My Coe Interview, 2001

 “The old man was covered in tattoos and scars…”

 These tattoos and scars blend with the leather and jewelry to form a wickedly profound tribute of his multi-talented career.   Few men can claim acquaintance with today’s Kid Rock, Pantera, and Uncle Kracker as well as yesterday’s heroes… Willie and Waylon, Johnny Cash, and even Merle.  Legendary singer/ songwriter David Allan Coe is notorious for his extreme lifestyle and amazing music.  In other words, he kicks ass. He has written more songs to mention, from swooning, crooning, tear in your beer country to in your face rockin’ hits. 

  It was one of the greatest moments of my life to actually talk with this living myth who has sculpted the style of music for decades, quite often from behind the scenes. 

I thought of a million different things to say when I met him, but when I actually met this magnificent artist face to face, I froze for a moment… in awe.

 When asked if the drastic evolution of country music recently had affected him, he answered with open honesty.  “Not really. I never got much air play anyways. Most of my sales have always come from shows and albums.  It hasn’t changed my record sales at all.”

 He said his favorite new artist is Toby Keith. “I know he’s not exactly new, but he is compared to me. I like him.  He’s a good songwriter and singer.  His music is honest- he kinda has the same attitude as me.  A my way or the highway kinda guy.” 

He has quite an impressive list of inspirations. “Johnny Cash, Willie, Waylon, Hank Jr. Marty Robbins, Ernest Tubb, Bill Monroe, Jackson Brown, Bruce Springsteen… there are so many…”

 Even though he’s now 62 years old, he ain’t slowin’ down a bit.  He has two new movies coming up, one of which he plays a drug dealer, and some college kids try to sell him 50 pounds of weed.  He is also touring with his own band, doin’ shows at the Iron Horse Saloon in Daytona, and considering the Easyriders Bike Show Tour in 2002.

 David Allan Coe… there’s no one else in the world who can touch so many people’s hearts.  He sends chills down our spines as he take s a ride in that antique Cadillac, breaks our hearts when Mona Lisa loses her smile, and makes us fall in love with him in a field of stone.  We get drunk with him in our pick up truck, and at Fowlersville, we didn’t mind standing in the rain.  Thank you, David Allan Coe, from the number one fan of the man from Tennessee.    


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