Not Out of the Woods… A Waco Wife Tells a Tragic Story In Her Own Words


Kate Woods tells a story so compelling that I am not even going to touch this. This is the story of the Los Caballeros MC members in jail in Waco due to the May 17th shooting. From what I can see, this is a club of mostly disabled veterans? No criminal backgrounds showing up on these vets, either, unless you count the American Legion as a gang?

Mike is a disabled veteran. He spent 21 and a half years in the military. He deployed to Iraq and didn’t lose a single soldier there, he brought them all home safe. He enjoyed being in the military, but he felt that his time was at an and there. However, he sorely missed the comradery. So, he joined the American Legion Riders. Friends of his were members of ‘Los Caballeros.” This is not a criminal or 1%er Club in any way. their name translates into “the gentleman”… His friends asked him if he would be interested in becoming a member. Since we are partners in life, he talked to me first, knowing that I was somewhat worried about him joining a motorcycle club, having had some experiences with my mother occasionally riding with (sp?) “the madones” when I was a child / teenager. He assured me that this club was family friendly and definitely crime free. We came to the conclusion that brotherhood and support is what he was missing. Indeed, in the time that he’s been in the club, his PTSD has stabilized and has given him a sense of direction that he had been missing, it seemed. The ol’ ladies of the club knew him before I had met him and everybody couldn’t say enough good things about how well he is doing. When I first met the other ol’ ladies and the members of the club, I was somewhat overwhelmed. Although I am a smart ass at heart, I am also a bit of an introvert, and they didn’t let me be one.

Did I mention Mike is such a wonderful and generous person?  He’s also a member of the American Legion in Harker Heights. He frequently helps out the club there, installing lights, doing doing repairs, expanding their patio,etc. He doesn’t like to talk about all the good things like that he does. He is a very humble man. When I learned that he saved a fellow veterans life at Twin Peaks, I brought it up to him on the phone… he didn’t want to even talk about it. However, when I spoke to the gentleman’s wife, she was in tears when she recalled what her husband told her. He had told her that Michael saved his life.. if it hadn’t been for him ….. Well you understand her sentiments. She fell over her words about how her husband life had been saved by Mike.Understand that when I asked Mike about this, to him it was just something that needed to be done… He really didn’t even want to expand upon it. That’s just the kind of man he is.

Mike and I met in a bar, well, really a dance hall,  in Tacoma, Washington 15 and a half years ago. I saw his eyes, well! I thought but first, that was sweet. He noticed me but didn’t talk to me until his friend asked me to dance. Since his friend and I parted, when we got off the dance floor, he said, “if you’re not going to talk to her I will.” The rest is history. He was so charming and sweet… and in a few short months, he and my daughter connived to ask me to marry him… sneaky little devils! I had gone through a rather bad divorce and was wary of men. But. he was so charming.. I met his daughter, and she was just a sweetheart. We became a blended family and ultimately, we were both assigned to Fort Hood.

We have supported each other thru the death of my grandparents and his grandfather and fairly recently, one of the two men who raised him… his stepfather George.George’s Harley was willed to Mike. Georges membership in a club raised Mike’s interest and that’s when he first joined the Legion Riders. I don’t know if there were just too many people in the Legion Riders, or if he felt that a smaller club would be a better fit for him… but when he was asked to join the Los Caballeros, he was so enthusiastic so…. I don’t know. I don’t think the word is joyful, but he was happy to become part of a tight knit family. Since he’s joined, he’s enjoyed it, especially the charitable work they’ve done.

They were on the far end of the parking lot that day from what I understand. Rolo was there as well… Daryle and 2 or 3 independents, too. Rolo is such a sweet and gentle soul. He and his wife have a family of six children… each and every one of them such a joy to be around. He is another disabled veteran. Daryl as well, is a veteran.. he and his wife have either 4 or perhaps 5 boys together. I can’t tell you enough how they are a great family. both men and their families are like Mike and I.. they would do anything they could to help people.

He is able to see Rolo, I believe, when they are able to go out and exercise. But, with the weather as it has been the last several days, they have not been able to go out, so they are in there by themselves. He has not been able to have access to the commissary since he’s been there. I have not been able to see him. I went on Wednesday, because he had told me to wait until he was settled, and that his visitor list was filled out and turned in. But when I went, they denied my daughter and I access, stating they did not have his visitor list.

. it turns out that all of the Twin Peaks prisoners visitors list on his ward had been placed in a box and locked and nobody had the key. So. I drove the hour and some back home again. After I spoke with him on the phone that evening or the next day, he told me the situation after I told him they didn’t have the list. He told me not to visit or try to visit until Friday and he filled out another list. They still when I spoke with him on Sunday, still had the key lost. When I went on Friday, there were so many people in there that the wait was hours. There had to be 40 or 50 people that had been waiting. I don’t know what the problem was. Darrell’s wife told me that one woman had been registered at the window and seated at a kiosk I had waited for 6 hours for them to bring her son to his kiosk so that she could talk with him by the time the sheriff came in and told us there would be no more visiting, she still haven’t seen him. Darrell’s wife tried for an hour and a half to speak with him.. she had to be put on multiple kiosks because there were glitches preventing Daryl from hearing her. It was just a huge mess. They suspended visitation on Saturday… because it was a holiday weekend! I guess the inmates don’t need to see their families during the holiday weekend?

I have come to the conclusion that they are doing what they can so that our husbands and the four women to demoralize in order to cause them to turn on each other and talk. I don’t know what the law enforcement thinks they’re going to rat about cuz there’s nothing to rat out. They’re a small club. So are many others. They don’t engage in crime. If they were to engage in crime, and be convicted of crime, they would lose there VA benefits. Those that are disabled veterans in jail may lose their benefits completely…  Being that I’m a disabled veteran myself, if my husband loses his job and loses his VA benefits I don’t know what I’m going to do! I’m unable to work because of my disability, I don’t know what I will do if my husband is incarcerated for a crime he didn’t commit. I don’t know how I’ll be able to hold on to our home for him to come home to. It’s so frustrating! I’m just trying to hold on for him, be strong for my girls, field all the phone calls ,and reassure all of our families, biker, and blood relatives that it will work self out. You know, so far I don’t even know who’s been able to afford lawyers because lawyers in the area want 30 to $50,000 as retainers I’ve heard. I’ve managed to scrape together a bit just to try and get the petition to reduce or drop all charges and/or reduce fail to a reasonable amount. I had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to try and come up with this money. You know you don’t go into this lifestyle to become rich which most of us are not. Being a biker doesn’t earn you any money earns you a family, of brotherhood, a sense of community, and pride knowing that you’re helping those that need it.

I think perhaps some overzealous officer might have seen two or three punches thrown and decided to fire, causing it all.. It could have been orders to the police force, an ambush as soon as there was any sign of a fight. Recently, I’ve read that the first autopsy showed the wounds were caused buy a high powered, high caliber rifle fired from a distance. if I had to guess, I would bet it was a 5.56 round. I honestly do not know if it was a Bandido or a Cossack or a cop  or who fired the first shot. From what I read, shots were supposedly fired from the parking lot towards the patio, the wounded man ran into the restaurant.. and a patron on the patio pulled a gun out and fired one round towards the parking lot. And that was supposed to be on the video. Again, this is just what I’ve read. The police have a copy of that footage, but they aren’t releasing it. Twin Peaks isn’t releasing it, because they’ve been asked not to because of ongoing investigation. These are just the things that run through my mind. My thinking is disconnected, so disconnected that it’s hard to focus on just one thing at a time. These things keep coming back to me. I just want him to come home.


50 Responses to “Not Out of the Woods… A Waco Wife Tells a Tragic Story In Her Own Words”

  1. Shannon Ryan Says:

    My heart goes out to all involved in this mess! Which the cops shot all the fallen brothers.. Such a tragedy that did not have to happen!!

  2. Hang in there. Things will come out in the end and help you and yours, along with the others..

  3. This needs posted on a national media site

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  4. wow, my heart goes out to you and those that are going through this… we have emailed, faxed and called the authorities to release these innocent men.. in the mean time we are praying for you all…

  5. Gods speed, my prayers go out to all of you ! I am a member of the Legion Riders myself, and have been wrongly charged and jailed not long ago. Paid tens of thousands of dollars, just to stay out of prison. I pray this all gets sorted out and you prevail !

  6. Reblogged this on Professor Quicksand and commented:
    One of those arrested and currently on a $1 million bond. Talk about a false-flag event, the whole Waco narrative will eventually fall apart.

  7. Kate Woods Says:

    Thank you Amy for taking all my ramblings and putting together for coherent story. I don’t think I could’ve done it without you. You have my gratitude.

  8. Michelle Hanz Says:

    My prayers continue for all incarcerated and their families. One of the men killed (vietnam vet) was a friend of mine. There are no words to describe this whole event. It is wrong in so many many different ways.

  9. Thank you for sharing. Unfortunately this is how our system is. It was broken long before your husband entered it. Get ready for more frustration and miscommunication. If you don’t ha’ve Jesus as your friend, you might want to consider Him, you’re going to need His strength to get through this.

  10. Fred Anderson Says:

    I really think it’s time for the feds to investigate what’s going on. It all seems pretty weird. I know Texas is strict but I think they may have crossed a line!

  11. So sad to hear all these stories as to what our government is doing to our veterans all over this country. It is especially hard to hear or even understand what they did and have been doing in WACO since this occurred! This was an ambush plain and simple by the FEDS, ATF and WACO PD, not only on our veterans but on all the other law abiding citizens as well. Why, because they ride a bike and may or may not belong to an MC or organization? So does that give our government the right to open fire with out justification? HELL NO! It’s time we the people take control of our country again, kick these assholes out of office and make it a government for the people, by the people again so this kind of stupidity doesn’t ever repeat itself! I ride and it has this biker and the whole biker community all over this country in an up roar from coast to coast as it should have! Now we all need to stand together and say enough is enough, no longer will we let this continue in WACO or any other part of the country! To all the brothers and sisters out there who ride, make your voices heard! My condolences and heart goes out to all the family members who lost someone or who’s family member is incarcerated by an unjust and corrupt act by our own government, that’s the real criminals here!

  12. Have you thought about going to the news with your story I am a Wacoan (sigh) and I too believe a lot of bikers are in jail unjustified and the bail amount is way out of line. People need to stand up and be heard. Set up a gofundme account Waco is known to have a very biased justice system (big sigh). Examples are all over the Waco Trib

  13. Darrell - BIKER FOR LIFE - Stobaugh Says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how our elected officials, public servants including law enforcement, FBI, ATF and other organizations including our Federal and State Government officials want to dictate every aspect of our lives. It is our own government that treads on our Constitutional Rights and fails when we need them to do their jobs. I am as disgusted with Law Enforcement in Waco as anyone else out there. The lawyers are hanging around the jail like Blood Sucking Leaches or Vultures so they can drain the life out of anyone incarcerated wrongly and they are the ones that need to be incarcerated. Each officer that was involved in the shootings, the police chief, mayor and anyone else involved in this massacre need to be held accountable. Those bikers that are incarcerated need to be released immediately and public apologies made. So many lives will be affected by this witch hunt and a lawsuit needs to be filed on behalf of all bikers arrested under false pretenses need to be compensated for their losses. Question? Will our law enforcement officials and elected Government officials tell the police that they can no longer ride with their patch or the “Iron Pigs?” The domino effect has begun all over this country and law abiding citizens that ride bikes are being targeted by law enforcement and harassed as we speak, This has got to be the biggest violation of civil rights in the history of this country. It is time for all bikers to Rally and stand up for our Constitutional rights so we can send a strong message to our Government and law enforcement that we will not be Bullied, Strong Armed, Imprisoned or Jailed under false pretenses, harassed, intimidated, PROFILED, Discriminated Against, Targeted or have any of our Constitutional Rights Violated. It is time for the Department of Justice to get involved to determine the extent of the Civil Rights Violations against bikers unless they are just as corrupt and IGNORANT as the Waco Police and many of the other agencies in this country. I refuse to visit or spend a dime in Waco, I refuse to support law enforcement in Waco, I demand the resignation of the Police Chief in Waco, I demand that all officers involved in this massacre be tried and convicted of their murderous crimes against innocent people, I demand that all persons incarcerated be fairly compensated for their losses and false imprisonment, I demand a full apology on behalf of every biker in this country from every law enforcement agency in this country and every public or elected official. I further demand that all bikers incarcerated in Waco be represented by counsel FREE OF CHARGE and that the courts find each and ever one of them INNOCENT and be released immediately.

  14. Law enforcement is really messed up.

  15. Never have liked Texas, I definitely think we should give it back. I realize a large majority of bikers are Conservatives and not fond of Liberals, but has anyone contacted the local ACLU? Since bail has been set, I can assumed they have all appeared before a judge and plead not guilty? Has anyone petitioned the court for ROR for those with a clean record? I would suggest bombarding them with paperwork and request. If any of the guys have medical issues, the county isn’t prepared to handle that expense and they should be released. I would start bring the cost of this incarceration fiasco to the attention of the tax-payers and they can start in with their local senators and judges. Put the pressure on them, remember there is an election coming up and your a Blue state, hit them where it hurts.

  16. Wayne Reid Says:

    I work with Mike Woods .You can’t find a better person to be around than him .He does a great job and knows how to get it done . I know he don’t deserve what he’s going through .. We are praying for all of the victims and their families and all other bikers that were involved .. Kate if you and / or Mike want contact me on Facebook send me a request I would like to know how things are going …

  17. If the press won’t broadcast then use social media get your message out I remember well what happened to the Branch Davidians and how many people lost their lives Speak Up I will do my best to help you

  18. I was expecting more from the COC. To stand up and do something. I understand your pain and I feel bad for you and all the families involved with this mess. This is not what the COC was made for. Now I wonder if the lawyers from the COC are just there for our bike accidents

  19. Martha Spicer Says:

    I have worked closely with Mike for many years as his role of Security Manager for TSI. Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine that he would be accused of organized crime. It is a shame that he is guilty until he proves that he is innocent. I thought it was supposed to be the other way around. Praying for Mike and his family.

  20. Julia Gaston Says:

    Since there was an undercover cop involved it seems (in my opion)that it was orchestrated by the police department as a way to make them look good(untrue eyes and to make the bikers look bad. I am willing to bet the under cover cop assisted in antagonizing the situation.

  21. Well I think there was some over reaction to what was happening at twin peaks. I wasn’t there but I was driving by when it was going on,on 35 south. I looked like there sure was a lot of cops there so fast. Makes you wonder how many cops were on standby just blocks away. It’s just my appinion that the cops wanted to send a message, and they did

  22. Bob meadows Says:

    Protest video please share it!
    Title : Waco River of Blood !

  23. My heart goes out for these people!
    I cant wrap my head around why the
    Cops the feds why would they do this
    Its sheer madness! Something must be done now before the cancer spreads and it will.They are so worried about any civilians in a group its Neo Nazism! Prayers to the familys and victims of this atrocity!

    • Maryann is all ready and has been in motion for several years. No one wanted to believe it. All groups are being attacked and eventually will be treated just like this, only in masses. Corralled up like animals. Anyone with a voice. Anyone with a warning and groups who watch. Perhaps it could be wounded vets. or MADD, SPCA, Planned Parenthood, public school teachers, homeless, elderly, ppl diagnosed with PTSD or Depression…who ever they want …

  24. at least some of this is BS. he will not lose his benefits, i know this because i personally know a person who is on va disability. he has multiple felonies and has been to prison and jail more times than i can count. he has never lost his benefits and he received his pension check while he was in prison.

    • when you get approved for disability of any kind, they make you sign a paper that says “if you get convicted of a felony you may lose your benefits”… so, ya know, please call someone else a liar because you KNOW SOMEONE who draws benefits.

  25. […] Biker author Amy White, is beginning to post the stories of their loved ones – thus far here, here, here and […]

  26. Andria Simmons (Stephens) Says:

    SFC Woods was my Platoon Sergeant in Iraq!! He wouldn’t hurt a fly, and you are right- he was so humble. Always. He was a great mentor to the Soldiers under his care, and others too, throughout thte company. I don’t doubt one bit that he was just an innocent bystander. My husband used to be in an MC, and I know that not all bikers are into criminal activity. It is about the brotherhood. I am praying for you and your family, and if you think about it next time you talk to him, tell him SGT Stephens is praying for him 🙂 God bless you!!

  27. hocuspocus13 Says:

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    jinxx ♠ xoxo

  28. Im so sorry you are dealing with this. 😦

  29. We all wish there was something we could do; I sent messages to several of the authorities and they all came back un-deliverable (curious). Know that all concerned are watching closely and the truth will come out. As a Combat veteran myself I share your concerns about the Benefits. We are all praying for restitution as well as quick resolution to this travesty.

  30. John Smith Says:

    Sorry but veteran our not. When you hang out and associate with 1% MC, you are guilty by association. And according to the Bandidos Web site, the Los Caballero’s MC is a suport club. Honestly I hope that the FBI shuts all the 1% down. They do nothing but give anyone who rides a motorcycle a bad name.

    • there are hundreds, probably thousands of “support clubs” in america. none of them are criminal elements. i love how ignorant motherfuckers deem themselves judge and jury for a lifestyle they know fuck all about.

  31. False flag in preparation for Jade Helm? Is it possible?

  32. Amy, what I wonder is where are the MRO’s on this? The Motorcycle Rights Foundation, the American Motorcyclist Association and ABATE? Where are all those motorcycle lawyers? Richard Lester, Russ Brown and all the others? Where is the ACLU? Clearly there are 100s of rights violations. Now 12 days later this story has disappeared from national news. Every CoC in the nation should be raising funds for a class action lawsuit.

    Where are the autopsy reports? Certainly they know by now what bullets killed the 9 dead?

    • John Smith Says:

      Please the Coc is a bunch of crap. Why should anyone ask top wear a patch to ride. They can sick a dick.

      • John, the CoC provides a lot more to the motorcycle community than just endorsement of patch clubs. Any organization is only as good as what it’s members put into it, your inarticulate response adds nothing of value to the discussion.

    • I’ve called two of the above mentioned …even got basically hung up on by The Blue Knights. The crime scene is being dismantled, most complete perhaps by now. An ongoing investigating ? No body wants to touch this. I was told “No intelligent lawyer, if in existence, will touch this case, lawyers don’t shit where they eat.” Via a source in New York, NY.

  33. Amy, thank you for sharing Kate’s heart wrenching story. This is what the general public needs to read… I will be passing it on! Kudos!

  34. My heart breaks for so many right now. All timed nicely before ROT RALLY in Austin.

  35. cassandra Says:

    I’m so sorry that you all are having to go thru this. I know that there are many in jail for a crime they didn’t commit over this situation. Another thing that.worried me was the fact that the officers involved were not on suspend after firing a weapon. Standard protocol from what I was told. They are the same ones overseeing the investigation of the shooting. To me that’s a conflict of interest on the police departments part. It reeks of suspicion.Many are behind you all. I pray for the release of your husband and all the innocent men and women in jail over this horrible.event. Some of these men lost a” brother” that day and can not even grieve for them as they are behind bars wrongfully. Prayers 1000 times over for you and yours

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