The Distorted Truth.. Biker Victims of Waco

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Distorted MC is a new mom and pop motorcycle club in Texas. “Mom and Pop” means they are family oriented, all very close knit and loving and most club events are okay to bring the whole family. They are proud of their seven members and five ol ladies, who spend one hundred percent of their club time and money doing things to help children in need, clothes drives toy runs, and sponsoring families at Christmastime. The fact that this MC is very much NOT one of the hardcore clubs is that it allows women to become full patch wearers. Everyone in the biker community knows that women absolutely never under any circumstances are allowed to join clubs such as the Bandidos or the Hells Angels. That MC stands for “men’s club” in their opinions. Distorted is indeed a baby club, born only six months ago. They hadn’t even had time to wear the shine off their patches when their lives changed unexpectedly.

They all went to just another CoC meeting on another bright Texas Sunday afternoon. Julie Perkins, a full patch member, left her ol’ lady at home not feeling well and joined several of her club brothers, while Morgan English decided to attend the meeting at the last minute with her husband. The Distorted members were not in the immediate vicinity of the altercation or the shooting, by two separate accounts when they heard shots fired. They heard someone yell for them get down. Julie saw her friend from the Line Riders go down. The cops came in like swat with AK-47s and made them lay on the floor face down for quite some time. They were then taken outside where they had to sit around for several hours. Around 8 p.m. Julie messaged Kamala that they would be taken to a convention center to answer a few questions and then she would be home. This was the last she heard from Julie that night. The next morning it was on the news that the bikers had all been arrested. Over half of Distorted MC has been behind bars for over a week, including the two women, Julie and Morgan. They have all lost their jobs, vehicles, and reputations. Their club would have to gather an accumulative 6,000-6,000,000 to get them all out on bond. Morgan and her husband are both in jail, which has to be having a detrimental effect on their home and life.

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Julie is an Army veteran. She has been a fireman and an EMS/EMT. She currently was working at a school where the children now walk around asking “Is Miss Julie a gang member?”


When asked for a quote about Morgan English, this is how her sister in law Melissa English responded.

“She(Morgan) is a bank teller. She and my brother married three years ago. They do not have children, just three dogs that they consider their children although they have recently started trying to start their family. She’s always one of the first to volunteer for fundraisers and charities, such as the fundraiser for one of the children of a member of their mc who is awaiting a kidney transplant and she always participates in Relay for Life. She was even able to get my brother to wear a dress to one of the events! She’s very outgoing, funny and fiercely loves her family and friends. Going to Twin Peaks with my brother was a last minute decision, she was literally throwing things together as they were walking out the door. They have been dealing with a possible move into Houston, as my brother is looking for a new job. He was one of the approx 160 people laid off from Valmont recently. She went with them last Sunday as a way to take a break from all the stress. They had just gotten to twin peaks when everything started happening. My brother said they were walking toward the front door when they heard the commotion on the patio side, they started to walk over to the patio to see what was going on but before they got there the shots started. They ducked and ran the other direction.

She is strong, but this has been very hard on her. She is keeping her sense of humor and says she calms herself by telling herself she’s just on a “cheap vacation”.


We ask that you keep the members of this fledgling club in your hearts and minds. They do not have the resources to help each other out of tight spots. This is extremely devastating on all of them. The English family have this fundraising account set up to try to help them out of jail…

We are coming together to ask for your support in raising the money needed to help a United States Marine veteran and his wife with legal fees, home utilities, house mortgage, etc. in a very difficult time. William English and his wife Morgan ride motorcycles with a group of friends who regularly get together to host fundraising events for local charity. They are not violent criminal gang members, but instead the kind of people who would give the shirts off their backs to help absolutely anyone in need. Will and Morgan pulled into Twin Peaks in Waco, Texas on Sunday, May 18th, anticipating a fun evening with fellow motorcycle riders; however, when they walked up to the restaurant, they were greeted by the site of bikers running for cover as gunshots rang through the parking lot. Will ran his wife to safety; however, because they were both wearing leather vests with a patch, they were both arrested and are currently facing charges for engaging in organized criminal activity and their bond is set at $1,000,000 each. Neither Will nor Morgan were involved in any of the violence, but they are being held, nonetheless as criminals, as are nearly 170 others, most of which have no prior criminal history. To top things off, William was among approximately 160 fellow employees who were recently laid off when their division was shut down company-wide. William has been employed with this company for the last nine years since his return home from his tour in Iraq as a Marine. Will and Morgan were counting on his severance package to carry them through until he could find new work; however, now that they are in jail, he has been unable to contact work and has been terminated, losing all benefits. William served his country bravely, he was proud to fight for the freedom of those he loved, and now he is being treated like a violent criminal just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. As his family, we desperately need your help in raising the funds to hire an attorney to have them released. The attorney that we spoke with in regards to William’s case quoted us $15,000 for him alone, we are expecting the cost for an attorney for Morgan to be about the same. We also are trying to make sure that we are able to cover their mortgage, home utilities, car impound fee, as well as the cost of communicating back and forth over the phone from the jail, which has already cost us several hundred dollars. Please consider donating to these wonderful people, Will has given so much in defending our great country, they both have hearts of gold and they don’t deserve what is happening to them.


Thank you for your support!


This is a quote from the facebook page of Julie’s partner, Kamala….



As you all know I have not said much on here about the shit in Waco. As I sit alone and think, I realize how many great people I have around me. I have had so many friends and family call me, text me, help me in my time of need, and just plain be there for me. I’ve had friends that I have not spoken to in a while that have jumped up and been there. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank each and every one of you.

Well here it goes….

I understand Julie Perkins , Bobby Samford , William English , Morgan Allen English, Steven Walker , Jimmy Spencer have all been arrested for their unproven involvement with the incident that occurred at Twin Peaks in Waco, Tx.

They are all dedicated friends, and community members. They work with local youth, and elderly communities all over the state of Texas. They have helped organize fundraisers, food, toy and clothing drives as well as many benefits to help the needy, appreciative families, individuals, group homes and orphanages in Texas.

The clubs in which they belong to are ones that are focused on the community. They do ride alongs to protect military families during the burials of the fallen.

They have huge hearts for humans and animals alike and are unbelievably loyal and loving.

I understand that not everyone in attendance in Waco is a law abiding member of society. However, this group of individuals are. They are dedicated to protecting and building up the communities they live in and around.

We are engulfed in worry and concern about their physical and mental health… As we know they are concerned about our well being.

If there is any way for you all to take the time to truly investigate these individuals, you will see you are holding the innocent for no legitimate reason.

These are only a few of the heartbreaking situations being caused by the nefarious behavior of the Waco Police Department. We the bikers feel that the video should be released immediately, or the prisoners released immediately. The reports of how many of them are doing without proper medicine or insulin, of wounded still in jail with bullets or fragments inside them, and of course around 170 people who watched their friends gunned down in cold blood before they were then basically kidnapped themselves, are sickening. Its time to speak up, America. Its time to question where is the justice department… Its time to tell the truth.

~~ i will follow up with the men of Distorted MC tomorrow




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  1. robert goldstien Says:

    Get used to the harassment if you want to play BIKER. Its not a tv show, if you play with fire you may get burned. This is the life of a real biker. All weekend riders take note. This is our life 24/7 .

    • Hey Robert these are not weekend riders! We have not had any trouble in Texas for years.
      This is my life so STFU. been a club member 40 years so FY

      • Molassas Says:

        If you’ve been riding for so long why do you have a family club w a three piece patch?….you apparently don’t know anything about clubs….this is exactly why the MC scene is so fukin lame now….bunch of kooks like yourself making a joke of the Real lifestyle…get a one piece patch and tell the women to join a girls club…fukin lames

      • so Molassas.. the cops say they are public enemy number one. you say they are lame. you are both wrong. go bite a big one.

    • I get a huge amount of looks since this all went down. Nobody reads the patch, to them it’s all the same. In my area they never gave a second look until this. An MC in Northern California.

  2. Thanks for the research you are doing. It’s hard to make out what actually took place in this information void. I just reposted your piece here:

  3. brenda garza Says:

    Amy we need to set up a fundraiser for this man, who is being falsely accused of a crime he didn’t commit. It seems that the lawyers are like vultures feeding off the unfortunate folks who live their lives right and get picked apart at the mercy of a few (real criminals) who are basically stealing money from people who are obviously NOT GUILTY.Lawyers need to realize there is enough money to go around for they guys who are guilty, not the ones who were there to go to something that was completely for a different reason. Where is the justice here. Maybe we need to list all of the attorneys charging the outrageous price for freedom, not for the sake of proving their innocence. These folks are innocent. No affiliation or association. Just at the wrong place at the wrong time.!!!!

  4. melissa Says:

    The thing u are failing to get is that MOST of those people that were arrested and even shot and killed are EXACTLY like those people. For this article to even lead that all those others are different is false. It is a stigma that follows motorcycle clubs…..not saying all are good….but even the fat Mexicans and HA’S do ALOT for charities and have been leaning towards more legal monies for quite awhile! While prayers goto ur friends…..some of us will be attending funerals for some that were NOT even carrying a weapon!!

    • i am not failing to get anything.

    • this article doesnt lead that the others are different. i haven’t “failed to get” anything. i am writing them as soon as i get the stories. If the other families and people would write me or call me and give me something to say about their clubs i will most certainly print it. everyone is afraid to talk. don’t take it out on me that this club had the balls to be interviewed when the others did not. you can see that i don’t say anything ugly or that i shouldnt about them. i am just trying to get the truth out. did you even look at the OTHER articles i have written before you decided to bitch me out in public? i assume you did not since i think the very next one highlights at least 6 or 8 other clubs that are in jail wrongly accused.

    • What you are failing to get is that the majority of bikers are like this couple! Anyone that thinks otherwise had no clue about the biker world. The Feds have had people embedded within motorcycle gangs since that late 60’s, and the Waco idiots proved that! The morons admitted they had planned this shoot out at a public place, without warning the restaraunt, customers or neighbors! That’s not how you handle a real threat, especially one like the my described! Not that bikers are stupid enough to have a gun fight after seeing several cop cars and swat truck near them! Not even the bikers from the 70’s would do that! This looks staged, and I bet anything nobody died, bullets were fake, blood fake, and media was on hand to capture what they wanted! There wasn’t n hardly in there and then all of these bikers an bikes are waiting outside to get arrested!? Stupid to even suggest! This looks like a false flag, just like sandy hook

      • people did die. the bullets were real. i have seen the tears in the bandidos eyes. i have seen the funeral posts and the children and wives grieving.

      • As a Connecticut resident I not only find your comment stupid but offensive. It didnt even deserve this much of a response

  5. I hear stuff all the time I hate it when some “hardcore” biker has to post that it’s what we live with speech. It’s old stop making it out to sound even worse for every other biker cause you wanna play hard ass that just gives bikers more bad reputation. Instead of being mocho how about saying something nice. It really sucks to hear about this.

    • I think it will be a long time before we really know what happened in Waco, and I have read several stories about all the poor ‘innocent people’ that were arrested? All I know is what my parents told me, and what I told my kids, when they were growing up – You will be judged by the people you hang out with, and their actions, and no matter how innocent you might be, if you are there, when the s**t hits the fan, you will go down with them!!!! If you choose to hang out with, and be associate with, hardcore, 1% motorcycle gangs, then by your own choice, you are a part of their group, and you need to stop whining, and be prepared to except the consequences of the choice that you made!! We’re a motorcycle family too, and we love to ride, and belong to a motorcycle club, but we never have, nor will we ever have, any association with, a 1% motorcycle gang!! Guess that’s why we have never had a problem with the police, and are not in jail, like some of those ‘innocent’ people are?!

      • Does it hurt when you go fuck yourself, ma’am?

      • Proud Ol'Lady Says:

        You know ALL about the MOTORCYCLE LIFE huh? Tell me this. Have you ever taken the time to inform yourself about the Confederation of Clubs and Independents? By your ignorant comment, I would venture to say you haven’t. Before you make anymore comments about “Biker Life” do yourself a favor and check into the CoC. Sure there are 1%ers involved with CoC but that’s not important. What is important is, at these meetings, EVERYONE drops their outside “beef” at the door and for one hour they are ALL on the same side. Working together toward a common goal. Of course, since you apparently know everything about everything, you already knew that right? I bet you even know exactly how much dynamite to stick up a Ram’s ass to blow its horns off. People like you are the reason the negative stigma is attached to ALL BIKERS…..yourself included!

  6. I think that it is time for people with in these clubs to go out and get some lawyers and start filling law suits on the grounds of false imprisonment,knowingly filling false charges, wrongful death lawsuit and a few more! You have 170 people in jail being held on a bogest charge of being involved in criminal organization and that is a bull shit charge. In fact that is a charge thought up because there are no charges to file on any of them. Mind you that the media is already releasing information that all of the bikers that are dead – are dead from the bullets from the guns of the police and not from any club members.

  7. There has to be somewhere we can all start writing too about this situation. It’s plain bull shit people jump to judgement right away just because they are bikers or what or how they look. Just because they belong too a certain mc crew doesn’t mean they are bad people. Most of the time the roughest looking ones are the most kind people you will ever know. Both of my sister’s husbands are in certain mc groups as well I grew up around all of this yes there r bad people but there r bad people no matter where u go or who they r. Judging needs too stop. Please is there an address people can write into too start shaking things up and get the truth out there, cops r trying to cover a lot of the truth from us.

    • Donna Samz Says:

      Amanda there are several, I believe the COC’s Texas confederation page or the NCOM,s has issued a call to action to the entire nation to please call or email the numbers and emails they have listed demanding the release of all the detained because there is no evidence collaborating the accusations of law officials in regards to the nature and purpose of the gathering being one of criminals with intent to facilitatate violent crimes potentially endangering the welfare of the general public. Matter of fact all the evidence produced thus far actually substantiated those accusations to be false. With that being said this Sheriff has now no legal recourse to hold these people. Provide the proof or let them go!!! Thanks to whoever has created this blog, non motorcyclist need to see firsthand the devastation, the mainstream needs to be informed so they can better understand the extent of this tragedy. Please share this “call to action” united we stand. To the families, please know a nation of bikers share in your outrage and disgust at such a horrible injustice so wrongly served especially to the ones who have done no harm and have only well served the less fortunate and down trodden of our society and how are the repaid?!?! it truly is incomprehensible. Make those calls its the responsibility of. All citizens to question authority. Let freedom ring!!

      • Ok thanks you for letting me know where to start looking. These clubs r family too many of us doesn’t matter if anyone has met one another, because being in this life means we r all family we stand together. Once again to those who feel the Ned too talk shit….. If u aren’t or ever been in a club don’t speak of our bonds when u have no idea the family bond we all share. So I pray that all of y’all locked up please keep your head up. Much love to u all

  8. kirk Daugherty Says:

    This is total bullshit, waco police crossed the line

  9. If the Waco police knew this was coming, had guns ready and swat teams on standby, then how the hell are they not accomplices to murder at minimum? This story stinks to high heaven! Think about what they admitted! They admit multiple agencies were there! Admitted police with guns at helm were staged! Then admit they were shooting at people that were shooting! Huh!?! Shooting at people that were shooting someone!?! How do they know who they should be shooting?!?! Cops just don’t go shooting people because they are shooting someone else with a gun! What if they shoot the good guy protecting their family!?!? They just admitted to murder on national TV! To tell u the truth, I don’t think anyone died! I think they staged it to make it look like that so they could close this establishment they didn’t like and attracted rowdy crowds at times they didn’t like babysitting! Labeling all bikers as thugs was a clue that they were ginning up the propaganda! Everyone knows bikers raise a lot of money for kids, and vets! Anyone that knows anythings knows that any of the rougher gangs are infiltrated by the Feds and they could not smoke a joint without the Feds or cops knowing! The fact that they came out and admitted knowing over a month in advance just proves my point that they had cops/Feds planted on the inside! Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if one or both of these gangs were all cops, and was a new gang within the last 4 yrs! These cops should be in jail for putting the public at risk, and admitting their role in having a gun fight (if there were real bullets)

  10. Becky williams Says:

    We don’t need a fundraiser we need action to demand the false charges are dropped and the victims are released- this was clearly a set-up and this bs needs to be met with action – life was taken and lives are being destroyed by this lawless gov in Waco and the murdering cops-

  11. Reblogged this on a12iggymom's Blog and commented:
    This is just sickening what this government is doing….stand strong!

  12. Becky Williams AKA Truthstinger Rage Against The Regime Host Says:

    The real issue is the patriots and the biker community refuse to take action even when citizens are murdered in large numbers by a police department set up -their agenda was to demonize the biker community most of which are veterans. To instill fear and paint an ugly picture in the minds of the public concerning veterans via the Nazi mainstream media. This was clearly an orchestrated event. I know many bikers and I ride with many bikers and I socialize with several MC. We do not refrence the groups as gangs, thug’s or outlaws. The truth is the government is terrified of the killing machines they trained up for war because they are the biggest threat to remove the Tierney. The federalizing of the Police Department has been with purpose as well as the neglect given to the veterans has been with purpose. Simply this they want our veterans dead sick and poor and they want to disarm Americait’s the only way they can complete their One World order. Remember this if they can take Texas the rest of the states will be a piece of cake

  13. I hope the non 1% bikers are not charged and get released. Unfortuntately it doesn’t seem that way. Its is possible that a lot of careers may be ruined civilian and military alike. With that said, its a lot of “Guilty by Association” obviously, and that is sad. My father once told me, “know the rules of any game you play”. Rule 1- The world (general public) doesn’t know the difference between a 1%er and 99%er. And frankly, they(general public) don’t care. Mostly what they know is biker gangs ride Harleys and kids ride sport bikes. A patch is a patch. Harley, Suzuki, Kawisaki its all the same; a cruiser is a cruiser, and so on( Remember Wild Hogz, when they rolled into that town). At the end of the day- The obvious question is, ” if you are not a 1%er, what are doing at their meeting? I am an independent rider; (sportbiker). I knew going in that I wasn’t going to join a club, because a 1%er once told me Rule 2-“they (1%ers) only see 1%ers.” If you are not in their club, or support club, you don’t matter. They don’t care if you ride a cruiser, and care even less if your a woman or a sportbiker. Now how true that is, I don’t know, but why would that person lie? Rule 3- 1%ers make the rules. You have to ask them for permission to form an MC?, show them respect, but they don’t respect you. Knowing all of this, you still want to ride with them, attend their events, even though you know a lot of 1% clubs are under Federal, State, Local criminal surveillance. Before I even rolled to my first sportbike event I was “informed” of the possibility of the “guilty by association” and you take your chances at any event. Maybe the Waco arrest will force us (the other 99%) to re-evaluate how, where and who we ride with. I am not losing my career for a perceived image, just or in-just, thrust upon me or glady embraced. Up to you to decide. Once again, I hope those not associated with the 1%ers are not charged and released without any detriment to there lives.

    • there are bandidos in jail with NO criminal records who are there only for trying to save their friends getting shot at. i dont judge by whats on their backs. i judge by whats on their bikes.

      • Truth Be Told Says:

        Judge by the choices those in the Bandidos, a terrorist organization NO different than Al Qaeda or ISIS have made.

        It’s entirely irrelevant that “there are bandidos in jail with NO criminal records”. They are simply criminals who weren’t previously caught. NOW, they ARE, and DO have a criminal record.


      • LadyRavenSDC Says:

        A favorite character enlightened me years ago – “You see what you want to see, you hear what you want to hear.”
        How, TBT, do you equate ANY biker with neanderthals who’s every breath demands the most cruel, gruesome bloodletting possible?
        Nice paintbrush you got there fella.

    • Donna Samz Says:

      Understanding your point, I believe if the system is to remain just, the justice system must stay true to itself. So a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt by a court of law. This all or nothing blanket of guilt by association is the center of this entire nightmare. guilt and the prosecution of a crime can only be reserved to those that actually commit the crime. I know it’s difficult to understand what it’s like to be a member of a motorcycle club to the average individual but as someone who has a foot in both cultural worlds and over thirty years of firsthand experience. The inner workings of these clubs work no differently then any other committed likeminded individuals gathering In the name of a particular like or interest. Just as churches, schools, military’s are your know the people in group, you support each individual in that group in times of personal need but as in any group individuals clump together and people buddy up and yes as in any group there will be some who really don’t care to be around each other then in a formal club relation. Not all 1% are guilty of criminal behavior and I would image there are some 99% that probably are. Criminal behavior lerks in all corners of life. There are always those in a group that chooce to live beyond the confines of society their personal choices are just that personal and for those who chooce otherwise they more then likely will have no relevant information in regards to those individual s that may be involved in hush hush activities. Things like that are really need to know basis. Just like when you were in school your are in a same age group class setting you know your fellow classmates but do you know everyone’s day to day hour to hour life. No you don’t this is the way it is in these clubs. When they get up and say they are not a gang they are telling the truth as well as some patch holders have indeed been found guilty of committing crimes. Not all priests are molesters some are. Evil is not exclusive to the biker clubs and guilt of a crime is personally relevant always. Guilt by association has no place in a free society. You are no more likely to experience violence at a COC meeting then a movie theater. crazy lives everywhere. Quit the stereotyping, each person is different noone is the same. Let the individuals character speak for itself base your opinions on personal fist hand information based on a well balanced set of references before you form an opinion. Tolerance leads to understanding and understanding defuses conflict. Keepin it real in Ky POGR_ED

  14. The cops did not kill all the people that died, that is a false article going around. I’m sorry that there are innocent people in jail. The police did their job though, they protected the public. That whole incident could have and probably would have been a lot worse had they not been there. Innocent people could have died, families and children eating Sunday lunch at nearby restaurants or shopping. The cops arresting everyone that had to do with motorcycles is very reasonable. I’m sure everyone, innocent and guilty, are claiming innocence. That’s a lot of bullshit to sift through. But it does need to be sorted and the innocent need to be let go, I completely agree.

    • innocent people did die, bitch. get off my blog.

    • You (Shelby) obviously have no idea what the hell your talking about!! “Arresting everyone that had to do with motorcycles is very reasonable”. Is probably the most moronic thing I have heard in quite awhile!!!! Cops SHOULD have knowledge of which MC’s in their area that are BELIEVED to have illegal activity within the MC. ALL BIKERS ARE NOT CRIMINALS!!! I proudly wear my MC’s patch, I am a woman, and we prospect both women and men to our MC. We are one of the VERY few MC’s in the nation that does this. We are realtors, business owners, state and federal employees, in the medical field professional people. We ride because we love it!!!! By your comment you are implying that if you are at a car show, or fundraiser for your church, school or whatever, that if someone that was associated with the show or fundraiser came in and started shooting for whatever reason, everyone at the fundraiser or show should be arrested and held, loose their jobs, and be presumed guilty!! It is the same thing. Just because we wear leather and a patch with MC on it and ride a motorcycle, it does not mean wear are criminals!!!!

      • Truth Be Told Says:

        NO ONE has stated that “all” bikers are criminals. However, truth be told, ALL 1%ers AND those that knowingly and willing affiliate with them ARE criminals.

        1%ers and those that affiliate and associate with them are forced to accept the consequences of that choice.

      • So when you are driving down the road and go into a restaurant and say, a bunch of cops coming running out and shot you dead.. The end.

    • geoag03 Says:

      Actually I have not read of one police officer that insured the safety of the innocent. I have read that many of the club members were protecting and getting the innocent bystanders out of harms way as the police shot into the crowd. If the police knew about this threat and truly wanted to protect the innocent people, why were there no uniform officers inside the establishment? Why would they wait for things to flow outside? I wasn’t there and I know there is more to this story but the police were NOT there to protect innocent people or they would have handled things very differently.

    • Tell it like it is Says:

      Shelby, Lay down the crack pipe and STFU. You have no damn clue what the hell you are talking about and obviously need to go suck on some government titty. Agreeing that arresting everyone that had to do with motorcycle just proves that you are a lost cause that needs to be cunt punched out of existence, you make me sick.

    • What the hell do you know about anything that went on. I think you need to learn the facts and stop stereotyping people.

  15. ilsa Mendez Says:

    I found my mom crying on the back porch tonight, my brother is there too. I wish I could help ya’ll but my money is going to my sister in law, to keep up with her house bills and also sending commissary money. 😦

    • can i write your stories? i got people asking how to help.. let me get your words out there.

    • Donna Samz Says:

      Tell her her tears will not be shed in vain, truth will prevail. And faith will be your strength and shield you are stronger then you know. Heavy in my heart and mind. God Bless

  16. Please post how to help, many of us that ride are concerned and standing by to do whatever we can even if its a small something… We are praying for all involved and waiting for the truth. thank you for writing the truth form the voices that cant speak on there own…

  17. If you are going to ride a bike you need to educate yourself on the biker world. There are weekend bike warriors who just want to ride and then there are OMG’s. If you are not a member of an OMG you have no business being at the same establishments as them. Go back to your Wild Hog lifestyle and you won’t find yourself in a Waco situation.

  18. roxannesreflections Says:

    Paul Looney is an outstanding criminal defense attorney who will be in Waco on Wednesday, May 27 available to assist one of the bikers FREE of charge. Please contact his cell phone if anyone is interested in this generous offer (713) 828-7494. Check out his website at

    • Just saw the good news that some are being released this morning without conditions, finally some good news out this travesty.

      • Kat, Great news to hear!! Where did you read this news?

      • I saw the announcement made by attorney Looney on another website facebook page. There is also another announcement that The English’s got released yesterday on a bond reduction. Morgan English posted photos of them being released. Please understand I am not an attorney, but rather a battered women/child advocate, nor do I reside in Texas. After realizing that this type of crap can happen to anyone, anywhere, that rides, myself and old man are concerned and outraged in what happened in Waco. So I started looking around on rules and procedures etc… into this and from my understanding of how to apply for a bond reduction in Texas there has to be a showing of funds unavailable and unattainable to post the current outrageous bond, (and IMO they should not even be placed in that position in the first place with all the false arrests.) They may require checking account statements as well as tax returns, provable income or lack of income and resources,amongst other requirements to apply for this. It can be a very complicated process etc… and would best be left to an criminal attorney that knows how to apply for this, and that knows all the rules and procedure etc… since if done wrongly it can do more harm than good.If I had a friend or relative that is trapped in this horrible situation, the first thing I would do is find an attorney that offers free consultations or reasonable consultation fees and use that time constructively and ask them what are the REQUIREMENTS to qualify to file for a bond reduction, first, then ask if there are any implications by just merely applying, then maybe call around to see if they can find one that will take the case (hopefully pro bono or reduced fees). It’s a real shame that they have to even resort to this instead of them just being released period.Thoughts and prayers sent to all.

  19. Steve Sparks Says:

    I’m on your side.

  20. Miranda Says:

    Wish I was able to help…At the moment I am under a financial hardship, I will keep all members in my prayers and will see what I can do to help…this is wrongful imprisonment and all charges should be expunged from said members and their families should not have to go through such a hardship…Keping all in my prayers…

  21. This is really bad blown way out of wack by the cops n Waco and I send my deepest apologies to all bikers n families that’s been arrested

  22. can we Please get those numbers and post them on Facebook; so all us bikers can make the Call to Action!?

  23. LadyRavenSDC Says:

    Every day since this “incident” The Conservative Treehouse (which has a huge following) has done a major post. Someone here in comments asked is there a place to send information – certainly there is an email address on the site and the comment section moves along constantly all day long – a good place for input.
    In the meantime – this is this mornings post –
    Waco “Twin Peaks” Shooting – The Crossfire and The Four Dead Bodies We Don’t See…

    Sundance wrote near the end of the piece –
    “Are those four dead people victims of police fire? Is that why this entire event does not pass the sniff test, and it appeared from the outset the Waco PD were trying desperately to get out ahead of the story?

    Only time will tell, and absent of a seriously critical media we are left to scour scant resources for what information we can piece together. So why do this?

    ….Because, beside the growing probability there are innocent victims, there are also 170 people out of work, missing paychecks, away from their families, and they have lost their freedom and liberty -quite possibly out of paranoia on behalf of the police department- and some of them, even if only one amid the 170, will be found to be transparently innocent.

    That ONE person could just as easily be YOU or ME….

    ….. if we happen to go to the wrong place, at the wrong time, and find ourselves surrounded with the wrong people. Unfortunately, I doubt either of us will be afforded the benefit of a politically correct police department afraid to cross the street.”

    Just FYI – I found this WB site posted in the comments section of that piece.

    Prayers. So many prayers – and actions – are taking place on behalf of the 170 – and those nine that died.

  24. […] Wicked Bitch – Biker author Amy White, is beginning to post the stories of their loved ones – thus far here, here, here and here.  […]

  25. ridealone Says:

    That’s why you don’t ride for a club any club. If you want to act like a dumb ass Mc then you get treated like one period.

  26. brandon Says:

    What most people are failing to realize is that clubs that belong to the COC are actually part of a criminal organization. These clubs here in Texas pay dues to the Bandidos and ask their permission to even be a club. It doesn’t help your cause when you post a picture in your article of a person wearing a Bandido support patch, that reads “Support the Fat Mexican.” If the truly do events to support the community, which I applaud them for, then do the right thing and leave the COC. You do not need to apart of them to be a club, open your eyes.

    • bullshit that the COC is a criminal organization. i have no problem with the support patch because i have no problem with Bandidos… i wont turn my back on my friends because a bunch of dumb fucks in America are too fucking stupid to realize that 99.9 percent of the time you see BANDIDOS its because they are on their way to a toy run or benefit or some other thing ti HELP PEOPLE. i have HAD it with the bandit bashing in the fucking media and all the assholes who fall for it.

      • brandon Says:

        I’m not trying to argue via this blog. However, look at it this way, who runs the COC, NCOM? 1%ers typically. I don’t see the need to ask permission to start up a club. I used to be apart of a club within the COC so I understand the viewpoint of some that its protocol and respectful. However, this is America. I respect anyone that rides and fear no one that rides. I have faught for my country and have had friends die in combat and because of those sacrifices I choose to not ask permission and rock a state rocker claiming that I’m from Texas and not claiming it as my territory.

      • the CoCs were formed to PROTECT the smaller clubs from being run over by the heavy, to stop fighting over turf.. lots of things that are getting undermined lately.

  27. LadyRavenSDC Says:

    IMO there is a bigger picture in this whole EVIL story. Consider reading ->
    I’m thinking the man may have nailed it.

    To those family and friends directly involved – know that there are more and more throwing as much light on this as we can and we will not stop!

  28. […] Originally posted on Wicked Bitch, by Biker Author Amy Irene White: […]

  29. I’m so sick of the people getting on here just to say bull shit against bikers. Or if u wanna ride learn what your getting yourself into. Don’t make comments if u can’t pull your head outta your asses, and stop all the judging and start researching the truth. I believe certain individuals in law set these people up, wanting to make a name for themselves. I believe they thought everyone would look away because it was just a bunch of bikers, well if u didn’t know before you should realize now that we stick together weather we know each other or not. We r a huge family, that stands together with pride. Once again for those that cannot read we have never said nobody that’s a biker hasn’t ever done anything illegal. Nobody is perfect. Clean up your own past before u throw judgement on others. I’m sure u haven’t been perfect. There’s people in church, schools,your job, doctors, priests or your neighborhood that has done worst things then most of these people’s. And it doesn’t matter Bandito or Hells Angels guarantee if u would stop judging and go have a conversation you will probably realize they r the nicest person u have met. Non of y’all have a right too judge anyone only the man above.

  30. John Smith Says:

    Please, they may be “good people” but that’s what you get for associating with a 1% mc. Guilty by association. Got to love RICO.

  31. Is there a go fund me account (or some other donation site) for Distorted MC and their families?? I’ve donated to a few of the bigger clubs, but I don’t know if they are helping Distorted in any way.

  32. Charles Scrappy Taylor Says:

    This is not the way we should treat people like these who put others before themselves. America needs to realize that not all bikers are bad. I ride a motorcycle but don’t belong to any club. I am a lone wolf who rides for the enjoyment of it and the feel of the wind in my face. They need to be checking these men and women out to see just really who is a criminal. I am a senior citizen with a fixed income who watches all my expenses. Something like this would do me in. Prayers for all involved in this crap.

    • Good point to be made. They went for them, will they come for us next? I’m speaking of any group of people that get together to ride motorcycles for the enjoyment. Kinda scary! Also look at where it happened and the religious ramifications of that vicinity. This is a flash back of the 60’s.

  33. […] MORGAN JANE  W/F <Distorted MC> Story  1,000,000 […]

  34. Why Does This Matter Says:

    So uhhh… This motorcycle club. They took their logo from the Call of Duty: Ghosts game? Cool.

  35. I’m sure all those kiddos you’re doing nice things for would appreciate the double birdie “FU” (second from the left) …really classy mom & pop..

  36. COC is a criminal organization? What the hell are you smoking?

  37. Reblogged this on Wicked Bitch, by Biker Author Amy Irene White and commented:


  38. hocuspocus13 Says:

    Reblogged this on hocuspocus13 and commented:
    jinxx ♣ xoxo

  39. Bob meadows Says:

    Protest video please share it!
    Title : Waco River of Blood !

  40. Truth Be Told Says:

    1% biker gangs are NO different than any other terrorist organization. NO different than Al Qaeda or ISIS. They’re violent criminals and should be dealt with the same as any other terrorist organization. Eliminate the problem.

    One poster above stated, “Sure there are 1%ers involved with CoC but that’s not important.” Actually, that IS important. If known terrorist organizations (1%ers) are part of the CoC, then the CoC IS a criminal, terrorist organization, and anyone associated with the CoC is, likewise, part of that criminal, terrorist organization.

    If one CHOOSES to affiliate them self with criminals, then one must accept the consequences of that affiliation. No whining, no crying allowed.

    Isn’t it ‘ironic’ that when 1%ers and their associates, people who openly proclaim they CHOOSE to live outside the law, bring problems to themselves, the FIRST thing they want to do is ‘lawyer up’ and attempt to use the very laws they contemptuously scorn to protect themself, LMAO?

    If they’re such ‘tough guys’, WHY do they NOT refuse ALL lawyers (who are Officers of the Court) and defend themselves? These terrorists should receive NO legal representation, nor ANY legal rights. They’ve chosen to operate outside the law, by wearing the 1% patch OR associating with 1% gangs, openly state they disdain the law and choose not to follow it.

    NO ‘biker’ in Waco that day ‘had’ to be there. They CHOSE to be there. Those that CHOOSE to be part of, or associate with, the criminal terrorist now must deal with the consequences of that choice. There are NO ‘innocents’ involved. Just Law Enforcement, and those that CHOSE to be part of the criminal element, even if that’s by association.

    They choose… poorly.

    • And you choose head up your ass sucking on the tailpipe of a squadcar.. I see… I see…

    • Truth be told, this is for you.
      Based on your own reasoning, The Westboro Baptist Church could be considered a terrorist organization. So if they show up to the Baptist Convention and cause problems, then all there should be arrested as terrorist and judged to be the same. Sound stupid? So does your reasoning.

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