Bikers Shooting Bikers


I try to in one way or another always tell the truth to my fans and readers and listeners about what is going on with the bikers. I am heartbroken and disgusted that I am having to read and try to write news stories about bikers shooting bikers. Do you fellas not see that the government is already trying to take your guns, trying to take your patches, trying to take your freedom? Don’t think they will try to take your patches? Ask the Mongols. Why are you adding fuel to the fire? Stop watching the Sons of Anarchy, Put the fucking guns away, and go back to using your fists like real men. This is getting ridiculous. I cannot believe what is happening in our world. Its bad enough that people are shooting up schools and movie theaters. Now you bikers, you people who are the modern day knights of the world, have decided to start shooting at each other again? Didn’t ya’ll out grow this about oh, twenty or thirty years ago? Are you going to start trafficking women and drugs again to live up to a stereotype, too? All you are doing is handing the government ammunition to start taking away every right we have as bikers. And don’t get me started on the fucking Iron Order. Those holster sniffing son of a bitches exist solely to instigate all of the real bikers into fighting or pulling guns. All of you need to go and find every last one of them and stomp the ever loving shit out of them and piss on their rags before you set them on fire and feed them to a dog. Fuck the Iron Order and I cannot believe no one is doing anything to stop the bastards from spreading faster than Muslims and cockroaches. I tell ya, I will support every one of you to the death. I LOVE one percenters. I love all bikers period. I am a 1%er friendly journalist in every sense of the word. But I tell ya what, you fuckers are making it real damned hard for me to defend you when you are going off getting in all sorts of trouble. Seriously, the Boozefighters are getting shot at Hollister? Didn’t you people learn anything the FIRST damned time? No. Now here you are in the national news seventy damned years later being labeled as dangerous threats to society. Just flushed all that hard work down the shitter like a vending machine burrito. I still love all of you bikers, but I gotta tell you, I don’t LIKE some of you right about now. Goddamn it, when you shoot one another, we all bleed. You are all my BROTHERS. Whether you wear the same patch or not, we are all on the same side in the end… bikers versus the fucking universe. It’s not always about what’s on your back, sometimes its about what’s on your bike. Grow the fuck up, fellas, before you ruin everybody’s lives.


2 Responses to “Bikers Shooting Bikers”

  1. The IO/BPMC murder started as a fist fight until the IO pulled the gun so there’s no grounds to lay the blame on the Bikers (The IO aren’t Bikers). The Wino’s Crew opened up on the BFMC so again no blame, no foul on the BFMC who’ve had a running beef with the WCMC for a very very long time. And, as far as changing the way we live, well, the Cops ain’t interested in our becoming born again model citizens even if we wanted to which truth be told, we don’t. Nobody forces anyone to join an MC but hopefully during the Prospect/Probate period the man’s sponsor educated him about the risks as well as the good times. All things considered “the life” is changing as the Viet Nam generation gives way to the Iraq/Afghanistan generation and given those two sorts of recruits a cretain measure of violence (sometimes brutal) goes with the territory. Most people want to be 1%’ers until it’s time to do 1%’er shit. Nobody forces anyone to stay & leaving on good terms isn’t impossible but if that’s the case why would anyone join in the first place? I guess it all boils down to the old saying, “It Is What It Is”.

    • I agree with the blame on both accounts. I despise the Iron Order. I back the boozefighters one thousand percent. Now is not the time in our country to be playing OK Corral, however. If they wanna have infighting, fine.. They always have, always will. That’s why there is more than one patch. But we have to present some sort of unity in the face of the government trying everything they can to fuck with us.

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