How to Manage the Holidays and Stay Healthy

Dominate Your Diagnosis

This year Thanksgiving  snuck up on me. I found myself scrambling to get my in-laws’ Christmas gifts,  decided, bought, and wrapped, in time for our trip at Thanksgiving.  With Thanksgiving wrapped up,  the push was on to get ready for Christmas*.

This year the shortened time between both holidays and  the bad weather has people working even harder to get ready for the holidays.  There must be some frazzled and frustrated people out there.  I know I have had my shopper  The Big Three* can wear any one down, and make life more challenging for quite sometime, whether you have  an autoimmune disease such as lupus or not.

While the end of the year is a great time with family and friends, decorations and music, great food and gifts, there is also the shopping, the deadlines, the spending, the excess food and drink, and the endless running around.  If…

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  1. I am glad you liked the post. I hope your readers will find some helpful hints that they can carry into the new year. Blessings for a great 2014. Leslie

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