Turkey Day…

Turkey Day...

My niece, Becca, and I have been preparing for our Thanksgiving meal.. and while she and I are preparing a veritable feast with four pies and bread pudding and turkey, dressing and all the fixings, its really just for my sister’s family, bob and myself. I have done my share of those huge 20-30 people Thanksgiving dinners… They don’t usually look like those two boys arguing over a crescent roll on the commercials when you get that many family members in one spot. The reality of the matter is most huge gatherings will include: an under or over cooked bird, or runny dressing, or forgotten rolls, or burnt pies, or somebody gets drunk and takes off their pants, or someone cries, or gets accused of having an affair or or gets punched or announces their fourteen year old daughter is pregnant… the men aren’t grandly carving a bird… they are burping and drinking beer and watching football. the women are in the kitchen arguing over who put too much sage in the dressing… ALL families may not have gatherings like this… I admit I come from quite a cast of characters. But somehow I believe these Bumpus hound hair pulling teeth gnashing some got insulted and someone got pissed off type gatherings of red solo cups and loud arguments and at least one door slamming is actually probably more indicative of the true tradition than those cheesy hallmark moments on t.v.


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