Bikers Participate in National Day of Protest, 2MBTDC, AR


This Saturday Arkansas bikers will be heading out to protest the ridiculous immigration shenanigans being orchestrated by our government. Headed up by 2MBTDC State Coordinator Colin Wetherelt and assisted by National Administrator of of 2 Million Bike Ride to DC Amy Irene White, all factions of Arkansas patriots plan to turn out in full peaceful showing of protest. They will be meeting at 10 a.m. at War Memorial Stadium and have an entire day planned, including a short ride, visiting the Mexican consulate where Colin wants to “rattle the pillars,’ lunch by Black Dog Bar-B-Que, speeches on the capitol steps, and an after ride to Rodney’s Cycle House.


This effort is in collusion with The National Day of Protesting Against Immigration Reform, Amnesty, and Border Surge. People all over the country are gathering at their state capitols this Saturday…


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Colin has already garnered state media attention with his efforts…

LITTLE ROCK, AR – As one of the hottest debates continues in Washington D.C., a local man is hosting a motorcycle rally to protest immigration reform.

Saturday riders will meet at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock for the “Riding in Little Rock” rally. They will ride to the Mexican Consulate before wrapping up at the Arkansas State Capital Building. It’s all about of the National Day of Protest Against Immigration Reform.

Colin Wetherelt, the rally organizer said, “Nothing gets your attention like a low rumble heading your way, getting louder all the time.”

“People are responding; people are upset; people want an answer to a question.
The question is what is our state government doing to protect our children, our grand children, from the growing threat posed by the failure of the federal government to secure our southern borders.”

When asked why protest at the consulate, he said, “So we are going with a simple statement, shut your borders, that’s all.”

The Mexican Consulate issued a statement saying:

“We do not approve nor promote illegal immigration which in our opinion, is the direct consequence of the inaction of Congress to approve a Comprehensive Immigration Reform as way out of the actual dysfunctional immigration system and to better serve the present and future needs of the United States in terms of labor, economy expansion, and population growth, among other. Immigration enforcement without immigration reform is an economic dead-end.”


Amy has garnered massive social media attention with her efforts on the radio, writing and facebook under the title “Bikers vs. Muslims”.. She was in Washington DC last September 11th to stand against the so called Million Muslim March and plans to return this year as well.


Special thanks to Black Dog Bar-B-Que and Rodney’s Cycle House for their support in our endeavors. Come on out Arkansas and tell them what we think about their Amnesty Programs and Immigration loopholes. Let’s make more than the thunder roll in the natural state. Be sure and remember the good food and free entertainment of Roger Hale at Rodney’s Saturday night, as well. Let’s work together, folks, and show them we ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie!



2 Responses to “Bikers Participate in National Day of Protest, 2MBTDC, AR”

  1. jjsolari Says:

    for a translation of the mexican consulate statement what they are saying is this is your problem not ours. we dont want these idiots either.

  2. nobody does. I suspect they are Muslims anyway.

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