yea, i know, i’m a bitch.

Someone told me today that I need to watch my language on my blog because I am a Christian. Well, they can kiss my entire lily white ass. When someone gives me a list of words out of a Bible with a reference to what words I will go to hell for saying, I promise to strictly adhere to it. Otherwise, deal with it. Don’t read it. I don’t give a big flying rat’s ass. It’s your loss, not mine if you choose to allow your prude jackassery to deprive yourself of my work, well tough titty for you… How dare you assume you have the authority to dictate what i do and do not say. I have also noticed some people who have started new blogs since I became active on mine once again. Some of you really should go back to whatever you were doing before you started trying to write because I assure you that you had to have been better at whatever that was. I understand writing is therapeutic…it’s an outlet for emotion, a canvas upon which to paint your rage, a bottomless well into which to pour your pain… unfortunately, I am afraid you people I am talking about have no clue what I just said. I am talking about a forced paragraph of someone struggling for SOMETHING to say and puking out four or five sentences of some vapidly stupid, atrociously spelled, grammatically butchered crap. You don’t HAVE to write if it’s that’s much of an effort… or if you truly like to write but you are truly that bad at it, buy a diary for God’s sake… If it don’t look good, don’t put it on the front porch. A bad writer with a public blog is the equivalent of 397 pound woman in a string bikini. As far as trying to correct my language, it’s not going to work. ever. I say what I think and you see what I say. My mind doesn’t really give a fuck if you approve of it’s language. I’m not a wilting little violet… I’m a biker, I’m a wrench, I’m a warrior in a fight to save my country… I speak the language of my people. If you wanna read sweet little sugar coated bullshit instead of my harsh words that make your thoughts quiver and your mind bleed,  I can provide you with a link to some of those shitty blogs some of my friends have started. Image


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