Bad Writers Make My Eyeball Hurt

I wrote briefly the other day about bad writers. This apparently went unseen by my intended audience as there are still shitful blogs popping up. I know that I can’t sing, so I don’t sit around recording myself belting out Delta Dawn and then pouncing on unsuspecting people with it by posting “please listen to me sing”. People need to learn their limits and to stick with what they ARE good at. I know I am a literary snob. I own it. I have earned that right. I have proven my ability to manipulate the English language into anything I choose it to be. This was not done in the amount of time it takes to make a blog page. This was done over years of hard work and reading and trying. I do have a gift of words just overflowing from my mind.. to the point that it is almost a curse. Knowing me doesn’t make you a good writer, however. Writing is not a venereal disease. It’s a talent. Some of you people do not have it. You are embarrassing yourselves by posting this drivel you call writing out in public. seriously. Go back to playing Candy Crush. And what’s worse, some of them ask me directly… did you read my blog? Did you like it? What am I supposed to say to that crap? Am I supposed to say “oh yes, it’s lovely” like you do when someone shows you a baby that looks like Chewbacca then says “Isn’t she cute?” To me you are the equivalent of someone trying to feed a 78 cent pot pie to a five star chef. That’s what I think of your work. So there.


4 Responses to “Bad Writers Make My Eyeball Hurt”

  1. angelwanderer Says:

    Ouch! Now I gotta re-read everything I’ve ever written! -A

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