Why the Women, Waco?

Four women are being held on million dollar bonds in Waco, Texas. They are all being held because they supposedly belong to some sort of criminal “biker gang.” First of all, a bike club is not a gang. Second of all, any club that allows a woman in is NOT a 1%er club. It just isn’t done. I am just completely flabbergasted by the idiotic statements that come from self proclaimed experts, which of course, is just a fancy way to say “snitch”.. I read a couple days ago, one of these so called bike club gurus said “women are rarely let in.” Wrong. Women are NEVER let in. Ever. It is not done. Some family oriented clubs will allow women patchwearers.. there are WMC’s like Highway Chicks in Arkansas. However, a female Bandido or Cossack or Boozefighter? Not happening.

We can only assume that idiotic Swanton has been listening to the snitch-perts, because they have these women locked up like they are “known gang members”.. no socks, no bra, one pair of underwear. They were told this is so they can’t kill anyone. I am pretty handy, but I don’t know how you can kill someone with a sock?

This ridiculous behavior from Waco Texas is being condoned by the media. It is also being ignored by the Justice Department. Funny, there can be expedited investigations for ONE known drug dealer who attacked a store owner… but when it comes to 200 people with little or no criminal background, all justice flies out the window like a fart in the wind. It makes me disgusted at America to see the nasty comments being made about bikers all over those stupid trumped up articles.I wonder who will go through the emails from the murdering cops and see if they made ugly biker jokes?

But i digress… Why the women, Waco? Why would you nab four women who are so obviously not even remotely connected to any sort of criminal element that it would be completely laughable if not for their suffering and humiliation?


5 Responses to “Why the Women, Waco?”

  1. Twin Peaks scheduled to be bulldozed. Potentially the most stunning of brazen evidence tampering I’ve witnessed personally if it actually dues go down. So hard to know what information is propaganda press and what isn’t, after all they’re only telling us what’s in the script. I’m not waiting around for the conclusion of this it’s time to match.

  2. Sylvia Fuentes Says:


  3. Might look up Buscadors Mc

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  5. Should be obvious. You trump up charges to scare them into testifying against other people to drop the charges. Or more likely so they’ll plead guilty to a lesser charge which is then used as evidence to prop up more bogus charges against others.

    After all this time with still nothing moving forward in Waco against these 177 people it makes it look even more like that was the reason.

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