Muslim Family Try to Kill their own Daughter

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Islam only allows Muslim males to marry non-Muslims. However, when it comes to a Christian boy marrying a Muslim girl, it becomes a non-bail-able offense and a serious threat to Islam, punishable by death under Shariah law for the girl. Pervaiz Rafique Masih is a victim of this suffocating society with Pakistan.

Christian males forbidden from marrying Muslim females.

Christian males forbidden from marrying Muslim females.

Pervaiz Rafique, a Christian man and Saima Rasheed, his Muslim girlfriend were in love. On August 11, 2013, Pervaiz and Saima left their village and got married. When the parents of Saima heard this news, they threatened the Christian family that if they did not produce Saima within one day, they would kidnap the female members of Pervaiz Rafique’s family. They then publicly announced that when Saima is returned to them they would kill her for marrying a Christian and this will be a lesson for the other girls too. This…

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