Cj Allan.. A Cut Above The Rest


One of the greatest influences and mentors of my biker opinions is a man known, respected, loved and feared by many. His lifetime is a rich tapestry of motorcycle lore that I am woefully unskilled to attempt to weave into words. To hear him tell a story about the old days is akin to having a glass of good bourbon next to a fire on a chilly rainy night while reading a horror story. His knowledge amuses you, terrifies you, and fascinates you all in one breath. He is to bikers what Johnny Cash is to music… a living, breathing legend of what it means to be a true biker. His bountiful street creds encompass every aspect of the biker world, from being a former international Hessian president to rubbing elbows with the elite of the builders, Cj has been there, done that. He is in fact the esteemed individual who engraved the tattoos of the late Indian Larry on his urn… they were great friends and worked on many projects together. When Cj engraves something on your bike, he etches a piece of himself onto your soul. Even carrying one of his specialty Mag lights, you feel like you have a tiny piece of Cj there with you everywhere that you go. Personally, I find that much more comforting than any little bells you buy at a swap meet.

From the May '92 issue of Supercycle, a great photo of CJ's fully engraved monster SU carburetor.




timthumb (1)larry22


Cj doesn’t let any of this go to his head, however. He is always the most level headed, down to earth man you ever spoke to. He serves as uncle, dad, brother to all of us who are ensconced deep in biker culture. He is offering something that I believe would be a once in a lifetime experience worth every penny for anyone who wants to learn what he wants to teach. See Cj, he is one hell of an engraver. I mean, to the point that you can bet you have seen his work on something at pretty much any real hardcore bike show or museum you ever went to… His work is even exhibited in the Art of the Chopper by Tom Zimberoff. Well, Cj holds exclusive classes to teach his trade to younger guys to carry on the tradition… only twelve students a year, or about one a month. He will teach you how to be an engraver like he is for only $1,250 dollars. This price includes lodging and meals as well as your class. I personally believe this to be a great price, since the knowledge he offers is priceless beyond measure.


From Cj’s blog… “For several years now CJ has offered workshop classes to individuals wishing to learn the trade. Students learn engraving from A to Z in this fine art class. They are taught how to set up their work area, prepare the piece that is to be engraved, choose, obtain and transfer patterns, make and sharpen gravers and all the tricks or the trade that CJ has learned and developed in his lifetime that make his work very unique.”


A message from Cj himself….

I’m Only Going to Take on 12 Students this Year.
& These may well be my Last……….
I teach One-on-One, here at my home studio….
In Hazel KY ….On KY/TN State Line,-Just West of the MISS River
I call it “Grub & a Bunk”, I provide 3 days of intense instruction,
A good bed, and food…..so ya don’t have to find a hotel, or resteraunt………..
I make it to fit YOUR schedule…………
When you can get the time…..I Make the time………….
I keep telling myself I need to raise the price of this..But Ta hell with it….|
…It WILL Go Up in Jan 2015…….fer sure this time..!!!!!! ….
I’ll give ya the old price of $1250……….
with a $250 deposit, & that will be good till ya get here, anytime in 2014, or so.
Give me a call if ya like… 270-492-6209…Leave a message
Or message me here on FB
lookin forward to hearin from ya……..
Henry Ford said:
“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.




3 Responses to “Cj Allan.. A Cut Above The Rest”

  1. You are a classy classic, CJ . The End…!

  2. Jackie Burnes Says:

    I’ve been gone sooo long! I had no idea, please forgive me CJ. I am truly honored. Your very brief student of your other ART. Respectfully Jackie Burnes

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