Boozefighters Support for Wicked Bitch

Bill Hayes



He is know throughout bikerdom as a true biker author. His work involves no prospecting under false pretenses, lying, sneaking and snitching. He is true blood one hundred percent biker friendly, and just a downright nice guy.



When the movie, “The Wild One,” was released in late 1953, a major part of the American landscape changed forever…the media’s “biker image” was officially born. It’s an image that still cuts directly to the soul of American society. For those of us on the “inside” of the true motorcycle lifestyle, it is the only satisfying and passionate way in which life can be fully lived…it is a brotherhood that is unparalleled in strength and loyalty. To those on the “outside” it is a seductive mystery that is often feared…and almost always envied.

          “The Wild One” was loosely based upon the events that occurred at the 1947 Gypsy Tour in Hollister, California, centered around the legendary Wino Willie Forkner and the Boozefighters Motorcycle Club. But the media is not generally a conduit of real life. The Boozefighters, however, are very real. They were –and remain– “The Original Wild Ones”…living out the genuine spirit of the true American biker.


Bill Hayes
Bill Hayes, author of The Original Wild Ones and American Biker



“Wicked Bitch screams through the backdrop of the real south just the way the moonshiners and the booze runners did in their hot rod Fords a generation ago–hammer down and to hell with anything that gets in her way!”
Bill Hayes, author of The Original Wild Ones and American Biker
Bill “Press” Hayes
National Press & Publicity Officer
Boozefighters MC
Thanks for the warm welcome in Los Angeles, to the BFMC 101… Keep it green, fellas!!!

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