Dave Mann Wearable Art


In 2004 Easyriders magazine lost one of the greatest artists in biker history. Dave Mann died  of health issues. About the same time, I had to quit chasing stories because I was diagnosed with lupus, from painting cars. I have always had a great love for and felt a connection to Dave Mann for this reason.


Dave Mann’s dad was a lifelong illustrator and active member of the Society of Scribes in London. The younger Mann was born in Kansas City, Missouri. In 1957 he first drew pencil sketches of hot rods while feigning attention in high school. His crude sketches opened the door for Dave’s first job, pinstriping cars for Doug Thompson and Ray Hetrick’s custom car shop in Kansas City.  The wild allure of the West Coast drew Dave and buddy Al Burnett to Santa Monica, California. While cruising the seaside community he stumbled across Bay Area Muffler, an area custom car house, and there discovered completely insane chopped Harleys. The bikes drove him wild. They projected freedom, power and mobility with every chromed curve. He was immediately hooked. Dave Mann returned to Kansas City and bought his first new bike, a ’48 Panhead, for $350. At the same time he created his first painting, “Hollywood Run.” It represented the wild, unleashed, Hollywood outlaw lifestyle. Riding his customized Harley with his painting tucked under his arm, Dave entered the ’63 Kansas City Custom Car Show. That car show launched his artistic & biker career. Dave Mann had the only custom-bike entry in the show, so for his creative efforts the judges initiated a new class and trophy specifically for him.



Dave Mann painted several posters for Big Daddy Roth, the California custom car creator and publisher of the first chopper magazine.  In ’65, he went to work in the mailroom at Scheffer Studios in Kansas city, where he met an architectural renderer, Dave Poole, who taught him technical drawing.  By ’67, Mann developed into an architectural renderer, having studied at the Kansas City Art Institute.

Then in 1971, Dave discovered a new magazine— Easyriders.  And the rest as they say, is history– the two are now forever inseparable in any hardcore biker’s heart and mind.Easyriders was the first full-fledged, lifestyle-related bike rag.  Since Easyriders third issue, Dave Mann has led the biker magazine industry by capturing the essence of a changing lifestyle in the epic center-spreads.

Due to his failing health, Dave Mann was forced to retire from Easyriders in 2003 — the years of paint fumes had deteriorated his lungs to the point where surgeons had to remove them both and put him on a breathing machine.  Sadly, Dave died about a day after his 64th birthday, Sept. 11 2004.



Mann has always been known as a visionary who could tell a story with paint. He immortalized the lifestyle that is so quickly dying these days… the old school biker. His paintings are now an amazing piece of history that will ensure that stories are forever commemorated long after they are but secrets kept by ghosts around a million campfires across a billion miles through time.


I am tickled to death to announce that Affliction Clothing is teaming up with Easyriders and introducing a new line of clothing using Dave Mann paintings as wearable art at Sturgis this year… I plan on buying at least one!


Affliction Clothing has announced a collaboration with Easyriders Magazine to create an exclusive, limited edition collection featuring the artwork of David Mann from the Easyriders archives. The collection will capture the essence of the biker lifestyle and will maintain the design and manufacturing quality Affliction is known for.
David “Dave” Mann was a California graphic artist whose paintings celebrated biker culture, and choppers. Called “the biker world’s artist-in-residence,” his images are ubiquitous in biker clubhouses and garages, on motorcycle gas tanks, tattoos, and on t-shirts and other memorabilia associated with biker culture.
Choppers have been built based on the bikes first imagined in a David Mann painting
In 2004 Mann was inducted into the motorcycle Hall of Fame by artist Billy Lane.
Mann died a day after his 64th birthday. Just before his death a custom motorcycle was commissioned in his honor from Orange County Choppers, to be featured in an episode of the reality television series American Chopper. The “David Mann Bike” featured custom artwork in Mann’s style, but Mann died before it was completed. The vehicle served as a posthumous tribute to the artist, and his work was featured on the show.
The episode was dedicated to Mann as well as Indian Larry, who had died a month earlier.
The vintage motorcycle imagery of David Mann is widely considered as capturing the essence of the biker lifestyle and has been featured in the magazine for over 30 years. Easyriders Magazine was the first in the industry to capture the ever-changing hardcore biker lifestyle. Each graphic in the Affliction Easyriders Archive Collection is reinterpreted for printing by Affliction’s team of artists and is a distinctive work of art.
The intricate paintings of David Mann have been meticulously re-mastered ensuring the most authentic vintage biker tee possible. The garments are hand distressed and softened with various exclusive wash techniques that offer Affliction’s signature vintage fit and feel.
The Affliction Easyriders Archive Collection will debut at the Sturgis Bike Rally in August and will be available in stores where Affliction is sold.
– See more at: http://www.clutchandchrome.com/20140716112/News/Motorcycle-artist-David-Mann-honored-in-clothing-line.html#sthash.6y79eAtp.dpuf


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  1. jjsolari Says:

    i hope the family is getting cut of the dough. this is a great article. it ought to be somewhere than just here.

  2. well, it is. it’s also on my website and here and there.

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  4. El Mopoe king of the wildmen Says:

    If you have such reverence for the work of David Mann then why would you alter and change it from the original ? In his ghost rider picture you took the SS bolts off the gas tank. Why would you do that then write about how much integrity you have to preserve the dying old school culture?

    • No, I did NOT remove anything. That was done by the person who his ol lady has selling his art. I would appreciate not being accused of things without you first checking into it. It’s laughable to think I would remove SS from anything… I am a racist white bitch married to a German? Snorts.

      • El Mopoe king of the wildmen Says:

        Well then restore it back original then. For you all to print up and pass out the tampered version is just about as bad as actually being the perpetrator. Like it or not, by perpetuating this deviation you actually have a hand in on the homogenization almost as much is the art butcher did.
        You can’t be all that white if you let that shit happen on your watch. Do the right thing woman, put it right.

      • the ss bolts were removed by paisano. they didnt want to offend the communists and fagots and niggers and jews. but for a while, at least when the illo first got published they published the nazi esses. then oh dear someone said THATS WRONG TO DO THAT and teresi – probly – said “oh, sorry, even though i have never killed a jew. although i have been sorely tempted plenty of times. tell him to go fuck himself.’ – Jj Solari

    • It seems I was wrong. It wasn’t recently removed by he guy selling them.. It was removed by someone…. BEFORE I WAS BORN. restore it how exactly? You want me to PAINT on it? Drag an original out my ass? What?

  5. El Mopoe king of the wildmen Says:

    If you are putting out the posters why not print the origonal print as opposed to the newer kinder gentler version?
    You said you might have an origonal in your ass ? Leave it there by all means. I was thinking you can do it on print shop maybe. You seem a bit agrovated, might consider switching to Sanka. Oh and as long as you are cleaning up pictures , the pic of you with the cigarette hanging out of your mouth is just plain silly. I know you want to be tough and all but the smoke is just silly. Might want to fix that one too while you’re at it. Okay that’s enough for me. I’m puttin out fires all over town.

    • When and where have I ‘put out a poster?’ Are you on drugs? Did you actually READ this story? Are you suggesting I go back to the 70s and somehow find an original before EASYRIDERS changed it and then try to bypass his estate or something? What the fuck is your problem?

    • And ya know, ROD KLAMKISSER, I don’t think I would talk about someone trying to look tough when my facebook profile photo is shirtlessly protruding a beer gut beneath a ZzTopp beard with a name proudly proclaiming ‘hey I’m a heterosexual man! I eat pussy! I swear! Look at my name.’

      • El Mopoe king of the wildmen Says:

        So what exactly do you do for this company and do you own this art yourself? This must be your company I am guessing. And another thing why the personal assaults ? You seem very defensive and I only asked a couple simple questions. Your people skills leave little to be desired. You are the represenitive for this affliction company?

      • I don’t ‘represent’ any company, dumbass. I just wrote a story about it.

        My ‘interest’ in this company is, they are a company that made some biker clothes. I am a biker. I wear clothes. The end.

        My personal attacks are in direct relation to your own.

  6. dear el moped; why dont you go back to Halo and Dungeons and Dragons and stay out of the real world. you dont belong with adults. youre going to get embarrassed if you stay here. and since youre so fucking tough and so fucking intelligent why dont you use your real name instead of what you are called by your skateboarding compadres.

  7. dear el moped; and as long as i have you here by the vagina what the fuck is “the homogenization.” you must be one of these white supremacists who is not supreme over anything except in your devotion to nazi paraphernalia, even though hitler, if he saw you, would throw you into a gas chamber faster than megele slit veins. and by the way, mr master race senyore el puto, what’s with the mexican pseudonym ? you really think you should be touting white supremacy and what you mistakenly think is a biker link to Nazi-ism with an El Spico name? dont you think Herr Moped would be a little more Aryan than el dodo, king of the hahahahaha wildmen?

    • El Mopoe king of the wildmen Says:


      • Do YOU understand that the person you are arguing with is NOT me, the woman who wrote the initial blog? You are in fact saying all these things to a man who is quite arguably JUST as revered as Dave Mann.. Jj Solari was hands down no question the best writer that Easyriders was ever lucky enough to buy stories from. So, basically, you are cussing out the old school legends in the name of the old school legends?

    • Do YOU understand that the person you are arguing with is NOT me, the woman who wrote the initial blog? You are in fact saying all these things to a man who is quite arguably JUST as revered as Dave Mann.. Jj Solari was hands down no question the best writer that Easyriders was ever lucky enough to buy stories from. So, basically, you are cussing out the old school legends in the name of the old school legends?

    • Oh, I think El DooDoo Is pretty fitting, jayster.. You should see this shirtless wonder on facebook… HAHAHAHAAA KLAMKISSER. I bet he has to pay a ‘clam’ to get within ten foot of it.

  8. el moped is 15. and gets beat up a lot. when he’s not stealing candy.

  9. he’s king of the wildmen, amy. all the lads at the Leather Codpiece Bar and Bath House will back me up on that.

  10. he’s the king of the wildmen, amy. all the lads at the Leather Codpiece Bar and Bath House will back me up on that.

  11. now he’s crying, amy. i hope youre happy. i know he is. it reminds him of when dad would tell him how useless he is. to him that was a bonding moment.

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