The Official Rules of Bathroom Etiquette

I have found a new blog that makes me happy.. look… he writes about POTTIES! i need to write my porta potty story for him to read… and the reason i am banned from Taco Bell…

The Life and Times of Nathan Badley...

In life, there are many unwritten rules. For instance, I know that I should not, under any circumstances, go out in public with boxer briefs on my head declaring myself “King of the Underpants” and demanding that everyone I see bow down to me. No one has ever had to tell me this. It is just a given.

One area full of these rules is the public restroom. Despite never having gone through extensive public restroom training people all tend to behave in a certain way. Or they should anyway.

I walked into the restroom at work today and was greeted with noise from a stall. It seems that a coworker had decided that they would use their most private of times to watch a video while they took care of business. I was horrified. I thought that it was clearly an unwritten rule that no one should be hosting…

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