Waco Wakeup.. a look at the clubs who are in jail for “organized criminal activity” in Waco

We have heard all about the Bandidos and the Cossacks lately in the news. Lets take a look at some of the other people in jail in Waco and you can judge for yourself whether you believe they are criminals….

Clubs in attendance at the Sunday brunch included the Blackett Arms MC, Gypsy MC, HonorBound Motorcycle Ministry, Renatus MC, Escondidos MC, Los Pirados MC, Leathernecks MC, Vietnam Vets/Legacy Vets MC, In Country MC and the Tornado Motorcycle Club.

All of the arrestees are being charged under Title 11, Section 71.02, a draconian Texas law titled “Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity.” According to that law, “A person commits an offense if, with the intent to establish, maintain, or participate in a combination or in the profits of a combination or as a member of a criminal street gang, the person commits or conspires to commit one or more of” most of the acts that are illegal in Texas: Including possession of small amounts of marijuana, transporting a firearm, and possession of banned weapons like brass knuckles and butterfly knives. Police seized about a hundred weapons at the crime scene

Sergeant Patrick Swanton, a spokesman for the Waco Police Department, called the attendees. “A bunch of criminal element biker members that came to Waco and tried to instill violence into our community and unfortunately did just that…. This is not a bunch of doctors and dentists and lawyers riding Harleys. These are criminals on Harley-Davidsons.”

~The Aging Rebel


HonorBound Motorcycle Ministry.. an Assembly of God MM


HonorBound MM is a ministry to REACH bikers and motorcyclists with the gospel, to TRAIN Christian motorcyclists in evangelism and discipleship, and to BUILD a network of churches who are enthusiastic about this unusual ministry.

honor bound

Vietnam Vets/ Legacy Vets MC

This club is, of course, exactly what it says… Vietnam Veterans… i thought we got over calling them baby killers or whatever quite some time ago?


Leathernecks MC


Just as the United States Marine Corps is a proud and distinct organization that stands apart from other military organizations, so too, is theLeathernecks Motorcycle Club Intl., Inc. a proud and distinct organization of active-duty and former Marines and FMF Corpsmen that stands apart from, yet not against, other motorcycle clubs. Just as the United States Marine Corps supports God, Country and Marine Corps Brotherhood, so too, does the Leathernecks Motorcycle Club support God, Country and Marine Corps Brotherhood. Just as the United States Marine Corps stands ready to defend our country and allies against tyranny, so too, does the Leathernecks Motorcycle Club Intl., Inc. stand ready to defend itself against tyranny of any kind.

The Leathernecks Motorcycle Club Intl., Inc. is not political, and we have no need for reputation building. The Eagle, Globe, and Anchor needs no introduction. We fly USMC and CORPSMAN bottom rockers because they were EARNED and not GIVEN. We respect all men except the enemies of our country and the enemies of our free way of life. We are not interested in joining or interfering with the affairs of others. We desire only to ride our motorcycles in the company of our brothers as free men in this free land, a land for which we and our brothers have fought “In Every Clime and Place” during the past 239 years. Currently, and always, we have brothers in hostile places around this globe defending our rights to choose as we please. We will never seek to infringe upon the rights of anyone and we expect the same courtesy in return.

Enough said?


Blackett Arms MC



Queens of Sheba MC, an order of the Eastern Star


queens of sheba

Distorted MC, a brand new Mom and Pop Club


Gypsys MC


In Country Vets MC



This is only a partial list of the clubs in jail right now.. There are a few other Christians and Vets groups in there I believe. However,this should be enough to form a valid opinion.


23 Responses to “Waco Wakeup.. a look at the clubs who are in jail for “organized criminal activity” in Waco”

  1. honeslty if they are wearing a three piece patch then they can suck it up. That comes with the patch and if you didn’t know that then your stupid and should wake up. They have no business wearing a 3 piece patch. For the guys that wear murdered by cops that’s just not right at all and it will come out sooner or later.

    • you think the Vietnam Vets and the Christian Bikers should “suck it up” being stuck in jail? I think theres something you can go suck.

    • Hondo Lane Says:

      kind of stupid not all clubs wear 3 pce cuts and even your so called LE MC should they suck it up or maybe bust themselves

    • You are such a moron! The type of idiot that the MSM lives to feed propaganda to! You would believe the MSM if they said aliens landed too!

    • Its not how many pieces your patch is, its if you have a bottom rocker claiming territory. 1% claim state support clubs claim county or city. The above patches claim neither. Get informed correctly.

    • *were

    • Other “three piece patch ” clubs
      Blue Steel Riders
      Blue Knights

      Along with about 40 other LAW ENFORCEMENT CLUBS

      Your statement has no validity !

  2. hocuspocus13 Says:

    Reblogged this on hocuspocus13 and commented:
    jinxx ♠ xoxo

  3. Rogue Warrior Says:

    You wear a 3 piece patch…then you should suck it up?? Really…Ignorant comment made by an ignorant individual. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a three piece patch. Hell, a lot of clubs have a one piece that incorporates all the MC, etc. that a club needs. Come on now…let’s just get real. This was a set up…of the worst kind. And yes, some 1%rs were involved. BUT…the majority of the group that was there to be a part of the COC&I were law abiding, Christians, Veterans, independents and MCs, Huge case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The cops were on a mission and they succeeded. what they didn’t expect was the outpouring of support that would suddenly emerge after this happened. If the thought was to separate the clubs…then the opposite has happened. let’s not be quick to assume a club is bad. yes the 1%r’s have a reputation and deserving so. Most are just family clubs, ministries, or veterans clubs.

  4. Robert they are sucking it up they told the truth and the cops want a different story to fit the shooting, so they are still held in jail. LE clubs wear three piece patches and cause more trouble than you would believe because they are above the law or they are the law.

  5. There is no justification for being deprived due process of the law just because of what someone else says that you are. It is not a crime to meet openly and discuss combating the abuse of power by our government. That is what the COC&I do.

    Being a Serviceman/Woman or a Christian or a Mason is not against the law.

    We are trying to get the problem in front of the citizenry. If this shirt isn’t for you, go to Teespring or some such and design another. The idea is to get it in front of people and let them ask you about it.

  6. A riders angry mom Says:

    Have the bullets wounds of the victims been published, if not, why? I would like to know how gov. Abbott can let the rights of Texas voters being held in Waco, be abused. Everyone that rides a motorcycle is being profiled now, most of the ” The Clubs, not Gangs” that were at the C O C Meeting in Waco were not there to cause trouble. Do the resurch

  7. The Waco Kid Says:

    I sport 99% of LE and 99% of bikers, as I am a biker myself. I am also sad it happened in Waco. It is a shame a couple of 1% ers started a fight with weapons and 170 pay the price of incarceration, I imagine 1% of the 170 should be still be there. It’s the Judges, ( the other 1%) who have posted extremely high bail for these folks and that’s really where the problem lies. If I was there, I would be in jail too for a Sunday gone bad.

    • Well according to MANY eyewitnesses it wasn’t the BIKERS who started anything. No shell casings found near their bodies? You’re LE. DO THE MATH.

  8. Those are not the only clubs that have members being held right now. That is just a few of them……

    And let’s remember… The “Weapons” include pocket knives, steeled toed boots (each boot a separate weapon), wallet chains, etc.

    How many actually weapons did they retrieve and how many are everyday items that are worn everyday? I personally always have my belt, pocket knife, boots and wallet chain on before I leave the house. It is part of my everyday work clothes.

  9. Here is something to think about. Go look at all the mugshots of the accused, then explain that if there were a massive brawl with clubs, brass knuckles, chains, and other blunt objects being used…. why do the photos not support the claim? I’m not trying to say there wasn’t any confrontation, I’m just saying that from what was reported I was scratching my head when I looked at the mugshots. I THINK THE POLICE OVER REACTED WITH ITCHY TRIGGER FINGERS AND ARE NOW TRYING TO COVER IT UP. I won’t be surprised if all the dead died from police inflicted wounds.
    I’m also shocked that all of a sudden there are a bunch of MC experts making comments just because the watched SOA or some so called “reality” MC television show. I’m the president of a non 1% MC made up of Vets and I think this is sad. Because of outside perceptions and opinions we do not participate in any COC activity. We are about us and only us so we keep to ourselves. I pray for the families of those who lost their lives and I hope that the truth is revealed so that the innocent are released and reunited with their families.

  10. Most 1%ER’s are not criminals…le over the decades had been successful in making those who don’t know, believe that that is what the “1%” means…its isn’t…

  11. We did not have anyone from HonorBound MM arrested. They were on their way, but an accident on I-35 prevented them (along with a lot of others) from getting there on time. The chaplain that would have prayed at the start of the COC&I meeting is one of ours. They got a call not to come after all of this took place. That has not kept them from being listed as there since they normally are.

  12. You missed a club. I saw some Veteran MC cuts in pictures posted on the media. They are definitely not a 1% Club. A three piece does not mean you give up Constitutional rights. Whatever happened to “innocent until proven guilty?”

  13. It doesn’t matter to me if these brothers and sisters are heathens, christians, atheists or whatever nor is it relevant to the case which clubs or not these people are members of. What happened to them in Waco is just wrong and I do not support US government enforcers being anti-American. Be and ride free.

  14. i think using this meeting and making claims these “bikers” not “gang-members” were there to be violent was only a fabricated story to be made as an excuse to enforce Jade-Helm…..yeah this whole thing was a tactic to make “the sheeple” scared so thee would turn to the government……they could have been wearing no patches and show up with bikes flying our flag and still be violated against.

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