The Toe Suck Fairy



The toe Suck Fairy first appeared in North Arkansas when I was in high school down in the Monticello delta. His name is Michael Wyatt. He has fascinated me and terrified me ever since the very first time I heard about him. He reappeared in 1999.. He has been to jail for offering to amputate women’s feet or suck their toes. he even pulled house shoes off an old lady and sucked her toes. You know this creep has a collection of feets somewhere. They keep sending him to jail for a year or so then releasing him back on the unsuspecting feets of Arkansas women with a court order to basically not do it again… yea, that’s worked REALLY well for the last 25 years or so, stupid cops. Well… it just so happens, every time he appears, it’s a little bit closer to where I am. It’s now at the point that he is in the same stores I shop at. He got caught at a tj Maxx and a Petsmart that I frequent… (I don’t even wanna know what was up with the Petsmart.) As you all know, I have a collection of shoes that could fill a warehouse. my dog Honey wears long french manicured nails… We should be prime bait. So. I have decided that instead of being afraid of him, I am gonna HUNT for him. When he isn’t locked up, I wear a perfect manicure and scrumptious expensive heels when I go to that area HOPING to run across him. I have become the toe sucker vigilante. i WANT him to attack me. because I am pretty sure i can stomp his little fetish right out of him. I relish the though of him jumping out from under my Mustang and me just stomping on him with a six inch steel rod stiletto until I get tired of it… mainly in the genital area. My sister is always worried that some old guy is gonna fall at my feet or compliment my shoes and I am gonna attack an innocent victim. The Toe Sucker is currently in jail, again, until July so I am now on break. I have considered writing the cops and offering to come up there and help with his court ordered “therapy.”


2 Responses to “The Toe Suck Fairy”

  1. Nice. B Sure to wear open toed CFMS

  2. Former Victim Says:

    We’re you aware of his history of the same behaviors in CA in the 80s? I’ve reported him to police in AK when he contacted me on FB more than 20 years later and got no help! I was also contacted be the daughter in law of his wife (at that time) who also got no assistsnce from the police when she tried to prevent him from having access to her young daughters. Check out his criminal background in CA,!

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