Update on the Buffalo Chip Saga..

I am on vacation.. but I am still going to say this. You have all seen me kill myself trying to help jasmine stay on top of this contest on top of all the billion other things she does. It ends this week. She has done a good job of doing so until this Cee Cee person who rips off photos of other people’s crowds at the chip and puts her name on them decided to play twitterbug. Everyone knows Jasmine deserves to be on that stage in her hometown at ‪#‎TheChip‬. She is the golden girl of Sturgis, literally born and raised there. I hope that the judges who choose from the top ten will see through a twitter shenanigans approach by someone who, frankly, I can’t even find much of anything she’s actually done anywhere. I see no collaboration or sponsorship for her from anything beyond her kissing the asses of the sponsors of the contest on twitter. All I can say is I suggest don’t let CeeCee be the Barack Obama of the contest. We are all split down the middle voting for Charlie and Jasmine. Since Charlie already said he has his own stage at #TheChip, ya’ll know who I suggest all of you uniting and getting behind… . The only person I see in the top contenders who can go from Merle Haggard to Crazy Bitch to Janis Joplin to AC/DC to Dolly Parton to Stevie Nicks to fucking yodeling if she wants and has actual professional videos and albums and songs and merchandise. I’ve watched this tiny scrap of a woman bring an entire packed clubhouse of 1%ers to their knees with an orgasmic moan into her microphone.. I’ve heard the tales of her wailing Bobby McGee to 35,000 people that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up and tears roll down my face when I hear the recording. She brings good music.. She brings energy. She brings hotness, looks like liquid sex drips from her pores, with the face of an angel burnished by hair flaming like the pits of hell. She brings a voice that sounds like five hundred miles and a shot of good whiskey by a campfire… She brings bad ass. She just fuckin brings it period. Every day with every fiber of her being.. Lets get on a roll ya’ll… Let’s get Jasmine to the Chip. It deserves nothing less. She’s the highway prophet.. The modern day gypsy… She is Jasmine mutha fuckin Cain. Go vote for her and tweet her and what the hell ever else it takes. If you don’t know how to help, ask. Someone will help you. Check her out at http://www.jasminecain.com and go vote for her at http://www.bigsturgisgig.com

Artwork ‘Jasmine’ by Kris Baxter



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