Dallas Bike Show, Easyriders, 03

The sky was a slow moving grey ghost that poured torrential rain down upon the highways and reached with long skinny fingers of lightning for the breathtaking Dallas skyline, and the very ground thundered… not from this storming apparition from mother nature, but from the thousands who braved the weather’s show to witness the amazing spectacle that is the Easyriders Bike Show Tour 2003. There is no sight sweeter than a big dressed out Road King or a lean and mean ground pounder flying down the interstate , leaving but the echo of rumbling horse power and a trail of water in their wake.

The boot scootin’, spicy eatin’, foot stompin’ good time that Texas is so famous for rang tried and true throughout the Cotton Bowl, which housed the two and three wheeled creations, from wild and wicked to stock and sweet. As these brave. soaked to the skin spectators ducked into the dry warmth of the building, they found themselves in a beautiful illusion… the coupling of down home southern Texas style hospitality with the sleek, breathtaking creations of exhibitors and builders from sea to shining sea. A variable threesome when ya throw in the flair that the Easyriders events are famous for… beautiful, scantly clad women, heart pounding rhythm of kick ass music, and more beer and fun than you can shake a stick at.

There, deep in the heart of Texas, a mighty chorus of thudding heartbeats emerged, and hundreds of exotically painted, chrome adorned steeds reared their mighty heads. The bright lights reflected off the beautiful iron horses that stood in perfect formation for us to all admire, covet and revere, each more resplendent in it’s own right, giving tribute to the amazing craftsmanship and imaginations that brought them roaring to life within their Milwaukee born souls.

One of the bikes that stood out most prominently amongst them all has to be mentioned… David Mantle, son of baseball great Mickey Mantle, and his beautiful Softtail were there in remembrance of his dad. Following in his dad’s legendary footsteps, David provided the audience with a display so American that it makes ya remember buying hot dogs and yelling at the pitcher when you were a kid. This display was also serving a fine purpose… raising awareness for the Mickey Mantle Foundation for organ donor transplants. This is so very important to David due to his dad’s liver transplant that bought them precious time and unforgettable moments together.

Bein g right there, in the heart of the heartland, with so much history and beautiful city surrounding you gave the feel of amazing freedom.. you realize just what all those country singers are talkin’ about. The feeling was drove home with fervor as Merle and Conway, Freddy Fender and George Jones belted their way out of the loudspeakers throughout the day, welcoming one and all to Texas. The Purrfect Angels took to the stage in cowboy hats and chaps, putting those famous Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders to shame. As night wore on, the rain slacked off, and Doug Phelps led the Kentucky Headhunters onto the stage. The pounding, bluesy, rock and country sound that they are so very famous for is unforgettable, as is their laid back presence on stage, making each and every person in the audience feel as though they are sittin’ around a garage listening to their buddies jam.

All in all, it was one helluva weekend, and anyone who has never experienced the down home, hot and spicy hospitality of Texas has no idea what they are missin’.

Amy White


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