To my Readers on Thanksgiving

My kitchen cabinets are covered with an apple pie, tiny cinnamon roll bon bons with cream cheese icing, a waldorf apple pie, a cranberry cinnamon bread pudding with butterscotch sauce, a pumpkin pie, a cream cheese pumpkin pie, corn bread for dressing, fresh rolls… my fridge is holding a giant turkey and packed to overflowing with the veggies and eggs and everything for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving lunch. Becca is laying in ‘her’ bedroom with my hound dog draped across her waist eating cinnamon toast and cinnamon milk dolce latte under fresh flannel sheets and quilts, drowsy from spending the entire day cooking with me.Bob is snuggled up sound asleep with Honey on our heated mattress. I know my sister and my brother in law have made it til his next payday, and I know she now has a wonderful new job AND house that is gonna make their life next year maybe the easiest life they ever had .I picked her up at work tonight… I am so proud every time I drive up to that pretty hotel and see my sister behind the desk… this may not seem like much to many, but she tends to be an agoraphobe…. she hasn’t worked outside the home in 13 years… This is an amazing blessing for my sister’s family… Their lives just got sooo much better. With them living in Sheridan, Becca is blossoming into a social butterfly in an amazing school environment, so much more suited to her quick mind than a small podunk town school like before… she is already on student council. Sometimes now that Jayme works, it feels like Becca lives with me.. and that’s okay. Its actually another thing I am very thankful for… I teach her things, take her places. She has basically cooked our entire Thanksgiving under my guidance…Though I have reached a level of exhaustion i cannot describe, and the throbbing pain in various places tells me that finishing what i have started in the morning will be quite an ordeal, it’s worth it to spend time with my baby girl who is suddenly a young woman. I don’t mind the pain, or the fact that i probably won’t be able to get down but a few bites of that humongous meal. My home is warm and cozy, rich with the aroma of autumn culinary treasures and comfort and anticipation of tomorrow. I talked with a biker on facebook tonight whose family will have ramen noodles and toast each other with water tomorrow… his wife and his 7 month old baby. I know that I am blessed more than I deserve. He was upbeat, secure in his day tomorrow, and said “it’s okay.. my family thinks i eat weird anyway… I only eat mashed potatoes and rolls”. If he was close enough to me, you can bet your ass he would have all the mashed potatoes and rolls he could stand. i would let that 7 month old baby sit right in the middle of my gorgeous bread pudding and eat until she fell asleep. I would feed every single person I ever knew if they was hungry tomorrow. My heart aches a bit when i am preparing the food that my husband buys for my family… because I wish I could cook 500 more pies and 200 more turkeys to feed every person I call a friend or brother who will be eating a bologna sandwich or a big mac tomorrow. I thank all of the people in my life for putting up with me. I thank God for providing my family with a nice home and stable environment and plenty of good food. I know my parents will sit down at a similar meal in Monticello tomorrow at my uncle’s house… and I am doubly thankful this year because last week I watched my Daddy, who has been on dialysis way too long and has several other issues, lose a toe and never shed a tear… and he is doing fabulous… he just got right back up and kept on going. Thank God that my Daddy is strong enough to take what his body throws at him. Thank God i inherited that from him. I am tired and probably not as articulate as one should be to blog, but I wanted to say to you all… happy Thanksgiving, and may God bless you, and may all my friends at least have enough food tomorrow not to go to bed hungry. I love you all. ~The Wicked Bitch


One Response to “To my Readers on Thanksgiving”

  1. Thank you for reminding me to be thankful for what I have .

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