All Roads Lead to Sturgis


I have been riding fifteen years. I plan on making my third trip to South Dakota in a couple weeks from Arkansas.. This will be my second trip on chemo for lupus. I will be going with Lane and Libby, and spending the week with my beautiful friend Jasmine. I love and hate Sturgis.. I have many smiles and miles, tears and fears buried in the foothills of the Black Hills and for some reason, even though I am a dyed in the wool Arkansan, it always feels like I am going home. I am always excited to be in Sturgis for about five seconds then I think why the hell did I do this to myself? But no matter how much I abhor the traffic and Super Bowl atmosphere and dust and hear and scent of beer, I still feel the call every July.. My heart begins to long for the endless highways and the Wall Drug signs.. So okay, I’m gonna do this again.


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