Oh, oh, oh sweet Jasmine…

Would y’all help me with something? My friend Jasmine is trying so hard to play the big stage at the chip… It’s her lifelong dream. She has devoted her life to playing biker music.. Her mother literally went into labor with her AT sturgis bike week. There’s some chick gaining ground on her hard and heavy who has posted ‘I just heard about this contest!’.. That ain’t even right.. Sturgis is about history and jasmine is part of that history. She’s my best friend. This request is twofold.. I am dying of lupus, ya’ll.. Please help me see my friend play the chip… I had made my swan song appearance at Sturgis.. I never planned to lay eyes on the mania that is Main Street downtown again.. I will do it again once more, and for one reason only.. To see my dear highway sister of more than a decade realize her dream… I will do Sturgis one more time to see Jasmine Cain play The Legendary Buffalo Chip. We have eight days of contest left… I have made her a zillion posters.. You can vote five times a day, play her songs and video and share to FB and twitter and stuff all from her band page to earn her points. Ya’ll have all been so sweet to me that I am hoping maybe you will maybe share her posters and go spend a minute or two voting and playing music to help her win. I cannot be with her often. I can’t watch her crooked smile and her eyes light up or hear her throaty laugh but maybe once or twice a year. But I can tell you about her .. I can tell you she will go without things she needs herself to send presents to her friends. She will sew her own costumes to afford to help someone she doesn’t even know. She will work tirelessly on projects for which she gets no credit. She will drive herself fifteen or twenty hours to a show, unload her own equipment, dress, THEN rock her ass off for hours.. And then load all her own equipment with an achy body and bleeding fingertips and get back behind the wheel of the van and do it again. She writes songs at 6 am and she plays her guitar barefoot while she hums softly along late at night. Her soul is a melody… Her mind is a symphony. She can effortlessly dance from country to blues to hard rock with a gleam in her eye without missing a beat. She deserves recognition for her tireless efforts, her superb music, and her devotion to her fans. This is not a popularity contest.. This is about who can bring the most to that stage… That person is Jasmine Cain. Thank you.. Love & respects.. Amy







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