Biker Author Amy White Prepares for Sturgis 2009

I have slept very little in the past few days. the sound of the air conditioner is monotonous and the heat from my laptop has seared a tan onto my thighs. My hands and shaking and my stomach is in such a turmoil that my morning coffee is threatening an encore. I have walked out to the carport and laid my hand on my Harley several times in contemplative worry. Right now, I have a really bad pipe burn on my right leg. I am taking antibiotics for it, and staring at it constantly. I m keeping very little food on my belly. I nearly passed out and couldnt get in the house after spending two or three hours in the sun at a child’s birthday party this past weekend. I know that with my autoimmune problems and the chemotherpay pills that i take, it would be daring to take a 100 mile trip on my beautiful bike right now… however, i will throw my leg over that seat saturday morning and pick up the kick stand to head to South Dakota. Through the blinding pain that will sear through my muscles, through the steady aching throb in my back and hips, through the rheumatoid arthritis, i will trudge on across those hot long lonely miles. i will once again breath the greenness of North Arkansas with butterflies in my belly. By the time i am crossing into Missouri, there will probly be tears rolling down my cheeks because it hurts. I sincerely hope i am not on the side of the road throwing up every few miles. And that’s just the first day.

The next 72 hours of my life will be a whirlwind of packing clothes and bandanas and tools and dishes and medincines and make up, getting a manicure, polishing chrome, ironing my hair, and a flutter of paperwork with maps, harley shops, campgrounds, and hospitals along my route trying to find some form of order in a folder. my ragged old laptop will be packed away, and i will be frantically calling and confirming appointments and appearances. my stomach is in knots and fear of doing all of this and not selling any books… i know that the book is an awesome one; i would not be risking my life to bring it to sturgis if it were not. however, what if no one wants to buy a copy? i am a 35 year old, 90 percent deaf, dying of lupus girl. i wrote this book, and self published it, so that i would have copies in time to get to sturgis with it this year. i want to make sure my story is out there while i am still able to do so. i am making this trip against the advice of doctors…. however, if i am gonna go to hell, i’ll go there riding my harley. i have lofty dreams every single one of you will be standing at the meade county line cheering for me as i blow by on my old bike. every now and then, dreams really do come true.


3 Responses to “Biker Author Amy White Prepares for Sturgis 2009”

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  2. F.N. Wright Says:

    Brave, touching, heart-breaking but also glimmers of determination & a will to live.

    Hippie Frank

  3. Was wondering if you would be interested in hekping set up a Lupis Ride in Las Vegas. My girl’s mom died of it and she is trying to bring some notice to the disease.

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