Forbidden Highways

My body quivers even as I acknowledge the sweltering Arkansas heat, feeling the broiling air warming the windows of my car in spite of the blasting air conditioner. I glance around the empty hotel parking lot, and know we are indeed safe from prying eyes. The weeks and the months of secret glances across the bar, dancing with our spouses as we stare over their shoulders at each other, doing all the things a club member and his brother’s old lady shouldn’t do have finally surpassed our ability to deny our bodies any farther. I check my flawless make up in the mirror once more, fluff the waist length red hair over one shoulder, and smile unabashedly at myself thinking his wife has good reason for her jealousy. As he idles his road king to a stop beside me and pulls a card key out of his pocket, I make myself busy killing the engine then getting out, and locking the car doors. He runs an appreciative eye up and down my body, and I am glad I chose the short skirt and thigh high stockings as he makes a discreet adjustment to the crotch of his jeans. We don’t hug or kiss each other’s cheeks the way we normally greet, when we are observed, and I find this funny, smothering a giggle. We smile sheepishly and hold hands like school children as we make our way to the door behind which we plan to culminate a passion that has steadily heated from within us both until we’ve been fairly consumed with wanting what we can’t have. Aborted attempts at idle conversation fade beneath the hum of the motel air conditioner as it makes mildew puddles beneath the window. My breath ratchets up a notch at the click of the hotel latch giving way to the card in his hand. He swings the door open, and I can’t make myself meet his eyes as I brush past him on trembling knees into the darkened room. I have wanted him for too long, he has teased me far too often, and I find it unbearable attempting to control myself. I take a deep breath of the artificial cold air as I hear the door ease shut behind me, the chain rattling as he secures the deadbolt. I close my eyes and revel in the thrilling giddiness in my belly, the excitement of finally being alone with this man who has invaded my dreams for so long that I can’t remember closing my eyes and him not being there. I already feel my body responding to him as I sense him moving to stand behind me. I feel the heat of his body before he ever touches me, his hand on my shoulder, sliding down my arm, his face near my ear…”are you okay?” I smile at him over my shoulder, the touch of his voice on my skin tranquilizing my nerves. “I can’t believe we’re really alone.”

I feel the deep chuckle in his chest, sending shivering awareness through my spine… “But we are. “ He nuzzles my ear with his nose, gently moving my hair out of his way as he makes his way down my neck. I close my eyes and sigh at the feel of his breath on me, his hands slowly making their way around my waist. I turn in his arms, wondering if his eyes will hold the same molten desire that I have caught in a thousand forbidden glances. I face him, raise my gaze to his, and find it multiplied a million times, the heat in his stare making me pant and wish that I was rid of my clothes… the predatory gleam as he slowly smiles releases all that I’ve pent up within, and finally, oh god, after much, much too long, our lips meet.. a kiss? No, so very much more. Its a devouring of every stolen memory, every embrace so reluctantly chaste, every provocative grin that makes my body sizzle in an explosive accumulation of every forbidden touch. Forgotten beneath our ecstasy our stations in life, the many reasons we have convinced ourselves to avoid this folly all those times before. God forgive me but even the wrongness of what we are doing only makes me want him that much more. I feel his strength pressing me against the wall, and dampness pours into my jeans at his forceful overture. He traps me before him, my breasts heaving for air as his tongue whips me into a frenzy.. I am acutely aware of his body pressed against mine, the evident hardness against me making me squirm with delight. The long black rope of his ponytail tangles throughout my rings and nails as I pull at him, begging him to come even closer… to come inside me. I raise my leg to wrap around his hip and feel the deep groan within him… he leaves his sweet torture of my mouth to run his tongue down my neck, between my breasts, squeezing them together until his whiskers rub the sensitive skin to a glowing pink. He pulls impatiently at the low neck line of my shirt, exposing my black ruffled bra overflowing with heated flesh. He wastes no time finding first one nipple then the other, flicking it with his tongue as I moan and writhe in sweet agony. I say his name over and over, and feel the change in him, the nearly violent desire he reigns in with difficulty as the first waves of orgasmic stupor envelops me. He senses the tidal wave coming fast, and laughs out loud even as he increases his torture on my breasts… I feel his voice rumble against the marbled nipples, “damn, baby, you are hot … go ahead, let it go… I got ya…come for me.” He pushes his hands down the front of my jeans and I feel his fingers sliding in the hot wetness. I hear a voice cry out and realize it’s my own as he experiences for the first time my back arching against the wall, the jerking spasms driving me to digging my nails into his flesh, crying out as I grasp him, trying to hold on even as my body contracts itself into a splendid erotic seizure, warm stickiness pouring over his fingers. All pretense of gentleness forgotten, I need him to fuck me. Now.

Reluctantly we part, and move farther into the room, me still not steady on my legs. We make our way to the first bed in the room, and he moves far enough away from me to hang his rags on the back of a chair. I avoid looking at them, knowing that we are betraying both his and my husband’s. We drop a trail of clothes as we watch each other, for the first time bodies revealed that have long coupled in dreams and steamy texts. I make my way down to my panties and skirt, dropping them down around my ankles. I plop down on the side of the bed to unlace the knee high stiletto boots, and in a husky voice he says, “leave them on.” I turn to face him, now standing naked before me, a fabulous erection jutting toward me and I can’t help but reach for it, crawling to my knees as I move my mouth closer to the swollen throbbing head. As I slide my lips over the tip, licking the tiny drop that oozes out, I feel the sharp slap of his hand on my ass and shiver with delight. I move my mouth faster, knowing he is enjoying standing there watching me service him. I raise my eyes to look into his as I drag my tongue slowly down the length of him, and earn another fantastic slap on my ass. I smile around my mouthful of dick and drag my pointy eye teeth down his member. His groans stop as he reaches down and pulls me toward him with a handful of hair, raping my mouth, spanking my ass harder and harder the faster I move my lips,fighting my gag reflexes as he buries himself, the head of his penis rubbing the slickness of my throat, his hands knotting in my hair and his body trembling in great strength not to pour himself into my mouth and upon my face.

“I kinda like you on your knees” he grates out in a heavy voice as he pulls away, then moves to stand behind me. I wiggle my ass against him and nearly purr with delight. He reaches between my legs, inserting one finger then two into my wetness, then removing them to push them into the tight hole between my cheeks. My groans grow louder and I buck on his fingers wildly, coming again and feeling the wetness pour down my legs.. he slowly eases his big hard dick into the same hole, burying it to the hilt, enjoying the squeezing tightness of my coming, then eases it back out again… he does this until the gyrations of my hips nearly push him over the edge, then withdraws himself from me. He pushes me over onto my back, and smiles down at me, winded and flushed and heaving for breath. Reaching down with a devilish smile, he grabs a heel of each boot and raises it of high above his head, licking the juices from my thigh as he makes his way down to burying his face in between my legs, drinking his fill of me, making the waves of liquid sex rush through me over and over, making me beg him shamelessly to put me out the oh, so sweet misery. Finally he complies, and moves above me, pinning my hands above my head, making me his prisoner, my body his domain. I see the raw fierceness and alpha male strength in his eyes that can make the gruffest biker hang his head in shame and vow his devotion and his life. I taste the power of the man himself as he is burying the long hard sheath as deep as possible, filling and stretching me until I cry out his name… “goddamn, you’re so hot, tight… “ as he begins the dance as old as time, stroking my deepest velvet secrets with his own, making me do what I do best, over and over again, I knew it had been worth the wait, and that it could never happen again.

amy irene white


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