Random Rant

I am considered strange because I usually am in heels and gloves and pin curls… I belong to an era in which I never existed. I feel this country, this entire world has been invaded by several things which have been the ruination of culture. These things include Crocs, sweatpants, Big Gulps and Muslims….. Not necessarily in that order. Now you can go to the Luxor, The Grand Canyon, The Lincoln Memorial, and you find more and more and more of the same thing… groteque, oblivious blobs slupping around in their slouchy clothes, slurping on an oversized diet soda, and complaining loudly about some trivial issue, not realizing they themselves are a boil  on the ass of civility. The human race, in its entirety, has become a drooling mass of grossness. Teenagers are all lazy contemptuous assholes playing video games and piercing their genitals. Children are undisciplined and running amock like heathens through stores and parking lots and pretty much every other public venue. People leave their trash along the highways and on park benches. They themselves are the fecal matter of the universe, ginormous piles of shit invading all that was once beautiful or classy. Now a woman who wears stockings and heels is stared at like she’s a high priced call girl. Men who wear Armani and expensive cologne are called faggots. What happened to the world when people like Marilyn Monroe have been replaced by people like Miley Cyrus? No wonder ragheaded bastards are so easily infesting our world and laughing in the faces of the few alert people who scorn them. The majority of the population is sitting around watching Honey BooBoo, eating Taco Bell, and waiting for Obama to send them their new insurance card.

Gone are the days of beauty…. Past are the days of class… Even the outlaws, the bikers, are portrayed as pussified idiots on television. I am disgusted with the entire human race. I think I blame Walmart.


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