I Can’t Breathe Either.. A Journal of the Sickening Conditions in the Waco Jail

This is a journal kept by one of the Waco Widows detailing what her husband’s life in the Waco jail has been like. Her husband has no criminal record or direct connection to the events that occurred at Twin Peaks beyond showing up for a CoC meeting. I have gotten similar stories from several of the wives and therefore believe this account to be true and accurate.

This is my testimony based on what I was sequentially was told by an inmate at the Jack Harwell Center in Waco Texas and my personal experiences at this facility. I am writing in sequence in a journal type manner and is colloquial in terms because of phrases or terms I hear talking on the phone to the inmate or to the staff on the phone or in person.
May 17th: He was put in a cell by himself at 3pm. Received food on Monday May 18th at 1am which consisted of 4 pieces of white bread, 1 slice of cheese, 1 orange, and bologna that was rotten. Water was provided via the sink. He stated he was at County and the guard threw the bag of food at him.
May 18th: 1:31 pm first call from him. He stated he cannot breath and no one has assisted him when he expressed between 10 and 12 times he could not breath well and needed a nebulizer treatment or needed a rescue inhaler. He stated he had COPD and need help.
May 18th close to noon he stated he had a full asthma attack and was in serious duress to breath. The guards put him in a cell and gave him a breathing treatment but left him in the cell for 5 hours. He said the breathing treatment did not do much good because the cell was very cold and because he has Reynauds as well did not help with breathing easier exposed to the cold. The times were between 11pm to 5 am he was left in the cell.
May 18th about 3pm I called the jail to see what I needed to do to get the medical attention expedited. I was told to bring his RXs to the jail they would verify his meds and give him his medication his DR. prescribed.
May 18th 6:29 pm He stated he was still refused medical attention numerous times and felt like he was going to have an episode that would kill him. He stated he has asked for medical assistance numerous times throughout the day and evening for help because he could not breath right.
May 18th 9:51 pm He stated they finally checked his Blood Pressure that resulted 166/127. Said he was given a BP medication that one time. Still asked for a breathing treatment and was denied.
May 19th 10:54 am: I am in route to Waco to take meds to the infirmary nurse to expedite medical needs for him. Infirmary Nurse took the bag of RXs and said they would verify through the Pharmacy the medications and get him his much needed mediation. She said to check in 24 hours to see if meds would be verified. A guard there that took his Power of Attorney papers to him stated to me they are understaffed and overwhelmed with inmates and are doing their best to process inmates. I urged her to get him help because he cannot breath properly and needed medical to look at him and get him help. The guard said there is a process and to understand they are doing their very best to get to everyone. I was told that the meds I brought could not be used to help him that the Jail has their own Pharmacy and would get him his medication as soon as it is processed. He has been asking for breathing treatments off and on through out this day multiple times.
May 20th 9:47 am He said there is an inmate that had a Insulin Coma because of lack of medical attention and Insulin. He said that an inmate was put in Psych in a straight jacket and has rapidly requested medical attention. Still no medical attention and said everyone is really stinking because they have no clean clothing and cannot take a shower.
May20th 10:12 am He expressed again that he feels like he is going to die in the Jail because they do not care about his calls for help. He stated he and others were having bowel issues and were left to wear their dirty orange jumpers this whole time. No showers just a wash cloth and small towel.
May 21st 3:14pm I spoke to a nurse on the phone. She said his medications were verified by the Pharmacy and he would receive his meds this evening pill distribution. I clarified with her, “So he will receive his medications his Dr. prescribed so he can breath and be ok?” she said, “Yes mamma, he sure will but he will only receive his nebulizer treatment 2X per day because, that just when we distribute the medication, but he has an inhaler on his person.” I was pleased thanked her and hung up the phone.
May 21st 9:01 pm. I let him know what that the Nurse said and he should have his medication tonight and feel like he can breathe better. While I was on the phone with him a nurse came by to bring his meds. He let me go and would call me back.
May 21st 9:25 pm He said there was only one pill the nurse gave him and was told it was an antihistamine. He was not given what his Dr. prescribed. I asked him what inhaler he had on his person that the nurse said he had and it is the 2X per day Breo Ellipta (futicasone furoate and vilanterol inhailer powder) with 14 doses for COPD but not a rescue inhaler. That Breo Ellipta inhailer came from his personal that I brought on the 19th.
May 22nd 8:46 am He said the pill that he was given kept him up all night and wrote a letter to me late on the 21st. He said the pill did not help with allergies and breathing and would not take another because it made him feel anxious.
May 22nd 11:27 pm. He said they had a nurse come and sit with them in the evening and ask them what they needed. She took Blood Pressures and ordered life sustaining medications for these men. This was the only day that he and the others felt they were listened to about their medical issues that they felt like they needed immediate attention and were life threatening. She promised them to have their medication to them the very next day. A lot of guys got their medications but some still have yet to receive medical attention for Epilepsy and other issues that were life threatning. To date this other inmate that has epilepsy has yet to have his epilepsy medication to date May 26th. He said they finally got boxers, socks, and clean jumpers. They did not have boxers or socks before. No shower.
May 23rd. 12:47 pm He said he received an Albuterol Sulfate rescue inhaler to keep on his person and received the medications his Dr. prescribed with the exception of the Anxiety meds because he had to submit for a Psyc evaluation. He also stated others have not received what they need to live. But that a lot of them did receive their medications. Today was the first day they had a shower. He said his cell received a full set of clean jumpers, socks, and boxers. He said that they all noticed a high sulpher content from the food and water. They all are saying the water and food is so toxic tasting they are electing not to eat or drink because it tastes like sulpher and is making them sick with diarrhea.
May 24th 9:05 am He was telling me that the jail was going to set up for Church services and was eager to shower and attend that service.
May 24th 9:50 pm He said that they had no Church services and was pretty down about that because they all needed a time to worship so they had services together in the cell.
May 25th 11:11am He said he has all of his medication now and is doing fine, just waiting on the Psyc evaluation. He said that he has been getting all the right medicine but there are others that still have not received their medications their Dr. prescribed. He said no one has been seen by a Dr. He stated that a many have put in for Physiological evaluations a few days ago and still have not been seen but understand the Memorial holiday.
A lot of these people have witnessed same battle/war issues. Resulting PSTD and anxiety because of the nature of violence they experienced. A lot of these people are facing uncertain times and loosing their jobs and family structure because of this incident and are experiencing anxiety to high levels that are being ignored.
I am making this out cry to you America to make a difference in the way these Innocent until proven guilty Americans are treated. So far the standard has been insufficient to sustain life, underfunded, and undermanned.


19 Responses to “I Can’t Breathe Either.. A Journal of the Sickening Conditions in the Waco Jail”

  1. Very typical of the US justice system. It is a fare that you are innocent until proven guilty, on the contrary you are guilty until you are given the opportunity to prove your Innocence all the while the justice system is fabricating evidence against you. My heart bleeds for the unjust treatment that our brothers and sisters are going through in Waco. Waco has a history of unjustly accusing it’s citizens of bogus crimes, look what they did to David karesh and his followers.

  2. Patricia Says:

    what is realy going on realy everyone has right to a bond wth is going on there !!

  3. Christopher m carrillo Says:

    the problem with Texas is if you don’t have at least $200,000 in any case that deals with any kind of guns you’re going to be stuck in prison the rest of your life there’s so many innocent people over there that have been given 50-60 years for something they didn’t do I know of three or four I can count just off the top of my head the problem is there so in the making money off of inmates that’s how a lot of the state makes their money they build so many prisons they got more prisons in the state of Texas than anywhere in the United States those guys there make money off inmates so if you don’t have the money to get a good Attorney may as well kiss your ass goodbye it’s too bad these poor guys that had nothing to do with any of this but because they ride a bike over there there because of something they get railroadedmy old brother in law was 21 years old went to Texas got himself in trouble never had a ticket in this life he’s doing 65 years all because we didn’t have $100,000 to get him and Attorney it’s sad but that happens I wish there was something I could do for you guys speedY

    • Ever heard of puncuation?

      • yea really. And tho I’m sure you’re trying to ‘help’ in your own way Christopher, I really don’t think that’s what she needed to hear right now. She’s already going thru hell. Pleez don’t make it any harder w/that talk of 65 yrs. Just sayin’.

  4. A. No one was strangled to death in an illegal choke hold, so, you sound stupid.
    B. You want me to take your shit seriously, maybe you shouldn’t use a hashtag from a man that was actually murdered by police.
    C: there were literally over 1,000 weapons confiscated and no one was gunned down in the streets like a dog. (Except by your own) See also: no militarized police mobilization.
    Check your privilege, y’all know if you were black, you’d be dead.

    • 9 people were shot by police. a man told his wife from jail “i cant breathe” for 9 days straight. black people WERE arrested. there is a woman in jail for belonging to a predominantly black Eastern Star club. the majority of the people in jail do NOT belong to criminal anything, some don’t even motorcycles. snipers shot bikers with high powered rifles. what the fuck do you call police militarization exactly? why will you believe cops kill black people but DIDNT gun down all these bikers? what do you gain from that? the waco police has already said they made a mistake, and the 1,000 weapons was closer to 100, or less than you would find in a baptist church parking lot… .dumb ass fool.

      • McLennan Skeptic Says:

        You’re ignorance is astounding.

      • yea, whatever you say. so sorry black people, that bikers died and offended your little black panther party.

      • You need to hold your slanderous comments. Haters need not post as you have no authority or power to provide unity and self preservation of civilians rights being violated. It will be you next. Frankly, if your ignorant hateful comments are any indication of your intelligence, mentality, and lost abilities to process factual information, I suspect the mind set of your kind will be corralled up like animals and fairly imprisoned and held without due process also. Piss off bloody traitors. You have no power here. And be sure to look out before somebody drops the house on you too!

    • Justice Says:

      This is why we will never see real change in our judicial system. Eric Garner was murdered by LEOs, plain and simple, but he is just one of the countless innocent victims of a corrupt system. His family deserves justice, and I truly hope people, specifically those in NYC, will continue the fight until justice is served. But, as with every other case of police brutality making headlines these days, public outrage and widespread calls for change quickly devolve into a race issue. This alienates a whole lot of people from taking a stand and redirects the outrage once aimed at our corrupt system to placing the blame on an entire race. We MUST keep a united front in our pursuit for change. When we let race distract us from the real issue, WE ALL LOSE. Some of these bikers may be white, some may be guilty of a crime, and we may not have video evidence of police brutality, but a lot of these bikers are innocent victims of the same system that was responsible for Eric Garners death. We all deserve justice.

    • Really, I propose a truce. What I believe to be the bigger picture one perhaps need look at, is the groups they’re targeting. If the Feds were so successful at executing this training exercise, opening fire with assault rifles on a crowd on an early Sunday afternoon on a Group of bikers, how easily do you think they’ll come for any other Group? A group of wounded Vets? A group of Christian believers? Public School Teachers? MADD? SPCA? Ponder the possibility that You could be next.

  5. That is ridiculous and so very true and not just in Waco it happens in jails all over. I know that happens in Az jails people do not get their meds even when family members make sure the jail has them to give. That is unacceptable if you don’t have the staff then you should not be filling your damn jail with innocents. All the cops involved should be jailed along with the innocent bikers they shoved in that place and treated the same.

  6. it’s like America is training for a interment camp scenario

  7. stop posting fucking spam over here. that law firm said they want nothing to do with the bikers.

  8. Now is not the time for dissension. Don’t react to it, rather be silent and let’s spend our energy on a solution. I’ve contacted The Blue Knights Public relations department and I wrote to both the President and Vice President of this MC, asking for guidance and awareness. I’ve written very basic, factual and (without vulgarity included) intelligent letters to everyone in authority I know to remedy this situation. We all need to be vocal, non violent, and calmly see that due process is provided, and to date has not.

  9. Charlotte Holt Says:

    When injustices are prevalent, taking concerns to the media seems to have the best results. Not sure that a blog is the best way to expedite.

  10. Reblogged this on and commented:

    The journal from the video….

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