The Iron Order on the Verge of a Civil War or Just a Lover’s Quarrel?

The IOMC had a problem with this blog. They got a little out of shape because I published their membership directory. They spent several months reporting this blog until they got it taken down for three whole days. Since I almost feel sorry for the raging buffoons, I decided to dedicate my first post since my WordPress incarceration to them. Here is an inner club correspondence that seems to be a lovers quarrel in the hierarchy of the Iron order. Izod, head goober smoocher, seems to be suffering from King Henry VIII syndrome… Also known as head up his ass like he thinks he’s Obama. I take particular pleasure in reading of his obsession with the Aging Rebel, the number one blog of the underbelly… He is the go to news source for bikers who want to read no frills truth. The Rebel has made it a personal mission to show the world exactly what the Iron Order is made of.. I applaud his successes. So, with no further ado, here is THE email… Poor little iPod. It’s lonely at the top.. Especially when you are a bottom. Enjoy.

Izod – I love you but you have to understand that you aren’t the only one who can get their way. Somewhere along the path you have completely lost your mind. Your ego will not allow you to see the mistakes that you are making. You and many others have built something amazing but its time to move on.

I would ask that each person read this entire email and make damn certain that you are educated about this election. Not what THEY want you to hear but the truth.

Go read Izod’s announcements in the forum. Read back in time and you can get an idea of what has changed. Everything is about his personal agendas and nothing is about the IOMC any more. How much more violence are we willing to take? Just about everything he discusses lately involves Aging Rebel. Izod sounds like he is the one with the problem not just Rebel. Izod continues to send updates to Rebel adding more fuel to the fire.

Then there is Midnight. Midnight got center punched for 1 year because he sent an email out to the Nation. Midnight didn’t get the chance to defend himself. Izod had the IB convinced that Midnight was a security threat and had made their decision without any investigation. All of this was because Izod didn’t like what Midnight was saying. Go get educated on all of the shit going on in Massachusetts like I just did. This is a result of Brothers getting a Green Light from Izod to go and put a HATER in the ICU. Then send them flowers. Go ask Lambo too. He did the same thing last year on Izod’s orders. Why the fuck do we care about these haters and why do we continue to respond to them?

When Midnight sent his email nothing was said about the content of the email but your attention was shifted towards the process itself and how he was out of line. Izod made everyones focus about the email itself and the security issues and continues to blame Midnight for letting that content out to the Brotherhood. Why is nobody asking the right questions like why those things that Midnight talked about actually happened? If you look at just about everything he does he spends all of his efforts pointing your focus towards something else and never responds to the claims made. In Izod’s recent announcement he mentions that Midnight could possibly be the cause of a RICO charge against the IOMC. The truth is that a RICO charge could happen but because of Izod’s actions and doings not because Midnight sent out an email. If there is a RICO action against this club it would be because of Izod or Cgar or some of the Nomads. Not because of the majority of the Brotherhood. These 2 have repeatedly sent out emails and orders to go get this guy or that guy for some really shallow offences.

For years Docfather and Playboy and Whiskey and many others have been allowed to lash out at anyone who didn’t just fall in line and obey. Do we really want a club full of followers? Doesn’t that go against everything that we stand for? I don’t understand why more people will not speak out against this whole mess. I am sure that it is because they are afraid to in fear of being thrown out of the club or center punched for doing something very insignificant or non-conformity. What about our God given rights and freedoms or does that only apply when you aren’t upset at how our leadership is doing things?

Go read our Guestbook. Izod responds to each and every person who has anything negative to say about us. Again why do we care about what they have to say and why do we respond? Shouldn’t our leader be more mature than that?

We have a prospect in Florida who is waiting on the results of the prosecutors office and the only reason that he isn’t in jail is the fact that the Iron Order is law abiding. We all were told to not talk about it but its ok to post our condolences on our website or to talk to Aging Rebel about the incident or have some of his Bromads on Facebook fueling the social media fire. When we are Green Lighted to go put a Facebook Hater in the ICU we are no longer law abiding. That is something that the 1% world does. We have fallen away from who we are and that needs to be brought back to the IOMC. The next one may not be so lucky and it may be YOU sitting in jail fighting a murder charge or dead. Not because you did anything wrong because the IOMC now has the reputation of starting shit. Look at how many Brothers have had to choose between their LEO career and the IOMC lately. This has happened in the past but not at the level that its happening as of late.

Izod is not the only one qualified to lead the IOMC. Electing someone else is not going to put us in any worse position than we are already hell we may actually gain some reputation by not continuing to blindly follow him. He spews one lie after the next and doesn’t care what comes out of his mouth. His mission is something nowhere close to what it used to be. He doesn’t take the time to hear all sides of situations just reacts. Good Brothers get hurt in the process.

How about this one:

We had a BROTHER in Wisconsin whose fiance (at the time) came to him about their CP touching her inappropriately. Not some ex-IOMC OIB asshole and his whore wife as Izod stated. TIMBER WAS A BROTHER IN THIS CLUB and his fiance was a Maiden. Nomad Ref had touched her inappropriately on more than one occasion. When others finally saw him do it they demanded something be done about it. The issue was taken up the chain and dismissed as innocent and playful. It wasn’t to them. When they had finally had enough of the chain of command sweeping it under the rug Timber left the club upset and defeated. His club failed him and it happened from the fucking top. Izod chose to ignore the situation because Ref was already on his project of bringing some really killer bands (sarcasm) to the 2014 rally.

Just so everyone is aware Ref is most likely going to get jail time over this. Its just a matter of time. But rather than punishing the person who admittedly touched her inappropriately he was named to Izod’s Army and given a promotion. To make matters worse we have another Maiden who witnessed the whole thing. She did the right and law abiding thing by testifying what she saw. She could have lied and saved her own ass but she did not. For that she was BANNED from the Maidens and all IO events. forever. What if all of the witnesses in Florida decided the right thing to do was to lie or not give a statement about the truth? Izod you can’t wear a black and white hat. You are either a good guy or a bad guy.

If you want to read something to put this in perspective go read about Barney in Izod’s book. How he gets drunk and sneaks into bed with a Brother’s girl who is asleep and begins to go down on her and he lets this happen without any interference. Then she finds out about it and that is wasn’t her man and gets pissed. How is sexual assault ok? This is 2 times that we know about and I am sure there are countless more. The worst part is how he comes across like this is how we roll or this is ok. Had that been my old lady and my Brothers had failed me like that I would be on a fucking rampage. Izod has successfully managed to make all of us look like fucking idiots and we continue to put him up on a pedestal like some fucking hero or celebrity.

I’ll leave you with one last thing accountability. Izod talks this huge game about how he did these amazing things for these multi-billion dollar companies that he does not even work for any more. He has all of this corporate experience that makes him the only one who can lead this Nation. This is complete bullshit and in fact we wouldn’t be in half of the issues we are in had Izod not been twisting things. In corporate America its’ ALL your fault if you are the leader. Everyone under you is responsible to do their job and its your responsibility to make them do their job. If you can’t get people to cooperate you fire them if you can’t fire them you do what it takes to get them to do their job but you are responsible for everything under your watch. If Izod would run the IO like corporate America and what he claims to know we would not be in the situations we are currently in.

We can spend over $300k on a party but we put limits on helping our own Brothers? We have 2 Brothers this year alone who lost their homes for less than $10000 each. Was Three Dog Night really worth that? I’m not saying the party wasn’t amazing but who makes those decisions? Where the fuck is Brotherhood any more? Our forums have been littered with Izod supporters picking people off one at a time for speaking their minds. But when Izod or one of his Bromads has something to say its ok. Imagine if I had posted all of this on the forum with my name right next to my statements. Where would I be tomorrow?

There are hundreds of examples of shit just like this that I could go on and on about. I am not going to bore you with example after example of how the wrong thing has been done over and over again. I assure you that these are not the only examples of his wrong doings. This has been going on for years. These issues are the most recent and the most easily proven. Go make the calls to Massachusetts or Wisconsin and ask the questions like I have done. All of this information can be proven its not hearsay which is how Izod operates.

Brothers Do the Right Thing. Think about this decision before you vote this weekend and make damn certain that you have become educated before just blindly voting for what has always been done. Izod says that the IO is doomed if he isn’t reelected well I say the IO is doomed if he is. Can we really handle 2 more years of bullshit deceit and lies and people doing whatever in the hell they want to do as long as they are Izod’s buddy? You have the power to stop this disaster. Its not too late to educate yourself and make your decision based on facts and not lies and deception.

L&R – Your Conscience


4 Responses to “The Iron Order on the Verge of a Civil War or Just a Lover’s Quarrel?”

  1. Ok so apparenty you guys have no idea how to behave. You claim to be a “law abiding club”. BS. You talk of “greenlighting” someone in Ma who ends up in ICU. “Law abiding clubs” do not “green light” anyone. Period. That is 1% protocol. No ifs, no ands and no fucking buts. I know. I was a Ma 1%er with 3 different clubs for over 15 years. When you step outside the law, you lose the protection that it affords you. Period. Be carefull. I have not worn a patch in over 20 years. That doesnt mean Im clueless. If Im noticing what it is your doing, rest assured others are also. Did one of your idiot “prospects” really kill an Iron Piston? You do realize that the AOA consider them brothers and not prospects with a patch? Right? He might as well have shot an Outlaw. Dipshit. You people are playing dress up hardass while alienating everyone. Im hearing that you have made enemies of The Iron Horsemen and the Outlaws all art once. Did you know that TIHMC pulled a patchunder kiling of one of the Outlaws most respected members? No?…..You seem to have made the worse kind of enemies one can hope for. Not every club is a “law abiding” club. LOL. Youre not either. Why do you see if you canfind out what the mistake the Pagans made with allowing The Breed to start up under their noses. Rest assured, The Pagans will never mak that mistake again, nor will any other 1%erclub that was paying attention. P.S. They were all watching. My name is VC. I live in Georgetown Ma. Go ahead and “green light” me. Ive been shot twice and stabbed 3 times over cloth on my back. Im not worried about you people

  2. Hey. On your Burlington Ma facebook page(brilliant idea). All the NH members state markers are “side rockers”. Why is that?

  3. I am not a hater of your club. Nor am I a supporter of it. Quite frankly I dont care if it thrives or dies. I just dont understand that you people seem oblivious to the fact that you have crossed major league lines. Watch your backs

  4. vc,3 clubs in 15 years, ALL 1%? And it wasn’t an IRON Piston, it was a BLACK PISTON. Maybe you shouldn’t type so fast without checking your facts. You seem rather suspect to me. Saw you post
    on AR. Trying to “get in”?, or too buzzed? Either way ain’t cool.

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