The hairy crotch conundrum

I too have been rather fascinated with pubic hair fashion for awhile. I want to know when it became en vogue for men to shave their under yonders to the point women make fun of those who still go retro.. And who exactly decides the latest in pube couture anyway? I have attempted to conduct surveys to find out how many men really do this but they shy away from answering much like they did during my circumcision survey. I’ve found women will tell you readily ‘yes, I wear a Brazilian’ or ‘well I have a landing strip shaved in a shamrock.’ Men are much more reserved.. I myself tend to wear a bit of a buzz cut with one pretty red curl. A naked vagina just looks weird to me. Plus, in the words of the great Jerry lee Lewis, ‘it’s so pretty, I just can’t stand to cut it.’

My buxom wench

Alright, now this might seem a bit queer to some of you but this is undoubtedly a subject of interest to me. For quite some time I had been pondering over this enigma. Keeping your crotch shaven or hairy is simply a matter that is up to you or your decision to choose any of the options might be influenced by your partner’s fascination with either of the two options. Now if you’re much into historical fiction as I am, you are bound to come across Ken Follett. Yes, that very Follett who wrote masterpieces such as ‘The pillars of the earth’ and ‘Fall of Giants’. If you’ve read either of these books, the leading characters are headstrong, intelligent and beautiful females. But there’s another striking similarity between these awe-inspiring women portrayed in Follett’s novels: these women have thick dark hair on their mounds and surely, Follett does not shy…

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