ready.
They maintained that the meet up place remained Harley Davidson of Washington D.C. but that they were also working on finding additional meet up places and would post them when they were secured.
They maintained that all Bikers attending would be asked to park their bikes in front of the stage, and they (the bikers) would be given front row accommodations for the speakers and guests as well as special events being planned for them around the city over the course of the weekend. (They would be the first line of defense for those on stage should something happen)
There was a brief question and answer period in which several questions of little importance were asked.

There is another conference call scheduled for tonight..


The conference calls are headed up by a man named Anderson ‘Andy’ Morgan, the general manager at the dealership…


Andy’s insinuating Facebook post hints that he is indeed still working behind the scenes.. It’s obvious his comrades see it the same way.



Andy’s Facebook


Andy, or A-Rod, is a member of the Flaming Knights MC…


The Flaming Knights are an old predominantly black club in the area.. The (rather poorly) bio from their website is as follows:

The Flaming Knights Motorcycle Club started in the garage of Leroy Bolden aka King dragon, 110 Hurlburt St. (1st Club House) in New Haven, Ct., April 27 1968. When they first lit the first fire it was because of brotherhood, the Iron and the Road. The 2nd Club House was on Dagget St, 3rd club House was on west st (corner on West St. and Congress Ave), 4th was on Ella Grasso Blvd The 5th isat Chazmo Cafe on Dixwell Ave.The name FLAMING KNIGHTS came from the way the fellowswere promiscuous with the ladies, so since they thought they werehot it was suggested by their ladies,that they call themselves FLAMING KNIGHTS.If you want to put names to the several of the faces of Farrakhan’s Washington DC planning party, you have to look no farther than the Membership list of Flaming Knights…

I’m not certain if Thomas Moorehead wears a patch or is just a supporter.. But he’s a BIG supporter…
HDDC Hosts Flaming Knights

It seems that Moorehead and the Flaming Knights VP A-Rod entered into some sort of business agreement that resulted in him getting a nice cushy job as General Manager of the Harley Dealership…check out this article from Throttle Life Magazine.

Flaming Knights – Washington, DC Chapter is celebrating its second annual Community Day with the new ownership of the Harley Davidson of Washington, DC., 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on June 21 at the dealership, located at 9407 Livingston Road, Ft. Washington, MD. The event will feature a live band featuring Swamp Dog, a variety of local vendors, a motorcycle swap meet, food and giveaways.

This collaboration between the Flaming Knights and the new management at the HD dealership Washington marks the start of a new era in the area. The dealership was recently purchased by Thomas A. Moorehead, one of few minority HD owners in the country. Moorehead and his management team have made a commitment to improve the location and reach out more to the community.

“We want to become the people’s choice store for Harley Davidson Motorcycles, Service and Apparel,” said Carroll Stewart, (HD Management). “We want to hear the needs and the concerns of the community because we are determined to use that feedback to grow this location and build a reputation not only with the variety of models but also with exemplary customer service.”

This is just one of the events in which the Flaming Knights’ DC chapter participates in order to give back to the community. The club also has a yearly blanket drive, turkey giveaway, toy drive for children and most recently adopted a section of Indian Head Highway in Fort Washington, MD.

“Our goal is to make a difference in our community and improve the perception of motorcycle clubs,” said Anderson Morgan (A-ROD), vice president of the Flaming Knight’s DC chapter. “We are honored to work with Mr. Moorehead and the new management at the Harley Davidson of Washington. We believe this is just the beginning of the positive partnerships we will see coming from the dealership and the local community.”

For more information, call Anderson Morgan, Vice President Flaming Knight Washington DC 240-882-3078.

Farrakhan claims this club is pairing up with other clubs for this event, including the Afro Dogs MC…

Our goal is to bring our community together by working with everyone in our community to strenghten our community, we will focus hard on the youth of our community believing that “ONE CHILD REACHED IS ONE LESS FOR THE STREETS”. We intend to promote a positive image of the motorcycle world instead of the negative stereotype that has plagued motorcycle clubs & our community for to long. Afro Dogs Motorcycle Club has been around for more than 30 years founded in Detroit Michigan in the early 70s by a group of men dedicated to making a differance in there community during a very difficult time in our history. The Youngstown chapter was formed shortly after by men who were dedicated to the same purpose in our community. Men such as Diamond, Crazy Leg, Double Trouble, Stray, K-9, Bo Hog, etc,and the list goes on paved the way for us to be here some 30 years later. Although we have had some bumps in the road we will continue the mission you started some 30 years ago. Much Love & Respect to all that has proudly worn the “RED BLACK & GREEN”. WE RIDE

Besides the Harley dealership, Moorehead owns Sterling BMW..

Moorehead Dealership Background 

(This dealership seems to be the flagship of his foundation.)

They mention the Rolls Royce dealership a lot too, while they don’t say too much about the Harley shop…

Moorehead ‘Moving on Up’ from

The world of Rolls Royce dealerships is a rarefied one – only 38 exist in North America and 121 in the entire world. Thomas Moorehead joined that exclusive fraternity last December when he opened his franchise in Virginia, becoming the first African American to do so. “It took a lot of hard work,” said the 69-year-old entrepreneur of the accomplishment and his other thriving businesses.
It also required perseverance in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges. “I move ahead and do whatever I can to turn a ‘no’ into a ‘yes,'” he said of his approach.
There were many ‘Nos’ in Moorehead’s life.
Born and reared in poverty in Monroe, La., Moorehead was the eldest of five children. Business was always something he wanted to do, but, at the time, education was the accepted career path. “We don’t have any money, son. So the best thing you can do is move up and become a principal and, if that happens, you would have arrived,” Moorehead recalled his grandfather – who raised him – saying.”But I told him it was what I wanted to do and I would work very hard to make that dream come true.”
His grandfather replied, “If you’re going to go into business, then, sell things that people will need. They always have to eat, they always have to sleep and they always have to drive. If you get into business with one of those things you may be successful.”

Moorehead attended Grambling State University and earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting in 1966. In 1971, he earned a master’s degree in social work from the University of Michigan. From 1972-1988, Moorehead worked as an analyst at Mobile and Chrysler Corps, and as director of Community Services at the University of Michigan, where he was pursuing his doctorate.
It was during that time James Bradley, then-principal owner of the Bradley Automotive Group and Moorehead’s fraternity brother from Kappa Alpha Psi, urged him to join the car business.
Moorehead sold cars for a year, then paid $65,000 – money he earned rehabbing and selling houses – to enter General Motors’ dealership training program, which immersed trainees in every aspect of the business from service to sales and administration. Moorehead was the first graduate of the program, and in 1988, opened his first automobile dealership, Sentry Buick/Isuzu in Omaha, Neb. In 1995, he sold the Omaha operation and purchased a franchise in Decatur, Ill., which he operated as Moorehead Buick-GMC until 2000 when he was awarded a BMW franchise.

“By 2025, with the ‘browning’ of America, we would like to see more of our people in the manufacturing and dealership aspects of the industry instead of just being consumers,” Moorehead said.

As told on

On the surface, Tom and Joyce seem to be a shining example of black people doing good in America…

About the Mooreheads

That is of course, until you look into their backgrounds. Notice in that story that it says Moorehead opened his first dealership in Omaha, Nebraska? In 1988… Be sure and read up on the other things happened that year…

Well, Tom had this friend in Omaha named Larry E. King, Jr. Larry was a big wig in the Franklin Credit Union in the same town where Tom got his start.. According to this employee who called me, Larry allegedly was Tom’s banker in Omaha years ago. Well, Larry just happened to be involved in the Nebraska political circuit. He started out Democrat but soon decided that being a Republican Senator would serve the black community outreach better. Well ol Larry, he ran into a bit of trouble in Nebraska. So much trouble that he wound up in jail…. But, he got out.

Franklin Figure Lawrence King Leaves Prison After 10 Years
– Apr 11, 2001 –
Omaha World-Herald

Franklin Figure Lawrence King Leaves Prison After 10 Years;

Robert Dorr. Omaha World – Herald. Omaha, Neb.: Apr 11, 2001.
(Copyright 2001 Omaha World-Herald Company)
Lawrence E. King Jr., the main figure in the Franklin Credit Union scandal in Omaha more than a decade ago, has left prison and apparently is planning to live near Washington, D.C.
King was released from federal prison in Colorado on Tuesday after serving nearly 10 years of a 15-year sentence.
King, 56, plans to live in the eastern Virginia federal probation district, said Randy Tews, administrator of the Federal Prison Camp in Florence, Colo. That district includes several Washington suburbs.
The Washington area is familiar to King. It became his second home in the 1980s while he was running the now-defunct Franklin Community Federal Credit Union in north Omaha.
King often traveled to Washington and stayed for days at a time, holding lavish parties at a house he rented for $5,000 a month just off Embassy Row. With the help of a Washington public relations agency, he succeeded in getting four grants of $100,000 each for north Omaha nonprofit groups from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, where he had connections.
King was sentenced to 15 years in 1991 for crimes related to the embezzling of $39 million from Franklin.
King frittered away the money that he took from Franklin in a spree of extravagant living that lasted for years and ended with the credit union’s collapse. Federal officials involved in the case don’t think that King has any secret stashes of Franklin money.
King has declined an interview. He is the last of the Franklin scandal’s figures to be released from prison.
The U.S. Probation Office in Omaha won’t have any jurisdiction over King, Craig Saigh, chief U.S. probation officer in Nebraska, said Tuesday.
“He’s been released today but not to the district of Nebraska,” Saigh said.
King served the last four years of his sentence at the minimum- security Federal Prison Camp in Florence. He left the southern Colorado prison at 8:15 a.m. MDT, said Kenneth Burton, executive assistant to the warden.

So, like any good friend, Tom gives him a job some time after he gets out of jail at his BMW dealership. Due to the kind of trouble Larry got in, some folks got real upset when they found out he was connected to Children’s Charities, and so it’s now rumored that he perhaps still works as Tom Moorehead’s personal assistant. Why would they care if an embezzler was around kids? Read on..



He can be seen in this unpublished video for the BMW dealership at he 14 second mark.


Except of an article by Harrison Koehl

“Artists use lies to tell the truth, while politicians use them to cover the truth up.” That’s the truth, and if I’ve learned anything in recent years, it’s that truth is stranger than fiction, and even more disturbing.

While I’m a fan of Larsson’s work, and fiction in general, there’s something to be said about true accounts. They have a way of ‘seating’ in the mind, making what was at first only ‘interesting’ and perhaps ‘entertaining’ fiction become real: solid, vital, life-altering. Fiction gives us the truth, but at a distance. It’s up to the reader to divine the real-life applications and implications. But when they become clear, it can be a profound and painful experience. It’s all too easy to take the easy way out when that experience is just too painful, with the potential of shattering too many deeply held illusions about the way reality really works. “It’s just a story, after all.” Those six curiosity-killing words are enough to prevent a person from doing the research to see that there may be more to a story than just the product of a good imagination. There may be a disturbing underbelly to the surface events of everyday life. In my case, that’s where real-life investigative reporter Nick Bryant’s 2009 book The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal comes into the story. It’s the book that made a lot of things hit home for me, and it was absolutely devastating.

Bryant is a professional journalist, having published articles in many ‘mainstream’ newspapers and journals. But after deciding to research the infamous ‘Franklin scandal’ of the late ’80s and early ’90s, no mainstream editor would take his story. It was just too hard to believe. For those readers unfamiliar with the scandal, you can watch a never-aired documentary produced by UK-based Yorkshire Television titled Conspiracy of Silence. The documentary was commissioned by Discovery Channel, who pulled out at the last minute. Luckily, someone with access to a rough cut of the piece leaked it and Bryant has made it freely available on his website, here. The Franklin Scandal not only confirms what the Yorkshire team presented, but adds reams of new details and documents demonstrating a level of criminality, corruption, perversion of justice, and sadism that is simply mind-blowing.

The Franklin case broke when its namesake, the Franklin Credit Union in Omaha, Nebraska, and its director, GOP ‘high-roller’ Lawrence E. King, were investigated for massive financial fraud. King was charged with 40 counts of embezzlement, fraud, and tax evasion – he stole a total of $40 million – to which he plead guilty. But the investigation soon turned up far more than financial crimes. King had been an ‘information specialist’ in Vietnam with access to top secret communications. After the war he cultivated relationships with friends in high places, like Washington and the FBI. And he surrounded himself with a cast of characters, many of whom, like King, had been and would be accused by numerous witnesses of sexual abuse, pedophilia, child trafficking, drug crimes, and murder. The accusations made his positions on the board of directors for Head Start, as president of the Girls Club and executive committee member of the Camp Fire Girls, as well as rumors of his involvement with Nebraska’s Boys Town, take on sinister connotations. There had long been rumors of King’s homosexuality – Bryant interviewed one ex-security guard who claimed one of his duties was to give King blow-jobs in his private bedroom in the basement of the credit union – and soon witnesses started coming forward with tales of sex parties, inter-state flights for the purpose of providing prepubescent children as prostitutes for pedophiles across the country, even a black market for the selling of children.

A special committee was set up to investigate the allegations. But it was doomed to fail. Despite the investigators’ best efforts, they were blocked at nearly every step of the way by witnesses who would turn up dead days before they were set to testify, death threats, ‘turned’ witnesses, incredulous officials, criminally unhelpful police, bought judges, bought lawyers, jury tampering, and a local press that seemed set on demonizing the investigation and victims and fully supporting the accused. It seemed that everyone – except the general public – was against them. Why that was becomes very clear when you realize who it was the victims were accusing of such crimes. Among those named in Bryant’s book as involved in the pedophile ring (only those whose names were brought up in the press and trials are explicitly identified) are local Omaha businessman and millionaire Alan Baer, Omaha Police Department chief Robert Wadman, Omaha World-Herald columnist Peter Citron, senator Eugene Mahoney (friend of the World-Herald’s Harold Anderson, who led the smear campaign against the Franklin investigators and witnesses), judge Theodore Carlson, congressman Barney Frank, CIA asset Craig Spence, a school systems administrator, and a DOJ official. In fact, during the course of the investigation Peter Citron would be arrested and charged with two counts of child molestation. Police also found a large cache of child pornography in his home and it was revealed he had a 25-year-long criminal history in different states for child molestation. What are the chances? On a related note, George H.W. Bush would later praise the World-Herald for their “journalistic integrity”, signalling out Harold Anderson (mentioned above) for praise. In other words, the perpetrators were so placed that they had the power to squash any investigation: the police department, justice department, media, and government.

Franklin Committee investigator, Gary Caradori.
While the victims and investigators were slandered in the press, that wasn’t all they had to endure, as alluded to above. Many witnesses wound up dead, as well as lead investigator Gary Caradori. Caradori’s is one of the most tragic stories in the whole affair. A gifted investigator, known for his integrity and good skill, Caradori was indispensable in cultivating sources, tracking down witnesses, and finding the dirt. On July 10, 1990, Caradori and his son were in Chicago, Caradori having piloted his private plane there ostensibly to attend the All-Star ball game. In fact, he had other reasons, for which the game served as a cover. He had tracked down a source with access to incriminating photographs of some of those accused (practically all witnesses said that their interactions – sexual acts, rape, torture – were photographed and/or videotaped), and he had told Paul Rodriguez, a Washington Times reporter who had been investigating similar activities in Washington, during which investigation Larry King’s name had repeatedly surfaced. Before their flight back that night, Gary had called his wife to let her know that the trip had been a success. He relayed a similar message to senator Loran Schmitt, chairman of the Franklin Committee, saying, “Loran, we got them by the short hairs.” The source had apparently been Rusty Nelson, one of the photographers who had admitted his involvement with the ring and who later told Bryant that he had been Caradori’s contact, and had in fact provided him with photos that night in Chicago. But tragedy struck that night on the flight back, when Caradori’s plane mysteriously broke apart in air, killing him and his son. The investigation found no evidence of foul play, despite the fact that the plane had obviously exploded in flight, the wreckage strewn across farmer Harold Cameron’s cornfield just outside of Aston, Illinois. Missing from the recovered wreckage was Caradori’s briefcase, which never left his side and in which he keep important documents relating to the case. With Caradori’s death, the message to those involved in the investigation became even clearer: no one was safe, and these people would stop at nothing to cover up their crimes.


WARNING: graphic sexual content
“Conspiracy of Silence” is a powerful, disturbing documentary revealing a nationwide child abuse and pedophilia ring that leads to the highest levels of government. Featuring intrepid investigator John DeCamp, a highly decorated Vietnam war veteran and 16-year Nebraska state senator, “Conspiracy of Silence” reveals how rogue elements at all levels of government have been involved in systematic child abuse and pedophilia to feed the base desires of key politicians….Check this out! Satanic Ritual Abuse: http://mysticalmusingsandpolitics.blo&#8230;

Based on DeCamp’s book, The Franklin Cover-up, “Conspiracy of Silence” begins with the shut-down of Nebraska’s Franklin Community Federal Credit Union after a raid by federal agencies in November 1988 revealed that $40 million was missing. When the Nebraska legislature launched a probe into the affair, what initially looked like a financial swindle soon exploded into a startling tale of drugs, money laundering, and a nationwide child abuse ring. Nineteen months later, the legislative committee’s chief investigator died suddenly and violently, like more than a dozen other people linked to the Franklin case. This was supposed to air on Discovery but was halted.

This narrative by Charles Charles M. Young was written within the last couple years..

Recently, the country was stunned again by the Gerry Sandusky case at Penn State. LIke the Catholic Church, the Penn State football program was an unchallengeable, straight-arrow, totalitarian hierarchy that valued itself more than the lives of children who were being raped by an outrageously flamboyant pedophile. Outside of a few extreme Penn State football fans, nobody had a hard time seeing that something had gone terribly wrong, and that it had gone wrong for a long time because the victims had enormous difficulty coming forward and people in authority didn’t want to believe what was happening before their eyes.

But in Omaha during the first Bush presidency, with the nursery school scandals losing credibility around the country, almost the entire Omaha establishment closed ranks to discredit the accusers. By establishment, I mean the Omaha Police Department, Nebraska State Police, FBI, local and state judiciary, local and state and national media. Against them stood a few teenagers, most of them with drug problems, long rap sheets and traumatized brains. Their allies were some foster care supervisors and parents, plus a divided investigative committee in the Nebraska legislature. Under phenomenal pressure, the teenagers either retracted their testimony of sexual abuse or were crushed in court and sentenced to years in prison for perjury. Key figures in the case ended up dead in numbers that would astound any actuary but apparently interested no one in Omaha law enforcement.

I should also say that I’ve looked at Nick’s evidence, listened to interviews, sorted through 200 receipts for planes chartered by Larry King with five-to-eight unnamed passengers, and I’ve read the book carefully. I can think of no innocent explanation for why King would be flying children, some of them spirited out of the Catholic orphanage Boys Town, around the United States, mostly to Washington. I’ve listened to Nick at great length on the phone about all of this as he was reporting. I have listened to him in the immediate aftermath of strange phone calls and death threats over the years.

This isn’t “conspiracy theory.” It’s one of the best investigative books I’ve ever read. If it’s true, then there are significant elements in America’s ruling class that are depraved beyond Caligula’s dreams. And I don’t see how it isn’t true.

Parts of the The Franklin Scandal read like a great crime novel. Parts of it read like Nick was trying to build an impregnable legal fortress of fact to make his case stick, which can slow down the story a bit, but as the facts come together, it is staggering.

The book has two main heroes, Gary Caradori and Alisha Owen. An honored veteran of the Nebraska State Police and private detective, Caradori was chief investigator for the legislative committee. He tracked down Larry King’s reputed photographer in Chicago and flew his private plane there to retrieve incriminating photographs (pedophiles do love their porn). On his return flight, Caradori’s plane blew up in mid-air and the photographs were never found. The wreckage was spread over a wide area on a farm. The FAA was ruled that Caradori had lost control of his plane for an “unknown reason.”

Unlike most of the children who were abused during the scandal, Alisha Owen did not come from a massively dysfunctional family. Her parents were stable church-going Christians who happened to have energetic, rebellious teenagers. At the age of 14, she fell in with the wrong crowd, started going to Larry King’s parties, and later claimed that Robert Wadman, the Omaha chief of police, had raped and impregnated her and shoved the barrel of his gun up her vagina. She was put on trial for perjury.

Under enormous pressure from the media and law enforcement to recant, she refused. Friends who previously supported her story did recant and testified against her (and later recanted their recantations). Her younger brother, under arrest for joy riding in a stolen car, was found dead in his jail cell shortly before her trial. It was ruled a suicide despite indications of a beating before he ostensibly hanged himself. Nick makes a strong case that Owen’s lawyer, Pamela Vuchetich, was having an affair with the FBI agent, Mickey Mott, who appears to have been orchestrating Owen’s prosecution. Just before Owen’s trial, Vuchetich abandoned her client and started representing two key witnesses for the prosecution. This alone violated four or five of Owen’s constitutional rights. The account of the trial must be read to be grasped. Suffice it here to say that I didn’t think such a blatant kangaroo court was even possible in the United States, and none of the appeals went anywhere.

Owen did four years in prison for perjury. She has been a model citizen since her release and raised her daughter, who, I’m told, looks like Wadman.Still Evil After All These Years


Numerous conspiracy theories evolved and persist, claiming that the alleged abuse was part of a widespread series of crimes including devil worship, cannibalism, drug trafficking, CIA arms dealing and links with the first Bush Administration. It’s difficult to imagine that this occurred in America, and equally difficult to sift through a the ideas for the truth. I’m just posting what I have found and cannot attest to what really happened one way or the other. I have to say, listening to the victims voices… I believe them.

Things may get interesting, since the bikers are also planning a rally the same day in support of the American flag..
Biker Rally 10-10-15

The rally is hosted by the American Spirit Ride and rally Facebook page; this ride is the 9/11 ride into Washington D.C…
American Spirit Ride Page

The Defenders of Liberty Club was born of one the groups that splintered off of the original 2 mil ride on 9/11/13… They are a pretty hardcore bunch of patriot riders, dead set on saving America…

DOLMC websiteimage


More Sources about Franklin and King:

The story of the ‘Franklin Scandal’ begins with Lawrence E. King, one of the fastest rising Republican stars of the 1980’s.

Larry King, as he was known, was accused by seven children of child abuse and prostitution before he sang the National Anthem at the 1988 Republican National Convention but despite various petitions to local police and the FBI, no official investigations were ever undertaken.8 One of the allegations began from the serious abuse of children at the hands of Jarret and Barbara Webb, the former a member of the Franklin Credit Union board the latter a cousin of King, who adopted various foster children and would proceed to subject them to horrific physical, emotional and sexual abuse. The girls housed at the Webbs told of being taken to various parties in the Franklin area where Larry King and other important local figures sexually abused them. One of the girls, Eulice Washington, recalled being flown on King’s private jets to be abused across the country.

“Among the first accusers was Eulice Washington, who claimed King flew her to out-of-state pedophilic orgies. She had been adopted by relatives of King’s in the 1970s. Her new ‘mother’ was King’s cousin Barbara Webb, and her new ‘father’ was husband Jarrett Webb, who sat on the board of the Franklin Federal Credit Union. To Eulice Washington, King had been Uncle Larry. ‘Larry King set up the pedophile ring,’ says Eulice. ‘From my knowledge and from what I saw go down, he was the man who got it moving and rolling. Everything went through him. He loves boys. He loves them like he shouldn’t.’” – The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokes, Child Abuse and Betrayal

Despite Eulice passing various lie detector tests, charges were never pressed against the Webbs. The Foster Care Review Board was the first organization to come across various cases of abuse, from Eulice Washington and others. They wrote numerous letters to Nebraska’s Attorney General Robert Spire urging an investigation, but their pleas were ignored.

The FCRB testified to the State Legislature’s Investigative Executive Review Board Subcommittee in 1988 that:

FCRB Chairman Dennis Carlson: The nature of these allegations are something that is going to shock the Committee. They deal with cult activities… they deal with sexual abuse, and there’s a correlation between these two different reports. We have, the Boys’ Town report… prepared by a worker from Boys’ Town named Julie Walters… (which) contains the allegations of the children that were in the Webb foster home, Nelly primarily. Years later, well, two years later, we have Loretta Smith in Richard Young Hospital who’s making allegations against Larry King and as far as we know there is no relationship between Nelly and Loretta Smith… Both reports talk about the Omaha Girls Club, both reports mention a specific individual who is the superintendent of schools.

State Senator Remmers: The question that came into mind, it’s been in my mind since you’ve been testifying and I think you’ve answered part of it just now, is you’re talking about about these abuses from children from Boys’ Town and Girls’ Club and so forth, now is there a common thread that goes over here to the Credit Union deal that we are investigating? In other words to the Franklin Credit Union? Is there a common thread there that kind of leads to that?

FCRB Member Carol Stitt: Well, the common thread is Larry King.

Remmers: Yes, that’s what I mean. It all goes back to him? OK.

Stitt: Yes, he seems to be more the organizer, or the high-class pimp, I mean if that helps fit this together.11

Larry King would also be linked to embezzlement before he sang the National Anthem at the 1988 Republican National Convention, but again avoided an investigation. The facade unraveled in November 1988, when an IRS investigation revealed that King had stolen over $40 million from the coffers of the Franklin Federal Credit Union. The financial corruption alone shocked the city, but soon reports started circulating that in addition to various fraudulent accounting documents, investigators found a huge stash of child pornography as well.

More rumors of sexual abuse began to arise, with multiple allegations that Larry King was using children from Boys Town, the nearby Catholic charitable institution for orphaned youth. His yellow sports car was notorious on the Boys Town campus, where he would drive around and pick up minors for his pedophilic activities. The Catholic management denied any connection to King, but financial records showed that Boys Town had a close-knit relationship to the Franklin Federal Credit Union. Federal and local authorities immediately moved to close the investigation and seal evidence, claiming that allegations of child abuse were unfounded.

The authorities backtracked and stated that they had done everything in their power to investigate these claims. Attorney General Robert Spire said: “We did receive some sensitive information in July. My office acted promptly and professionally and nothing was sat on.” However, it would later be revealed that no authorities ever interviewed Eulice Washington and other children noted by the FCRB until 3 years later after they made their report public. Despite this, Omaha Chief of Police Robert Wadman stated to the press that “Every step that should have been taken, was taken.”nHowever, Wadman would later confess that he had never contacted Eulice Washington, one of the children abused at the hands of Webb, nor the Child Protective Services department that handled Washington’s claims.18 Wadman would later be identified as a child abuser at King’s parties by four different victims.

Obstruction, Threats and Murder

In an early police investigation, low level police officers attempted to keep their inquiries a secret from Wadman, seemingly knowing that he would be adamant about shutting down their investigation. Nebraska Foster Care Review Board official Dennis Carlson related Omaha Police Officer Carmean’s testimony to the Legislature’s Executive Board hearing:

“[Officer Carmean] told me some things which I found to be somewhat startling. I asked if he was interested in information regarding Larry King and he said, yes we are, we’re conducting what he called a supersensitive investigation of Larry King and he said this investigation was so supersensitive that they were not even using the steno pool in the Omaha Police Department. They were handwriting their police reports, and he also told me that Chief Wadman had come to their unit and directly asked if they were investigating Larry King…. Investigator Carmean told me, we lied to the Chief and we said, no, we are not investigating Larry King. OK, so that conversation took place on July 20th of 1988”

Shortly afterword, Officer Carmean was transferred out of the Robbery and Sex unit and the investigation stalled. On July 5, 1989, in a lengthy “Inter-Office Communication” to Omaha Public Safety Director Pitmon Foxall (a cousin of Larry King), Wadman announced that Carmean needed a mental health evaluation.

Many were not convinced of the Police Department’s conclusion that there was no substance to the abuse allegations, including a group of 12 State Senators who decided to create their own parallel commission to investigate the charges, lead by Senator Loran Schmit. Following the money trail, Schmit and his team quickly found that it could be traced directly to the sex parties and child abuse. It became clear to Schmit that he was uncovering some serious ‘dirty laundry’:

“I received a phone call on the floor of the legislature. The caller would not identify himself, but he said, Loren, you do not want to have an investigation of the Franklin Federal Credit Union, and I asked, who am I speaking to? And they said, that doesn’t matter, but you shouldn’t have that investigation. And I said, well, why not? And he said, it will reach to the highest levels of the republican party, and we’re both good republicans.” – Loran Shmit

Schmit wasn’t the only one to receive threats. The lead investigator of the State Senator’s Committee, Gary Caradori, had also specified that he had received a series of threats, such as obvious tampering with his vehicle, as to send a message. In early July 1990, Caradori made a trip to Chicago to meet with a secret informant who had evidence which would ‘blow the lid’ off the case, and reportedly confided to a friend that he was one step ahead of those who wanted to squash the investigation, saying that if ‘they’ knew what information he had, he would be killed.

Upon returning from Chicago, Caradori’s plane crashed, killing him and his son. The National Transportation Safety Board investigation found that the wreckage was scattered over a radius between 3/4 to 1 mile, indicating without a doubt that the plane broke up in the air, instead of upon impact. Certain items were missing from the crash, most notably Caradori’s briefcase. Within 24 hours, all of the evidence was collected by the FBI and sealed.

The Paul Bonacci Trial

What information was so important that the pedophile network would kill the lead investigator in what looked like a blatant assassination? It turns out he was meeting with Russell ‘Rusty’ Nelson, a photographer for Larry King, who attended King’s parties with the intention of photographing powerful men in compromising positions with minors, in order to blackmail them later.

Like Craig Spence, King was known to throw lavish parties for the Republican elite, with underage prostitutes allegedly in attendance. Rusty Nelson was in hiding for an entire decade after the Franklin Scandal broke but ended his silence under oath during a court hearing in 1999, in order to ‘set the record straight’. He revealed that he had a very close relationship with King and kept hundreds of thousands of photographs of King’s business dealings and parties in various locations. Most of the evidence had been confiscated, and more had been destroyed in Gary Caradori’s plane crash.

Rusty’s testimony to the District Court was very interesting. Among other events, he revealed that he personally saw Larry King place a direct call to then-president Ronald Reagan when other associates could not resolve a specific problem. He also claimed to have seen and taken pictures of the Chief of Police of Omaha Robert Wadman at various parties, engaged in various sexual acts with minors, and had once seen Wadman accept a large envelope full of bearer bonds from King. While most of Rusty’s evidence was confiscated, he was able to provide the court with photographs that corroborated his close relationship to King, such as photographs of King inside his private jet and limousine, and alongside male strippers.

The District Court hearing was not about Rusty Nelson, but rather for compensation for one of the victims, Paul Bonacci, who had first made accusations of abuse against Larry King in 1986, two years before there was even a Franklin Scandal. The testimony given was so convincing that the judge awarded Bonacci with $1 million. The plan was to donate the proceeds to charitable organizations dealing with child abuse, but King has never paid. Paul Bonacci suffered from Multiple Personality Disorder, a diagnosis confirmed by three different state-appointed psychiatrists, from extreme abuse he had received beginning at the age of 3. At the age of 8, he became associated with Larry King and began attending his parties as a child prostitute.

The type of abuse Bonacci underwent at the hands of Larry King is shocking:

Bonacci: “They put guns up to my head, they put guns in my mouth… Larry King sent out boys, men, to jump me, he had them pretty well beat the tar out of me from the waist down so no one would see the marks, i had my fingers broken… I can remember them burning me with hot instruments… placing stuff inside me… almost what I would call a cattle prod”

Judge Urbom “Done by Larry King at his direction?”

Bonacci: “At his direction.”

Later on in the trial he would claim:

“If they wanted to get something passed in the legislature, he would put some people that were against it in a compromising position, by using us boys and girls.”

One of the men in Washington that Paul Bonacci claimed abused him is Democratic Senator Barney Frank. Bonacci was also taken on the very same midnight tours of the White House hosted by Craig Spence that journalist Paul Rodriguez wrote about in the Washington Times, as a child. He claimed that immediately after the tours of the White House, he was taken to another place to be sexually abused.

The Grand Jury Coverup

Before his untimely death, Gary Caradori had compiled a leads list of 271 victims of sexual abuse in the Franklin area, though his death precluded interviewing most, and others recanted their stories under pressure from Federal authorities, often accompanied by the threat of jail time for perjury. Along with Paul Bonacci, the investigation proceeded with three other primary witnesses, Troy Boner, Danny King (no relation to Larry), and Alisha Owens.

Both Boner and Owens recounted tales, after passing multiple state-sponsored lie detector tests,29 of attending hundreds of parties hosted by Larry King where they were abused by King and other prominent men in Lincoln and Omaha. The three would repeatedly corroborate each other in interviews taken under oath by Gary Caradori, initially without knowledge of each others participation in the investigation. Most of the victims claimed that they were used to transport drugs across state lines, at the demand of Larry King and Alan Baer, a prominent Omaha millionaire.

Gary Caradori once followed a lead of Alisha Owens where she claimed that she was often abused at The French Café in Omaha. He talked to the former manager on the telephone, Sheila McGuire, who told Gary that:

“We had parties in my apartment above the French Cafe. Larry King would wine and dine potential investors downstairs at the Cafe. When the French Cafe closed about 1 AM, King and his man called Parking Lot Bob-who worked for him (and was our coke connection)-would bring people upstairs to my place. If Larry King investors wanted drugs, booze, children or hookers (male or female) we’d get them. While these guests of Kings took their pleasures-with the kids or whoever-King would sit and watch- while he drank, did coke and played with his young boys….

One time, when this guy Irv from NYC wanted Sandra who was about 12 or 13 years old and getting her 1st period, Larry intervened when Sandra refused. King pulled out a roll of $100.00 bills and gave Sandra 5 of them. King then pulled out a small gram of coke and gave that to Sandra. Sandra finally agreed and went off to bed with Irv. King took good care of the local and out of town high rollers. If you had the money to invest at Franklin, King would cater to your most deranged perversion.

And, let me tell you another thing. The boys in the board rooms around Omaha are shitting in their Brogans. If this case gets cracked open the list of involved will read like Who’s Who. King and his crew have ruined a lot of childrens’ lives.”

The New York Times confirmed that both Federal and State investigators were given thousands of files regarding sexual abuse from children and testimonies from people involved in the foster care and education system. What happened next is amazing. Instead of indictments of the accused perpetrators to develop cases against them, both Douglas County and Federal Grand Juries ordered the thousands of files to be sealed, declined to interview dozens of witnesses, and then brought charges of perjury against Alisha Owens.

Alicia Owens Interview
Both Grand Juries concluded that Troy Boner and Alisha Owens had indeed been abused, but claimed that the adults they testified against were innocent! Alisha Owens was later found guilty of perjury, and sentenced to between 9 and 15 years. She ended up spending two years in solitary confinement, more than any other woman in Nebraska history, and a clear message to other victims: Stay silent.

This is unprecedented, probably in the history of the United States. If the children are not telling the truth, particularly if they have been abused, they need help, medical attention. You don’t throw them in jail!” – Dr. Judianne Densen-Gerber, a lawyer, psychiatrist and nationally prominent specialist on child abuse, during her visit to Nebraska in December 1990.

On the same day that Alisha Owens was convicted of perjury, the charges against Paul Bonacci, who told a very similar story, were dropped.36 Perhaps they did not want certain testimony to come to trial, such as Bonacci’s claim that Larry King would send limousines to Offut Air Force Base and pick up CIA agents for his parties.

The Grand Jury trial was a mockery of justice, where the state-appointed attorney Samuel Van Pelt vigorously attacked the charges and mocked the allegations of the defendants. It has to be noted that a Grand Jury is a special type of proceeding where the attorney chooses all of the witnesses and what evidence is presented; there is no presentation of the defense or cross examination. A former Chief Judge of New York State once quipped that a special prosecutor could persuade a grand jury to “indict a ham sandwich.”


There are shocking irregularities with the Grand Jury proceedings. First, it never called Larry King to testify. In fact, the evidence of child abuse and child pornography has never been presented against King in any court of law. One member of the Douglas County Grand Jury claimed that the Van Pelt helped write the final report, which is illegal. The report contained some very peculiar statements, such as “children do have the right to expect that if they exhibit reasonable behavior, they will not be abused.” (Emphasis added). It also contained blatant lies, such as the claim that Paul Bonacci’s doctor said that Bonacci was not capable of the truth, even though not only was the doctor not called to testify, he said elsewhere that he believed Bonacci’s story.

Owen’s attorney, Henry Rosenthal, found that the evidence shown to the Grand Jury was deliberately tampered with. The video testimony taken by Gary Caradori was edited to remove sections where Troy Boner and Alisha Owens corroborated each others claims.40 The lawyer representing originally Owens, Boner and (Danny) King originally claimed to have had over 100 clients who had suffered sexual abuse in relation to King and Boys Town, but then later claimed that their testimonies were all fabrications, only months before admitting she had an affair with an FBI agent who had bullied Troy Boner into temporarily recanting his testimony.

There is also the curious trend of upward mobility for a group of men who were instrumental in rigging the Grand Juries:

US Magistrate Richard Kopf, who deposited Lawrence King in a federal psychiatric hospital so he wouldn’t have to appear before the grand juries, and signed off on the FBI’s federal search warrant of Alisha Owen’s prison cell, is now a US District Court Judge.

Thomas Thalken, Assistant US Attorney for District of Nebraska, who prosecuted the federal grand jury in Nebraska is now a US Magistrate.

Gerald Moran, who was the Douglas County Deputy Attorney who prosecuted the Alisha Owen trial. is now a Douglas County District Judge.

Robert Sigler, who was the Douglas County Deputy Attorney who prosecuted Alisha Owen throughout her multiple appeals, is now an Assistant US Attorney for the District of Nebraska.

Troy Boner

Troy Boner had recounted his testimony during this period, after receiving threats that he himself would become the victim of perjury charges. However, in 1993 he submitted an affidavit detailing his intimidation and stating unequivocally that his testimony as well as those of his peers were truthful.

I lied because I truly believed and still do believe that it was a situation where I must either ‘…lie or die’ and at the insistence primarily of the Federal Bureau of Investigation officials who were dealing with me at that time…” – Troy Boner’s Affidavit

Boner repeated the allegations that the Chief of Police Robert Wadmann and the Omaha Herald editor Harold Andersen were primary players in his abuse and the abuse of his peers. He recounts the various tactics the FBI used in his intimidation, including alluding to harm that may come about to a family member if he persisted in telling his story. Shortly after these threats, Troy’s brother Shawn was found dead from a gunshot wound. The official story was a game of Russian Roulette. Troy cites this as a primary motivating factor in coming forward with the truth in his affidavit.

But, maybe the most important thing any honest investigator should do is to ask me, Troy Boner, or any of the other kids such as Alisha or Paul Bonacci, to take polygraph, lie detector tests SIDE BY SIDE ON THE SAME QUESTIONS WITH THE PEOPLE WITH THE PEOPLE WE ARE ACCUSING OF THESE THINGS. Example, ask Alan Baer if he shot mainline drugs into me and if he is a major drug dealer and if he had sex with me. Ask Eugene Mahoney if he met me at a bookstore in Council Bluffs and used to regularly pay me to have sex with him as a boy. Ask [redacted] to take a polygraph test on whether he is a big time drug dealer.” – Troy Boner’s Affidavit (Emphasis retained)

The polygraph tests never happened. In 2004, Troy Boner entered an Omaha hospital visibly shaken and adamant that he was being targeted because of his testimony. The next day, he was found in a hospital room dead, drugged and beaten. The timing might be related to the reelection campaign of George W. Bush, who multiple victims claimed had attended Larry King’s parties. Troy would round out a ‘suspicious death’ list that had recently reached 15 names, including:

Troy Boner

Shawn Boner, Troy’s brother, found shot in the head shortly after Troy was to testify before court. The official explanation of his death was ruled to be a game of ‘Russian roulette’.

Bill Baker, associate of Larry King and alleged to be involved in the production of child pornography.

Gary Caradori and his eight year old son, Andrew, killed in a plane crash.

Newt Copple, a primary informant of Caradori, was 70 when he ‘died in his sleep’ but exhibited no health problems before his death.

Clare Howard, the secretary of Alan Baer, the wealthy Omaha businessman who was alleged to be a prime member of the child abuse ring. Also ‘died in her sleep.’

Mike Lewis, former caregiver of victim-witness Loretta Smith. Death attributed to ‘severe diabetic reaction’ at the age of 32.

Joe Malek, associate of King, died from a gunshot which was ruled a suicide.

Aaron Owen, the brother of victim-witness Alisha Owen, died in his jail cell hours before Alisha was supposed to testify, ruled a suicide.

Charlie Rodgers, alleged sexual partner of Larry King, died of a shotgun wound to the head, ruled a suicide.

Bill Skoleski, Omaha police officer said to be secretly keeping a file on Larry King, died of a heart attack.

Kathleen Sorenson, foster parent of children who had escaped the Webb family, and outspoken activist on raising awareness of the abuse of the children she cared for.

Curtis Tucker, an associate of Larry King, who allegedly jumped out the window of a Holiday Inn in Omaha.

Harmon Tucker, a school superintendent in Omaha.

Conspiracy of Silence

In 1993, a television station in Yorkshire, England traveled to Franklin to uncover the truth about the tale of child abuse in Franklin, working in tandem with the Discovery Channel. It was called “Conspiracy of Silence” and the very day it was set to air, it was pulled. No explanation has ever been given, though there are rumors that an anonymous person paid the Discovery Channel $500,000 to revoke the television rights to the film. It would only be unofficially released two years later, when someone who helped produce the video and felt it was so important it needed to be public, leaked a rough draft from the copy room to attorney and former State Senator John DeCamp. It is now widely available for viewing online.

Overall, eight high profile Omaha figures would be accused of sexual assault, with testimonies corroborated between victims. They were:

Larry King

Robert Wadman, Omaha Chief of Police

Harold Anderson, recently retired Editor of the Omaha World-Herald

Alan Baer, wealthy businessman

Deward Finch, Superintendent of schools.

Peter Citron, media personality

Judge Theodore Carson

PJ Morgan, Mayor of Omaha

Of these men, only one would be convicted of child abuse, Peter Citron, on an unrelated breakout of pedophilia claims which launched a separate investigation. Before the allegations leading to Citron’s arrest broke, he was threatening to sue John DeCamp for naming him as a child abuser in a memo sent to the Omaha press.

How could such a massive and orchestrated coverup take place? It involved the FBI withholding all sensitive files, including explicit videos and pictures of the relationships between King and his associates and young children. It involved a campaign of denial by the Omaha Police Department, who’s chief was a primary member of the child abuse ring, and a disinformation campaign by Nebraska’s media, who also had important members implicated in the ring. It involved zealous FBI agents who were self-expressed ‘good friends’ with Robert Wadman. And it involved a campaign of suspicious deaths designed to silence testimony. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, it involved an American public unwilling to believe that powerful men could be implicated in child abuse, child prostitution and drug running.


A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal
By Nick Bryant

A chilling exposé of corporate corruption and government cover-ups, this account of a nationwide child-trafficking and pedophilia ring in the United States tells a sordid tale of corruption in high places. The scandal originally surfaced during an investigation into Omaha, Nebraska’s failed Franklin Federal Credit Union and took the author beyond the Midwest and ultimately to Washington, DC. Implicating businessmen, senators, major media corporations, the CIA, and even the venerable Boys Town organization, this extensively researched report includes firsthand interviews with key witnesses and explores a controversy that has received scant media attention.

The FRANKLIN SCANDAL is the story of a nationwide pedophile ring that pandered children to a cabal of the rich and powerful. The ring’s pimps were a pair of Republican powerbrokers who used Boys Town as a pedophiliac reservoir, had access to the highest levels of our government, and connections to the CIA.

Nebraska legislators nearly exposed the ring in 1990, but its unveiling had the potential to produce seismic political aftershocks, so a rash of deaths and a full court press by federal and local law enforcement effected an immaculate cover-up.

State and federal grand juries in Nebraska and a former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia played an integral role in the cover-up, and the author has had access to thousands of documents that would ultimately be sealed by the two grand juries. My documentation includes Omaha Police Department reports and internal memos, Nebraska State Patrol reports, Nebraska Department of Social Services reports, internal Boys Town reports, victim debriefings, hundreds of the ring’s airline receipts, etc.

The power elite sating their appetite for forbidden fruit via pedophilia and pedophiliac sadism is an evil that dates back millennia: Roman emperor Tiberius reportedly indulged in pedophilia and then murdered his victims. Moreover, pedophile rings linked to the powerful have recently been exposed in Belgium, Portugal, Chile, and Mexico.

The FRANKLIN SCANDAL will be the first commercially-published book to tell the tale of a power elite pedophile ring in the U.S. and also of the cover-up of its heinous crimes. Various news organizations have attempted to break aspects of this story, but the reports have either been ignored or mysteriously shelved. Major news agencies, including ABC, have backed away from pursuing this story; conversely, CBS abetted its cover-up. It’s obvious that very powerful people have a vested interest in safeguarding this secret.

Nick Bryant’s writing has recurrently focused on the plight of disadvantaged children in the United States, and he’s been published in numerous national journals, including the Journal of Professional Ethics, Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, Journal of Social Distress and Homelessness, Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, and Journal of School Health. He has also published a book, America’s Children: Triumph of Tragedy, addressing the medical and developmental problems of lower socioeconomic children in America. His mainstream and investigative journalism has appeared in The Twin Cities Reader,, Gear, and Playboy.

Waco PD Selling Motorcycles!

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This homemade Cossacks motorcycle is very likely one of the Twin Peaks bikes…




It has Cossack stickers distinguishing it as a club bike, even though it’s a homemade machine with no factory name. The PD is asking $1,625… However, at the time of print, the bids are fast and furious with just a few hours to go… I guess a murder scene motorcycle is quite a collector’s item….

We can hope that may be a friend purchasing it back for its owner?
The Auction Page



These bikes on Craig’s list were all listed at the same time in Waco, on September 7th… I am not sure if they are Twin Peaks machines or not but it sure seems shady to me.





Of course, I can totally get how this could be a coincidence, and a fine time to get a good deal on a Harley in Waco… Being a biker is deadly down there.

The Long Version of What’s Up With Harley Davidson and Black SupremIsts

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imageFriday the Obamedia didn’t let us down as they reported on the Harley Davidson Rally gearing up in Milwaukee… They chose to run not photos of the hundreds of flags or Harley’s or veterans… Not dozens of bikers on a twisty long highway.. Not a cute baby asleep in her Daddy’s helmet… Oh, no. The Associated Press chose to use a very badly engraved likeness of Obama on some indistinguishable ugly contraption of what used to be a motorcycle.

Source: Article on the Milwaukee Rally

We are of course seeing an upswing in black biker media and art, same as in every other thing on earth right now…
image One of the earliest black biker works to come to light is a book by Tobie Levingston. He was building the East Bay Dragons MC, a black club in Los Angeles, kind of parallel to Sonny’s time line as he was working on a young club of Hells Angels, rumored to have been acquaintances who operated peacefully just down the street from each other.

All videos courtesy of:
Harley Davidson Motor Company

Harley’s severely silly case of jungle fever isn’t anything new. For instance, this ridiculous spectacle of videos from 2013 showcases a big pasty white bread company going ghetto shortly before the 110th Harley Davidson anniversary party in Milwaukee, and coinciding with their ‘Iron Elite’ program, which, basically, was just another ‘make black people feel special’ coddling from an American company attempting to suck a hind tit of the Obama regime. So far as I can see, it’s been a total flop thus far.

2013-This summer, Harley-Davidson will formally celebrate their 110th anniversary with events around the world. No doubt, their camaraderie with African American bike riders will be celebrated as well.

And of course the prerequisite ‘make it look like the major rallies are all about the black people’ videos… When in fact we all know they are at least probably 80 percent white… Why the need to fake all this, Harley?

Harley-Davidson expresses their appreciation of the contributions of African Americans into their brand with a series of videos called the Iron Elite. Those videos can be viewed on YouTube or by visiting

The videos above were produced by the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company as a celebration of the heritage of African-American riders throughout the past century. 

Really? So, say, this video of Ludacris, for instance… What exactly has he contributed to Harley’s historical value?

On the one hand, yea, this looks like a clean cut black American entertainer promoting motorcycle helmet safety and a pretty bike and just loving life and living the American Dream, right? That is, if you don’t know much about Ludacris… One word could pretty much sum up Ludacris’ views on pretty much anything on earth: Obama. He’s really majorly seriously into him.. I think he just might would drink his bath water. During Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, Ludacris wrote a sort of black Power man love ode to the then up and coming candidate. The campaign quickly denounced the song, saying the rapper should be “ashamed.”
Obama Scolds Ludacris

Of course Obama was SO miffed that Ludacris has never left his prime time guest list, and in fact even cohosted one of the lavish parties in Washigton for Obama’s victory later in 2008, called the Urban Inaugural Ball.

Ludacris Throws The Prince a Ball

The young Democratic campaign probably giggled behind their hands and secretly loved that a song helped to put Obama’s new name in the mouths of every black kid on the streets of ghetto America, helping to ensure the first Presidency. There’s also the added bonus that lyrics were on the Billboard charts that called Hillary Clinton a bitch, or maybe it was this that made the campaign pretend to cringe, albeit for about two seconds:

Paint the White House black and I’m sure that’s got ‘em terrified/ McCain don’t belong in any chair unless he’s paralyzed/ Yeah I said it cause Bush is mentally handicapped/ Ball up all of his speeches and just throw ‘em like candy wrap.
image Ludacris fell head over sagging pants and heels for Obama way back in 2006. The then-senator met with Ludacris to discuss “youth empowerment” while the promising young rapper was in Chicago to launch a campaign to raise HIV and AIDS awareness among the city’s youth. His undying hero worship for the president hasn’t ever waned. There’s all the disgusting pandering support he’s shown Obama publicly and on social media, and then there was the time he gave him a custom set of headphones at a fundraising event.. I personally think perhaps to listen to Ludiepoopikins croon his gangsta soliloquies of ebony devotion in Barry’s omnipotent ear as he drifted off to sleep, his sainted head resting upon his sovereigned pillows.. Or maybe it was just to keep hummingbirds and 747s from getting caught in those things flapping in the breeze during a State of the Union address. Whatever the case, it appears the rapper is just completely smitten, even echoing Obama’s socialist, we aren’t EQUAL ENOUGH yet crap.

‘America has a great promise, but to me, it’s a promise that’s unfulfilled. Not everyone gets an equal chance at it, and some never get a chance at all. . . . Now it’s not right that with all our resources every citizen is not afforded the opportunity to be the best that they can be if they want. . . . Our communities need fixing. Our systems are badly broken. We can’t wait on the government, the institutions, social programming and policies alone to fix our communities.’ Ludacris, Hollow Verse interview

Surprisingly enough, Obama may be the lesser of the two evils when it comes to the two men on the pedestal erected by this rapper.. A Titan in modern music, his political prose has the ability to impress the minds of America’s youth.  So, consider his bad taste in mentors…
imageThat’s right! Farrakhan has reared his crispy old head like Mr. Toad once again, this time with some troubling vague references to enlightenment and #unity tags from Ludacris on his social media feeds.

Rap musicians are one of Louis Farrakhan’s favorite venues into the minds of America’s youth… They think he’s ‘cool’ because he’s seen with the ‘cool people’ on TV…
14 Rappers Who ‘Built’ With Farrakhan

This is pretty creepy when you know we just sideswiped a meeting by Farrakhan and his white people haters club at Ft.Washington Harley Davidson..
The Skinny on the Harley Dealership and the Muslim Rally
The Harley dealership in D.C. is owned by extremely wealthy black supremists who seem to be involved heavily in the notorious African Methodist Episcopal Church. The Mooreheads recently made news as ‘Bundlers’ for Obama, as well as in a black power play in connection with the AME Church and Jesse Jackson. Thomas Moorehead and Jesse Jackson are thick as thieves, working hand in hand for black control of a long time baby of Jackson’s… The automotive industry.

The Full AME Church Article
NAMAD STATES:: “So our main focus is to increase the number of minority-owned dealers across the nation, advocate for workplace and supplier diversity, and support minority engagement in the automotive retail sales and service sectors.”

Thomas Moorehead, as the first black Rolls Royce Dealership Owner in America, as well as proprietor of several other automotive businesses including BMW locations and Ft. Washington Harley Davidson, is also the second husband of a well known civil rights advocating attorney. He is therefore, of course, a huge entity in the minority automotive dealership owners group called NAMAD, in conjunction with Jesse Jackson’s organization called The Rainbow PUSH Coalition…


The Rainbow PUSH Coalition’s Automotive Project has a two-decade track record of engaging and forging partnerships between African American suppliers and dealers and the automotive industry. Their work has resulted in billions of dollars worth of deals for African American businesses. However, as the economic downturn took place in recent years, many African American businesses and communities were devastated by the automotive industries’ decisions.
“Many African American and ethnic minority companies have not recovered or enjoyed the benefits of the auto industry’s growth,” said, Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., founder and president, Rainbow PUSH Coalition. “As the auto industry continues to bounce back, the issue of minority inclusion must be placed front and center on the industry’s agenda. From dealers to suppliers, from marketing and advertising programs, to community reinvestment, minority communities and businesses must be empowered to grow as the auto industry revs up again.”

– See more at:

What is Rainbow/PUSH?
What is NAMAD?
Jesse Demands GM Needs More Minorities
Jesse and the Economic Summit

While Jesse makes it sound like it’s all for the innocent, common good of decent, hardworking black people in the workplace in most articles, the things said in the AME church comments tell a different tale, with Mr. Harley Rolls BMW Moorehead right beside him every step of the way….


Nearly 47 years after Dr. king’s death , a group of church leaders appear to be carrying out a grand Black economic empowerment goal in earnest. Invited to speak to a recent gathering of pastors and leaders of the African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church, National Bankers Association President Michael Grant cited the words of human rights champion Paul Robeson:

‘“We realize that our future lies chiefly in our own hands,’” Grant quoted. “‘We know that neither institution nor friends can make a race stand unless it has strength in its own foundation; that races like individuals must stand or fall by their own merit; that to fully succeed they must practice the virtues of self-reliance, self-respect, industry, perseverance, and economy.’”

Grant continued in his own words: “We played a major role in growing America from a small colonial outpost to the greatest industrial giant the world has ever known. We don’t have to argue about our ability to grow wealth. We have made everyone else rich, some filthy rich. Isn’t it time that we finally make our efforts productive for ourselves?”

Grant was keynote speaker during a special session on “Economic Development through the Black Church” during the A.M.E. Church’a Mid-year Opening Plenary Session in Raleigh, N.C. late last year. 

Following the forum, Weaver says A.M.E. pastors, led by Bishop William P. DeVeaux, are now poised to carry out a specific plan that they hope will spread to other denominations and ultimately catch fire in other denominations and the Black community throughout 2015.

“Clearly where we are at this point is to actualize and implement what we discussed in Raleigh,” said Weaver in an interview. “The whole thrust was how Black churches can help to empower Black businesses.”

The starting plan, in a nutshell, is for churches located in  – North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and D.C. – to commit to the support of two Black-owned businesses. They are Thomas Morehead, president of a BMW dealership in Sterling, Va. and Donnell Thompson, co-founder/co-owner of RWDT Foods, Inc., a chain of restautrants based in N. Snellville, Ga.

“And we certainly hope and pray that this will become a much larger Black faith effort and we will reach out to the Baptist community, the Church of God and Christ and the list goes on,” Weaver said. “If we’re able to affect a significant change in terms of relationship with Black businesses, can you imagine if we’re able to boost their profit margin 

So far, the congregations have been receptive to the idea, Weaver said. “Quite frankly, I’ve not met any resistance thus far.”

In his speech, Grant reminded the audience that a legacy of Black economic development was at the core of the founding of the A.M.E. Church.

Economic Empowerment and the AME Chuch

They aren’t just after the automotive industry, either. Last December, for instance… Jesse Jackson minced no words in a speech directed at tech companies. According to a transcript of the speech published, he compared the tech community’s dearth of minority employees to Jim Crow-style segregation. Hey why not? It’s working in the car game.


It seems highly unlikely that the timing in all of this sudden interest in bikers and Harley’s by the major players of the hostile black takeover in this country is in any way serendipitous…

Let’s look at the sneaky wording used by CNN on an article supporting the removal of the Mississippi state flag… Keep in mind Harley has banished all confederate flags on their licensed merchandise…

Echoing the anti-Confederate flag sentiment, bikers from all corners of Mississippi rallied in support of change on Sunday in the city of Jackson, the state’s capital.
“The flag issue has promoted so much division and racial separation, and today, we’re asking for Mississippi to take the flag down,” said biker Stacy Vance to CNN affiliate WLBT/WDBD.

Now, reading that quote, you would envision, basically, me, or a reasonable facsimile thereof. You would NOT in any way envision this:


Stacy Hellraiser Hull Vance is a confederate flag burning… Doctor. That’s right. Isn’t it comforting, to know that?

STACY HULL VANCE, BS, MS (Jackson State University), BS, MS, PhD (University of Mississippi); associate professor of medical laboratory science

Funny thing… The ‘biker’ in Mississippi getting the flag took down is also on the list for Farrakhan’s ride on 10-10-15….



Farrakhan’s Bikers

Louis Farrakhan allegedly has formed a group of black motorcyclists to join his racist army, and needed somewhere to stage them…

The black supremists who own the Harley shop are still trying to claim innocence.. Even though their general manager Morgan ‘A-Rod’ Anderson, VP of the Flaming Devils, seems to be a devout follower of the Nation of Islam, and in fact was the spokesperson for the organization on a conference call on July 30th. The owners have changed their story already, from they didn’t schedule it to they didn’t know what it was for, to they were going to let them meet them before business hours.. Sounds like a lot of jackassery to me.

Sure.. Farrakhan just HAPPENED to call some heavy hitters within Obama’s contributors who just HAPPEN to own the Harley shop and they just HAPPEN to not realize what sort of rally Farrakhan is wanting to host when they just HAPPEN to have an employee who is helping arrange the event… I call a dump truck full of bullshit with green blow flies on top.

How does all of this stuff fit together, you ask? Notice most of this black biker stuff started in 2010… There’s a reason.

In 2010, the Dodd-Frank Act gave the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) authority to oversee the lending activities of all major financial institutions, but a last-minute stipulation prevented the CFPB from having authority over the fraction of lending for vehicles. You may have recently noticed an uptick in sales for vehicles being mentioned in the news (this actually has little to do with job growth, because we’re selling more cars, yet not making them here). Harley-Davidson–who in 2009 announced they were attempting yet again to shift marketing focus away from theIt standard middle class white bikers to connect with women, Latinos, and especially blacks–has also suddenly found their own sales growth period, despite the still-floundering economy. You may then find yourself asking exactly how our American vehicle companies could at all possibly be making a profit when everyone was in severe, soul-crushing debt. It’s a good question, and the answer is that everyone else was in debt, but Harley-Davidson was not.

Back in 2008, banks and lenders regulations had to specifically target a housing crisis, because over 3 million foreclosure filings had toppled into the banking system–up 81% from 2007, which sounds terrible enough, but according to USA Today, it was a number up 225% from the year before that. In short, all the banking regulation focused on what was perceived as the largest lending problem, so the government stepped in and strictly prohibited lenders from giving insane amounts of money to high-risk borrowers, at the same time attempting to dissect an inherently racist lending system that almost automatically qualified minorities (and women) as higher-risk borrowers, allowing them to charge a higher rate, which honestly makes no sense whatsoever. Oh, so you have a history of not making much money, maybe having difficulty paying bills on time? Well, we’ll still give you a bunch of cash, but because you don’t have any money, we’re going to penalize you and make you pay more. The CFPB has tried to stifle these issues in one fell swoop, but in doing so have given the vehicle industry leverage to–this is difficult to say–pull the “race card” on Obama.

In 2013, the middle class economy appeared to be getting in trouble…Harley-Davidson knows their boys won’t be able to keep buying their products, so they targeted minorities with the earlier mentioned campaign that earned them the winning market share of all motorcycles sold in the US. To win this market share, however, they’ve been offering the exact same high-risk loans to unstable borrowers that caused the financial collapse of the housing industry. When the CFPB’s jurisdiction continued spreading to ALL areas of the lending industry, Harley-Davidson kinda panicked. Their solution? Hire lobbyists and jump in the game with everyone else!
So, Harley-Davidson just retains a Washington lobby firm, and then suddenly the CFPB’s director is in limbo, because a strange court proceeding declared that because Congress was not in recess when he was appointed, and was instead on one of their many unofficial vacations, Obama’s appointment of the CFPB director was illegal.

Detailed coverage of a 2013 shareholders meeting explains more:

Milwaukee, WI / Washington, D.C. – Harley-Davidson executives rose to the challenge posed to them by the National Center for Public Policy Research’s Free Enterprise Project – decisively stating “we’re on it” when asked if the company was prepared to defend itself from Obama Administration racial politics.

At Harley-Davidson’s annual meeting of shareholders Saturday, April 27 in Milwaukee, National Center Executive Director David Almasi pointed out to Harley-Davidson management and shareholders that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a new federal entity created by the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act, appears to be targeting lenders in the vehicle industry.

Congress explicitly denied the CFPB the power to regulate the automotive industry when it created the CFPB, but the agency apparently plans to end-run Congressional intent and regulate vehicle dealers indirectly by regulating their relationships with major banks and finance companies that are subject to the act.

The CFPB had already demanded vehicle-lending data from several banks, and is looking for evidence of “disparate impact” – circumstances in which dealers follow policies that are neutral and non-discriminatory that nonetheless disproportionately affect individuals in covered groups, such as racial or ethnic minorities.

Pointing out approving more loans to potentially risky buyers for political reasons could lead to a new cycle of subprime lending of the kind that caused America’s recent and disastrous mortgage bubble, Almasi asked: “You obviously know that you are on [acting CFPB director] Richard Cordray’s radar, if not already in his sights… [H]ow does Harley-Davidson management plan to protect this company against this assault? Will you cave or will you stand your ground? Are you willing to fight this issue in the halls of Congress and by speaking out in the news media, or will you buckle to the coffee-break regulators of the bureaucracy?”

Larry Hund, president of Harley-Davidson Financial Services, who spoke at the meeting, said that dealing with the new demands of the CFPB is a “very big topic.” He noted – as Almasi pointed out in his question – that the company has retained a Washington lobby firm for help in getting a handle on the issue of CFPB data requests.

Hund told shareholders that Harley-Davidson “hired an outside law firm… who is helping us accumulate data. Look at this. Make sure that we are, you know, in compliance. And also make sure we are on top of where the CFPB goes. And – at the same time – still providing the opportunity for credit for so many of our riders…”

In a conversation with Almasi after the meeting adjourned, Hund added that the regulatory agenda of the CFPB is a “rapidly changing situation,” but nonetheless assured Almasi that “we’re on it.”

In addressing the issue of Harley-Davidson’s treatment of minority customers, Harley-Davidson president and CEO Keith Wandell said, to loud applause from the shareholders: “Let me just say this: that, at the very core of what we believe, we do believe that everybody should be treated fairly. Right? And that people shouldn’t be taken advantage for any number of different reasons, which happens – and it’s wrong.”

During the business portion of the shareholder meeting, Harley-Davidson reported that it leads in sales to several demographic groups, including blacks, Hispanics and women as well as middle-aged white men.

“Harley-Davidson should have nothing to worry about because it wants as many people as possible to be able to acquire and afford its motorcycles and fulfill their dreams of independence and adventure – and the company is working hard to make sure these dreams are achieved,” said the National Center’s Almasi. “It’s also reassuring to know that, despite what seems like sound business practices, that Harley-Davidson is making sure to cover its bases should the Obama Administration play the race card against them.”

Almasi added: “I was approached by many of the shareholders in attendance who thanked me for speaking up about this issue. Some were downright fearful of the situation as I described it, with one likening it to a scene out of the Ayn Rand novel Atlas Shrugged. What needs to be understood is that Harley-Davidson wants to do good and wants to do right by all people – and, by the numbers and the assertions of its executives, it is proving successful in this pursuit. And the company’s strategy appears to have the full backing of its shareholders. It would be a shame for Harley-Davidson, a company that has clawed its way back from the brink of bankruptcy to become an American icon, to now fall victim to the radical machinations of the Obama Administration.”

Considering the fact that they are finishing in strong financial quarters while doing ridiculous things, such as that electric monstrosity from India.. It’s safe to say they must have fallen to him after all, at least to at least some degree.

Think about it… Of all the amazing black men and women out there who ride.. Veterans and clubs and Christians and all sorts of fine people.. Why was it a video of Obama’s little toady… Who is pretty much a generic lil Wayne who has been baby daddy enough times to give Maury a woody… AND who obviously also worships Farrakhan.. THIS is the person that Harley Davidson chose to highlight as their black role model?

If you read through all of this, it’s easy to see the same names appear over and over… That they all connect back to the same dominance. It’s easy to look at the event calendar posted below from Ft. Washington Harley and see that they are lying…

It’s funny, Harley used to be famous for fighting to SAVE the way they look in the public eye, to the point of shunning the majority of their market for being just plain of white American people… There was once a massive outrage from Harley’s suits over this ad from Honda…

They were highly concerned that the ‘outlaw bikers’ were going to make them look bad.. I guess pretty soon their political correctness and pandering to demanding black people at the loss of faithful customers and dallying in political quagmires and dealing with overseas parts will lead to this ad in our future…

Now Don’t get me wrong….There are some amazing black bikers and biker clubs out there.. Why do these people have to make up lies and, ahem, denigrate the good stories that are out there with those lies? For instance, this ridiculous article claims that black people were integral to Harley Davidson’s history, technology, and growth. They even claim black people invented customizing bikes and choppers.

source: Harley Davidson’s Success Attributed to black People

I know a good bit of Harley Davidson’s history, and I’m sorry, but I don’t really know of any black people who directly had anything to do with their legendary story.

Proven time and time again in American history, just what can any historic or hallowed institution in America be without the valued, creative and defining contributions from the African American community? Politics, business, education, entertainment, sports…bikes that go “Vrooom!”

Just ask the people at Harley-Davidson, considered by much of the world as the “Crem Della Crem” in motorcycles. The motorcycle company can attribute African American innovations to their success.

With This edgy, thrill-seeking, sometimes roughneck, other times sleek, adventurous, sexy, sometimes wild, all the time unique, culture and image called motorcycle riding, one can also add a significant lace of “soul,” as Blacks throughout the history of Harley-Davidson and the motorcycle industry in general have added their touch.

Ummm, okay? If you say so? I mean, I know there were some awesome black bikers throughout motorcycle history… There was, for instance, Ben Hardy and Cliff Vaughs, who built the Easy Rider bikes…

Benny” and the “King of Bikes”


Ben Hardy created the “Captain America” and ‘Billy Bike.’ Hardy’s Motorcycle Service was located at 1168 E. Florence in Los Angeles. The building is still there, only now occupied by an auto repair shop.


Story goes– Peter Fonda, the producer of Easy Rider, hired Cliff Vaughs, another black bike builder, to coordinate the motorcycles for the film, and Cliff tapped Ben Hardy for the actual construction of the machines. In total, four former police bikes were used in the film. The 1949, 1950 and 1952 Harley Davidson HydraGlide bikes were purchased at an auction for $500. Ben Hardy took the standard H-D frames and used Buchanan’s frame shop to alter the steering head angle to 45 degrees. The steering head was cut off and repositioned, and the resultant extreme rake required a 12″ extension to the telescopic forks.


Each bike had a backup to make sure that shooting could continue in case one of the old machines failed or got wrecked accidentally. One “Captain America” was demolished in the final scene, while the other three were stolen and probably taken apart before their significance as movie props became known. The demolished bike was rebuilt by Dan Haggerty, shown in a museum and finally sold at auction in 2001. Hopper and Fonda hosted a wrap party for the movie and then realized they hadn’t shot the final campfire scene. Thus, it was shot after the bikes had already been stolen, which is why they are not visible in the background as in the other campfire scenes.

Source: Benny Hardy Wiki bio
These two men built the two most famous motorcycles in history… And they did not get credit where credit was due for a very long time due to being black. However, as far as I am aware, this had absolutely nothing to do with Harley Davidson Motor Company.


One of my favorite female bikers of all time was a black woman named Bessie Stringfield..
Bessie Stringfield

In 1990, when the American Motorcyclist Association opened its Motorcycle Heritage Museum, Bessie Stringfield was one of the most amazing people featured in its inaugural exhibit on Women in Motorcycling. The AMA presents the Bessie Stringfield Award to honor women who are leaders in motorcycling. In 2002, she was inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame. Bessie, or BB as she was known among friends, described over 60 years of motorcycling: “I was somethin’! What I did was fun and I loved it.”

In the 1930s and 1940s Bessie made eight long-distance, solo rides across the United States. Speaking to a reporter, she dismissed the idea that “nice girls didn’t ride motorcycles in those days.” She was also seemingly fearless about riding through the Deep South when racial prejudice was a tangible threat.

Bessie was a fearless pioneer not only for black people, but also for women motorcyclists… She is one of the first people to dispel the myth that nice girls didn’t ride motorcycles.

She also didn’t have a thing to do with the workings of the Harley Davidson Motor Company.

I believe it’s time for some people to stop the fusion attempts that are sadder than Florida Georgia Line rapping. Embrace your audience! Play Sweet Home Alabama and rack your pipes and wave the stars and bars and stop trying to be such a sell out.. You people are embarrassing the rest of us out here… And at the end of the day, most people would respect your company or your club or your patches much more.. Including you yourself.

Black Racists Own a Harley Dealership

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My whole story with links and images


So, yesterday we get this innocent confused story that the black owners of the Harley Davidson Dealership just had no idea what the troublemaking black supremacy preaching Farrakhan was up to when he booked an event at their dealership… They posted a mealy mouth placid apology on their facebook page.

I got to thinking, how could these rich, successful black people in Washington DC NOT know who or what he is. So, I decide to do a little digging, expecting to find a Muslim.

First, let me tell you what I have found on Thomas Moorehead himself, owner of not only Harley Davidson of Washington but also of BMW dealerships, and is the first black man to ever own a Rolls Royce dealership in America.. arguably one of the richest men in Washington who isn’t on television or Capitol Hill every day.

I didn’t find he was a Muslim, though. I found he is a big wig in the African Methodist AME Church… So much so that he and other national leaders have cooked up some sort of black power scheme to take over America by selling very expensive vehicles to black people to create more jobs?

One interesting thing to note is Jesse Jackson also thought to make some type of power play with black car dealership owners in the 1970s..

Yea, I know. It didn’t make much sense to me either. I did find he does have ONE thing in common with Sharpton….

I also found some foreclosures and such in his name…

He serves on all those black people only committees with Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, too… Kinda hard to believe this guy wouldn’t know what Farrakhan is up to in his own dealership lot, huh?

They are also on the list of Obama’s shady ‘money bundlers.’

He’s not really the most interesting part of this little deal at Ft. Washington, however. See, I’m from Arkansas… And as such, I happen to know quite a bit about.. His wife.

This is Joyce. When she was Joyce Hanks, she attended Bethune University, which of course we know is an intellectual birthplace of black civil rights activists and female lawyers, such as another well known member of the AME church, their first ordained female minister, Miss Dovey Roundtree.

Dovey Johnson Roundtree is a retired Washington, civil rights and criminal defense lawyer whose 1955 victory before the Interstate Commerce Commission in their first bus desegregation case by a court or federal administrative body. That case, Sarah Keys v. Carolina Coach Company which Dovey Johnson Roundtree argued with her partner and mentor Julius Winfield Robertson, was invoked by Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy during the 1961 Freedom Riders’ campaign to end Jim Crow in public transportation.

Dovey Roundtree was saluted by First Lady Michelle Obama on the occasion of the release of her 2009 autobiography, Justice Older than the Law, which Roundtree co-authored with Washington writer Katie McCabe. In a tribute to Roundtree at the Women in Military Service for America Memorial Foundation at Arlington National Cemetery, the First Lady cited Roundtree’s historic contributions to American life and stated: “It is on the shoulders of people like Dovey Johnson Roundtree that we stand today, and it is with her commitment to our core ideals that we will continue moving toward a better tomorrow.”

As a protégé of the black activist Mary McLeod Bethune, she was in the first class of black women to be trained as officers in the newly-created Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps during World War II, and one of the first women to achieve full ministerial status in the AME Church with her 1961 ordination. In one of Washington’s most sensational and widely-covered murder cases, United States v. Ray Crump, tried in the summer of 1965 on the eve of the Watts riots, Roundtree won acquittal for the black laborer accused of the murder of Georgetown socialite and CIA wife Mary Pinchot Meyer, a woman with romantic ties to President John F. Kennedy.

Yes, she was a good bit older than Joyce Hanks and, while she most certainly list look up to her, perhaps it would be a stretch to think this young woman got to even meet the fabulous path blazing black lawyer back then…

If not for the fact that Joyce Hanks married a young black lawyer named George F. Knox, who just happened to be a partner in Dovey’s law firm.

George F. Knox was a very intelligent, very enthusiastic young man. He became the first black city attorney in Miami Florida. George Knox is a Visiting Faculty member at the Florida International University College of Law, and is the Director of Non-Litigation Advocacy Programs within the Center for Professionalism and Ethics. He teaches courses in Negotiation, Mediation and Dispute Resolution. Mr. Knox is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Court Mediator, and an American Arbitration Association arbitrator in Complex Commercial transactions.

Long recognized as one of Miami’s most respected business and community leaders, Mr. Knox was named one of Miami’s 100 Most Powerful People. He has been designated a Legal Legend by the 11th Judicial Circuit Historical Society.

Active in The Florida Bar, George Knox has served on the Florida Bar Standing Committee on Professionalism and the Board of Directors of the Florida Bar Foundation.. A long way from a poor black boy gaining a law degree in Little Rock, huh?

Back before he broke all those records, he indeed became the first black faculty member at the University of Arkansas… He was the talk of the campus as he ran around dreaming up new ways to look at the law with his two best friends.. The three became known around campus as ‘The Mod Squad.’… He spent all his time with his two comrades, racing from class to class or huddle with their heads together, bright young minds planning their futures. You probably know these two friends of his best as Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

So, Joyce, you want to pretend to be Miss ‘I don’t know what’s going on with Farrakhan and his black pride rally in the parking lot’, even though you collect black pride husbands who collect black firsts like trophies? You want to clutch your pearls and be naive about your husband writing articles about how he is contributing to the ‘browning of America’ with Harley Davidson Motorcycles? You don’t deserve to polish the rims on a Harley, much less own the dealership. You are not what the Harley Davidson Company represents, with all your donations to the campaigns of the NAACP President and hanging out trying to take over our country your whole rotten life with your racist comrades. I don’t care how many civil rights activists you have housed in your vagina or how many colleges you speak at or how many black kids you send to college, or how many Rolls Royce dealerships you own.. There’s something that you can never change no matter how far above and beyond Arkansas you go, Miss Lady.

You are still just a liar.


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Score one for the good guys today as Ft. Washington Harley Davidson unwelcomed Louis Farrakhan and his hate spewing rally to meet at their dealership after social media controversy arose over the event.

Farrakhan, known for his sadistic ‘Kill the White People’ muddled message of Islam, black supremists and UfOs has recently taken to taunting bikers on videos released on social media.

Blogger Biker Dad got to the bottom of it all and did a fine job of seemed out a retraction… Go Bikers!
Biker Dad’s Blog Story
God Bless America.



Harley Davidson Embraces Islam

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HD Dealership Hosts Muslim Ride that is Chanting Kill White People
A lot of people are in shock that Harley Davidson of Washington DC is hosting Farrakhan and his black panther Muslim gang posing as a motorcycle club on September 11th… I’m not.

I also seriously doubt you will get anywhere with the mother company.

You see, I complained loudly a year ago when the Harley Davidson company started testing the waters in Canada, in French-speaking Quebec specifically.. It is a billboard with a composite picture of two female faces combined wearing a hijab and a helmet, under the slogan: “Á Chacun Sa Religion”— which roughly translates to: “to each her religion.’

I also know that Harley Davidson has many Muslim Employees all over the globe, including some big wigs named Mohammed right here in America.



Not disgusted yet? How about a few years ago when I raised hell because Harley Davidson Motor Company made a Harley Dealership in New York take down a sign because it offended a Muslim…

“We believe signage of this nature is highly inappropriate,” Klein told the Daily Times. “We of course deeply regret any offense that the message posted by this independent dealer may have caused.” Klein went on to say that Harley-Davidson is committed to individual dignity and inclusion and “we take living these values very seriously.” And, Harley is “aggressively pursuing the removal” of the message.


In 2009, upstate NY Harley-Davidson dealer Iron Block Harley in Adams was forced to take down a sign facing route 81 behind their store.
The sign has been displaying messages to drivers traveling on Interstate 81 since 2002. It read

“Obama, are you kidding? We’re not Muslim. You are not Christian!!”
iIt was a reference to President Obama’s speech in the Middle East in which he stressed the details of Muslims living in America as a way of finding common cause with Muslim majority nations.
Owner Erik Dunk believes that Obama would not have won the Presidency if the public was aware of the extent of his Muslim sympathies prior to the election. He indicated that this was a deceit of the American people, and that despite his continued pronouncement that he is a Christian, deceiving the American people to get the office is not a Christian thing to do.

Iron Block’s sign has carried messages of a political nature for years. The sign once said “Impeach the Dictator!” but Dunk indicates that no one at Harley-Davidson forced him to remove that message though it was far more politically controversial.

Harley-Davidson’s lawyers ordered Dunk to remove the message from his sign or risk losing his Harley-Davidson franchise. They had received one complaint regarding the sign from a Syracuse-area Muslim who told Harley-Davidson that the sign was offensive and derogatory to Muslims.

Ironically enough, some ‘HOG chapters around the globe BOAST of. New Muslim recruits. I guess this would take a good bit of skill, to get a Muslim to wear ‘HOG’ on his back.



As of this isn’t enough.. Did I mention they have a problem with flags too..both American and Confederate?

HD bans Confederate Flag

HD claims American Flag Voids Warranty

I hate this as much as you guys do, but it’s starting to look like there may be a vehicle auction around my house sometime soon. I love my Harley, but God and America come first.


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THANK THE LORD. Somebody finally found who the Red Booted punk is! I honestly had given up after two incorrect ‘eye witness’ accounts! I pretty much figured out that my people had mistaken him for this guy…..


See the boots? I can totally understand how in the midst of gunfire someone would mistake him for someone else… And how after a month in jail it’s hard to tell them apart. Same thing happened twice, with two different people who were actually there, too. I am not mad at them for making a mistake… If I was laying on the ground under gunfire I probably would mistake these guys too? The Cossack has been identified as allegedly being Mitch Bradford, Cossack Son in Law..? But I had no idea how to find out about who these cops are short of driving to Waco and following them around?

Congratulations, Ride Free! You rocked this out real damned hard!!!!

Ride Free’s Article

As for Barnum, I totally do NOT few sorry for him, as in his little rant at me trying to say I was an informant, which is retarded, he ratted himself out as trying to set up the Bandidos. He said I told him something about some night, and I have no information about a ‘night’ whatsoever.  That other state trooper? Justin? his wife wrote me with a Twin Peaks photo and said ‘that’s not him.. THIS is him in the long sleeve shirt..’ So, ya know. Piss on him too. Both WERE involved in murdering bikers so I have no sympathy for either one.

As for Red Boots.. department of Public Safety Officer Lt. Stephen Scwartz… I think you are a pussified little worm for letting your so called brothers take the fall.

Awesome job, once again, Ride Free.. Thanks from all of us.

God, Guns, and Glory.. The Story of the Bandido Chaplain

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“The rights of man come not from the generosity of the state but from the hand of God.” – John F. Kennedy

If there was ANY question about whether or not Waco was about gun control and taking guns away from people, let’s look at the current situation with Chaplain Lawrence Yager.

A visiting judge ruled Monday that authorities had sufficient probable cause to arrest a pistol-packing chaplain for the Bandidos motorcycle group.

Lawrence Yager, a 65-year-old minister from Buda who said he is chaplain for the Bandidos and two veterans groups, at his Monday examining trial challenged the authority under which he was arrested after the May 17 Twin Peaks shootout.

Visiting Judge James Morgan heard testimony from two officers for about 45 minutes before ruling that there is sufficient evidence to bind Yager over for grand jury consideration of the engaging in organized criminal activity charges.

Waco Courts Call a Preacher a Gangster

Judge Who?

Apparently removing that idiot Justice of the Peace Peterson from examining trials didn’t actually do anyone any favors… We now have this retired old fool who doesn’t understand the 2nd amendment written about TWO HUNDRED YEARS before he graduated law school….

Judge Billy Ray Stubblefield, administrative judge of the 26-county 3rd Judicial Region, confirmed the the Waco Tribune that he appointed Judge James Morgan to preside over the examining trial of Hewitt resident Matthew Clendennen, which is was set for Aug. 10.

Stubblefield said his order also gives Morgan authority to hear any of the 19 other cases involving bikers seeking examining trials to challenge whether there was sufficient probable cause for their arrests after the shootout that left nine dead and 20 wounded.

According to the latest state records, James E Morgan is a Judge, Retired in the following department:


Morgan had a salary of $83,087, which is $41,913 less than the average of all DISTRICT COURTS – COMPTROLLER JUDICIARY employees ($125,000) and 2 times greater than the average Texas state employee ($41,475). Morgan was hired on 01/01/1983 by the State of Texas.

Number: 14444500
TX License Date: 05/18/1976

Primary Practice Location: Comanche , Texas


This shows the level of violence that they thought was going to go on here,” Sergeant Swanton told The Houston Chronicle in a video interview.

(Yea… Everybody knows how scary a preacher with a gun locked in his trunk is, Patrick.)

Really? Because what I am seeing here is a 65 year old veteran preacher whondoesnntown a patch, whose house is being remodeled and he locked all his guns in his car. The story of Lawrence Yager is a very important one for several reasons… Mainly… Doesn’t his gun collection being in his car denigrate the ever changing weapons count? How many of the 115, 318, less than a hundred were a part of a 65 year old VIETNAM VETERAN PREACHER’S gun collection locked in his trunk? I would be willing to bet that AK they keep yelling about came from THAT car. And then to continue the charade by forcing him to stand court? Ridiculous.

First of all, regardless of what Obama says, this country was founded on respecting others’ belief in God. When it comes to the point that a man of God can be accused of being in a street gang and called a liar for fellowship with his parishioners in any capacity… When he is questioned and called a criminal as a Christian soldier who owns and takes care of his guns… When in FACT others were killed in cold blood and Mr. Yager had absolutely nothing to do with it but is still being persecuted, Then America is no longer America. Then we live in 1940s Germany.

Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his faithful servants. Psalm 116:15

My Bible says ‘Where two or more are gathered in my name, there I shall be.’ Since there were MANY Christian bikers there, and since the CoC opens and closes with sincere prayer without fail, then all I can say is.. Hey cops, guess who ELSE knows you are lying murderers… You may fool the media and the American people… however.  You will get much worse retribution in the hereafter than anything you do to this fine religious man here on this corrupted old earth. Some day all of you so called peacekeepers and pillars of the community will have to explain to the good Lord himself why you presume yourself capable of deciding whether this man’s worldly endeavors mean more to him than his love for the God he has devoted his life to serving.

It is necessary for the welfare of the nation that men’s lives be based on the principles of the Bible. No man, educated or uneducated, can afford to be ignorant of the Bible.” – Theodore Roosevelt

I see his behavior of keeping his guns locked in his car while his house is being remodeled as not a criminal, but an intelligent man. Would they prefer the guns be left unguarded in an open or workman inhabited house without the owners there? Is it preferable to just HOPE nobody steals them and they fall into the hands of a child or murderer or drug dealer? Of course not. And really, who invites their preacher to participate in a gunfight?

The man who is right is a majority. We, who have God and conscience on our side, have a majority against the universe.”
– Frederick Douglass


Let’s just assume for a moment that okay, its legit to just blame everyone there who might know someone who once owned a motorcycle and declare them guilty… Let’s pretend all those patches all stand for the same thing and it’s one big group of heathens who need punishing according to the Texas law that says three or more people gathered wearing matching insignia, carrying weapons, have one leader, and are doing something that breaks the law. If one single person of those thirty who had the possibility of police bullets in their body wasn’t aware of what was going on.. Like the independent rider Mohawk.. Doesn’t that make all those cops JUST as guilty as the bikers? DA Abel Reya seems to think so, and even included himself in the ‘gang.’

According to state law, a criminal street gang is defined as “essentially three or more persons having a common identifying sign or symbol or identifiable leadership who continuously or regularly associates in criminal activities.” The DA says that fits bikers who showed up Sunday wearing colors, jackets or vests of known gangs who have criminal records.

“As many weapons as were found out there, they weren’t out there just to eat lunch, they weren’t out there to just have their little meeting, they meant business,” Reyna explained with a serious look.

We need to see what that evidence reveals, but I can tell you this – we’re gonna get to the bottom of it and law enforcement is all working together as a team, and I’ll bet on our own gang before I bet on their gang,” Reyna promised.

I am completely ashamed of Texas and all of America for doing nothing about this travesty of justice. One of the fundamental rights guaranteed in this country is to own a gun… If Washington DC or any other governing body starts CHANGING that, it’s the responsibility of the American people to do something about it.

The right to keep and bear arms is the people’s right to have their own arms for their defense as described in the philosophical and political writings of Aristotle, Cicero, John Locke, Machiavelli, the English Whigs, and others. It is not a new concept. Unfortunately, it is a commonly misunderstood one.

Waco has pretty much wiped their butts on THAT little law, and they are getting by with it by claiming all bikers are gangsters. It’s sobering pored that our rights mean nothing.

We thought it was horrific that they were charging CHL holders with legal weapons in their vehicles. We all still held firm to the core belief that the Constiutional rights this country was founded upon were indeed still sacred, and that there was no way they would actually have to go to court for those ridiculous fill in the blank warrants. We still naively believed in the elemental law of the land. We were wrong.. This is how they are getting by with it. Pay close attention to the wording.

The Bill of Rights Act, 1689 allowed for Protestant citizenry to “have Arms for their Defence suitable to their Conditions and as allowed by Law ,” and restricted the right of the English Crown to have a standing army or to interfere with Protestants’ right to bear arms “when Papists were both Armed and Imployed contrary to Law.”

See the distinction?

Sir William Blackstone wrote in the eighteenth century about the right to have arms being auxiliary to the “natural right of resistance and self-preservation,” but subject to suitability and allowance by law.

See what it says? ‘You are allowed to own a gun as long as the law says you can own a gun.’ The Constitution was written with honest leaders in mind. In the hands of a dishonest man, it can be deadly.

It has a condition.

And that condition allows the people who runs courts and cops and such to decide just exactly what is allowed by law. For instance, if cops want to decide you are a criminal and are in some way breaking some law, your gun rights just flew out the window like a fart in the wind.

‘I weep for the liberty of my country when I see at this early day of its successful experiment that corruption has been imputed to many members of the House of Representatives, and the rights of the people have been bartered for promises of office.’

Andrew Jackson

Another right guaranteed to us is a well armed militia… What are bikers if not EXACTLY that? They are, as a majority, veterans proficient in the care and handling of weapons and filled with gallons of patriotism. We are drawn in movies and other media outlets as anti social, but that is by majority a distorted assumption. The truth is, we all participate in community events, politics, and various other very strictly established situations. We spend our lives congregating and creating establishments. We like to gather in like minded groups… We like to do things orderly and vote on stuff. We are precisely the opposite of anti-social, anti-establishment terrorists, and whats more, the cops KNOW it. Did you see them pull this stunt in Ferguson or Baltimore? No.. Because they knew black people would riot and loot and burn down cities… They had no problem leading bikers into a situation where they were basically lambs to slaughter. Kinda belies their fear of us being outlaws, doesn’t it? We aren’t anti establishment, we are anti CORRUPT establishment. And this scares them to death.

Patrick Swanton and the Dirty Diaper Gang

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The Waco Tribune has been following a story of a woman who allegedly let her child wander outside alone in a dirty diaper while she was sleeping… She only got an $8,000 bond for endangering her kid.

“Officers (on arriving at the scene) saw the child entering the street and took her into their care,” he said. The child, who had abrasions and bruises, “had on only a diaper, and it was apparent the diaper had not been changed in some time,” he said.

Source: Waco Tribune

Tina Dominguez, 29, was released from McLennan County Jail on $8,000 bond after Waco police charged her with child endangerment when they found her 3-year-old daughter running outside in a diaper while she took a nap. Police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said officers responded to a call to the 1300 block of Trice Avenue about 3:50 p.m. Friday about a toddler wandering alone near an intersection.

Tina Dominguez, 29, was released from McLennan County Jail on $8,000 bond after Waco police charged her with child endangerment when they found her 3-year-old daughter running outside in a diaper while she took a nap.
Police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said officers responded to a call to the 1300 block of Trice Avenue about 3:50 p.m. Friday about a toddler wandering alone near an intersection.

I was angered by the low bond amount because of the bikers, and decided to read more.. I wish I hadn’t. Come to find out, she was also already on probation for killing a son. I can’t even fathom an explanation for the words ‘Probation’ and ‘death of a child’ being in the same universe….

Dominguez has a long history with CPS and Waco police, dating back to October 2006, when her infant son, Luciano, died after she rolled over on the baby while he was sleeping in the same bed with her and the boy suffocated.

She pleaded guilty to third-degree felony injury to a child in the boy’s death in September 2007 and was placed on deferred probation for 10 years after accepting a plea offer from the district attorney’s office.

Woman Who Got $8,000 Bond Already on Probation for Killing Another Baby

So, while I am researching this chick to write a story about the disgusting bail difference between baby murderers and bikers, I run across THIS story… It seems a mom allowed her kid to wander into a busy highway and burn her feet on July 30th!
Mom Lets Baby Burn Her Feet on a Busy Highway

Police in the Waco suburb of Beverly Hills released new details Thursday as they continued to investigate after a woman and her daughter came to the rescue of a barefoot 2-year-old who burned her feet as she crossed the hot pavement on South Valley Mills Drive.

I think what a DISGUSTING creature! The story had no photos or additional links, so I head to Google to read more about HER… And run across ANOTHER kid abandoned with burned feet? This one got a $100,000 bond.

A 23-year-old Waco woman faces a felony charge after an 18-month-old boy in her care suffered second-degree burns to the feet, police said. Andrea Nicole Boyce was being held at the McLennan County Jail on Friday under a $100,000 bond on a charge of recklessly causing injury to a child in the alleged Oct. 24 incident at a Waco apartment.

A 23-year-old Waco woman faces a felony charge after an 18-month-old boy in her care suffered second-degree burns to the feet, police said.
Andrea Nicole Boyce was being held at the McLennan County Jail on Friday under a $100,000 bond on a charge of recklessly causing injury to a child in the alleged Oct. 24 incident at a Waco apartment.

Boyce told police that the victim was injured when she left the boy and a sibling in the bathtub to step outside. When she returned, she found the older sibling out of the tub, and the injured child standing in the tub with the water running, Boyce told detectives.

Investigators charged Boyce after finding that the version of the story she gave did not match the evidence, said Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton.

I also noticed there were quite a few different instances where a child wandered off in Waco… Way more than I would believe average for any city? Here are a few more examples:


Police were called to the 1800 block of Lyle after a toddler was found wandering into Skinny’s Convenience Store alone. Responding officers took her into custody, and said she was shaking from being in the night air. The 2-year-old girl could not show or tell officers where she lived.

Child Protective Services workers took custody of the boy, Swanton said.

This One Allegedly Went to a Nightclub and Left the Baby

is it me or is this getting creepy? Also, how does it keep happening to the same women more than once? And why do some of them not mention bail amounts?


Waco Police Sgt. Patrick Swanton said, “Obviously not a situation where you want a two-year-old to be involved in, so we just felt like we had to make an arrest and get those kids some help. Hopefully we’re on the right track so far.”

(Yes let’s take parenting advice from a man who uses his beautiful young cop daughter as pervert bait. -Amy)

This One Supposedly Was in Her Backyard and the Cops Found the Kid

There is certainly a recurring theme out of Swanton about food and dirty diapers… and naps.. And cops ‘finding’ the kids when no one is around….

Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said officers bought the child pancakes, hash browns and chocolate milk from a nearby fast-food restaurant because the child appeared to be hungry and thirsty. He was also dirty, Swanton said.

Officers changed the boy’s dirty diaper and provided new clothing for him bought by the department’s victim services employees, Swanton said.

This Mom Was Supposedly Passed Out On Drugs

Next we have Chicken Little and Rainbow Brite, the meth cooks…

Waco police say the discovery of an 18-month-old boy wandering without shoes or a diaper in a West Waco neighborhood led to the arrests of both his parents.

The father of the child, 23-year-old Donald Klassy, was charged with endangering a child and possession of a controlled substance, while the mother of the child, identified as 30-year-old Monica Wood, was arrested on unrelated warrants from Hewitt police, authorities said.

Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said officers responded at 12:15 p.m. Wednesday to the 900 block of North 66th Street, where a resident came across the boy.

Crime scene technicians, detectives and patrol officers did a door-to-door search for the child’s parents, eventually finding Klassy at a residence at 1001 N. 66th St., according to a news release issued by the department.

Two Arrested for Cooking Meth After Baby Wanders Outsideimage


Anybody else sick of seeing ‘Swanton Says?’ Who believes a word that charlatan breathes? I find it troubling that these ‘wandering children’ arrests almost always seem to happen where it can’t QUITE be confirmed… And that they always result in a meth lab bust or something… And that the stories seem almost as cookie cutter as the arrest warrants used on the bikers. I am doing my best not to wonder if there’s some weird child smuggling ring going on down there.. At this point I would NOT be surprised.

The Bandido who Scares Me to Death

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I have this little friend who I don’t spend a lot of time with, frankly, because I don’t feel worthy of the time of someone so amazing. If I had to close my eyes and imagine an angel, she is the person who would come to my mind. She’s been around central Arkansas bikers for a long time, maybe as long as I’ve been riding. I assumed for a long time that she was maybe a widow, or perhaps the wife of one of the preachers in CMA… I did know that every swap meet, every event, every charity, I could look forward to an energetic hug and a bashful smile from her… A gleeful story always at the ready, and reflected in her sparkling eyes. I don’t think she could say shit if she had a mouthful of it. I adore her, in her cute little glasses and pixie nose… Somehow we have a lot in common and are complete opposites at the same time… We both ride big white Heritages.. We both attend biker churches just a few blocks apart religiously (pun intended). We have gotten to be closer friends recently, and it always makes me smile a big goofy grin to see her name pop up in my notifications..

Well… There’s another person in Central Arkansas bikers that I have bumped into a good bit, but don’t know real well. I don’t normally fool with the Bandits a lot.. Any Bandido in arkansas can honestly tell you that that when  I run across them at events, I make it a point to politely nod or smile, or speak to the ones I know briefly, maybe a hug or, maybe even I touch their hand for a second as I walk by if they talking, but then I go on about my merry way… I know they have lots of stuff going on, and while I don’t want them to think I’m snooty, I also don’t want to take up their time.

So, I been around lots of bikers in my life. Tattoos and snarls and prison record don’t faze me in the slightest. I’m intimidated by very, very few of them. There is this one in Arkansas though.. He’s clean cut, not big and beefy, not all tattooed and scary… In different clothes he would pass for a preacher or a football coach. I don’t know WHY he makes me all nervous but I’m always just all elbows and stutters around him. I think it’s because he is such a PERFECT example of a patch… I never seen him when he didn’t look as put together and sure of himself as General Patton… Always steady and sure.

Well a few months ago, right before Twin Peaks, I was putting together a Lupus Awareness Night at 501 Bike Night… I was at Rodney’s a month or so before the event, which was actually three days after Twin Peaks.. at one of the first bike nights, and my little pixie friend introduces me to her husband… The Bandido who scares the shit out of me!

I stuttered through the introduction… I stuttered through a thank you to him for sending money to my event, and then for actually being there at my Lupus Rally! He really came, and I was so damned proud! Well, like I said, this was three days after Waco and everyone was in an uproar of fear and confusion and what all… And someone accidentally takes a very CLEAR photo of him and tags me in the album on Facebook! It was taken down and handled promptly… But of course I was doubly horrified and by the time I ran into them at Gulfport, and saw her red faced and tired and harried, and him looking nine kinds of upset for some reason, I was about ready to pee my pants… I couldn’t even bring myself to speak to him!

So then, I go to Candyman’s funeral in Dallas.. I took some photos of the Angels and all the bikes there and I got permission to post them, but come to find out the ONLY clear photo I got of an Angel and a Bandido was… Guess who. Sigh. So, I blurred out his face and prayed I didn’t run into him again for about one year.

This past week this man I respect very much from Texas, he dropped a bomb of a story about Waco in my lap… He and I are becoming friends.. And have discussed a good bit of time just how exactly to write something so outrageous and frankly, lewd. I honestly, for the first time, wasn’t positive I could tell this tale…

i went to a HUGE bike night Thursday night, and while we were waiting on our food, I hugged my little Pixie friend as I made my way to the bathroom.. I nodded at her ol man and smiled at the table with the other Bandidos crowded around laughing and talking as I pushed my way through the crowd to the restroom, and just that made my heart trip and my hands a little shaky. On my return trip, he reached out and caught my hand, and pulled me over to talk. I was pretty much ready to throw up by this point. When you do what I do, you are never sure exactly if those talks are going to be a thanks, a prayer, or an ass chewing. I have had great luck so far, but I just KNEW my luck had run out. I made my way to him like a little kid headed to the principals office, and leaned in so he could speak in my ear to bypass my deafness in the noisy bar.

His words made me cry. He thanked me for all my hard work.. And he said ‘Keep doing what you are doing.’ I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him like a little girl, laughing through my tears. I told him I didn’t know if he loved me or wanted to kill me. He laughed and said, ‘I like people who stir things up… Keep up the good work.’ I suddenly saw him as the perfect match to my beautiful friend.. A very unexpected guardian angel.

I am no longer afraid to write that raucous story… I think it will be okay. If anyone says anything, Maybe I will just go talk to the Bandido who used to scare the shit out of me. He’s turning out to be one helluva friend.

The Dave Mann-Easyriders Affliction Clothing Line

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I wrote a story a year or so ago about the new line of Affliction clothing that was geared to appear at Sturgis 2014. I searched diligently to no avail in South Dakota to own one.. And failed. I was beginning to believe the story was a farce…

My Dave Mann Story

Then Affliction’s Website added an Easyriders line! I was giddy as I browsed the new vintage print teeshirts…
The Easyriders Line

I went first to the Dave Mann section, but was kinda let down. I found their depictions of his work a little too ‘Petro truck stop’ for my tastes. A little further on, however, I was delighted to discover several great finds!


While the price ranges make me gasp a little, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of product that arrived. The luxury teeshirts make girls and their girls look spectacular, and the material is of a quality that will outlast and offset their rather lofty price tags. I am currently collecting them one a month, and trying to decide between miraculous Mutha or FTW as my next treasure.


Right now, Affliction is running a contest to win $500 in gear… Upload a photo of yourself in your Affliction Clothing to their website!

Update: Jj Solari pointed out that many of these are the work of Hal Robinson. I would love to tag the individual artists but I do not know who drew them all..

Happy Underwear Day.. I SEE NAKED PEOPLE

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In honor of National Underwear Day.. Here are my photos from the 2015 Gulfport Memorial Day Blowout Wet Tshirt Contest!


What You Need to Know About PROACTIVE Police Work

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When you read what Waco Sniper Clayton Williams says about ‘proactive police work’ it sounds very positive. PROACTIVE… A very productive, working forward type of adjective with synonyms such as enterprising, take-charge, energetic, driven, bold, dynamic, motivated… When topped off with a boot stomping, flag waving GOD BLESS AMERICA, it sounds like EXACTLY what America is all about, JUST what Coryell county needs in a sheriff, right?


The word PROACTIVE is defined as creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened. To make better sense of that, look at this word’s description compared to definitions of other less politically correct words…

In criminal law, entrapment is a practice whereby a law enforcement agent induces a person to commit a criminal offense that the person would have otherwise been unlikely to commit. It is a conduct that is generally discouraged and thus, in many jurisdictions, it is a possible defense against criminal liability.

(How do we KNOW the bikers would have had a fight if the undercover cops hadn’t instigated one? We don’t.)

COERCION.. the practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats.

(This of course pertains to the undercover covers using snitches within the Cossacks.)


Now. Why does all this matter to you? It’s easily explained on a couple different levels… But first, let’s take a quick look at what Sniper Clayton himself has to say about ‘proactive policing’ to help make my explanations a bit more applicable.

What is the definition of Proactive?
Proactive policing is the practice of deterring criminal activity by showing police presence and engaging the public to learn their concerns, thereby preventing crime from taking place in the first place. In contrast, responding to a complaint after a crime has been committed is reactive policing.
Proactive is the Patrolling with a PURPOSE.
Proactive is patrolling using the Texas Traffic and Penal Code laws to deter crime. Being proactive by using the traffic and penal code could lead to other offenses that have been committed by someone and/or the recovery of property.
Being proactive saves lives by taking the criminal element off the street. Being proactive is stopping that motorist that has had too much to drink and may cause the death of your loved one. Being proactive is stopping that Burglary, Robbery, or Theft.
Proactive is not wasting your tax dollars on being a taxi. If your tax dollars are being spent on being a taxi, that’s a pretty expensive taxi that you the tax payer, are paying for.
The largest cities in Coryell County are Copperas Cove and Gatesville. Both of these cities have police departments that do a good job of being proactive and deterring crime. So why do most of the crime stats at the Sheriff’s department come from within the two incorporated cities? Why are your tax dollars being spent in the cities that already have a police department?
Coryell County, You will have the opportunity to elect a leader that is proactive. With your support, TOGETHER we can save lives and deter crime. Focus on fixing the problem and not some trivial numbers.
But did you know….
Out of the 1000 square miles that Coryell County covers, 215,000 acres or 340 square miles of Coryell County is covered by Ft Hood.
Coryell County keep smiling and THANK YOU for your support.
God Bless the USA and Coryell County.
Clayton Williams

Source: Clayton’s Facebook Page

Okay, I know he sounds like John Wayne wrapped in Clint Eastwood having lunch with Walker Texas Ranger. Unfortunately, it’s a giant steaming load.

First of all, his techniques there are a violation basic human rights and civil liberties.

There is usually a precedence for debate in these type issues, of course… Many people make a distinction between claim rights and liberty rights. A ‘claim right’ simply means it is a right that entails obligations on other parties regarding the right-holder. In contrast, a ‘liberty right’ is a right which does not entail obligations on other parties, but rather only freedom or permission for the right-holder. The distinction between these two senses of “rights” originates in American jurist Wesley Newcomb Hohfeld’s analysis thereof in his seminal works.

Another component of liberties and rights that is often confused are positive and negative. These words do not interchange. The two kinds of ‘rights’ are often explained as ‘negative rights’ and positive rights.’ This is probably explained best as a ‘negative right’ means a right to NOT do something. The ‘positive right’ is more along the lines of something you have the right to require of other people.. The right to do.

When you have too much of either type of liberty, you lose all of the other. For instance.. If you have a militarized police force who will go so far as to lock you up to protect you from yourself, you have so much positive rights that it cancels out the negative right to to be allowed to live in peace. There is a large scale window left open for speculation.. But the fact remains that the Waco police have in fact violated pretty much every word of the Constitution, yet so many sit there in an armchair and pretend it isn’t happening. It’s easier to call the bikers gangs and accept lies about their criminal mischief than to face the fact that this country has fallen around our feet. Now keep in mind this is due to conduct of HIRED cops. Imagine how much worse it is going to get when you start ELECTING men like Swanton and Williams.. Men who believe it’s okay to kill people because of what they are wearing and put them in jail for stickers or beer koozies or little patches on vests. This is frankly too much like the socialistic tendencies of Nazis and Hitler for me to be comfortable with any of it.

Any person who accepts their theory on preemptive crime strikes is saying it’s basically okay to profile and stereotype people and do whatever it takes to prevent someone from committing a crime. How is this possible without making assumptions about what someone, ANYONE, is going to do? It’s handing the cops the right to play God, judge and jury… Plus keep in mind their little ‘mental health’ play where cops get to determine if you have a mental issue going on and how to respond to THAT as well. That is way more control than ANYONE should have over another human life.

Finally, police guesswork is a stupid idea with HONEST men playing the part. Now add in the fact that these two cold blooded bastards are so heartless they have brough their own daughters into their bloodthirsty games. Both Swanton and Williams… Sheriff hopefuls in two different counties who were both involved in Twin Peaks and long term Waco police officers… Have young daughters working at the WPD. Williams has a daughter who is a dispatcher entering the police academy while Swanton’s daughter recently graduated and was immediately hired to work in the same department as Daddy Dearest. Of course suddenly Waco starts making money hand over ass with sex crime busts, and Swanton himself says in the Waco Tribune they are using WPD disguised as under aged girls to catch perverts. I am pretty sure I can name the Waco cops who would pass as teenaged girls. In our world we have a name for men like that. We call them pimps, not ‘sheriffs’.

The high sheriff should be a compassionate, fair, loving man. Not a militarized machine who considers himself some sort of robotic warrior and has no qualms about murdering innocent bikers in cold blood. If you think I am being too hard on him, read up on him..  Check out the following link how he can shoot moving targets, and how good he is at hiding where no one can see him while he kills.

The REAL Clayton Williams

Don’t fall for mushy photos with his wife and ice cream socials. Do some digging on google and find out who the cold blooded murderer, sick, conniving piece of snake shit really is.. It’s pretty easy to see that the only thing PROACTIVE anything is good for is pimples.

From Bad to Worse.. Waco Justice of The Peace Appointed to Bikers Involved in Branch Davidian Massacre

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We all brushed a collective sigh of relief from our worried shoulders when that grinning opossum Justice of the Peace Peterson, who was ‘making an example’ with million dollar bonds on the bikers,  was removed from their cases, but perhaps we should have been fearful instead.

ANOTHER Justice of the Peace is kinda making me wish for that bumbling buffoon’s return. It seems that the NEW Justice of the Peace appointed to some of the cases has a long history of working with Swanton and the Feds in shady Texas situations.



Two years after the fertilizer plant explosion, the city is still recovering, and several residents are still trying to move forward.

“I saw this big plume of smoke and thought wow what can that be? And as I got closer and closer I realized it was the fertilizer plant,” said Justice of the Peace David Pareya.

Two years later, the memories are still vivid as ever for Pareya. He was just leaving a meeting when the fire broke out at the fertilizer plant.

“And all of a sudden I saw my windshield just split. I didn’t know, it was like I was in a dream of some sort. I was apparently knocked out by the blast of the explosion,” recalled Pareya.

The blast destroyed the plant, and much of the town for miles around the site, injuring over 200 and killing 15 people, 12 of those first responders. Pareya’s been the Justice of the Peace in West for decades, but he says that day will stand out in his memory forever.

“It’s not what we lost personally, it’s the lives that we lost,” said Pareya.

A story, still difficult to remember. The blast site is now an empty field. A memorial stands where the plant once was; remembering those who were lost.

“Tragedy, despair like we have, actually brings us strength; strength to be better,” said Pareya.

Pareya and city leaders have helped draft new ordinances, concepts and ideas so they can stop something like this from happening again; a plan for a town ready for whatever else comes their way.

“And with that, with that formula, you bet we’re going to recover. You bet we’re gonna recover. We’ll be back bigger and better than we were, no problem,” said Pareya.

Pareya’s Involvement in West

And of course, Waco Sheriff Hopeful Vladimar Swanton was involved in West as well…

A massive explosion at a fertilizer plant in the small Texas town of West has reduced dozens of homes to rubble. Officials believe five to 15 people have been killed but it’s feared that dozens more may have died. More than 160 people have been injured and treated at local hospitals and search and rescue operations are under way.

This morning on “Starting Point” CNN’s Martin Savidge speaks to Waco Police Department Sgt. William Patrick Swanton about the next steps to come in the aftermath of the huge explosion.

Swanton says the weather “may slow [officials] a little bit” in their search and rescue efforts. He adds “on one hand it’s a good thing. Potentially it can help us with environmental issues – keeping particles out of the air. It can help with the fire from different homes that were ignited during the blast as well.” Ultimately, Swanton says the weather “won’t stop us. It may slow us down but this will pass and we’ll get right back at it.”

“There’s a huge environmental issue,” says Swanton. He adds “Nails, broken boards, splinters boards can be a safety risk for those officers, firefighters, first responders, medical people going door to door.”

Swanton’s Involvement in West Explosion



Pareya Linked to Koresh in LATimes

Pareya Linked to Koresh in NYTimes

It seems David Pareya was a judge who was involved in the clearing of the cops names in Waco in the Branch Davidian tragedy, as well. Since Patrick Swanton joined the Waco Police Department in 1990, it stands to reason to believe he too was involved in that OTHER cops gone wild scenario in 1993… Regardless of the fact that he said Twin Peaks was the worse thing he ever witnessed.

Judge Bat Boy Works With Swanton’s Wife

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I can’t get too excited about the changing of judges when I know that Christopher Taylor is one of the passengers on the salivating pig bandwagon to filter money into that decrepit McClennan County Jail…. Just one month ago he issued a new rule of pay or stay…


Drivers who skip payments accumulated from traffic violations could now face jail time in Waco.

McLennan County now has five jail cells reserved for those found guilty in Waco municipal court of Class C misdemeanors as the city aims to hold drivers more accountable.

The city and county are finalizing a one-year agreement for the county to house people at the McLennan County Jail who have been arrested on fine warrants issued by the city’s municipal court.

Municipal Judge Christopher Taylor said the “stay or pay” policy is a public safety initiative that provides consequences for breaking the law.

Currently, someone convicted of a Class C misdemeanor — including traffic offenses and minor assault or shoplifting cases — is required to pay the court a fine.

Most drivers pay that fine after making a promise to the judge they will pay a certain amount by a certain date, Taylor said. If that individual doesn’t pay, an arrest warrant is issued, and the person can be re-arrested. After a few hours in jail, the individual goes before the judge again, promising to pay the penalty fees.

Taylor said that’s about to change.

Once a person has not made payments and is arrested again, he said, the individual will be required to pay in full the remaining amount right then, or sit behind bars for time credit.

“Over the years the public has become aware that essentially there is no ultimate consequence for failing to comply with the order of the court,” Taylor said. “There’s a trickle-down impact on public safety. Tickets become less meaningful, so then does stop signs and speed limits, and traffic safety becomes less meaningful. It’s a problem in Waco. We need more accountability.”

McLennan County Sheriff’s Office Capt. John Kolinek said the city will cover the cost for housing them at the McLennan County Jail.

The city will pay the county $50 a day per inmate, which could be as much as $91,250 a year for the five jail cells.

“Until the word gets out and until people start to realize there is a consequence now, I think we’re going to fill constantly the space available the county gives us,” Taylor said.

Taylor said he hasn’t decided what amount he will consider equivalent to a day behind bars. Legally, it has to be at least $50, but he’s leaning toward it counting as $100.

Most traffic violations include a $200 fine, he said, adding that when most people get pulled over it’s typically for multiple violations, including speeding and not having a valid driver’s license or insurance.

The threat of jail time or immediate payment of the fine will hopefully make those more responsible when it comes to payments and court dates, he said.

Source: Waco Trib

If that isn’t enough to creep you out, keep in mind that I told you awhile back that Patrick Swanton’s WIFE Shirley works nowhere other than…..

the Municipal Court!


I’m sure the bikers will get an unbiased trial under the watchful eye of this former Employee of not only the District Attorney’s Office but also the City Attorney who probably gets homemade cookies from the Swanton goat farm and goes to their birthday parties and Thanksgiving dinners.


Do you trust this pockmarked Little Opie Cunningham to be the judge for the bikers? I don’t.


Breaking News From Waco Lawyers

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I just received a message from attorney Clint Broden, the flamboyant attorney who has been making news at the forefront of leading the oncoming legal assault against Waco Police and their actions on May 17th at Twin Peaks, as well as the ridiculous brouhaha of million dollar bonds and false accusations and confiscation of vehicles that ensued. He has been working diligently since the onset of this situation, and now announces he has joined forces with my second favorite attorney in this… My recently acquired friend Don Tittle is a force of nature civil rights attorney who has been known to take a chunk out of McClennan county for their misconduct in the past.

Clint wrote:

My law firm had joined forces with Don Tittle to pursue potential claims on behalf of several motorcyclists for civil rights violations in connection with the Twin Peaks arrests and detentions. Don is a seasoned civil rights litigator who regularly takes on police departments, municipalities and agencies who have violated a citizen’s civil rights. Meanwhile I have been actively involved in this case since almost the beginning.
Over the past two months I have been asked numerous questions regarding potential civil claims arising out of the Twin Peaks incident as well as receiving many requests for copies of the various pleadings I have filed in my client’s criminal and civil cases. As a result, I have launched a website that addresses these issues and have placed on the website copies of many of the pleadings that have been filed as well as several news articles about the case. Because of the “gag order” imposed, I can’t discuss the case with the media, however, I can make public pleadings available to all and will update the website on a regular basis.
I welcome all feedback. The website can be found at:

Waco Biker Justice Web Page Link!

The site itself is a clean and precise approach to exactly what he said, offering support and resources for the Waco victims. From the front page:

Clint Broden and the firm of Broden, Mickelsen, Helms & Snipes, LLP have been active in their defense of one of the motorcyclists arrested in Waco, Texas on May 17, 2015 based on a fill-in-the-name criminal complaint and his subsequent detention on $1,000,000 bond set by a non-lawyer Justice of the Peace in order that the Justice of the Peace could “send a message.” Broden, Mickelsen, Helms & Snipes, LLP has also been critical of the lack of transparency in the case and the idea that a Waco police detective could fairly serve as the foreman of the grand jury considering the case. Broden, Mickelsen, Helms & Snipes, LLP were the first lawyers to obtain the surveillance video from both Twin Peaks and Don Carlos and the only firm to have the Justice of the Peace disqualified from hearing their client’s case. Since that time, a gag order has been entered against Clint Broden and the firm and that gag order is currently being challenged in the Waco Court of Appeals.

Don Tittle

Tittle is an experienced civil rights attorney who has a long history of holding police officers, police departments and municipalities responsible for civil rights violations. In fact, Don has achieved several million dollar verdicts in civil rights cases. For individuals who have been abused by the police Don’s firm has worked tirelessly to pursue justice, hold violators accountable, and to effectuate positive changes in the community.

Since 2010, Don has had five cases among Texas Lawyer’s annual list of Top Texas Verdicts & Settlements. Like Clint, Don has been named Top 100 trial lawyers by National Trial Lawyers.

The Team

Broden and his firm have now joined forces with Don Tittle and his firm to represent motorcyclists whose civil rights were violated in connection with the Twin Peaks incident in Waco, Texas on May 17, 2015. With Clint’s firm grasp of factual background of the case and the legal intricacies involved in the criminal aspect of the case and Don’s track record of success in civil right litigation, the two firms will team up as a formidable force and hold those responsible for the wholesale violations of civil rights accountable.

It is our current plan to file individual civil rights cases. Some have asked about a class action, but, in our opinion that is inadvisable for several reasons not the least of which it is often only the lawyers who profit from class actions. We explain this further on the FAQ page.

If you believe your civil rights were violated as a result of actions by law enforcement officials on May 17, 2015 in connection with the Twin Peaks incident, please contact us immediately for a free evaluation of your case.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.
-Pastor Martin Niemöller


Don’s website touts a no holes barred approach to personal litigation:


The Law Offices of Don Tittle is a trial law firm that handles both civil and criminal cases throughout Texas, and nationwide.

Recognized as an advocate for civil rights, serious personal injury, and wrongful death litigation, the Law Offices of Don Tittle has prevailed in some of the most highly publicized cases of police misconduct and civil rights violations in Texas.

Selected as one of the top 100 trial lawyers by The National Trial Lawyers in 2015, Don Tittle has successfully represented hard working people and their families against some of America’s largest insurance companies, Fortune 500 corporations, and governmental agencies at both the state and local level.

Our track record of success is a direct result of the personal attention and commitment made to each client.

With over 25 years of experience, Don Tittle has tried numerous criminal and civil cases to verdict. After gaining invaluable experience in the courtroom as an Assistant District Attorney, he went into private practice in 1993.

Don Tittle Website

For those of you who don’t know yet who Broden is:

Broden attended the University of Pennsylvania where he graduated magna cum laude with honors in Political Science. He received his law degree in 1990 from the University of Virginia. He graduated in the top ten percent of his law school class and was a member of the Order of the Coif. In law school, Broden had articles published in the Virginia Journal of Law and Politics and the Rutgers Law Review. THE FOUNDING OF BRODEN, MICKELSEN, HELMS & SNIPES Clint Broden joined a civil litigation firm in Washington, D.C following graduation from law school. However, he quickly turned away from civil litigation to follow his passion of practicing criminal defense law. In 1992, Broden arrived in Dallas, TX where he became an Assistant Federal Public Defender of the Northern District of Texas.  As an Assistant Federal Public Defender, Clint Broden practiced exclusively in federal court at both the trial level and the appellate level representing indigent defendants. In 1998, Mr. Broden and Mr. Mickelsen, another Assistant Federal Public Defender, founded the law firm Broden, Mickelsen, Helms & Snipes in Dallas, TX where they practiced criminal defense at both the state and federal level.  This included pre-trial representation, trial representation, appellate representation and post-conviction representation. A CAREER CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY Clint Broden is board certified in the areas of criminal law and criminal appellate law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He is licensed to practice in Texas, California and the District of Columbia and has represented clients throughout the United States. Review Mr. Broden’s Texas Bar license for more information. A FEDERAL CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY Mr. Broden specializes in four areas of criminal law: Federal criminal defense, Texas criminal defense, criminal appeals and post-conviction proceedings. Unusual for a criminal defense attorney, Mr. Broden has extensive experience in complex cases and areas of law involving the death penalty, white collar offenses, drug trafficking offenses, child pornography charges, federal criminal appeals, habeas corpus proceedings and the federal sentencing guidelines. In addition to his experience, Clint Broden has been recognized by Martindale Hubbel, receiving an “AV”rating, the highest available. He has also been peer nominated for Texas Super Lawyer in criminal defense every years since 2004. D Magazine also named him a “best white collar attorney” in the field of criminal defense for 2011, 2012 and 2013. A TEXAS CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY Despite Mr. Broden’s experience in complex federal cases, he also represents defendants in courts throughout Texas for state crimes. Located in Dallas, Broden has traveled to district courts and county courts throughout Texas. More important than hiring a criminal defense attorney in your local area, is hiring an experienced veteran with a track record of cases and experience. A CRIMINAL APPEALS ATTORNEY In criminal appeals alone, Broden has handled over seventy-five appeals before the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Broden has conducted oral arguments in over thirty cases and has obtained some type of relief for his clients in approximately one-third of his federal appellate cases. PROFESSIONAL EXPERTISE Mr. Broden has been an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law where he taught trial advocacy. Mr. Broden also lectures to other criminal defense attorneys in Texas and Louisiana on various topics related to federal criminal law including detention hearings, suppression motions, obscenity trials and federal sentencing guidelines. Mr. Broden also served as an Associate Municipal Court Judge in the City of Dallas from 1999-2004. Mr. Broden is a lifetime member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.  Mr. Broden is also a member of the Dallas County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, the Dallas County Bar Association and the Mac Taylor American Inn of Court.

Broden attended the University of Pennsylvania where he graduated magna cum laude with honors in Political Science. He received his law degree in 1990 from the University of Virginia. He graduated in the top ten percent of his law school class and was a member of the Order of the Coif. In law school, Broden had articles published in the Virginia Journal of Law and Politics and the Rutgers Law Review.
Clint Broden joined a civil litigation firm in Washington, D.C following graduation from law school. However, he quickly turned away from civil litigation to follow his passion of practicing criminal defense law.
In 1992, Broden arrived in Dallas, TX where he became an Assistant Federal Public Defender of the Northern District of Texas. As an Assistant Federal Public Defender, Clint Broden practiced exclusively in federal court at both the trial level and the appellate level representing indigent defendants.
In 1998, Mr. Broden and Mr. Mickelsen, another Assistant Federal Public Defender, founded the law firm Broden, Mickelsen, Helms & Snipes in Dallas, TX where they practiced criminal defense at both the state and federal level. This included pre-trial representation, trial representation, appellate representation and post-conviction representation.
Clint Broden is board certified in the areas of criminal law and criminal appellate law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He is licensed to practice in Texas, California and the District of Columbia and has represented clients throughout the United States. Review Mr. Broden’s Texas Bar license for more information.
Mr. Broden specializes in four areas of criminal law: Federal criminal defense, Texas criminal defense, criminal appeals and post-conviction proceedings. Unusual for a criminal defense attorney, Mr. Broden has extensive experience in complex cases and areas of law involving the death penalty, white collar offenses, drug trafficking offenses, child pornography charges, federal criminal appeals, habeas corpus proceedings and the federal sentencing guidelines.
In addition to his experience, Clint Broden has been recognized by Martindale Hubbel, receiving an “AV”rating, the highest available. He has also been peer nominated for Texas Super Lawyer in criminal defense every years since 2004. D Magazine also named him a “best white collar attorney” in the field of criminal defense for 2011, 2012 and 2013.
Despite Mr. Broden’s experience in complex federal cases, he also represents defendants in courts throughout Texas for state crimes. Located in Dallas, Broden has traveled to district courts and county courts throughout Texas. More important than hiring a criminal defense attorney in your local area, is hiring an experienced veteran with a track record of cases and experience.
In criminal appeals alone, Broden has handled over seventy-five appeals before the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Broden has conducted oral arguments in over thirty cases and has obtained some type of relief for his clients in approximately one-third of his federal appellate cases.
Mr. Broden has been an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law where he taught trial advocacy. Mr. Broden also lectures to other criminal defense attorneys in Texas and Louisiana on various topics related to federal criminal law including detention hearings, suppression motions, obscenity trials and federal sentencing guidelines. Mr. Broden also served as an Associate Municipal Court Judge in the City of Dallas from 1999-2004.
Mr. Broden is a lifetime member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. Mr. Broden is also a member of the Dallas County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, the Dallas County Bar Association and the Mac Taylor American Inn of Court.

Clint Broden’s Website

An inbox message…

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I know you said you aren’t writing Stories anymore but I hope you will share this. I was a waitress there. The bikers are telling the truth. They saved our lives. The policemen in Waco really were pretending to be bikers. They have been trying to be setting up the bikers for months because one approached me trying to get me to help him. He was here as a biker and as a policeman that day. They scared us all to death and treated us like common crimimals. I still have nightmares of the black policeman screaming at me that he was going to shoot me. I may forget what it smelled like in the freezer. I may forget watching them scream at dying men and wouldn’t let them have ambulances or doctors. I may forget that biker cop and the way he smiled at me like he was having fun. I will never forget the fear I felt that day because I felt like I was in a war and the policemen were the bad guys. If you don’t want to write any more stories it’s okay.

Southern Discomfort

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It makes me vomit to see what is being allowed in our country today supposedly in the name of freedom. Idiotic savage fools are violating the very roots of this country and being celebrated for it. People are openly stealing and being called heroes. Have any of these racist assholes ever studied any history beyond watching Roots? Do they understand that, quite frankly, Africa sucks? Africa also hates them and doesn’t want them there. MUSLIMS did all the slave trading. Why aren’t they painting Black Lives Matter on the side of a mosque? I would like to see somebody issue a GET OFF FOOD STAMPS AND GET A JOB challenge. How dare these ridiculous flop jawed biscuit lipped natives assume to believe that we aren’t STILL supporting them? Who the hell do they think pays not only their welfare and doctor bills, but also Barack Fucking Obama? WHITE people. WORKING people. DECENT people. The ones you are stealing their flags and burning their stores and harassing in malls and frightening in the streets and acting like a bunch of fucking terroristic baboons on a spree… Don’t like getting called a baboon? Go tell it to the negress wiping her ass on a flag.. You know that one who has been proven has lived off a government check? Don’t wanna get called a nigger? Stop acting like one.


The reason you all feel like slaves is GUILT for living off our dime. That’s it. That’s all. Not some bullshit overseer fear thing in your blood like FARTakhan is feeding you. It’s not because any white people have done anything to you. It’s not because you didn’t get an opportunity to be educated. It’s because deep down inside you know you are nothing but worthless bums living off white people. You love the MOTHERLAND so much? Then go get your mother and take her there. We will buy a one way ticket. We will buy your dad one too, if you happen to know who he might be. Go on to somewhere else and run through Walmart like hyenas scaring old people. Go to another country and live off the government until you break the entire budget. Go to another town and burn nursing homes and steal toilet paper. We don’t care. Take your idiotic wigger supporters with you. We are tired of your whining. We are tired of movies about how downtrodden you are. We are tired of you pushing us around. Go away. Shut up and leave us and our flags and our monuments alone because guess what. That Confederate flag? It was born and bred on American soil. People fought and cried and died under it right here. It was born in the Kentucky coal mines and Arkansas mosquitoes and Texas dust and Georgia peaches and Memphis mud. Go on taking it down. Go on walking and burning and shitting on our other flag… Wave your stupid red and black and green flag. Copy the American flag in your colors.. Copy the battle flag in your colors. It’s still just you trying to pretend you are as productive to society as white people are instead of actually getting up and doing something about it, like getting a job. No African flag has ever for any reason had anything to do with this country. The Mexican flag HAS flown over battles in America. Your stupid jungle flag is as worthless to us as an old doormat and there isn’t a damned thing you can do about it. Lil Wayne or Jay Z will never begin to rap and bop anything remotely as sincerely poetic as the Dixie. The only black president has screwed up more stuff than 43 white ones combined. This is what I feel every time I look at one of these photos of them tearing up our country’s history. I wish you all would either shut the hell up and get a job or shut the hell up and go away because frankly, nobody gives a damn.

Arkansas Stands Firm for the Confederacy

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Arkansans aren’t whistling Dixie when it come to their Southern Heritage..

This weekend Little Rock will be hosting perhaps the largest Confederate Flag rally yet in the state of Arkansas as they plan an open to the public rally with all Confederates AND now the bikers, with several clubs joining the ride and even a dozen or more patch wearers coming from Texas and other states.
The founder of this hardcore southern patriot ride will surprise you…


I was blown away when I met the tiny angelic creature who is spearheading this massive endeavor that will lead bikers and other Southern Patriots from Wilbur Mills Park to the Big Dam Bridge Sunday, July 26th at 2p.m. 19 year old Maranda’s fierce determination and fresh faced joy, her belief in her southern roots and that everything can be made whole again, is enough to make you feel young again. This antibellum hearted Joan of Arc has no fear whatsoever, placing her faith openly in the good Lord to see her safely through. It is so wonderful to see young people uninfluenced by biased media and ridiculous liberal non-values. She exhibits no racism or hate or hostility, instead facing the challenge with lighthearted love for her country and state. I fell in love with her immediately… A modern day Scarlett O’Hara who will shake her fist at the heavens and declare that frankly, she doesn’t give a damn. I personally hope to see her facebook event hit a million people, just to see a smile on her lovely expectant face, and pray for good attendance so as not to dampen the youthful faith she exhibits so gracefully.
Maranda’s Facebook Event

The entire state has been awash with oceans of red and blue lately, both Confederate and United States flags prominently displayed, as rally after rally pops up all over the state, each seeming larger than the last.. This past weekend Heber Springs was covered with Confederacy sympathizers as miles of vehicles paraded through the streets and around the lake, with many residents pulling over to the side of the road showing their respect and some even joining in, including a gorgeous factory Big Bad Orange early 70’s Charger!

Good Ol Boys…

A much less organized but still heartfelt event occurred in Conway Sunday afternoon, circling through Vilonia and back to Conway.

I went as Lucille Ball in my Wicked Witch adorned car with 'Save the General Lee, boycott tvLand signs. My friend Carol is my real life Ethel.

I went to this one as Lucille Ball in my Wicked Witch adorned car with ‘Save the General Lee, boycott tvLand’ signs. My friend Carol is my real life Ethel.

Like most states, Arkansas possessed a prewar Militia organization, which consisted of seventy one regiments, organized into eight brigades, and divided into two divisions. In addition to its standard militia regiment or regiments, each county was authorized to create up to four Volunteer Militia Companies. While none of the prewar militia regiments were enrolled into Confederate service, many of the existing Volunteer Militia Companies were enrolled into new volunteer regiments. Other new Volunteer Companies were raised with no connection to the prewar militia. Immediately following secession, the State Military Board began organizing regiments of State Troops. Many of these regiments were eventually transferred into Confederate Service. Some Volunteer Regiments were organized under direct authority of the new Confederate Government and were never organized as State Troops. In April 1862, the Confederate Congress passed a conscription law and new companies and regiments were organized almost entirely of conscripted (drafted) men. Volunteers usually went into already existing units. The secession convention also authorized each county to organize Home Guard units made up of men too young or too old or otherwise exempt from conscription or militia service.

Old Times There are not Forgotten, Look Away, Look Away…

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I have always loved my country with a fervent, almost manic devotion… I love the South the exact same way. I don’t know why this is so hard for other people in America to understand. Aren’t New Yorkers proud of the history of Mahattan? the Guggenheim? Isn’t San Francisco still proud of her bridge, St. Louis her arch? Why must the South give up the part of this country’s history that belongs to us? We weren’t out burning crosses and hanging people from trees. We weren’t doing anything but sitting here getting walked all over by black people already. I stood in Alexandria looking at the houses that George Washington slept in, still standing tall and graceful and elegant, just last September, and my heart clenched with fear. As I smiled to Tina and held Becca’s hand through the moonlight tour we were on, I looked at the immaculate streets and cobble stone walks and fought back tears, because I knew in my heart that those places won’t be there much longer. What is going to happen to the streets of Mobile, already overrun with nasty Muslim owned convenience stores shoved between the beautiful old historic buildings? Beale Street and Bourbon Street border on becoming ghetto wastelands already. Why are people allowing them to tear down our country? Why isn’t anybody fighting back? I can’t see through my own tears as I sit here and feel alone, so VERY alone, in a country that is no longer the place I grew up in. I don’t know if anyone still feels that tremor of pride in their hearts when they hear the National Anthem. i don’t understand whats so bad about the words of Dixie or the paint job on a car. I no longer belong in this place. People are walking on and wiping their asses with one of my flags, completely banning the other one. Why do you want to erase who I am? What I stand for? Why do we have to give our heritage away?. We weren’t hating anyone. We are now. We now wish your fucking guts would catch fire for what you are doing to us. We weren’t racist before.. We are now. You are creating monsters long buried.

In America right now, there are bleach stains streaking a parking lot in Texas where innocent bikers were entrapped by a cop who infiltrated them, caused a fight, and murdered in cold blood. There are people rippling babies out of mothers, there are murders and rapes and robbing and cops in sex rings and naked women gyrating on awards shows on television and idiots trying to rationalize ripping down historic old memorabilia, statues, even digging up graves.. but saying that’s different than taking up a star for a child molesting Bill Cosby because its a lot of stars, its not right there in your face. Well, stay the fuck out of the South and our shit wont be in your face, either.

Our media no longer exists as anything but propaganda for Obama. Hillary will probably get the Office, because I don’t think anyone even counts our votes anymore anyway. The American people have allowed this country to become our prison, our murky political grave.. and they are still too stupid to see it. It’s much easier to say “oh, that was a GANG. they started it.”.. Oh they are just stupid hillbillies.. take their flag away.”

Muslims have committed so many murders on American soil that nobody really even notices anymore. Did you know Muslims despise artwork, statues, and flags.. figuring anything out yet? Oh, no, its nothing.. Amy’s just a racist, right? Remember how horrified you felt when ISIS beheaded the first guy on TV.. Now you probably don’t even look up from Candy Crush or have any idea what they are up to at all.

If you don’t know what the Bible meant when it said the people would harden their hearts and not have any more care or love or compassion… look around, because Its happening in America right this very minute. I am very afraid of what the good Lord is going to have to do to wake people up. There are United States Marines being gunned down in the streets by Muslims and that flop eared fucking buffoon is glad handing Iran to the chat of Death to America. Well, he is getting what he wants. I will frankly be surprised if the United States of America even sees the New Year. If it does, it wont be the country it once was… it already isn’t.

I also don’t understand when it became legal to tell someone what to think or feel. Being a racist is a fundamental right as long as you aren’t out somewhere hanging people from trees in a bedsheet… It goes against the basis of the country to attempt to tread within anyone’s personal realm. Its a disgrace to attack ANY belief, ANY culture, but most assuredly about half of the American population so blatantly and with biased hatred. Remember Larry Flynnt? I could give a fuck what black people think or say or do anymore. I used to care… I used to not be racist at all. Then, along came Obama.

You Shore Do Got A Purty Mouth.. The Nasty Messages Sent by the Waco Cops

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So.. We already know the Waco cops suffer from an ego trip Deity complex that would shadow the Titanic.. But did you know they also are trolls? That’s right! They write nasty comments on blogs then report them, actually crying about ‘not wanting their information out there.’ Did you READ the paperwork you signed to get those shiny little tin stars, pigs? It’s actually illegal to deny me the right to publish public information.

Rebel Without a Clue…

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I believe that a journalist shouldn’t be judged by how well they write a news story.. Anyone can do that. They should be judged by how well they handle their mistakes. I made a huge mistake a week or two ago.. It’s easy to do when dealing with 200 people and about a dozen patches. However, as soon as the mistake was made, I apologized and wrote a retraction, and then wrote the truth. I’m tired of being bashed for someone else screwing up.

Since the Aging Rebel chooses NOT to follow the path of saying ‘I’m sorry, I was wrong’, and instead chooses to discredit me and several others, let’s look at the TRUTH about what has went on between me and Rebel lately. See here how he pretends I’m just a silly girl?


First off, ‘burning a source.’ No, I didn’t. I have a private secret facebook room with only family, mostly red and gold, family members in it.. None of whom have ever talked to Don Charles Davis. Most certainly no one he could call a ‘source.’ None of them even know or care who he is. I asked his permission to put him in the room to try to help him find some sources because he hasn’t got sources in Waco and in fact asks me for information about once every week or two. I have throughout all this, even though he has treated me really rudely, been open and shared lots of information with him and answered his questions. The truth about Waco is all that matters to me and I was trying to perhaps contribute to the bigger picture. Anyone that wants to question this is welcome to read all those emails I wrote him to back this up. How exactly am I in a contest with him and handing him stuff to write at the same time? For instance? You know how he wrote about Big O? Well… I sent him everything he knows about him weeks ago. There was pages and pages attached to these emails. I sent him stuff throughout this whole ordeal which he uses then says I don’t know anything. I’ve had enough.





So, I put him in this completely private room and nobody cared who he was. I posted a post introducing him.. And nobody cared. Several days later he jumped my shit for REVEALING his name. The dumb motherfucker has books out with his NAME on the cover. He refers to himself as DON CHARLES DAVIS several times in his public blog. He has never once told me his name was a secret. I don’t know what made him act so ridiculous but if I had to guess I would say ‘alcohol.’ So, anyway, he puffs up like a little girl and blocks me on facebook. He’s pissy because he had a good source got burned alright.. ME. And Don Charles Davis did the burning. image Don’t believe that he gets a lot of his info and ideas from me? Check out these dates…

He likes to pretend he has secret sources giving him tips no one else has. Usually everything he writes has already hit my blog, the treehouse, and the waco tribune by the time he gets around to writing it. This one in particular is just a straight up lie. That photo was all over the Internet. I took a screenshot of it in June from radio legendary.. I’m not even going to get into not knowing the difference in Combat Vets and IVCMC.. Boy, he researched THAT story.  Rebel’s fax appears to be the same photo from my cell phone. Speaking of cell phones…



And speaking of burning sources… He first nags me for this one, then doesn’t answer them and makes me look bad. This isn’t the only one of my FRIENDS.. I don’t have sources.. That he has treated this way, either. Apparently if they don’t tell the story he wants to hear, it doesn’t even require a ‘thank you for your time.’ Apparently the people he wrote outrageous lies about begging him to listen to truth doesn’t matter either.


At one point he reported nobody out of jail when even the Waco Tribune reported over 20 out.

He also reported this next story as Stubbs broke it, but no there was no verification of its validity when in fact I broke it just a few minutes before Stubbs did.. And sent it to the Rebel. He KNEW it was already out. I don’t give a shit who broke it first, except.. I validate Stubbs and he validates me. I couldn’t have written my story off his video cuz it posted about the same time… But then rebel turns around talks shit about Stubbs too, so it doesn’t matter.. He treats both of us the same way. He has said snarky shit about me to many, many people lately, as well.

He reports third hand Cossack stories from the mainstream media but not second hand stories from me, even though he was in fact in a room with the last names of pretty much everybody in jail on the red and gold side and the other CoC members… wives and daughters and sisters.. He KNOWS I was talking to them.. He never attempted to question them himself, either. What’s that about? It’s looking more and more to me like the Rebel has indeed chosen a side in all this.






I have dozens more screenshots like this if anyone would like to see them.

I have lost my temper at him once before in all this stupidity of his. I felt bad about it and apologized in public. But then he decides to call those five vets snitches.. After I’ve told him it wasn’t them. I KNOW exactly who the cop infiltrator is, I just found out last nigh, and Rebel is out in left field. THEN, when they beg him to please talk to them and try to tell him the truth, he publicly ridicules them instigating more ugly chatter including name calling, family members, and addresses, THEN writes another story about them even worse than the first one. These men are easily found on facebook and all are very distinguished members of their hometowns. One works for Entergy.. Most are retirement age and have loved full lives easily verified on social media. One owned a giant bike shop that hosted the national Patriot Guard. All five ‘unarrested’ have similar stories. Rebel never sent a friend request to a single one.. They are quite open to talking and being honest. Those of us who paid attention know that they didn’t start checking the prisoners in.. One at a time… Until after midnight on May 17th and it went on for about two days, until sometime in the 19th. There were people released here and there as the cops didn’t find anything to hold them for, namely preachers and old vets. A GIRL writing their story does not have any precedence over their innocence and its obtusely ridiculous to say otherwise.

Don Charles Davis has just proven to the entire world he is no better than the talking heads on NBC and the Waco cops. He sold out five innocent men for something to feed his brainwashed readers and refuses to retract the story with all of us yelling about it.

It kinda makes me look twice at all his COP readers like Paladin and inside info on all the snitches and ‘ability to write how cops treat bikers’ and inside Intel on the Iron Order. Everybody around here knows all about me, from where I was born to where I have worked to what I think and feel and what I been writing for bikers for 16 years comes from my heart. I’m never shady.. In fact I’m honest to a fault. I sure would like to know if anybody knows where Don Charles Davis came from? I can’t find anyone who knows who the hell he was before he started a blog in 2008.

But maybe he isn’t a cop. Maybe he’s just a dried up old prune with no sources making up lies because he has Brett Favre syndrome. Let the hens in his henhouse cackle about THAT.

I’m done with this person unless he wants to flap his yap at me again.. I have real bikers to write about.

Waco To Hire 11 Cops.. Not Medical Staff… To DEAL with Mentally Ill??!

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Source: Waco Tribune



Local government leaders are hoping to keep more mentally ill people out of jail by hiring 11 new sheriff’s deputies trained in mental health issues.

Using a proposed $2.5 million annual grant from the Texas Department of State Health Services, the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office would deploy an around-the-clock team to respond to mental health cases around a six-county region. The officers would have knowledge of medications and local treatment options as an alternative to incarceration.

McLennan County commissioners and Waco City Council members heard presentations on the program Tuesday and voiced support for it.

“I’m prepared to take a leap of faith and go with this program,” County Judge Scott Felton said. “You can burn up a lot of money in that jail with folks with mental illnesses, and they come out in no better shape than (when) they went in.”

Jail officials have said that nearly a quarter of those in the McLennan County Jail at any given time are on medication for mental health issues. The mentally ill are more likely to be jailed repeatedly and are more expensive to house than other inmates, and they are often chronically homeless, county officials say.

Local law enforcement has been trying to focus on taking mentally ill people for treatment, but that can tie up an officer for several hours, said Barbara Tate, executive director of the Heart of Texas Region MHMR.

She said the new mental health team, which includes caseworkers, would handle about 1,200 cases a year, responding directly through dispatched calls or being summoned by regular officers who encounter a problem with mentally ill people.

“It would relieve police officers of a tremendous amount of time they’re currently spending on individuals whose primary problem is a mental health crisis,” Tate said.

Waco Police Chief Brent Stroman said the program would be a “tremendous help,” and similar programs in places such as Williamson County have proved their value.

If the grant is approved, the money could be available in September and renewable on an annual basis.

The city and county would be required to spend $60,000 in matching funds for the program.

Existing deputies

The county already has six mental health deputies, including two funded by the state. The grant would expand the number to 17 total, with five of those stationed in surrounding counties.


What fresh new hell is this now? Are they kidding? Let’s not mention how soldiers with PTSD were forced on the ground in the midst of gunfire and screams of ‘Get on the ground or I’ll fucking kill you.’ Let’s look past the abhorrent treatment of them in jail by refusing medicines and threatening them with solitary confinemen… We won’t mention them trying to sell their jailhouse shrinks to the people suffering from the after effects of Twin Peaks like a candy bar at the commissary… Help was based on cash, not need.

Pardon me for my politics here, but I read this and thought ‘his had to have come from that idiot in Washington… ‘ and sure enough…
From the Washinton Post…

And on the surface, this sounds like, okay, maybe they are trying to help people… But then. Read closely..

In a speech yesterday, Hillary Clinton urged the U.S. to reduce its prison population. “It’s a stark fact that the United Stations has less than 5 percent of the world’s population, yet we have almost 25 percent of the world’s total prison population. The numbers today are much higher than they were 30, 40 years ago, despite the fact that crime is at historic lows,” she said.

A heart-breaking truth is that part of this increase is due to a widespread failure to treat mental illness. After public psychiatric hospitals in the early 20th century came to be criticized for inhumane and disturbing treatments, beginning in the 1950s there was a movement to deinstitutionalize mental health and treat patients in more community-based treatment centers. At their highest peak in 1955, state mental hospitals held 558,922 patients. Today, they hold about 35,000 patients, and that number continues to fall.

The Democrats are saying Mental Health Facilities aren’t doing a good enough job in April, and so their answer this month is add a bunch more cops. has been known for almost 200 years that confining mentally ill persons in prisons and jails is inhumane and fraught with problems. The fact that we have re-adopted this practice in the United States in recent years is incomprehensible. Prison and jail officials are being asked to assume responsibility for the nation’s most seriously mentally ill individuals, despite the fact that the officials did not sign up to do this job; are not trained to do it; face severe legal restrictions in their ability to provide treatment for such individuals; and yet are held responsible when things go wrong, as they inevitably do under such circumstances. This misguided public policy has no equal in the United States.

Even more troubling is the fact that they can MEDICATE you even if you refuse it. Some more of that ‘we are keeping you from harming yourself and others’ crap from DC…


What process is due under the U.S. Constitution when a prison or jail seeks authorization for administration of nonemergency involuntary psychotropic medication?

In 1990, the United States Supreme Court held that an inmate with mental illness need not be imminently dangerous before being medicated over his objection and that authorization may be determined in an administrative hearing rather than a judicial one.

In the seminal case of Washington v. Harper, 494 U.S. 201 (1990), Walter Harper, a Washington state prison inmate, sued the state of Washington claiming that his due process rights were violated when antipsychotic medication was administered over his objection without the state first providing a judicial hearing. He also alleged that medication could not be administered over his objection unless a judge found him incompetent to make his own medical decisions.

Washington v. Harper addressed only antipsychotic medications (also known as neuroleptics) used to treat psychoses. Injectable medications are not limited to antipsychotics and virtually all state involuntary medication policies govern both antipsychotics and other psychotropics. Only a few state policies make a distinction between antipsychotic medications and other psychotropics (e.g., Massachusetts and Minnesota).

Pursuant to the Washington State Department of Corrections policy, authorization for the involuntary administration of antipsychotic medications was decided in an administrative hearing conducted before a three-member special committee consisting of a psychiatrist and a psychologist, neither of whom may be involved in the inmate’s treatment at the time of the hearing (referred to in some states as a nontreating psychiatrist and a nontreating psychologist) and a representative of the correctional facility. The inmate was afforded procedural protections, including notice of the hearing, an opportunity to be heard and to present witnesses, and a right to appeal the committee’s decision. The policy empowered the committee to authorize medication only upon a finding by the psychiatrist member and at least one other member that the inmate met the criteria stated in the policy.

The Supreme Court upheld Washington’s policy, reasoning that:

“There can be little doubt as to both the legitimacy and the importance of the governmental interest presented here. There are few cases in which the State’s interest in combating the danger posed by a person to both himself and others is greater than in a prison environment . . . We confront here the State’s obligations, not just its interests. The State has undertaken the obligation to provide prisoners with medical treatment consistent not only with their own medical interests, but also with the needs of the institution. Prison administrators have not only an interest in ensuring the safety of prison staffs and administrative personnel, but also the duty to take reasonable measures for the prisoners’ own safety.”

The Court rejected Harper’s claim that medication could not be administered over his objection if he was competent to provide informed consent but refused to do so. The Court also upheld the state’s criteria for administering involuntary medication, which required that an inmate with mental illness be “gravely disabled” or pose a “likelihood of serious harm” to himself, others or property. The Court based its decision on prison officials’ interest in maintaining a safe environment to protect corrections officers and prison staff, as well as the obligation to provide for the medical needs of its prisoners.

Source: TAC Reports


Now, we all know that between the biker massacre, the stupid woolly mammoth money, and the funds suddenly rolling in for new cops to handle sick people, it’s obvious that the officials of Washington drink from the stream that flows from Obama’s ass. But check this out:

The Los Angeles Police Department’s mental evaluation unit is the largest mental health policing program of its kind in the nation, with 61 sworn officers and 28 mental health workers from the county. The unit has become a vital resource for the 10,000-person police force in Los Angeles.

Cook County ‘s Mental Health Issues

The ‘cop’ part of this article is snuck in at the bottom…

In addition, Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., recently introduced legislation that would add county and municipal corrections employees to the National Health Service Corps, enabling them to qualify for up to $50,000 each in federal student loan relief. After Cook County health workers were excluded from the program in 2011, 11 left Cermak, officials said.

Preckwinkle and Sheriff Tom Dart support the bill, officials said.

Minneapolis Jail Goes Crazy
‘We are at a crisis’

Delays under the 48-hour rule are not limited to urban jails. Beltrami County Sheriff Phil Hodapp said he wasn’t surprised when he received two letters in the past few weeks explaining the lack of available beds at Anoka-Metro. He is sympathetic that DHS may be too overwhelmed and understaffed to handle the growing number of 48-hour law inmates, but his colleagues have been talking about this problem for several years.

“It’s just a struggle across the board,” Hodapp said. “It’s a bad problem and it’s getting worse. We are at a crisis across the state and we need more action.”

Mississippi Jumps In Too

The sheriff wants the state legislature to take action.

“It’s a strain on the jails that’s trying to watch this young lady because you have to check on her every 15 minutes to try to make sure that she don’t harm herself and you have to try to keep her away from other inmates,” said Sheriff March.

There are only 35 Forensic Service beds for the entire state for pre-trial evaluations and treatment. Holmes county isn’t alone.

Rankin County jail administrator Lt. James Rutland says they are holding 6 inmates awaiting mental evaluation to stand trial.
The longest has waited two years.. Medication for the mentally ill there can range from $75.00 per month per inmate to $475.00 depending upon the prescription.

The costs can take a toll on small county jails like Holmes.

… New York

The Behavioral Health/Criminal Justice Collaboration project is also exploring the idea of training police officers in behavioral de-escalation techniques and mental health first aid. Mr. Ruetten said he already conducts trainings like these for probation officers and some corrections officers in the area.

Ideally, he said, a large portion of incidents could be resolved at the scene with the proper training.

“The hope is that training will help (officers) identify people dealing with mental issues and de-escalate the situation,” he said.

In a report presented at the summit, Mr. Ruetten referred to the Emotionally Disturbed Persons Response Team used in Rochester. Prior to the team’s training, police officers were injured on 12 percent of responses to mental health incidents. After the training, no officers were injured, and the use of force dropped from 20 to 3 percent.

Austin has 144 ‘Mental Health Officers’

In addition to the Crisis Intervention Team, APD has 144 mental health officers who have additional training to assist with mentally ill people.


I try my best not to become one of those weird truther people who hoard pork n beans and buries a school bus to live in. However… Who DOESN’T think about all those articles that claim the government is going to  start declaring freedom fighters and veterans crazy and carting them off to jail while reading this stuff? Who ever heard of training cops in mental illness? And when Hillary and jails in half the states in the Union are singing Jailhouse Rock to the tune of mental illness? At the very least, I can’t help wondering if we are only one step away from cops being allowed to declare someone ‘mentally ill’ right then and there and then take them to jail and medicate them out of their gourds for the rest of time.. If they are lucky. Remember Miriam Carey?


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Well, we all read a rather fantastic piece of journalism yesterday… A long time respected biker blogger released the startling news that the five “unarrested” in Reyna’s shady letter to Peterson were most assuredly snitches in a big FBI – ATF sting gone wrong. It was a riveting story laid out in his ever flawless wit and superb literary skill that cuts like a knife through the bullshit in a droll way of making you believe every word he says.  He showed everyone a nice little five piece puzzle that fit together all neatly. He was wrong.

The Story

It reads:

The Twin Peaks Massacre has always, clearly, been an ATF or FBI operation gone terribly wrong. The Waco police and most of official Waco have been lying about it since May 17. A couple of pieces of evidence became generally available this weekend that shine a little light into this black hole of deceit.

First, it is now absolutely inarguable that at least 182 people were arrested on May 17 and that five of them were “unarrested” by 5:28 a.m. the next morning. In an early morning fax from Waco Detective Sam Key to lay Justice of the Peace “Pete” Peterson, Key says, “These are the five guys we ‘unarrested.’ Thanks for all your help.”

I agree with everything up until this point. Then things take a turn for the umm, well.. you’ll see.

The five men set free were ————(removed out of respect for innocent veterans who asked me not to use their names)—————–. Generally, in ATF biker roundups, confidential informants are arrested with other suspects and then turned loose when nobody is looking.

Confidential Informants
Confidential informants in numerous cases are paid around $3000 a month and they are allowed to keep everything they can steal. In multiple cases, for example Mesa Mike Kramer, the CIs are alowed to get away with assaults and murder. Their primary job is to act as agents provocateur and solicit drug and gun buys and instigate other crimes. Some confidential informants are men who have been caught at some crime and are offered the choice of betraying their friends or going to prison. Some CIs are pros – like the semi-famous snitches James “Pops” Blankenship, Alex Caine, Ashley Charles Wyatt (who is now calling himself Charles Falco and who has been cited as a biker authority in news accounts of the Twin Peaks massacre), George Rowe, the late “Coconut Dan” Horrigan, “Mesa Mike” Kramer, James “Pagan Ronnie” Howerton and Steve Veltus. They are all loathsome men. They are all career criminals who have avoided punishment by entrapping other men who loved them like brothers. They are all men who ruin lives for a living

Since they were actually arrested, the men released in secret at dawn on May 18, were clearly not undercover agents. —–author—- has been told and has reported that two members of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club took off their club insignia and put on police windbreakers and balaclavas shortly after the shooting stopped on May 17. They were probably undercover FBI or ATF agents. —–author— believes the men released on May 17 were part of an ongoing federal investigation that exploded into violence. Based on interview with numerous sources, —author—– believes the violence was instigated by federal agents, that it was unnecessary and that the blatant Waco coverup that has ensued is intended to protect federal, state and local policeman from civil and criminal liability and embarrassment.


There are a few problems with this story… The main one being, of course, some innocent veterans went to Twin Peaks to hear a guest speaker on Motorcycle Safety. They happened to be in the general vicinity of some shooting. After being held all night, more than likely because of their predominantly red and yellow patch, they were released without being told anything specific about why they were released. Also, they were booking people in to that jail  for two or three days straight.. There is a very good chance that they were just next in line… One has to assume that’s what happened there, of course..  unless you have asked them yourself. ..Nobody really knows. I don’t understand why someone would assume these vets were snitches when there are so many shady people involved in other ways? I am horrified these five upstanding, distinguished men who served our country so valiantly, who embrace her and defend her still,  these vets who are members of various churches, patriot groups, and veterans groups, all of them in country vets of a sort, are suddenly treated like Jews in the Third Reich at a restaurant, and by the time they almost get over THAT, someone releases an article calling them out as snitches. So, I asked them.

Those are five innocent veterans.. good men who are assets to our biker community and there is no reason to think this about them. Their reputations have had enough needless blows this year. If nobody ever reads a word I write again after this, so be it. I sent these men friend requests on facebook and some of them accepted and answered my questions within ten minutes. They would have been just as cordial to the other journalist.

Rod “Hot Rod” Nash, the President of the IV Corps Chapter of the Texas In Country Vets MC, is the only publicly written about figure of the five, he and his wife Kay were the proud owners of Kay’s Motorcycle Mania in Nolanville, Texas for as long as anyone can remember, closing only due to health and age and retirement type things in the last year or two… By every indication this man is a cornerstone to the biker community in his area. Everyone I talked to mentions how much they have given their community, how they hosted literally hundreds of charity events, how they fed everyone who came to their business and were famous for always having a crockpot full of “gourmet hot dogs”.. served with a loaf of white bread, mustard, and ketchup. They have fed the soldiers with no families at the base and anyone else who was hungry or alone for fifteen years on Thanksgiving. This man is not a snitch.

I can totally see how this patch got mistaken for a support patch.. and why you would

I can totally see how this patch got mistaken for a support patch.. and why you would “unarrest” them after you realized what it says.

Patriot Guard Riders National Gathering of the Guard

Highway to Heaven Biker Church

Chisolm Trail Riding Club

KDH Vanessa Lynch Posted on Sep 8, 2013by Vanessa Lynch NOLANVILLE — To honor those who gave it all on 9/11 and to pay homage to those who have served and continue to serve, the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association hosted its second annual Vets for Vets Memorial Run at Kay’s Motorcycle Mania on Saturday. Motorcycle enthusiasts of all ages came together for a charity ride to raise funds for the William R. Courtney Veterans Home in Temple.

These five men all belong to various Veteran, Patriot, Christian, and other biker organizations.. I respect their privacy and will not tell you who is in which club or which chapters were involved… I am doing everything I can to exonerate their names from the damage done as gently as possible. They are all five fathers and husbands who serve and protect and love their communities. They are all five good examples of what men should be in various different ways. I am going to allow their military service to stand as their testimony as to the truth here.
<em>Good Morning Amy – we appreciate everything you’re doing. Please tell your husband ‘Welcome Home Brother’ for us. And you hit it square – our country is in trouble. The only thing I can say is that we attended the Reg 1 TCOC&I meeting in Waco same as we’ve been doing for years in other locations. There have not been problems and when we heard shots, we were as surprised as everyone else. We were not told why we were released and received no paperwork. We are retired from civilian jobs and some of us from the military, also. We have no association with cops nor their organizations. Please don’t use our names directly. There are family members very upset by this, as you can imagine. I know —————– are not snitches and have no association with law enforcement. We’re all family men with grown children and grandchildren. The whole mess remains bizarre. Thanks again.</em>

THIS IS NOT A CRIMINAL CLUB…. I can absolutely understand how a stupid cop would think so, however… If a person wants to dream up conspiracies about Washington perhaps they should think about how many Vets and Vet patches and Vet clubs are being hassled and the red and yellow Marine inspired Bandidos colors and the Seal Team and Jade Helm.. One so inclined should have PLENTY of stuff to make up theories about without crucifying five vets in one fell swoop, comparing them to the dredges of the the gutters of the bike world… the “experts” and snitches.  I can assure everyone if these five men had to they would lay their lives down for any cop or any 1%er in America right this second… I cannot see a single one of them laying down his honor. They eat sleep and breathe things like loyalty, truth, liberty, and justice. These are the kind of men who have lived doing that very thing in one way or another their entire lives and they will all five do it until their last dying breath, no matter how many times they get forsaken and abused by the countrymen they have fought to save.

Speaking of… Charlie Falco was mentioned. Hasn’t anyone but me noticed Charlie Falco posted a big ol back selfie on his main public Facebook page of a Cossack vest.. Yea, I know cops do that crap.. but, first of all… its normally done like a mounted deer head, a trophy…. Another thing is, cops will usually display them on a desk or a table or hanger or case.. I don’t think I have ever seen a cop wearing a biker’s vest from a bust for a selfie. I don’t think I have ever seen the back of a patch on Falco just standing around, and I KNOW I have never seen Steve Cook in one. But, this photo has been on Falco’s open public facebook wall since he made it his profile picture on May 23rd. It is most assuredly somebody WEARING the vest. There are several photos of Twin Peaks that show a guy who looks very much like him. I have been trying to verify if any of these guys know who the man in the photo is. I still am.

falco2 falco

I cannot force anyone to believe me over someone else. I also won’t argue over the point.  As far as the “two let out in the morning”, there are at least two or three very good possibilities of snitches… They could be Jeff Veillon and Ray Nelson who were neither one posted with a mugshot, and were listed on some jail lists but not on others… and let go, even though they allegedly lost their vehicles… One guy it says had a gun on the porch and lied about going to his bike to get it, the other said he had a sawed off in his vehicle. Isn’t that against federal law? There was Cossack Paul Miller, Hill County President who was shot and let go home… who called everyone who would listen to him, including me, in the first few days after it happened. There was two other guys released with no bonds who didn’t make other lists.. I am not done researching those two yet. I will tell you what I know when I know it.

Another possibility out there in the air is the whole backstory with the Ghostriders and the Gator bar and that butthole surfer Wade whining all over facebook about ‘wanting to wear a Texas rocker and the Bandidos won’t let them and they innocently went to an event and some Bandidos attacked them and the CoC is really just money going to the Bandidos and how he has been spouting all over central Texas how “he is gonna walk right into a CoC meeting and take it over.”

Do these words from a known rat in Central Texas sound vaguely familiar to anyone?

And the day it happened he is calling the Bandidos the terrorists who are going to kill him for what he’s involved with and talking about his blood family needs to distance themselves from him because the terrorists are going to come after him on his facebook page.

How can anyone come to a definitive conclusion with all these heavily loaded variables still weighing in the balance?

Meanwhile, ask yourself. Who do you think caused all this? The people known for causing trouble and getting mad about patches, or the men you all know and love whose mottos say things like….
Veterans who served in Vietnam; on the ground, in the air and on the water. We follow the code established by our Brothers, the first returning Viet Nam Vets who formed Outlaw motorcycle clubs. We are not allied with any other motorcycle club. We do not claim territory and we are not 1%ER. We respect all motorcycle clubs and follow local protocol established by the dominant 1%ER motorcycle club. We have the right to defend ourselves. We have paid our dues in Vietnam and in each of the many states in which we ride. We claim a special kinship with all men who served In Country Vietnam. We say “Welcome Home, Brother,” and for our Brothers who did not come home we say “Rest in Peace, you will NEVER be forgotten.”

 The other unarrested is a member of a smaller club, Fidei Defensor Motorcycle Club. it was established in 2005 and is comprised of Veterans and Private Military Contractors who have decided to guide themselves as a brotherhood under our founding principles. Our passion is the open road and the experience and memories of riding with our brothers. Our club business is our own and we will not interfere in yours. If you would like to ride with us or just hang out feel free to do so. Most of the Fidei Defensor MC members are still serving our country overseas, and we have lost many of our brothers .Therefore, FDMC is steadfast in its commitment to the brotherhood of our members and their enjoyment on the open road and their time together. We will ride any distance to spend the time to have a beer or a cup of coffee and share the camaraderie that few men will ever know. The Fidei Defensor Motorcycle Club proudly supports our troops, honors our veterans and all those who have gone into harms way in support of our nation and our nations allies. The FDMC and its members support the rights and freedoms of the United States of America, our Allies and our servicemen. The Fidei Defensor Motorcycle Club is 100% against what Islamic extremism stands for and imposes on its people and western societies. FDMC is also against anyone who opposes the ideals and principals that our great nation was founded upon. We have and will again, gladly, give our lives to preserve these values and ideals that our founding fathers and our brothers have bled and died for and to prevent extremism and tyranny from our soil, our children and our families. We do not dwell or live in the past. We do not worry about or be afraid of the future. We live for right now, today, this minute. Tomorrow may not come.”

Longtime Waco Cop Caught Armed and in Uniform Attempting to Meet a 17 year old for Sex..

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While Waco Police and Judicial Departments are doing everything in their power to make up some sort of trumped up charges for 177 bikers while blatantly disregarding the law, a former McLennan County deputy constable was placed on two years’ deferred misdemeanor probation after he pleaded guilty to a prostitution charge, according to Tommy Witherspoon of the Waco Tribune.


More than two dozen Central Texas men, including a McLennan County deputy constable and a Fort Hood sergeant, have been arrested during a weeks-long online prostitution sting conducted by the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff’s deputies announced the sting investigation Tuesday, during which they posed as young girls, prostitutes and pimps to drudge up those seeking underage sex and underage prostitutes to traffic, the Waco Tribune-Herald reported.

RELATED: Sheriff: 20 ‘weird sickos’ arrested in Central Texas child solicitation sting

Deputies arrested 29 suspects from their early 20s to mid-50s, according to mugshot information provided by the sheriff’s office. Many of the suspects are registered as sex offenders or were previously convicted on charges of prostitution, the Tribune-Herald reported.

Steve Canava, a 51-year-old deputy constable for McLennan County, was arrested Feb. 27 as part of the sting and charged with soliciting a prostitute under the age of 18, a second degree felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison.


Steve Canava, 51, was among 29 men arrested in an online prostitution sting in February. Detectives pretended to be prostitutes, teenage girls and pimps throughout the investigation. 
Intermission for a crack from Amy: 
Wanna know something funny? There’s only one cop I have EVER seen that could pull off “pretending to be a teenaged girl”… that would be Swanton’s daughter, Sabrena Swanton, Waco’s hottest new rookie… Somehow that vermilion faced buffoon Patrick produced a tall gorgeous blonde that probably makes most men think very nasty things in her little cop uniform and white gold curls… She also attended that China Springs ISD school and as far as I can tell her graduate studies have been a lot of time at Antioch Baptist Church and cop college while living at home… She appears to be innocent as a lamb in THAT aspect. As a matter of fact, the person I believed to be her attempting to cuss at me on my blog came across as Hayley Mills saying a dirty word and stomping her foot at her twin sister?   So what does Swanton and the rest of the Waco cops do with his own daughter and-or any other impressionable young ladies who have recently joined the force? Dressed them up like hookers to catch perverts? At least that’s what it appears by he said by what information they have released. I believe if I was a man who lied as much as HE does, I would spend less time trying to fabricate crap on bikers and more time trying to make up some lies about what she was really doing at work. He sure had a lot of nerve talking about those Twin Peaks waitresses the way he did. 
swanton morning

Steve Canava initially was arrested on second-degree felony charges of soliciting sex with someone under 18… or as they put it in the Waco Tribune when wrongfully accusing a biker with mistaken identity….  ACCUSED OF TRYING TO HAVE SEX WITH A CHILD. But prosecutors, of course, reduced the charge to a Class B misdemeanor, and McLennan County Court-at-Law Judge and Resident Reyna Ass Kiser Mike Freeman accepted the ridiculous slap on the wrist plea agreement. And make no mistake.. this was NOT a Romeo and Juliet situation… This was a 51 year old cop trying to buy sex for a hundred bucks from a little girl… in uniform… And of course the GENIUS Waco cops, who have been chasing perverts with their new little rookie girls and boys since October, just figured out the man working right beside them every day was one of the perverts they were chasing.


Of course the good ol’ boys are gong to gloss over the nasty acts he attempted to carry out… Canava’s attorney, Gerald Villarrial, said the veteran officer wanted to put the incident behind him.

“You have a guy who had a great career at Waco PD and had a great career in law enforcement, and I hate that something like this would tarnish all the great years that he had serving this community,” Villarrial said.

McLennan County Precinct 1 Constable Walt Strickland initially placed Canava on unpaid administrative leave after his arrest. But he fired him a week later after an internal investigation. According to records filed in his case, Canava agreed to meet a person he thought to be a 17-year-old girl “for sexual intercourse for $100.”

McLennan County Sheriff’s Detective Joseph Scaramucci said in the affidavit he identified Canava using law enforcement databases.

The sting was designed to catch suspects seeking underage escorts for sex acts or people trying to become pimps by trafficking underage prostitutes. Officials said all suspects were given a choice of ages, and most chose to arrange sex with a minor. Canava, a former longtime Waco police officer, was wearing his uniform and was armed at the time he was caught showing up for the afternoon rendezvous. Canava surrendered his pistol to the officers, some of whom he had worked with for years.

source: Waco Tribune


It seems that the cops in Waco LIKE setting up people to arrest…. We already know they were in collusion with rat fink snitch Steve Cook to set up, ambush, murder and imprison around 200 bikers…

Cook and Swanton Planned Twin Peaks

I reported awhile back how Swanton sets up people to be arrested for selling stolen batteries, copper, electronics, and other things through his metal and used electronics junkyard…

Skinny on Swanton

It seems they like to spice it up a little, too…  The McLennan County Sheriff’s Office arrested 20 people for online solicitation of a minor in a similar two-week sting beginning Oct. 14. That cop must be really stupid or really horny to try to make a date with a 17 year old four months into a kiddie ring sting?



OH, and one OTHER interesting bit of information… at least TWO of the men involved in their little Waco Sex Sting were MUSLIMS. Nice company ya’ll keep, Waco cops. AND at least one of the Muslims had a $5,000 bond on comparison to the $25,000 the cop got who was, like him, trying to buy little girls… and in comparison to the MILLION DOLLAR BONDS hung on innocent bikers. I guess there aren’t any people having sex with kids who the Waco judges think need to be made an example of.. Or maybe it was because the Muslim was really good at “acting like a victim.” Speaking of the cesspool of attorneys that stink up the place.. Reyna sucked up 11 vehicles in this deal, too.

Many of the men arrested had prior convictions on prostitution charges or were registered sex offenders. Most were from McLennan County, but some stretched to other states, Detective Joseph Scaramucci said.

Anthony Farrior, 27, a truck driver from Kentucky, was charged with three counts of conspiracy to commit human trafficking after Scaramucci said he planned to take underage prostitutes to Eagle Pass in Maverick County in his 18-wheeler and sell them to other men, then switch them out for others on a trip back to Waco.

Farrior allegedly arranged to sleep with two young girls while at the Pilot Travel Center, or “Flying J,” truck stop, 2409 South New Road, in order to see which he would rather pimp out.

“He was going to sample the goods,” Scaramucci said.

Detective Brad Bond said another man, Justin Buntyn, 34, wanted to engage in sex acts with a minor in a public library.

In the arrest affidavit for Mohammad Nabi, 22, Scaramucci wrote, “Nabi was seeking an escort, who would be provided for deviate sexual intercourse and sexual intercourse.

“I did agree to provide Nabi with a prostitute, and terms of a trafficking arrangement were made for a fee.”

Nabi was released from jail Feb. 18 on a $5,000 bond.

Some of the people arrested in the operation were charged with prostitution under 18. Others were accused of online solicitation or criminal conspiracy in the trafficking of persons.


Funny fact, here… A LOT of people in that town have accused bikers of being wrapped up in drugs, human trafficking, assaulting people, extortion, kidnapping… when you add in the DTF agent Sgt. Barnum who is on leave for assaulting someone on June 29th, the only gang I see batting ten for ten is the Waco Police Department.


This is what bikers think of pedophiles….



The Woolly.. Elephant.. In the Room

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Obama is memorializing dead pachyderms while leading his black panther, Muslim, uneducated, ridiculous ‘if he had a son’ hoodie gangs in destroying monuments all over the South. The men who died trying to make things right in the War Betwen the States are even losing their GRAVES. The upheaval of books, television, movies, even a CAR is STILL second place to the memorabilia, statues, monuments and flags being desecrated in the name of the flag that has worn a whole lot more bloodstains. And the dunderheaded, jungle fevered fools who are using our heritage as their reason to hate are too damned stupid to realize they are burning the flag that feeds them. You wanna fly a flag from the ‘motherland’? Then I suggest you go get your mother and take her there… We don’t want your stupid freeloading ass anyway. How DARE they rip the guts out of our history and ancestral rights? Who the hell do they believe themselves to be, tearing away at the Southerners like Hitler after Seinfeld with such vile hatred I don’t even know how to put it in words.. But hey! Let’s go worship at the feet of dead animals!

And speaking of worshipping.. Doesn’t the HNIC claim to be a Christian? How is he saying 65,000 year old anything? Every Christian worth his salt knows that ‘in the beginning God’ was approximately 6000 years ago.


We have all wondered why Washington has been so quiet about all the treasonous, illegal crap that has been delivered in the Wacogate Judiciary Abortion Clinic. The Justice Department, the White House, and all other governing bodies have basically crapped all over the bikers of America. The conspiracies have been rampant about Jade Helm being the reason.. Could it POSSIBLY just be on account of some piles of dry old death that could just as easily be the remains of a couple of well fed buffalo and Alex Karras? I wonder if THIS sheds a little light on a big ol steaming fuzzy elephant sized pile stinking up the entire situation.


Apparently Waco Texas IS known for something other than being a town full of holster sniffers notoriously famous for slaughtering Christians, bikers, and various other assortments of what is considered white people these days..

He’s making a monument out of Mammoth bones! Not a monumental boner mind you, but actual flaccid frippery about so called 65,000 year old retro elephant bones… Literally the crap that is left in the ground after the good Lord has sucked all the nutrients form the animal corpse for his other creatures… It’s a hole full of.. Compost?


Why sure, that makes sense! Our country is falling around our feet faster than a drunk cheerleader’s underwear at Homecoming, we are being attacked by ISIS and black people and pretty much anyone else that wants to attack us at the moment, our borders are a joke, cops are murdering and kidnapping innocent Americans, our military has been debilitated worse than Bruce Jenner’s pecker, the best definition I could make of the economy is broke, sticky, and confused, and that ridiculous gaggle of ass kissing court jesters up there continue to spend money like virgin sailors on first leave.. By all means our president should be busy writing executive orders about some fucking dead shaggy elephant wannabes? That were found in 1978… That the government refused to fund in 2010 and 2012.. I don’t blame them, either. There’s a reason paleontology was a JOKE on TV for a very long time.

Ross vs. Phoebe


The website reeks of the suicide inducing boredom of visiting an alligator farm once as a kid… Without even that minute possibility of something actually waking up and killing something else to liven things up now n then. Oh, they try to make it SOUND interesting of course.. That sickening drivel HAD TO have been written by Swanky Swanton himself to achieve that pompously deceptive level of goofiness. Why you can look at some dead animal carcasses for half an hour!! Don’t dig in the dirt, though. Then you can use the shitter and sit at.. Omigoodness! A genuine PICNIC TABLE! And eat your own damned food you bring from home! Don’t forget to buy a cheap stuffed made in China mammoth toy for $50 at the gift shop, too! I frankly can’t see anything in these photos other than a pile of well.. Nothing?

Frequently Asked Questions

What will we see at your site?

In our dig shelter, you will see the in situ, sub-fossil remains of 6 Columbian mammoths, and a few other Ice Age animals.

Can we dig at your site?

No. Our fossils are protected inside a municipal park. Personal collecting is prohibited. If you would like to experience excavating replica fossils with our staff members, call 750-7946 to inquire about tickets for our “Big Dig Class”!

Is this inside or outside?

About 10-15 minutes of your guided tour will take place outdoors. The remaining 20-30 minutes of your tour will take place in our climate controlled Dig Shelter.

Are these dinosaur bones?

No. Dinosaurs went extinct over 65 million years ago. The Waco Mammoths were here approximately 65 thousand years ago.

Does the tour cost extra?

No. Our guided tours are included in the price of admission.

Do we have to take a tour?

No. You are welcome to enjoy the park and view the fossils at your leisure; however, our guided tours will provide you with far more information about the Waco Mammoth Site than you may gather from a self-guided tour. Regular ticket prices still apply to self-guided tours.

What else is there to do at your site?

The Waco Mammoth Site has a wonderful gift shop and shaded picnic area that you may visit anytime during park hours with or without paid admission. Each Saturday from 10-12, you can participate in our Big Dig Class (call ahead for reservations). Pre-reserved tour groups may also choose to add additional educational activities to your park experience.

Do you have a restroom?

Yes. Our Welcome Center has boys’ and girls’ restrooms available to your students anytime during their program.

Can our kids eat at the park?

Yes. Feel free to bring your own food and drinks to enjoy in our shaded picnic area before or after your scheduled program.

Hair Diddly Oh Boys and Girls! Its the official dead mammoth website!

This looks all the more childish and shady as fuck if you compare the rudimentary crap at their site to any other national monument in Texas or America.

National Park System sites in Texas:

Upon Friday’s declaration as a national monument, the Waco Mammoth Site will become the 16th unit of the National Park System in Texas:

National Monuments
Alibates Flint Quarries – Fritch
Waco Mammoth Site – Waco
National Parks
Big Bend – The big bend of the Rio Grande
Guadalupe Mountains – Salt Flat
National Preserve
Big Thicket – Beaumont
National Memorial
Chamizal – El Paso
National Historic Trails
El Camino Real de los Tejas
El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro
National Historic Site
Fort Davis – Fort Davis
National Recreation Areas
Amistad – Del Rio
Lake Meredith – Fritch
National Seashore
Padre Island – Corpus Christi
National Historical Parks
Lyndon B Johnson – Johnson City
Palo Alto Battlefield – Brownsville
San Antonio Missions – San Antonio
National Wild & Scenic River
Rio Grande – Southwest Texas


Now suddenly the Waco Tribune is bragging about how they suddenly just got the only thing they EVER really dreamed of in Waco! How orgasmic! Obama and allegedly 65,000 year old animal carcasses. They are giving their dead elephants to, I guess, the Bureau of Land Management? I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama doesn’t give two drizzly rat shits about the bag of bones hole and is just making another land grab.. Oh well, at least if there is another SCARY GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN, the esteemed city of murdererous liars, shady DAs, trigger happy cops, and beyond even rotting carcasses won’t have to worry about the Afro-elephants starving to death.


The Emperor is apparently rewarding their explemplary job of pissng on veterans and shitting on the Constitution and taking a pick axe to freedom. You gotta like how he waited until there are all but three or four out of jail. Sneaky piece of flop eared grinning lying conniving snake shit. And the bastards in Waco giggle gleefully all the way to the bank.

I wonder if anyone else noticed he donated the same amount as they charged the bikers in bond? A million bucks to build a swing set next to some holes full of bones in basically the desert. My,my.. that’s so MUCH better than, I dunno, paying the SOLDIERS that got laid off?! I bet a million bucks would have a covered a good chunk of their salaries I sure would rather my tax money be spent on soldiers or the Waco Widows… But dead mammoths is still much better than buying Moochelle ONE NIGHT in a fancy hotel, I guess.

The Delusional Waco Sheriff

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I just almost dropped my coffee on my laptop when I read this article! I just cannot believe these words came out of that man’s mouth!!!


This is NOT a TV show and somebody needs to tell him he’s not J.R… Those were real bullets that killed real people for absolutely no reason whatsoever…. And then the ones who survived were treated like common criminals and given million dollar bonds and ankle monitors and unholy treatment in that crappy jail… For starters. This guy is either a drunk or an Altzheimers patient or both TO NOT see the blatant disregard for human life and liberties right under his big dumb nose. Looks to me like he’s another one of those ‘Don’t mess with Texas!’ blowhard assholes who sits around admiring himself in his big shiny dead dick tombstone belt buckle and TALKING a big game when all along the greatest Muslim population in America grows like bitter weeds in Houston and illegals are crossing the border like cockroaches all day every day.

Sheriff tells a Whopper

“You’ll never look up, as long as I’m the sheriff, and see the sheriff or any of our deputies knocking on your door to disarm you, take your guns or your ammunition,” McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara said.
“You’ll never look up, as long as I’m the sheriff, and see the sheriff or any of our deputies knocking on your door to disarm you, take your guns or your ammunition,” McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara said.
(Waco Tribune-Herald via Associated Press)


I guess he forgot this little comment he made two years ago while he watched cops gun down bikers and then.. TAKE. THEIR. GUNS. Where was Mr. Republican, gun totin’, rootin’ tootin’ boss hog looking Sheriff while inbox net people were being murderes and held hostage for having CONCEALED WEAPONS carried legally.. Many lost their vehicles for having legal weapons locked safely away. I guess Buford T. Justice here doesn’t consider that particular car wash a violation of their Second Amendment rights? I wonder if he has two of those twenty Gallon Coca Cola Cowboy hats? If so, I want to borrow them. I need something to shit in and something to cover it up with. That lying, two faced politicking asshole probly wouldn’t even notice if I did, since he is so surrounded by giant stinky assholes wiping their asses on the Constitution and spilling horse shit out their mouths all day every day and all. I sure as shit didn’t see him on CNN wrong Citizen’s Arrest! Like Gomer Pyle at Swanton’s lies, did ya’ll?


Was ist los, Red and Gold Nation? Morning News from Bandidos Worldwide…..

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I shared a poem awhile back from my Bandido friend in Germany… He has been highly concerned with Waco, as they are having similar patch and gun grabs in their area…

Germán Guns Confiscated from Legal Owners

As covered by The Truth About Guns:

An eagle-eyed bi-lingual reader spotted a story in reporting that the German government has confiscated legally held firearms from members of German biker gangs. Gangs? Google translate calls them “rockers.” Like this: “The members of the Bandidos MC Rocker groups, Gremium MC, Hells Angels MC and MC Outlaws will revoked the previously existing weapons permit due to the new legal situation, the Ministry continued to communicate. Altogether it involves about 600 persons who thus have to give weapons that they have previously possessed legally . . Also knife or pepper sprays must be delivered. The prohibitions should also apply to dangerous objects – such as alarm guns, cutting and thrust weapons, batons and combat knives as well as pepper spray and stun guns. For this was a “concerted action between police and weapons authorities” have been agreed. The reaction is, however, expensive: Police report all known rockers local authorities weapons. Earlier in the Der Spiegel article, it reveals (unsurprisingly) that the confiscation is entirely proactive. What’s German for “The Department of Pre-Crime”? Abteilung Pre-Kriminalität. Other German words spring to mind, but Godwin’s Law will not herein be invoked. Meanwhile . . We’re still waiting for an indication of how many bikers were shot and shot and killed by police at the Waco Texas Twin Peaks incident. I wonder if any of the 100 people arrested (with bail set at $1m each) will have their gun rights removed?

The Original Article in German

So, of course they have been keeping a close eye on Waco… This morning, I got this message from my friend over there..

Hello WB!
After a self declaration, two brothers of Bandido MC went through the instances, and fought against the colour prohibition. Now the highest German court, the Federal Supreme Court give them right. To fly the FAT MEXICAN IS NOT PROHIBITED!
A great day for the Bandidos Nation, a great day for all 1%er MC`s in Germany
thank you… The Bandidos

I went searching and sure enough, it looks like he is right!!

German Bandidos Triumph in Court


Here is a decent description for the situation if you look past the translation…

Way to Go, Germany!!


Congratulations, guys! Liebe und Respekt, aus Amerika! Your vindication strengthens my detemination today.


Judge Shady-wick Joins the Beek in Wacogate

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Does anyone else notice that every time some crazy or shady person shows up at any tragedy, they are somehow connected to the 2 Millom Bikers to DC.. From her association with the so called ‘doctor’ Jim Garrow and his nefariously creepy Pink Pagoda Girls foundation that steals little Chinese baby girls and dispenses of them in some murky unnamed ‘safe places’… To the all out public battle with Captain Pussypants himself Bill Williamson over his ‘pipe dream’ they BOTH stole from cancer patient Steve Marx… To the shady ‘ex LEO’ Everett Landry and the conspiracy theory to the point of lying insanity John Bostick… Belinda aka Bee aka Beek aka Blake never fails to dredge up the slime of America to bother people in crisis. I’ve known swamp leeches with more morals.

This go around she has stuck her.. Beek… In the tragedies that the Waco bikers have endured.. No doubt seeing little dollar signs as she touts her pink pussy pig patches and ugly ass tee shirts in orgasm rememberance of the $77,000 she allegedly pocketed from the 9/11 victims.


As I have seen screenshots of the LLC and I know literally hundreds of people who want a chunk of her ass for stealing that money, and as I have dealt with her shameful, lying, pandering, back stabbing idiocy in person for two years, I’m inclined to believe EXACTLY what everyone says about her.

So. The coattails Bee and her ridiculous sidekick Bostick have decide to ride are now the ones in Waco. Never mind Bostick writes outrageous lies about what happened that have absolutely nothing to do with the price of pussy in Amsterdam. Never mind I have seen an email where an important patch told her to stay the hell away and she just screeched like a fishwife back at him. Never mind at least one lawyer telling them to clam up. The facetious inanity that prevails on her crappy little page and one hit wonder ride fails to shed understanding on TRUE patches. My dog knows more about being a real biker. While I have no problem with most patriot organizations that include many RCS and SCs and one piece patches, I still cannot get over someone so resolutely denying the protocols and claiming biker knowledge at the same time. I’m the first to admit I have bent a few rules… But, I GET them. I admit when I am wrong and I show respect no matter what. These people think if they go out and buy a 250 rebel and a pink pussy pig patch they are equivalent to the Bandits… And now, in the terms of basic human rights and conditions as an American… They are correct… However. That does NOT make them an equal in the age old hierarchy of the biker world. That certainly doesn’t mean they can go around pissing in other people’s Cheerios, either. Belinda.. And her boys.. would get duct taped and butt fucked within five minutes of a Confederation meeting.. They are THAT stupid. I truly believe she is Steve Cook with a leaky vagina.

So, speaking of leaky twats… this chick, Lana Shadwick, from Brietbart writes me a day or two ago asking me questions about Waco and I was kind to her and I direct her to my blog and the Rebel.. Give her some of my mountain of credentials in magazines and books and everything in between and tell her she can use anything I have written on Waco. Well. Instead of using ANY of the true stories I sent her, or any quotes from Rebel… she immediately turns around as publishes some ridiculous bill shot about the 2 mil representing the Waco bikers with this ride on July 18th, and delivering a demand to cease and desist this and that. What the hell? I don’t think there’s anyone in the fat housewives and ridiculous flaccid dicks left tolerating her stupidity who even KNEW anyone who KNEW anyone in Waco. Beyond that, has anyone seen a penny donated from her ride to Waco? Has anyone seen a fundraiser? Has anyone seen the NCOM or the CoC or anyone else on earth actually say they WANT these attention seeking blowhards and posers anywhere near Waco on their behalf? I haven’t.

So.. This idiotic bitch who is supposedly a Brietbart journalist and a lawyer this and a judge that blah blah whatever else pomposity she has touted… She goes and JOINS the two mil as an editor! How the hell is she going to get unbiased reporting sitting in the middle of thieves and holster sniffers? She is already quoting the ridiculous claptrap from Bostick after one day. Doesn’t say much for her judgement of character and trustworthiness.


Everyone else may excuse the fact that the 2 mil runs a #PoliceLivesMatter page but I sure as hell don’t. she stood in DC last year and screamed ‘I ain’t going to jail for you assholes’… Over a parking issue. Funny, I would take a bullet for my boys.

Bee Shows Her True Colors

So, I decide to look into this so called reporter and legal expert person.. Lana. I shoulda known, by the way.. Every Lana I ever met was nuts… So anyways, this is what I found on THAT shady bitch.

First I find this article that says she is, basically a hood ornament.. And is backed up by the scathing comment section below it…

First Red Flag on Lana Shadwick

The departure of Shadwick from the Appellate Division was undoubtedly met with uncharacteristic claps of joy and her arrival in the Grand Jury Division will surely be met with corresponding moans. Probably, however, there was no overly exuberant celebration, particularly among the normally subdued appellate staff, since fireworks are illegal in the City of Houston. Offense is taken, however, to Murray’s implication that the Appellate Division has not seen excellent lawyers, specifically trial lawyers, assigned to the Division over the years. Even a short list of those lawyers is impressive; Mac Secrest, Mary Lou Keel, Bill Burge, Sam Robertson, Harvey Hudson, Tim Taft, Cathy Cochran, Leslie Brock, and Bill Delmore have passed through its doors among many others. Shadwick’s stay was fortunately of such short duration that it should not be a permanent blot on the Division’s legacy. I guess that I am too thin skinned in my old age, but I had the opportunity to supervise some very talented lawyers at the HCDAO, some of whom are still there, while I was fortunate to work for Johnny Holmes. It just really, excuse the proverbial “french” (or is it just plain profanity), pisses me off that Lykos has seemingly sought to make a division of very talented lawyers her dumping grounds, although for different reasons, for the likes of Shadwick and Palmer. One would think that based upon her prior arguably abysmal judicial performance she would have learned to hold the Appellate Division in a much higher regard.
Calvin A. Hartmann

Then there is this article that says she never really tried any cases and job hopped and coat tail rode to the election she was participating in… Then couldn’t even handle the campaign!

Another Red Flag for Lana

This article during her ‘campaign’ basically says she is a blithering idiot trying to ride a last name into office. I just say this coincides with my synopsis of the silly bitch. She seemed very valid and ridiculous and afraid of confrontation… I have area rugs with more balls.

179th District Court-Former Felony District Court Chief Prosecutor Kristin Guiney is running against relatively new prosecutor Lana Shadwick to challenge Democratic Incumbent Judge Randy Roll in November. Kristin Guiney has spent the entirety of her legal career exclusively practicing Criminal Law. During her time at the District Attorney’s Office, she rose to the level of Felony Chief, trying almost every type of case under Texas Criminal Law, including Aggravated Robberies, Aggravated Sexual Assaults of Children, Murders, and Capital Murders. Guiney was also known as a leader within the Office who spearheaded projects outside of her daily duties as a Felony Chief. After leaving the Office two years ago to work on indigent defense, she has maintained her excellent reputation in the legal community as an ethical and honorable advocate. Lana Shadwick was hired under the Lykos Administration after a legal career of moving from job to job in both the Civil and Criminal arenas. Her initial arrival at the District Attorney’s Office was noteworthy as the Administration moved her from position to position trying to find a spot where she would be able to do her job. She recently moved to the low-pressure position of Grand Jury prosecutor to give her more time to focus on her campaign.

ANALYSIS: When it comes to Criminal Law, Kristin Guiney is the real deal. She’s focused on making the Criminal Justice System a better place on a case-by-case basis, and she’s made a name for herself in a job well done. Shadwick, on the other hand, seems to be banking on her name recognition as the ex-wife of Civil Judge Jeff Shadwick. Her career has been marked with the instability of moving from job to job within the legal community, rarely focusing on criminal work. She is largely considered a “political hire” by the Lykos Administration who has yet to prove her worth as an employee and has had difficulty adjusting to even the simple tasks assigned to a Grand Jury prosecutor. She has absolutely no business presiding over Capital Murders and the other serious felony cases that District Court judge would hear.

If she can’t handle a boring ass judge campaign, what is she doing sticking her nose in death and jail and bikers, again?


I would like to know if she is such a hot shit lawyer, why is she not in the know and in the trenches in Waco already? I call bullshit. This one alleged she needs cheat sheets to read simple probable cause and that she even broke laws in her campaign…

Poor Lana.. Are You Just Stupid?

It’s pretty scary to know that someone is trying to represent wrongly jailed men who…. Almost did the same thing herself and got made to go in time out….???

Apparently, a case was dismissed in one of the felony courts due to the Defendant having an alibi. The co-defendant on the case was not so fortunate as to get a dismissal from the State. After a court setting, that co-defendant’s file was sent down to the Grand Jury Division to prepare for presentation to the Grand Jury. As is the practice with co-defendant files, the dismissed Defendant’s case file was rubber-banded to the pending active co-defendant’s case. My understanding is that the dismissal was properly marked and documented on the front of the Defendant’s file. Unfortunately, both files landed on the desk of Grand Jury prosecutor Lana Shadwick. Who promptly got both cases indicted. That includes the one that was dismissed and the client was released from jail. Luckily, this extremely enormous error was caught by someone (not Lana) before the Defendant was wrongfully arrested. Folks, the job of being a Grand Jury prosecutor in the Harris County District Attorney’s Office is one of the easiest (if not THE easiest) jobs in the Office. It is not tricky. Lana Shadwick has bounced through three different divisions before landing in this massively low-pressure job. And yet, she still screwed it up. She managed to find a way in her short time in Grand Jury to screw up something in the worst way possible for a Grand Jury prosecutor.”

I do not trust those idiots and I cannot be a party to them sinking their conniving claws into Waco. I have made noise and made noise until I am blue in the face in an attempt to warn all of you guys about these liars and thieves. I am sorry that none of you heeded my warnings and I only hope their volatile ignorance doesn’t cause more harm than good.. And I pray she doesn’t steal from the victims the way she did the 9/11 bikers. I am saddened that Breitbart has now fell the way of the whore mongering attention seeking masses of mainstream media, but it’s blatantly obvious in the cuntlike behavior of the doormat they have hired. I am just going to sit here and watch and see if she and Bee blow up in hormonal jackassery, or if she is so cowed down that she will lick bee’s tampons for her for awhile before she gets booted for asking questions about where the money goes, same as everyone else.

Waco Cop Baseball Cards.. Seriously.

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Because doesn’t EVERYONE want Waco Cop Trading Cards?!

They won’t release the names of the cops? never fear! We must look no farther than the Dudley Dooright Studley Studmuffon portraiture found on, that’s right! WACO PD TRADING CARDS! Imagine the glee of little Texas boys as they trade to find that mysteriously hard to find Swanton card! Hi diddly Oh, boys and girls! He’s like the Lone Ranger without the mask… And the penis.. He MAY have a horse… He is a goat farmer after all. That fat red bulbous nose kinda hints that he doesn’t have sense enough to wear a hat, either. Let’s hope he doesn’t get a skin cancer that looks like Roseanne Barr’s hookah right between his eyes or anything.

So.. On with the show! I think We shall all have a WONDERFUL game of mix and match with these cards and all the posturing cop shots posted all over the Internet from Twin Peaks. Shouldn’t be too hard to figure out who was there.

According to the latest state records, Adam Beseda is a Police Officer in the following department: POLICE. Beseda had a salary of $55,471, which is $4,907 less than the average of all POLICE employees ($60,378) and $13,996 greater than the average Texas state employee ($41,475). Beseda was hired on 07/28/2008 by the city of Waco.

According to the latest state records, Adam Beseda is a Police Officer in the following department: POLICE. Beseda had a salary of $55,471, which is $4,907 less than the average of all POLICE employees ($60,378) and $13,996 greater than the average Texas state employee ($41,475).
Beseda was hired on 07/28/2008 by the city of Waco.

Adam ‘Apple Pie’ Beseda, Mr. all American, went to college on a baseball scholarship then wasted it to get a below average paying job for the Waco police department. Melissa Gail Jacobs of Troy became the bride of Adam Charles Beseda of Abbott in a double-ring ceremony Saturday, Dec. 20, 2003 in Tours. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond D. Jacobs Jr. of Troy. She is the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond D. Jacobs Sr. and Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Steele Jr. The bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Beseda of Abbott. He is the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Randal Ballew Sr. and Christine Beseda. After a ridiculously, vapid, childishly stupid wedding trip to Disney World, the couple will reside in police tainted post coital bliss.

The bridegroom attended Lamar University on a baseball scholarship as a closing pitcher, while pursuing a degree in criminal justice. There is some sad irony in a baseball player winding up on a cop card that makes me think of Al Bundy..

According to the latest state records, Charles Herrin is a Police Officer in the following department: POLICE. Herrin had a salary of $62,872, which is close to that of the average of all POLICE employees ($60,378) and 1.5 times greater than the average Texas state employee ($41,475). Herrin was hired on 02/17/1997 by the city of Waco.

According to the latest state records, Charles Herrin is a Police Officer in the following department: POLICE. Herrin had a salary of $62,872, which is close to that of the average of all POLICE employees ($60,378) and 1.5 times greater than the average Texas state employee ($41,475).
Herrin was hired on 02/17/1997 by the city of Waco.

This overgrown Vanilla Ice look alike seems to be real proud of his.. Ahem.. Big gun. He is a Charlie Falco SWAT member in training, most known for his antics buying drugs undercover and then almost getting ran over by the drug dealer.

From an article in the Waco Tribune:

Two days after his arrest in September 2010 in Woodway on felony drug possession charges, Freeman was free on bail at an apartment complex in September 2010 selling drugs to undercover Waco police officer Charles Herrin, according to trial testimony.

When Herrin and other officers tried to arrest Freeman, he tried to flee in a car and swerved in an effort to run over Herrin, testimony revealed.

Freeman rammed the car Herrin was standing near, but Herrin was not seriously injured in the incident.
Officer Ice Ice Baby Gets Runned Over

According to the latest state records, Joseph Hooten is a Police Officer in the following department: POLICE. Hooten had a salary of $55,471, which is $4,907 less than the average of all POLICE employees ($60,378) and $13,996 greater than the average Texas state employee ($41,475). Hooten was hired on 07/28/2008 by the city of Waco.

According to the latest state records, Joseph Hooten is a Police Officer in the following department: POLICE. Hooten had a salary of $55,471, which is $4,907 less than the average of all POLICE employees ($60,378) and $13,996 greater than the average Texas state employee ($41,475).
Hooten was hired on 07/28/2008 by the city of Waco.

It’s so good to see Paul Schafer found work after Letterman retired! Just kidding… This hairless wonder is ACTUALLY officer Hooten! Hands off ladies, he’s already married to Lori.. You know, the one who lives on Condor Loop!


A lot of people have talked about a mean black cop… Since this one makes $25,000 a year more than the average Waco government employee, I wonder if maybe he was just earning his expensive keep? He damn sure looks like he EATS like a rich man…

According to the latest state records, Desi Banks is a Police Officer in the following department: POLICE. Banks had a salary of $60,378, which is close to that of the average of all POLICE employees ($60,378) and 1.5 times greater than the average Texas state employee ($41,475). Banks was hired on 10/06/2003 by the city of Waco.

According to the latest state records, Desi Banks is a Police Officer in the following department: POLICE. Banks had a salary of $60,378, which is close to that of the average of all POLICE employees ($60,378) and 1.5 times greater than the average Texas state employee ($41,475).
Banks was hired on 10/06/2003 by the city of Waco.

I can’t help looking at this big ol Green Mile John Coffee looking motherfucker thinking he must watch Ice Tea or Ice Cube or whichever one of those Ice People it is this dude is trying to be an overstuffed version of.. I bet he sits on a dilapidated sofa watching that show, drinking Kool aid and pleasuring himself. We must keep in mind after all, he isn’t the HIGHEST paid cop in Waco with sexpot Swanton still ringing in at $77,000 that, combined with his wife’s salary over in the courthouse, adds up to over a hundred grand he sucks out of the community each year.

According to the latest state records, William Swanton is a Police Sergeant in the following department: POLICE. Swanton had a salary of $73,213, which is 1.2 times greater than the average of all POLICE employees ($60,378) and 1.8 times greater than the average Texas state employee ($41,475). Swanton was hired on 10/30/1980 by the city of Waco.

According to the latest state records, William Swanton is a Police Sergeant in the following department: POLICE. Swanton had a salary of $73,213, which is 1.2 times greater than the average of all POLICE employees ($60,378) and 1.8 times greater than the average Texas state employee ($41,475).
Swanton was hired on 10/30/1980 by the city of Waco.

Not bad, Ned Flanders, not bad. Especially when you throw in your daughter’s cop salary as well.

According to the latest state records, Jay Sunday is a Police Officer in the following department: POLICE. Sunday had a salary of $60,378, which is close to that of the average of all POLICE employees ($60,378) and 1.5 times greater than the average Texas state employee ($41,475). Sunday was hired on 09/19/2005 by the city of Waco.

According to the latest state records, Jay Sunday is a Police Officer in the following department: POLICE. Sunday had a salary of $60,378, which is close to that of the average of all POLICE employees ($60,378) and 1.5 times greater than the average Texas state employee ($41,475).
Sunday was hired on 09/19/2005 by the city of Waco.

Another top contender for well paid cops is Jay… Sunday, ma’am.. Not Friday, mind you…. SUNDAY. Two days later, who gives a shit about facts?
Jay is married to Kathleen and they reside on Peevey Lane.

Now THIS couple? They pull in a whopping $120,000 from the city of Waco…

According to the latest state records, Michael Bucher is a Police Officer in the following department: POLICE. Bucher had a salary of $60,378, which is close to that of the average of all POLICE employees ($60,378) and 1.5 times greater than the average Texas state employee ($41,475). Bucher was hired on 09/07/2004 by the city of Waco.

According to the latest state records, Michael Bucher is a Police Officer in the following department: POLICE. Bucher had a salary of $60,378, which is close to that of the average of all POLICE employees ($60,378) and 1.5 times greater than the average Texas state employee ($41,475).
Bucher was hired on 09/07/2004 by the city of Waco.

According to the latest state records, Maria Bucher is a Police Officer in the following department: POLICE. Bucher had a salary of $60,378, which is close to that of the average of all POLICE employees ($60,378) and 1.5 times greater than the average Texas state employee ($41,475). Bucher was hired on 09/19/2005 by the city of Waco.

According to the latest state records, Maria Bucher is a Police Officer in the following department: POLICE. Bucher had a salary of $60,378, which is close to that of the average of all POLICE employees ($60,378) and 1.5 times greater than the average Texas state employee ($41,475).
Bucher was hired on 09/19/2005 by the city of Waco.

We see here a case of love in the squad car, I suppose. Of course we ask ourselves what came first, the nookie or the badge? Since Maria Jasmin Colunga Gomez married littl Mikey in March of 2003, and they were hired in 2004 and 2005 respectively, one can assume the Texas taxpayers have perhaps not paid for the full courting burrito… Maybe just a taco or two on your dime, folks…. “He likes it! Hey, Mikey!



According to the latest state records, Edward Williams is a Police Officer in the following department: POLICE. Williams had a salary of $55,471, which is $4,907 less than the average of all POLICE employees ($60,378) and $13,996 greater than the average Texas state employee ($41,475). Williams was hired on 07/28/2008 by the city of Waco.

According to the latest state records, Edward Williams is a Police Officer in the following department: POLICE. Williams had a salary of $55,471, which is $4,907 less than the average of all POLICE employees ($60,378) and $13,996 greater than the average Texas state employee ($41,475).
Williams was hired on 07/28/2008 by the city of Waco.

Another overpaid horse’s ass pouts his Gary Coleman lip on his baseball card…. At fifty five grand a year this piece of shit sits around running his ashy trap about ‘brotherhood’.. So, ya know, fuck this one in the neck as much as Swineton. He may be the mean cop too, by the way.

Officer Williams Talking Out His Ass
Wut you talkin’ ’bout, Wiliams?!

Okay maybe it isn’t fair to call him Gary Coleman.. He could be a LITTLE taller than that… It’s just that, well, him being the Edward Williams who goes by Bubba in Waco is just too much serendipity for an old hack like me to hope for.



To to be continued……

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Waco Cops Give Head to the Jury

Posted in biker on July 8, 2015 by the Wicked Bitch

So today, at the friendly neighborhood Wacogate Abortion Clinic… Reyna and the other bumbling idiots who run Waco like Auschwitz on crack took yet another rusty coat hanger to the vagina of Justice…

As reported in the Waco Tribune.. They have now placed a cop on the jury. What happened to ‘if you know anyone involved you are ineligible?’ This is the most ludicrous sack of rotting bull testicles I ever heard.
This home cooking is smelling more and more like doughnuts and DA dick cheese every single day….

A Waco police detective was selected Wednesday to preside over a new McLennan County grand jury that could be the panel that considers the Twin Peaks shootings.

The grand jury was selected using the new state-mandated random method.

James Head, a 34-year police veteran who has spent 26 years with Waco PD, was among the first 14 on the panel qualified to serve on the grand jury and, beyond that, 19th State District Judge Ralph Strother selected Head to serve as the foreman.

After the 12 members of the grand jury, plus two alternates, were chosen, Head, wearing his police badge and service pistol, entered the grand jury chambers with the others to begin considering about 100 criminal cases presented by the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office.

This panel, which will meet twice a month for the next three months, could consider indictments against the 177 bikers arrested in the wake of the May 17 Twin Peaks shootout that left nine dead and 20 wounded. A grand jury, at some point, also will review Waco police officers’ actions in response to the melee that broke out between rival biker groups that day.

“That’s the way it turned out,” Strother said after Head was selected, noting Texas law says the first 12 people who are qualified are selected for the grand jury.

“There was nothing to prevent the detective from being a qualified member of the grand jury, just like there is nothing to prevent him from being a qualified juror,” the judge said. “If there is nothing that challenges his impartiality, he is qualified. We have lawmen who get on jury panels all the time. Who is better qualified in criminal law than somebody who practices it all the time?’

McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna was present as the grand jury was sworn in.

“That’s the system,” he said. “He was chosen totally at random, like the law says.”

Source: the Waco Tribune</a

Now… As if THIS doesn't stink to high heaven already…. Officer (Amy will have endless fun with my name) Head serving on the jury and all… What does Waco PD and Anal Reyna have to say about…. HIS SIGNATURE ON PAPERS FOR THE WARRANTS!


How is someone who WORKED the case going to now be eligible to TRY the case?! Untainted jury, my ass. I think this right here should break ALL ATTEMPTS to sequester their ridiculous ever changing lies and swamps of treacherous noxious double dealing. It’s time for SOMEBODY’S lawyer to march into Waco and demand the truth.

Why Blame Twin Peaks??

Posted in biker on July 8, 2015 by the Wicked Bitch

From the first moment of the event in Waco, the Twin Peaks restaurant there has taken Second Place of the blame only to the bikers themselves that, quite frankly, I just don’t understand? Many people attacked the waitresses.. I see beautiful young women who were attending college and being moms and other various contributors to their community who worked for a living, and provided a relatively wholesome atmosphere for people to sit around and look at pretty girls. I am sure there are MUCH sleazier places to work in Waco…




And while their costumes were sexy, I see worse on fourteen year olds in Walmart… Ever seen Miley Cyrus videos, people? Skin is in. Twin Peaks girls look like Catholic schoolgirls compared to some outfits I have seen on high school majorettes and cheerleaders lately, honestly. Between the attack on Daisy Dukes and the attack on Breastaurants I have to say either the gay part or the Muslim part of our country is making itself known quite clearly. What else can you think when the media tries to make something raunchy out of the same outfit worn by the Tool Time Girls on the long running family hit TV show Home Improvement?




So.. The cops get a hard on for the bikers after listening to that bucket head buffoon snitching bastard, Steve Cook… And attack the bikers.. So then they blame the RESTAURANT who loses their franchise and get sued immediately for doing absolutely nothing wrong….
Twin Peaks Sued

Then of course Don Carlos jumps on the bandwagon, conveniently leaving out the part about how much business THEY got from bikers spilling over into their clientele from bike night… And never ONCE had a single police incident from them.

Don Carlos Sues Twin Peaks

And you KNOW the idiots in the so called media had a field day…

Daily Beast Stupidity

And of course, no Waco story is complete without the resident asshat, Officer Vladimir Swanton, who has to throw in his ‘untainted’ opinion, with the smattering of television lingo interspersed into outrageous lies delivered with a Ned Flanders persona we have all come to expect…

Swineton blasts Twin Peaks with Lies

When the truth came out, nobody got excited about the fact that officers were seldom sent to investigate trouble at Twin Peaks restaurant prior to the shooting, records obtained by Yahoo News reveal.

The scarce number of calls conflicts with how law enforcement portrayed the self-described “breastaurant” immediately after the brazen lunch-hour rampage.

“We have been made aware in the last few months of rival biker gangs — rival criminal biker gangs — being here and causing issues,” Waco police Sgt. Patrick Swanton told reporters outside the sports bar turned crime scene last month. “We have attempted to work with the local management of Twin Peaks to get that cut back, to no avail.”

If Twin Peaks was a powder keg leading up the deadly brawl — there’s apparently not much of paper trail to prove it.

A police dispatch log shows officers averaged less than one call a month to Twin Peaks between the restaurant’s opening in August and the May 17 shooting.

Waco, Texas police officer dispatches to Twin Peaks between last August and the May 17 deadly shooting. Click image for larger view. Out of eight trips, just two of the calls — a car break-in and a domestic assault — merited officers filing offense reports. No one was arrested at Twin Peaks in the nine months it was open, records reveal.
Prior to the shootout, an officer had not been dispatched to Twin Peaks since Feb. 26, according to the police log, which Yahoo News obtained through the Texas Public Information Act.

The absence of police responding to Twin Peaks is just one of several contradictions in the narrative since the shooting took place. Authorities initially said the deadly brawl began in the restaurant bathroom. But a security video shown to the Associated Press showed only one round being fired from the restaurant — by a biker on the patio before running inside. Swanton told CNN that 1,000 weapons had been recovered before later backing off that number.

I truly believe the Antioch Church in Waco to have been a driving force behind the crucifixion of this restaurant so near their ‘youth center.’I am a devout believer in Jesus Christ and attend church regularly. I am also a southern Baptist deacon’s daughter and grew up in small Baptist churches in Arkansas.. With that said, this organization doesn’t remind me of any church situation I ever been exposed to?

Creepy Antioch Tales

People may wonder why I would go so far as to think Waco would support this strange behavior to the point of setting up a restaurant.. I can give you eleven million reasons, to start with here..
Why would someone want a titty bar near their nice new church?!

Now today we see that the family of Jesse Rodriguez is suing.. Not Waco.. Not the people who gave wrong name for him and accused him of several different patches and crimes… Not anyone who may have pulled a trigger at all.. But.. The restaurant!

Why Sue Twin Peaks?!

It is highly possible this whole set up was because of, not bikers being murderous over territory, but creepy cultish Christians. I only hope this lady’s lawyer knows what they are doing because it’s confusing the shit out of me.

Associated Press

FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) — The family of a biker slain in a shootout outside a Waco restaurant has sued the restaurant’s parent company alleging negligence.

The suit filed Wednesday by the widow of Jesse Delgado Rodriguez says Twin Peaks recklessly hosted the motorcycle clubs May 17 after police warned of tensions between two gangs. The suit seeks unspecified damages and a jury trial.

Rodriguez, of New Braunfels, was a decorated Vietnam War veteran with no criminal history. A preliminary autopsy report shows the 65-year-old man died from gunshot wounds to the head and torso.

His widow Mary Rodriguez t