New Year’s Day on a Wednesday? Let’s Be Reasonable…

This guy cracks me up…

The Life and Times of Nathan Badley...

Dear Barack Obama and/or any other public official this might pertain to,

Happy 2014! I’m sure you are ready for 2013 to be over. With the launch of and the government shutdown, the number of Americans who disapprove of you has jumped up 10%. That’s not good for you at all. If I found out that people who complained about me jumped 10% over the course of a year, I would probably spend a lot of time curled up in a fetal position muttering “Why? Why do they all hate me?”

I guess that’s why I’m writing to you. I’m concerned. See, I feel bad for anyone who made 31.4 million people dislike them over the course of a single year. I mean, that’s over 86,000 per day. If I could, I would give you a big hug and tell you it’s going to be okay. Fortunately for you…

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