Softail Showdown… FLSTN Grudge Match.. Mooglide vs. Deluxe


The 1993 model year was the ONLY time Harley would strictly limit a very low production for any bike. They would call it the “Nostalgia” and give it a “numbered plate” – in this case  2700 units. Now for reasons unknown, but probably the original’s popularity and quick sellout, Harley decided to continue the model line. This created a problem, however, since the original Nostalgia owners believe their bikes to be what they truly are: one year, limited and numbered examples. Harley tried to appease the original owners by changing the name of the 1994 model to “Special” and by dropping the limited-edition numbering. BUT THEY KEPT the model line designation as FLSTN. This thinly-guised continuation of a promised “one-year-only” model should have annoyed all of us owners of the one and only true Nostalgia. Hey, they even kept using the cow-fur seat and bag accents on the 1994s but this time in all-black vs the original brown-and-white: the genesis for the nickname “Moo Glide”(only to drop fur use for 95 and 96 in favor of a 2-tone leather seat with “laser inscribed” H-D logo). For 1994 Silver/Birch White FLSTN Heritage Softail Special, which really had nothing special about it other than the name stolen from the year before. The true Moo-Glide, a Nostalgia, or a numbered limited production bike – all that stuff was only for the 1993 owners. Many still call ANY of the FLSTNs the “Nostalgia” but Harley never did. The 1993 is THE Nostalgia, the 94-96 is the Special, and the newer ones are the Deluxe…all FLSTN but three different animals! The 94-96 production was not numbered, but was limited in the sense that Harley built a certain number of them and not as many as the public wanted. Lastly, the Specials, unlike most other bikes in the lineup, came in only ONE two-tone color choice for each year. 93:Black on White with red pinstriping 94:Silver on White with red pinstriping, 95:Black on Charcoal with plum pinstriping 96:Silver on Dark Green with gold pinstriping. ONLY the 93s were limited to 2,700 units. The others were produced in low numbers, probably more than the original, but certainly around 5,000 for each model year, as Harley tried to cash in on the new model’s popularity. The rareness on the 94-96 bikes depend on how many examples remain today in good condition..This Harley Softail Heritage is a real head turner wherever it goes… the one i own has NEVER entered a show and not won a trophy.  The 1993 Heritage Softail is the ONLY YEAR NUMBERED FOR THE FLSTN MODELS , LIMITED EDITION motorcycle that Harley Davidson ever produced to date. 2000 of these Harleys were originally distributed in the USA and the other 700 were distributed to bikers throughout the rest of the world. It is believed there are less than 1000 of the 1993 Harley Davidson Softail Heritage FLSTN Nostalgia “Moo-Glide” motorcycles left. I own number 1829.She has been through 2 totals, one deer wreck and the largest hail storm in Sturgis history. I have had her 11 years this past Halloween and been to Sturgis on her twice. her name is Irene. She has also been displayed in the Full Throttle Saloon during the first year’s filming of the television show.



This is a true mooglide with $27,000 worth of extras. She has been published in four books all over the world. I got her at Chicago Harley Davidson. This is what she looked like factory….



Now.. I been pissed off ever since they came out with that damned black and white Deluxe and it’s even named an FLSTN. This newer version, while a beautiful, perfectly gorgeous bike, takes away from the uniqueness of the Mooglide. It should not have been released in the same paint scheme as the limited edition models. Now EVERY DAMNED TIME I ride or post a picture of facebook, someone says “Is that a Deluxe?” or “Your bike is just like mine,” No.. it isn’t. Mine is an extremely rare antique limited edition with handmade one of a kind pieces. yours are one of thousands upon thousands. This pisses me off ALMOST as much as someone saying their Honda 450 “sounds just like a Harley.” I am usually polite and just say, “no, my bike is the grandmother to yours.” Unless its an asshole of course… then I revel in teaching him a little Harley history.

Here is an article about the new FLSTN. What do ya’ll think? Irene or this new imitation?


4 Responses to “Softail Showdown… FLSTN Grudge Match.. Mooglide vs. Deluxe”

  1. Rich Graham Says:

    She’s a beauty

  2. Jerry Keltner Says:

    I own a moo Glide and surprised that there is little knowledge to most who have never seen one. I know I am lucky to. A 100 percent it

  3. I have have a 93 FLSTN Moo Glide. I am the original owner and it is for sale.

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