How Kurt Sutter Ruined Our Lives

A few years ago Katey Sagal burst into the television screen with immaculate foiled hair, manicured nails, a pair of Miss Mes and a leather jacket. She stomped into the lives of bikers all over the country brandishing firearms and punching people out and smoking pot with cops. She plays one bad bitch. This was possibly the biggest mistake Hollywood has ever made in the biker world. This has done more damage than The Wild Ones, that stupid Hollister photograph and crotch rockets combined. This made all women who enter the biker world during the airing of this series the supreme queens of cuntly idiotic behavior. It’s a soap opera, you dumb bitches. It’s not real life. It’s the young and the restless on Harley’s. You don’t get to act like an idiot because an actress on tv does. I believe this is a spreading disease amongst biker women.. I have seen a general uprising of stupidity ever since that show aired caused by women thinking they are now something they are not. I think men need to be much more vigilant in teaching their ol ladies protocol since at the moment all they have for guidance is that bullshit on television and acting like that in real life is ludicrous. There are no matriarchs of the biker world.. It’s delusional to believe you are suddenly someone of importance because of tv.. Do you watch House and then try to take out someone’s appendix? Do you throw the dishes across your kitchen because you watch Gordon Ramsey? I would think not. So why do women try to act like a stupid television series? I personally believe if you know anyone who displays characteristics of being afflicted with this horrible countenance , such as changing the name ‘Jennifer’ to ‘Jenna’.. Just go ahead and punch them in the throat and get it over with.


One Response to “How Kurt Sutter Ruined Our Lives”

  1. Truly agree, Ive never called myself a BIKER , I m a motorcycle enthusiastic , yes have disassociated myself from the women who think they are Jemma, They one have a motorcycle But dont or cant even ride, they think they are above the law, and friends.Ive been a rider for over 15 years rode to Sturgis and back, many a time had to confront their behavor because they were acting STUPID in front of the wrong people.I dont blame Kurt , S O A is a wonderful show Yes Make Believe come on people you choose your own path and behavor . NOW TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS .

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