a new shoe story on my other blog.

Highways and High Heels



This pair of shoes is so old i can no longer read the brand name, though I am certain they weren’t any remarkable designer… They are probably Chinese made with thousands of other ones in other closets… They are nondescript as heels go, black strappy sandals with lethal chrome stud heels and skinny ankle straps. ( I do remember when and where I bought them, however I can’t divulge that particular tidbit without incrimination.) I dare say this particular pair has probably had the most interesting life of all pairs of all my shoes combined, however… And when one considers the fact that my son was conceived due to  a brand new  pair of Garbo stilettos with big gold bows on the back, well, this decision is not reached lightly. As I attempt to tell the remarkable story of these shoes, smoke too many camels, and  listen to…

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