Biker Author Amy Irene White, Wicked Bitch

Amy Irene White, author of Wicked Bitch

Amy Irene White, author of Wicked Bitch


Author, Wicked Bitch

Contributing Author, Biker Chicks, Veno and Winterhalder

Freelance Biker Journalist contributing to Easyriders, V-Twin, In the Wind, and Biker

Dave Nichols

Dave Nichols
Editor, Easyriders Magazine, Paisano Pulications, LLC

“Amy White’s Wicked Bitch is a white-knuckle, runaway ride on a motorcycle on fire; a white trash manifesto that hits like a crowbar to the brainpan and goes down with all the subtlety of a straight shot of whiskey. Dripping with pickup truck sex and sung to the tune of red, white and blue rock ‘n’ roll with a southern twang, Wicked Bitch is an American love story told in a smoky roadhouse; the true story of a biker woman who will not rest until she spits in the devil’s eye.” Dave Nichols Editor Easyriders & V-Twin Magazine Paisano Publications, LLC

Bill Hayes

Bill Hayes
Bill Hayes, author of The Original Wild Ones and American Biker

“Wicked Bitch screams through the backdrop of the real south just the way the moonshiners and the booze runners did in their hot rod Fords a generation ago–hammer down and to hell with anything that gets in her way!”
Bill Hayes, author of The Original Wild Ones and American Biker
Bill “Press” Hayes
National Press & Publicity Officer
Boozefighters MC


Arthur Veno, Ph.D.

Arthur Veno, Ph.D.
best selling author

Biker Chicks

Biker Chicks
contributing author, Amy White

Introduction to Wicked Bitch, by Arthur Veno, Ph.D.

Wicked Bitch is the amazing autobiography of a truly colourful and amazing character whose lair is located in the heart of biker culture. Amy (the wicked bitch) White writes her account of her life experiences in the characteristic vividness and deep story lines which remind the reader of the many wonderful Southern writers who have preceded her.
Born into an Arkansas family, she learned early to cope with adversity, hardship and poverty. Her family lineage gives one the first indicator of just who we are dealing with. She comes from a family of incredibly strong and determined women who were rumoured to be witches and bitches due to their highly eccentric lifestyles and attitudes spanning many generations of her Arkansas family.
Her accounts of her early, formative years gives readers a wonderful insight of growing up in hill billy country Arkansas and leaves readers with the crystal clear cultural factors which spawn the very rare woman she is to become.
Her father recognized his little girl’s talents early in life and she became his shadow… painting, body work, mechanics and respite from her horribly injured Mother’s verbal and physical problems created in her a love of the masculine. She is a Man’s woman and this shines through her story.
Her early years were spent spray painting cars and working with other toxic materials with her larger than life father. His baby girl had inherited from her mother’s side of the family a genetic disorder which is gradually causing her to go deaf. However, song is always with her and her writings capture the ‘head talk’ of songs which richly permeates her writings. The readers get to hear just what song is in her head as the rich tapestry of her life is hung out before us.
Some of us will not recognize any of the songs, others some and the majority will recognize all. This extremely unusual writing style was refreshing to this reader, providing changes in mood, tone and ambiance as the songs which fill her heart and soul are hinted at throughout this wonderful autobiography.
The book made me laugh (see Steve’s actions at the Gulfport rally and crawdad festival for an example), cry (see her diagnoses of Lupus) and come to the awareness that from adversity comes strength and character.
The toxic fumes she breathed while working with her Daddy and on her own creations completely ruined her immune system and she now suffers from a medical condition called Multiple Connective Tissue Disorder, which means she has several autoimmune disorders, including life-threatening Lupus. While this is perhaps one of the most devastating diseases on this planet, Amy transcends the disease by taking constant chemo-therapy. Once she was able to pull herself together from the Lupus and learned to live in her ever silencing world; I again found myself saying in my own mind “Go on Amy, you can do it girl,” when she finally gets back onto her Road King after several years of total incapacitation from Lupus.
Oh, she can be tough, a cyber bully in her own terms; she can kick ass in person too, be ever so sweet (watch out for her then!) – But most of all she has a huge heart, a zest for life which is truly inspirational and a great friend – always making time to help those who are in situations similar to herself.
The story of the Wicked Bitch is a must read for many reasons. It is the first biker book written in the traditional Southern literary style; it is about accepting and being the best you can with the cards you have been dealt and, finally; it is an inspirational and outstanding read from an accomplished magazine writer and contributing author to several books who has chosen to lay it on the line and tell it like it is in one book.
Amy is truly a biker chick. The 1% tiny little tattoo on her shoulder had me confused at first. I wondered if she was associated with one of these clubs. However, I soon came to understand that Amy is truly a 1% er in life and passion for life. She is also a 1%er in her love for motorcycles and the raucous fun of a damned good rally.

This is the kind of book which has huge hairy behemoths from the clubs crying when they read it. Sometimes they are tears of sorrow; other times they are tears of joy. Women readers of the book, will, of course, have another take. There will still be the tears of joy and sorrow, but; it’s the manna which floors you gals as I am told by my missus. She is inspiration and living proof that love of life conquers all. Men come and go, the bike stays.
Thank you so much for letting me read your wonderful book and honouring me with the opportunity to write this forward. Go for it Girl! I can’t wait for the next one.

Arthur Veno, Ph.D.
Professor of Criminology and Psychology
Monash University
Author of The Brotherhoods: Inside outlaw motorcycle clubs 2002, 2003, 2009), co-author Biker Chicks: The magnetic attraction of women to bad boys and big motorcycles (2009) and several other popular books


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