America’s Bikers Fight Back Against the Waco Massacre

Bikers all over the United States are finding major fault with the behavior of the Waco police department.. from the gunning down of dozens to the lies in the media to the mistreatment of the 170 people still in jail, the actions of this organization are so blatantly disregarding of respect for human life that its sickening. They gunned down people in cold blood and are persecuting vets, christians, women.. even Marines.

Bikers have a long standing tradition of supporting each other. There is nothing different in this case.. gofundme accounts have sprang up everywhere in support of the families suffering from this blatant disregard for the rights of these American people. Photos of protests are showing up across social media.. countless pages offereing support and news litter our newfeeds with the story that has laid waste to all we have worked for in a staunchly determined effort to learn the truth and to free all those innocent people.

The biggest event that seems to be shaping up to date is one called the “All for 1 Rally” that will be in Waco on June 7th at 1:30. check out this link for further information:

Gathering time North Texas and Metroplex 10AM June 7th
Six Flags Mall Next to American Motorcycle Trading Company
2925 E Division St, Arlington, TX 76011

Their site describes this event as:

First Amendment & Redress Rally at the Courthouse in Waco. Protesting the actions of the Waco PD and Judges concerning the Assembly and meeting at Twin Peaks Restaurant On May 17 by the COC&I, US Defenders, and Independent Riders. For the DFW Area we will assemble at the Six Flags Mall Parking Lot adjacent to American Motorcycle on Division and 360. Assembly starts at 9:30 am and KSU at 11:00 am

Media Contact: or

By all measures this appears to be a peaceful protest to show their support for the wrongfully accused. No violence or crime should be expected from these bikers.


17 Responses to “America’s Bikers Fight Back Against the Waco Massacre”

  1. Kate Woods Says:

    Amy I am Michael Woods wife, a Waco 170 wife, please feel free to contact me. My cell is 254-458-6913.

  2. Randy Patranella Says:

    I have several friends in the 170 locked up, please feel free to contact me, 512-760-5661.

  3. No violence or crime should be expected of these bikers, but of the ATF, police, KGB, SS of America?…. As evidenced by Waco police, any form of violent crime can be expected from them.

  4. I wish I lived closer, to attend this ride

  5. Vanita Jeans Aaron Says:

    My husband was sent to jail 2 days after this happened. He made the front page along with Waco. He was wrongfully sentenced for defending his self against 3 boy scouts as they called them. I’m in texarkana Arkansas and my husband is in a family oriented MC CLUB. This all because he was a biker.

  6. Anybody In Houston organizing a group ride that you knowof?

  7. Please keep this story alive. Force the networks to acknowledge the massacre in Waco. Bikers are the best of us and can’t be seen as targets of opportunity by cops and feds.

  8. They are holding a fundraiser for the family of a fallen brother, Mohawk, one of the victims of the Waco Massacre. Being held at Gruene Harley tonight. It is all over Facebook, there are snipers on the Rooftops!!! Yes look at the Southern Brothers page, New Braunfels Chapter.

  9. Bob meadows Says:

    Protest video please share it!
    Title : Waco River of Blood !

  10. It is hard to now what really happened not being there myself, but it sure has been hushed up which makes me wonder just who is in the wrong. We do have some gun happy cops in the USA ,sad to say, would like to see more world media coverage on this . Who really has the ability to cover things up, my feeling is not the bikers.

  11. I think this should happen to get thousands of bikers n patch members to rally at the court house for the wrong doing of the cops and the taskforce for their wrong doing. we need to let them know that we are NOT A GANG. we are all brothers love to ride

  12. Many thanks to you for your efforts to keep this story alive!

  13. why would anyone want to have a rally on a SUNDAY, AT THE CAPITOL? No one’s there. Or is that the point??? Just don’t make sense. A rally should be held when the POLITICIANS ARE ALL THERE. Plus, I’m glad that the WACO POLICE have said that a PEACEFUL RALLY IS WELCOME. Another chance for them to get TARGET PRACTICE if someone sneeze’s or moves to fast. I’d stay away.

  14. Roxanne Says:

    Ive been a biker since I got my first Harley on my 16 the birthday I’m 54 now don’t belong to any clubs but know plenty of bikers my teacher was a biker bandido taught me everything and how to stay safe on the road safely he and my dad passed together riding bad accident by a car full of teens. I know if they were still here they would say to hell with making run to Waco they would say make it to the capital. Saddly I don’t ride anymore became paralyzed and lost my husband while we were riding to Daytona’s bike week. I truly believe the media has moved on to other stories that is SAS cause we have men who gave their lives for our freedom sitting in a old west jail we have fathers sons husbands sitting there STAND UP ALL BIKERS SPIN YOUR WHEELS REV YOUR MOTORS AND BE HEARD BIKER FOR LIKE aka sweetkittyiam

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