More Reviews for Wicked Bitch by Amy Irene White

Amy White at Red Room


3 Responses to “More Reviews for Wicked Bitch by Amy Irene White”

  1. omg amy i have had you on my site for some time. but till today never visited your site ..and girl you have brought tears to my eye,s not sure if its tears for you or for me ..but none the less tears..

    • amyirenewhite Says:

      thanks crissy, for your sweet words. i am glad that you like my site and am proud to call you my friend.

      if you think my site is killer, you oughta read the book…. ha…

      love and respect,


  2. Andy Osborne Says:

    I finished the book last night. I’m still stunned that I’ve met this woman who bared her soul so completely and so wonderfully. Amy, thank you so much for your book.


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