Mr. Assbag Goes to Washington

I have read reports that one in five Americans believe Obama is a Muslim… I am one of them. 

During his much publicized march to the Oval Office, President Barack Obama claimed to be a Christian.The evangelical lobby embraced this new charismatic hopeful with open arms. But at the very same time, on national television, Mr. Obama made the statement that it is his opinion that what’s written in the Bible is obscure and irrelevant for today. SO what is he saying here? He is a Christian who believes the Bible is irrelevant? Yea, that makes about as much sense as most of the other fecal matter that has spewed from his lying puppeteer lips.

He spouted just enough Bible rhetoric to garner the support of the religious right, and got it, while at the same time pretending to be sympathetic to special interest lobby groups. He avoided taking a hard stand on any issue considered to be divisive, but has many times over stated that he stands on Islamic ground. His promise to fundamentally transform America is fastly proving to be accurate, all right. Towards socialism and Islam. The dirty bastard could keep his change as far as I am concerned.

President Obama’s speech to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus on September 15, 2010, is evidence of just how anti-Christian he really is. Any person who has ever studied America’s true history, unmolested by academia and the judiciary, knows that our founding fathers were greatly influenced by Judeo-Christian values. The evidence is undebatable.. this is one nation under God, not one nation under Barrack Obama or Allah. Thomas Jefferson, penned his moral values clearly and distinctly, “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” This statement has become, throughout American history, the moral standard by which many citizens of the United States have strived to uphold. Our creator it says. My Bible says “In the beginning God created..” The God referenced here is quite plainly God Jehovah… not some trumped up apparition named Allah imagined during postcoital bliss with a six year old Aisha pedophilic stupor of a blind madman named Mohammed. Its so perfectly easy to look at the two books, the Bible and the Quran, side by side and see that the Quran is in fact nothing but a cheap rip off of the real thing.. It is equivalent to the comparison of Dog Patch to Disneyland… a mudhole to the Grand Canyon. How can anyone be so stupid as to believe that these two books say the same thing? To me, this is proof of the breakdown of mental discourse in reference to spirituality and God in our country… THIS is why you are all broke and sick and sad and hungry and watching your government fall apart… because you turned your back on God. Watching Duck Dynasty and posting pictures of Phil on your page does not make you a Christian. Believing in Jesus does. It’s this kind of blind idiocy that has allowed people like that snake in the grass Obama to take over this once great nation.Too many people have their heads up their asses.

The ideal mentioned by Thomas Jefferson are not shared by Obama. In his speech, he quoted this famous historical statement in its entirety, minus a few very important words, saying “That they are endowed by their Creator” to the erupting applause of the predominately Hispanic audience who probably had no idea what he was saying anyway. Every time President Obama opens his mouth, the evidence of his world-view incriminates many statements he has previously made, and wobble headed drooling idiots gush in near orgasmic stupor if he so much as burps. And don;t even get me started on the fake fainting scenes where he rushes to the rescue.

I question his sincerity of the faith he proclaims because he straddles the fence of Christianity and Islam. Either you believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God or you do not. If you really think about the context which he was referring to, that Scripture is irrelevant, his comment is the epitome of ignorance. The passage of scripture he referred to in Romans 1, is a very real and definitive description of what the American culture has become. And this man is heralded by the advocates of change to be their Messiah who knows what is best for you and me, and trudge along behind him like blind slugs because he utters some line from the Bible now and then, conveniently ignoring the fact that he has stated repeatedly that he will stand with the Muslims, and has sent so much of our nations money to Muslim terrorists that we are broke as a welfare mom on the last day of the month. This picture should keep Americans lying awake at night shuddering in fear and revulsion.

What the American people haven’t taken the time to do, then or even now, is find out what this man really stands for. Based upon my research and to the best of my understanding, Mr. Obama adheres to ideals much like that of the Fabian Communitarian socialist agenda, and has strong Muslim beliefs as well. Individuals who adhere to Fabian doctrine plan to implement world socialism incrementally through legislation. They believe individualism has no relevance, and private ownership of business and lands should be relinquished for the good of the state and the welfare of other people. This works in quite nicely with the Muslim agenda to basically take over the earth and make everyone pay taxes to live in their society. We all remember the now famous “Joe the Plumber” question and what Mr. Obama’s response was. He wants to spread the wealth around. How much wealth have YOU received thus far? All I see Americans getting is a shitty healthcare plan forced upon them under threat of a fine labeled as a “tax.” If he is the man you have based your hope of change upon, and if this is the kind of change you actually want, you are exactly what the ruling class has created. A people unaware of the reality that awaits. President Obama is not, nor has he ever been a true Christian. Is he a Muslim? I believe so..We will probably never really know. I honestly don’t think Mr. Obama knows who he truly is. He is a well groomed monkey for the placement in the Oval Office. IF he did at any point possess thoughts and intelligence of his own, long since have those who were his mentors, clouded his reason and this is evidenced by the utter chaos of his and his administrations actions.

The real purpose for Mr. Obama’s placement in the Oval Office by those who are truly in power is being witnessed by the great influx of governmental control over the financial and business industries, and the promotion of every ideal that opposes what the true Christian world-view stands for. Through the control of money through credit and lending, the government will eventually control the people. With leaders like these making decisions affecting every person’s life, it’s very clear why America’s foundation has been ruptured and is sinking faster than the Titanic. Truth has been banished from the scales of justice only to allow lies for the intent of deceiving the masses. There is no such thing as unbiased media and it has nearly reached the point of the propaganda spread in Nazi Germany.. This doesn’t bother anybody, though, as long as they get to see who is visiting Kim Kardashian’s vagina or what Miley is licking today. There has been so much neglect and abuse to the needs of humanity that God’s judgment could very well be to allow His people to be led by men and women with no moral ethics. I believe God has given the American people not only what we want, but also what we deserve.

The Bible commands the Christian to pray for those in authority, and my prayer for Mr. Obama is to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ… right before he jumps off a cliff. His stand alone on politics proves he has no knowledge of the life transforming power of the Gospel.

And to those of you who were, and are, the proponents of his hope and change platform, the fools you were played to be…



3 Responses to “Mr. Assbag Goes to Washington”

  1. never trust someone wants to make things better
    trust the guy who wants to kick asses

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