Dear Mr. President….

Dear President Obama; as a taxpayer, and thereby your boss, I strongly suggest you quit spouting and dodging and pontificating on tv and get down on your hands and knees and ask God, not Allah, to forgive your lying ways and to please help you fix the mess you made of this country thus far. What the hell are you thinking allowing a bunch of Muslims to march on D.C. on September 11th? You must be t…he worlds most giant horse’s ass. This is one nation under God, not one nation under Barry whatever your real name is. In three years if you want to return to your evil ways and burn in hell, go right ahead.. It’s where I believe you belong anyway. However, you are now not only sacrificing our soldiers but insulting the crap out of our innocent victims and civilians on the very soil our soldiers die to protect.. Not that soldier’s lives mean anything to you, judging by Benghazi. What next? the Super Bowl? The Macy’s Parade? Sturgis Bike Week? Race for the Cure? Children in my best friend’s family saw human bodies blown apart in Boston by Muslims due to your ‘total acceptance politically correct’ bullshit. Do you call hiding what really happened there politically correct? I don’t. I call it terrorism. You know it and I know it and everybody else on earth knows it. So, why are you letting them have the run of our capitol now, you idiot? You have single handedly turned the sleeping giant into the cowardly lion. I’m wondering what sort of press conference you are gonna dream up for the Muslim March where your PR people can put a lot of legless athletes around you while you speak, or how long before there’s some story of ‘this person campaigned for me and now she died in Boston’ as an excuse to wheedle away at more of our rights. There is nothing, NOTHING you can say to excuse a Muslim March on September 11th. Whatever little speech someone wrote for your telepromter is going to be drowned out by the sound of motorcycles anyway. There will be more bikers than Muslims. is there a jail in DC big enough to house 2 million people? You also should thank God there are so many Americans with firearms.. SOMEBODY has to protect this country and you damned sure aren’t doing it. Go ahead and get mad… what are you gonna do, take away my cooking show?   Sincerely, Amy Irene White


Dear Mr. President; Would you explain to me why Muslim bashing is considered violating someone’s rights, but you don’t mind all the nasty things posted and said about Christians? The vile and vulgar pictures of Jesus? Why havent you done anything about the Muslims who beheaded Christians in New Jersey? Last I heard that was still American soil… unless you’ve pawned it to some Islamic nation to give yourself that pay raise so your wife can crawl around for publicity photos in ‘her’ organic garden in Michael Kors. Don’t you pretend to attend a church that worships the God Jehovah? Hypocrite much? You don’t hide the fact that you are a Muslim any better than you hide the fact that you are the most worthless sniveling, driveling, lying, conniving, yellow bellied piece of slime God ever ran a gut through, nor any better than you hide the fact that you smoke. Oh dear, is this considered Muslim bashing? My apologies.. Let me ask you over for dinner… We are having pork chops. I know, I know.. this is my fourth warning and this email is monitored. Save your breath for kissing some Syrian ass.


Dear mr. President…

This is in response to your wife’s ‘healthy food shit.’ Okay, first of all, it’s quite obvious she is a big ol turnip green and corn bread and chitterlings kinda gal.. That’s black people food, since I doubt you are familiar with that. Please tell her for me that not all children get to eat anything they want prepared by White House chefs. Some people can’t afford to feed their kids anything but hamburger helper and kool aid. There aren’t salads on the one dollar menus. Maybe if the trifling bitch wasnt spending every penny this country has on those two porch monkeys of yours to go on private fucking resort vacations, some truly starving children could eat real food. Or perhaps you should start feeding all those fat fuck congressmen beans and taters instead of paying for Cristal and steak and lobster and pussy. I bet this starving kids issue doesn’t stop her from shoving groceries down that giant pie hole of hers. She could probably bite a watermelon into through a picket fence with that big ol honkin’ donkey jaw. This is just a bullshit tactic to make her appear compassionate and caring when in truth she’s a snotty waste of oxygen. Have you ever noticed how the cotton patch just pours out every time she opens her mouth? The only thing worse than an uppity negro is a female one. Have a nice day and kiss my entire lily white bacon fed ass.

Sincerely, your boss again



Dear Mr. president.. The only thing you will see my name on will be your impeachment papers. You don’t give a diddly shit about middle class Americans. You don’t even give a shit about your fellow niggers. All you care about are those Muslims you are handing our country to on a silver platter. Why don’t you go piss on somebody else’s leg an tell them it’s raining because I can see right through your bullshit. You toady to the useless dregs of society… AND the poor people. How the fuck do you think people are going to buy homes? Have you got some new plan to force real Americans to pay for homes for illegals and niggers when they can’t even afford their own? Why don’t you stop sending me stupid fucking emails and concentrate on finding some competent TelePrompTer operators who don’t slip in civil rights from 1964 speeches instead of something that actually matters. Didnt you berate Romney for talking about the past? Well that ol bat on that bus was fifty years ago.. Who died and made you malcolm X? You have beat That dead horse til maggots are coming out. You are a giant pus dripping boil on the ass of this country and your cunt of a gorilla wife is a fucking joke. You can dress a nigger in Prada and Chanel and give her a big fancy house, she is still a goat jawed blue gum nigger. And by the way, you aren’t even a real nigger.. your mom is whiter than me. What happened to that little white sister? did you have her sweet meats with fava beans and chianti? Go eat a fuckin pork chop, bitch. And wear your hoodie.








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