Waco and William.. The Disgusting Truth of a Marine Behind Bars

William English was arrested in Waco Texas along with his wife and several friends. He has been plastered all over the news as a terrible gangster biker participating in criminal activity. The truth is, he had just arrived at the CoC meeting and was in no way involved in the altercation or shooting. He was held for several hours, taken to a convention center, and then locked up nine days ago. He has a one million dollar bond, as does he wife Morgan.



The story of William sounds like a cut and dry, dirty old criminal biker story, right? That is until you read him described by people who know him.. look at his photos. He doesn’t look like a criminal element to me.. he looks like a good ol’ boy Marine who happens to ride motorcycles with a small mom and pop six month old club called Distorted… He looks like Chris Kyle.

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From his sister in law, Melissa English:

William English is the SA for Distorted. He loves being part of the family and riding his bike. William is a retired Marine and served in Iraq as well as a six month training mission through South America. He joined the Marines straight out of highschool. He loves his country and and fought proudly. William is very loyal and protective to those he loves. He will go out of his way to help anyone and would give a stranger the shirt off his back. He was recently laid off from Valmont, along with approx. 160 other employes, when their dept was shut down. He is supposed to receive a severance package from Valmont. However, having to miss this last week of work due to this crazy situation, he has been “terminated” rather than “laid off”. He has now lost his severance pay. Will and Morgan went to Twin Peaks with fellow members of Distorted anticipating a little shop talk and an enjoyable day with other motorcycle enthusiast to have a break from from the stress of the job situation. As I mentioned before, William is very protective of the people he loves. Morgan is the love of his life and he will tell anyone who will listen how blessed he feels that she came into his life. There is absolutely no way he would have taken Morgan to Waco if he had any inkling that there could be the strong tensions between mc’s that the police are reporting now or any threat of danger. He just would never put Morgan in that kind of position. I have been able to speak to Will daily since they were arrested, his main concern is Morgan. He, Morgan and several other members of Distorted had literally just arrived at Twin Peaks when everything started to happen. They had not even made it into the restaurant. They were walking toward the front door when they heard some commotion on the patio side, so they started to walk that direction to see what was going on but shots were fired before they made it to that side of the building. They ran the other direction for safety. They never even saw what was going on, they just heard about it after the fact while they were being detained for questioning. William has no prior convictions, he served his country proudly and has worked for the same company for the last nine years. He is a good, honest man who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Its a travesty that Waco Police Department is being allowed to stomp all over the rights of this American hero.. this man who has absolutely no ties to any criminal element whatsoever. At this printing he is still being held along with his wife in Waco jail. He is being punished and held ransom for doing nothing more than being a biker.


10 Responses to “Waco and William.. The Disgusting Truth of a Marine Behind Bars”

  1. If lawyers will start filing writs of habeas corpus they will get off their asses and start letting people out of jail.

  2. David B Says:

    this is absolutely crazy, how can only 9 bikers from a certain club be killed, and all the witnesses to this act where the police gunned them down are all being held on 1 million dollar bail, this is so they can cover up the real story of what happened to these bikers. Something just isn’t right and I truly hope the truth will come out and all those involved are punished the right way not just pushing the blame on people you don’t like because they ride motorcycles and want them gone! God bless these bikers and their families and please help them get thru this travesty!

  3. There are a lot of people asking the same questions in St. Louis, Baltimore, New York City, Cleveland, etc.

    Is there police misconduct involved? Maybe
    Is this fella culpable for a crime, but he’s still a “good guy?” Maybe

  4. Bob meadows Says:

    Protest video please share it!
    Title : Waco River of Blood !

    • A friend who has served and lives in Waco and somewhat police aligned told me it is corruption at a high level, and that Twin Peaks has been scheduled to be bulldozed. Additionally what are the chances of getting their bikes back once they get out? It’s a loose loose in every direction. No bail bondsmen or lawyer will get near Waco. They don’t shit where they eat.?

  5. police brutality at work there, i hope the families continue to keep this story on the front. do not let up, the authority’s want all to be forgotten. they will only get stronger if the public thinks this is a bad biker group. the biker’s were set up. set up fund me accounts. life’s were lost to have right’s and life’s will be lost to keep those rights.

  6. Mama Cyndie Says:

    My husband was at the meeting he and his fellow club member had just started to walk up to the building when the shooting started he ran one way, but decided to run in a different direction and this is when he was hit in the stomach. His fellow club members and he lay on the ground while a member of the Booze Fighters Club helped control the bleeding. After the shooting stopped and law enforcement allowed people to move, a member of the club asked an officer if they could take him to the hospital. He allowed them to do this and when they arrived at the hospital the law enforcement officers that were at the door would not let the club member to assist my husband into the hospital. He was forced to walk in under his on stream. He was shot in the stomach and the bullet nicked his small bowel. My husband called me to tell me he had been shot and was going into surgery. We live about 100 miles from Waco, I quickly changed my clothes and got in the car to travel to Waco. While driving I started making calls to family and friends about what had happened. Three of our club members were arreseted at another and not at Twin Peaks as their arrest warrant states. These warrants had be made up prior to the shooting. ( So the law enforcement officers knew there was going to be trouble). My husband is continuing to heal. (the bullet that was removed was high calliber, it was mangled because it had ricohet off something before hitting my husband). During his time in the hospital, I only got to see him once for five minutes. So I left Waco after spending Sunday night and not being allowed back in on Monday. Our three club members were released on a lower bail. I am sure that lawsuits will be filed by everyone. This was something that could have been prevented if law enforcement had done their job and told people as they entered that they expected trouble. I know that the members of our mom and pop club would have left.

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