Could it be a Faded Rose from Days Gone By….

Could it be a Faded Rose from Days Gone By....

I exist in an era into which i was not born. I think women should wear fishnets and hats and gloves as often as possible. I want to watch Christmas in Conneticut and The Bells of St. Mary’s during this season. I don’t think little girls should dance on stages in their drawers. I think Kim Kardashian could learn a thing or two from Marilyn Monroe and Jane Mansfield. I also have a viewpoint of America and all the good and bad of it from that time period. I can’t look at Obama’s face without wishing for a time when he would be a bellboy somewhere and some white man who had some sense in his head was running this country. I prefer lead sleds to the shoebox ugly ass cars of today. I listen to Dean Martin sing Let it Snow and Bing Crosby sing I’ll be home for Christmas. I miss a time that I never knew… but i know that my country was in a better shape than it is now. I know there was an abundance of patriotism.. I know men still worked to make a paycheck and women still canned vegetables and made their own clothes. I would happily hand over my cellphone and my laptop to live in the days when this country was a sleeping giant instead of a cowardly lion.


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