You Ain’t Nothin’ but a Hound Dog…


This is Cocodog. Her full name is Coco Chanel. I have had her a little over a year. I always am a sucker for dogs… i like dogs better than people. Her vet says she is redbone hound and Greyhound. I got her from a rescue thing when she was just a pup… whatever she is, she is quite a dog. I have a service dog named Honey who I love more than life, but Honey is a lapdog, a fuzzy little thing.. Cocodog is like having a pet deer in the house. She’s all legs and feet and nose.. My sister says she is me in dog form. She steals toilet paper and throws it at Bob… She jumps straight up in the air and kisses people in the mouth.. She runs and digs and chews and does everything a dog probably shouldn’t, but that’s okay.. I love her just the way she is, spoiled, bossy and all. Honey is refined and ladylike and gets offended easily, much like a cat. Coco, she’s more of a drama queen… she will either give you a death stare or just completely fall out in the floor like she fainted if she doesn’t get her way. She hogs the covers and farts and puts her foot on the computer when i am trying to type and knocks my cell phone out of my hand. But.. she also curls up next to me when I am cold, and lays her velvety head over my neck, her long sleek body stretched the length of mine, protecting me while I sleep… She lays under my feet when I am sick and looks at me with sorrowful eyes of understanding. She pokes me with her foot because she knows I am deaf… She seldom barks. I love all my dogs, but sometimes you get one of those dogs that you know is a special once in a life time dog… I am glad that I wound up with this one.


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