..Walkin’ on the Fightin’ Side of Me

I see the Twatlizard is now posting “bullying” crap all over her page. I don’t give a shit. I am going to stand up for what I think is right. I am not going to stand for con artists or liars to take advantage of people I care about. I refuse to stand idly by while some skanky asshole tells lie on my friends and accusing them of things they didn’t do. I will jump back at you like a rabid pitbull and you better pray to God somebody has a hold on the leash. I didn’t threaten to do anything to her. I offered politely to meet her face to face and handle this like civilized adults… with a cat fight. It’s not my fault this frightened her and she took it as a threat. I would think someone who is supposedly a modern day Annie Oakley riding around strapped to the gills in her trusty RV would welcome the chance to prove her badass self to all her loyal followers. So sorry I made you have to go take some pills funded by donations and cry into the General Twatwaffle’s smelly armpit, ho. Tell me, who is providing Christmas for YOUR kids while you are out playing escaped convict and the warden’s wife with whomever will let you hitch a ride?


15 Responses to “..Walkin’ on the Fightin’ Side of Me”

  1. I’ll take you up on that offer, I don’t respond too well to threats either, and I’ll fucking show you what a real biker bitch is. Not no internet trash talking scumbag that thinks shes a biker…….Name a time and place you cum guzzling whore.

    Lady Angel
    Iron Angels MC

  2. Too scared to post this comment huh? Lets meet bitch, you are such a loudmouth on the internet, threatening Bee, well I’ll take you up on this offer you skanky old wrinkled whore… We can even film it and post it to your blog when I beat the fuck out of you. Remember, you should “welcome the chance to prove your badass self to all your loyal followers.”

    Lets see if you have as much courage as you talk about on the internet. Biker Bitch my ass, fuckin’ poser.

    Lady Angel

    • I just now saw this stupid fucking post.. i am not afraid to post anything. I can assure you that I would love to walk a mudhole in your motherfucking spleen, cunt. why don’t you ask bee about all this fucking smack you are talking since we are friends now. and yea, you are damned straight I am a biker bitch… and probly the meanest goddamned biker bitch who ever spoke to you, “Angel.” you keep fucking with me you will be one sooner than you think. shut your cockhole, onion.

  3. And goddamned cops aren’t welcome on my blog any fucking way. Holster sniffing fucking pig.

  4. jj solari Says:

    hey lady angel which i am sure you are neither, you have a real name? or just pseudonyms. pseudonyms, since you are likely a cop and dont know your ass from someone else’s ass means fake name.

    • its some moronic fucking piece of shit that belongs to a dyke-like group of biker COPS of all things. she offered to take me up on an ass whooping… that shows her level of stupidity. She seems to have a real problem with not believing I am a biker. Funny, the rest of the biker world doesn’t have a problem with that.They make not like me but by God there isn’t a one of them who would deny the fact that i have EARNED my stripes, one fucking mile after another,

  5. jj solari Says:

    i was just reading skycop’s remarks a little more attentively. it’s a dude fucking with you. and probably a gay one in denial.

  6. jj solari Says:

    the very worst and most sociopathic kind of homo there is. very likely earning a pension from some municipality for kidnapping strangers under the guise of keeping order. or a cop in other words.

  7. jj solari Says:

    i am always amazed at the psychotic level of cowardice and confusion that these “put ’em up” brawlers at the keyboard who never identify themselves display. and apparently without exhaustion. they just never tire of being totally fucked up. maybe its therapeutic if your a cop because stupid as it is its less stupid than your job.

  8. jj solari Says:

    aint the iron angels a female cop gang? i guess police departments werent stupid enough they had to start hiring women to break some new ground in assholeness. well, the gals wont let you down, boys. lookit the one that showed up here. dumb as a bathtub.

  9. These comments hardly dignify a response.Amy. You do too much good to even bother with her him definately a unintelligent lower life form. Love ya Big Mama

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