All or Nothing.. Why I Do Not Support the All for 1 Rally


When there is a huge tragedy of any sort, the first thing bikers do is rally around that issue in most cases. When around 30 people were shot in Waco, including the nine fatalities, and over 170 people jailed… Of course the knee jerk reaction is to rally in Waco to defend freedom and justice. HOWEVER. This circumstance is a little different than most. I myself wholeheartedly intended to make this event when it first started… These are the reasons that changed my mind.

📍 False info on the flyer. I hate that ‘90% are innocent’ comment. This is implying 17 are guilty. At this point according to the law of land of the United States of America and the state of Texas, every damned one of them is innocent until proven guilty. Since no video has been forthcoming and an attempt to blackmail them into silence has surfaced, I believe in their innocence more than ever.

📍 The CoC and U.S. Defenders washed their hands of it… The following statements were released by the CoC and shared by the Defenders states quite plainly that they DO NOT want this event to take place…

📎Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents
*** Biker Family and Friends ***

While we fully support your right to free speech and to assemble peacefully, the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents, US Defenders Program, and the Texas Legislative Strike Force are not in any way supporting the Biker Protest scheduled to happen in Waco on Sunday, June 7th.

We are advising club members, independents and the general public to refrain from a protest in Waco while our organizations along with lawyers work through the process of getting the innocent bikers released from the Mclennan County Jail.

We understand this is being coordinated by other organizations. All we ask is that those who do participate do so in a peaceful and respectful manner.


See on the surface, this statement is polite and cordial and passive about the event… But stop and think about it. The CoC is the accumulation of almost all the clubs in that area. They are the people who were attacked. They are the ones whose actual friends and family are dead or in jail. To me, ANYONE who goes against their wishes right now is wrong. This is their turf… Their area.. Their home. Continuing on with this event is equivalent to walking in someone’s house uninvited when they tell you they aren’t up for company. The CoC is all about the bikers showing unity… The U.S. Defenders are all about standing up for your rights as an American biker. For both of these organizations to ask for people NOT to attend this event, there has to be an extremely legitimate and valid concern. I simply am not going to go over and piss in their Cheerios. There are plenty of other ways to participate in freeing those people that are much more valid that riding around an empty courthouse on a Sunday, and don’t go against the wishes of the people you are supposedly riding for. If this event is a valid support and not just a photo op for attention seekers, why do they not care about the requests from the people who live there? What they want done is way more important than a horse and pony show.

📍The cops support it. I don’t want to down the organizers of this event here, but it seems very DENSE to me to rely on the word of that sorry ass cop Swanton for your safety. How do you plan a rally against cops shooting people then say ‘hey, it’s ok because Swanton welcomes us with open arms!’ That would scare the ever loving hell out of me more than it would make me feel safer.

‘Sgt. Patrick Swanton Waco PD has stated publicly we are welcome to protest peacefully in Waco. That’s a positive gesture. That has been the plan all along. This will be a silent peaceful protest. Work on your signs while the weather has us pinned in. One that will fit in your saddle bags.
We need some Bikers or a club from the area to help guide us in and plan parking. Please contact me at
Also, groups that are coming from the southern areas of the state, Houston, San Antonio and other cities let us know who you are so we can announce gathering points. People are asking.’

📍The blatantly obvious lack of patchwearers. I been noticing for several days that there really isn’t any heavy, or any other patches, making noise about the event. This coincides with the CoC asking people not to go. The comment that says they trust the cops asks for a club to handle parking and security. This tells me that I was right, the clubs are not helping it with this event at this point or that request would never have been necessary. Also, there are hundreds, thousands of bikers posting every word I post.. EXCEPT this event.

📍The involvement of the 2 Million Bikers to DC… I was one of the loudest national organizers for this event in 2013. We did in fact make a ride into DC on 9/11/13 that rivaled Rolling Thunder to stand down the Million Muslim March. However, by the time that event occurred, the organization itself was already falling to pieces, mainly due to bad leadership, lying and other shenanigans by Belinda Blake. She is an ex-con event organizer who basically turned that whole ride into a tshirt shop. All of the money raised was supposed to go to 9/11 victims and first responders but many people say that she used it for some kind of shady ass nonprofit deal that nets her allegedly a $77,000 a year salary for 2013. She claims to have support from the CoC to participate in this event. I don’t believe her. I have received word that she was in fact told quite plainly by a Bandido to stay away. I don’t know who he is not I tend to believe it. The Bandits have never lied to me.. She has. The day of the event, her Louisiana coordinator Everett Loewe made several comments about how he wi

shed he was there with the cops, ‘you know what side I would have been on. Haha.’ He validated  that he meant he supported the cops earlier this week by claiming to be former LEO on the Biker Lives Matter page. I’m sorry, but this is not the kind of person I want riding with me to McDonalds, much less the volatile powder keg that is Waco right now. If one goes over to the 2 mil page and does a little trolling, it’s quite obvious that beyond a few vets and Christians Who are mostly one piece patches, there aren’t any patches at all active in their events.

In closing… I am not saying don’t support those people in Waco. There are hundreds of fundraisers, rides, memorials and other events.. Or make one of your own. There is absolutely no viable way to defend going directly against their requests and trying to claim you are showing respect. No you aren’t… You are slapping them in the face.


12 Responses to “All or Nothing.. Why I Do Not Support the All for 1 Rally”

  1. LadyRavenSDC Says:

    Amy – we may not be bikers, but we are riding every mile with you.
    This conversation at The Conservative Treehouse may hold some value for you all.
    It came about when I posted your link in comments:

    patternpuzzler says: June 1, 2015 at 2:05 pm
    I certainly understand her stance completely. I read that last night. I do not support her reasoning.

    At some point, we have to stand for what we believe in: the Constitution, and the Constitutionally protected unalienable rights that we are endowed with by our Creator.

    We can temporarily find ‘safety’ or we can stand for our rights. This sentiment is oft repeated on the net, but there’s seldom an opportunity to put it into action because we so fear retribution from our government. The line keeps getting pushed back, and has been so for a long time. Government in all its guises gains control while we lose liberty and our right to self-determination.

    This abrogation of rights is a most dangerous precedent, with the most evil of implications for freedom going forward.

    No one was looking when the Twin Peaks massacre took place (I noticed how the majority of the dead had head shots, sign of a good sniper), but everyone will be looking at the protest. Swanton and his people should probably be on their best behavior. Cameras will be everywhere.

    LadyRavenSDC says: June 1, 2015 at 2:40 pm
    All good points and in particular – “Swanton and his people should probably be on their best behavior. Cameras will be everywhere.”
    A lot of insurance there!

    If you don’t mind – I am going to post that at her site along with the below excerpt from –

    “…incidents of mass violence in which law enforcement – local, state, or federal (e.g., ATF, FBI) – is conspicuously involved must be publicized, and the possibility that those incidents were premeditated must always be kept in mind.

    Given that American bikers are visibly willing to stand forward in defense of freedom, and that they’ve succeeded on more than one occasion at massing many thousands in one place for that purpose, they constitute a powerful potential source of resistance to any oppressive force.”

  2. Billy prince Says:

    Love the good in America so why not when doing great things that many bikers do! Please make an example and have a ride called show no colors? I know your pride in what you wear but this damn country needs to come together not separate. Many young people look up to y’all so give it a shot please. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU MEN AND WOMEN. Peace And Thanks

  3. This flyer is not from the original creator of the All For 1 Rally & Protest. We do not have a flyer at all and we surely never included a 90% figure. What we have is innocent people being held with outrageous bond. Again this flyer came from 2 million bikers who’s not riding from the original point of Arlington Tx. They have a similar name but notice those are two different facebook events. Even the Houston Chronicles got it right…Please check your facts..

    • i tried to warn people not to let the 2 mill in they would steal your ride. also, the CoC has asked you all not to do it.

      • I love you! Honest, courageous, and sexy as all get out. You are very correct with the plea for everyone to step down on this event. I live in Houston and what we are seeing here is 2 sides. Those who hate us bikers, and those who want to get a picture taken at the hallowed ground of more than 1 government overthrow of power in illegal actions. Remember 1993 (although you look too young in my opinion) but Waco PD and many government agencies brutally killed David Koresh and his group “club” simply because they supported the 2nd amendment and had the Waco PD outgunned. The true story was never released and the public screamed “kill the cult”. This is exactly the same thing as the government is trying to impose fear on the biker community for the protest in Washington. The kicker is it was instinctively done in the morning light of the Jade Helm 15 exorcise that will kick off in a couple weeks in oddly “the same area of Texas”. The government is playing the people like a pawn, and the masses are falling for it. This does not sit good on the people down here who clearly sees what is going on, and is in fact preventing us from being able to organise any defense against a hostile takeover by our government in case it should go that way. Here is the whole thing in a nutshell; when being raised many of us was picked on by bullies. After the initial tears of fright, and words of wisdom by our parents “you better not come home a without defending yourself” sunk in, we at an early age learned that if you take the biggest threat on and go head to head with him, win or lose you would gain respect through fear. Meaning if you are crazy enough to fight the baddest of the bad, then others didn’t want to play and saved you many other fights. I hope that you see the connection here and I ask to please pray for those unfortunate ones and the misfortunate ones about to come. We either love our country or we don’t, but fakes will help us none at all. Love you all and keep the rubber side down. The American American, Fighting to Restore Our Free Nation.

  4. Fanny McVee Says:

    The real reasons for this rally not being supported by the COC&I and the U.S. Defenders is that said organizations aren’t making any money off of it and do not want to legitimize other organizations unless they either control it or collect some kind of tribute from them. Both of these organizations you named are headed up by Jimmy Graves. The same Jimmy Gimme Graves that leads the Bandito MC Club. ?? Are you one of his shills??

    • Fanny McVee Says:

      Oh, so it appears my prior post has to be approved first. That is one way to make sure everyone toes the company line. Just not a good way.

    • Your comment was late getting approved because I have to fucking sleep a couple hours SOMETIME, Goldwing. As for Jimmy.. You sure seem to know a lot for someone who can’t even spell Bandido. No, I never met Jimmy and I wear no colors. I see the idiots at that rally banning colors and people carrying rifles. The CoC is who was attacked. Therefore, I am doing what they asked in the same manner as if I have a widow doesn’t like a story I wrote i sit and change it word by word until she doesn’t feel offended anymore. I do not believe that rally is put on by real bikers due to the idiotic posts made on their page. Anymore questions?

  5. gathering in a group and holding signs is weak. this has to be fought in the courts and at the polls and at city council meetings. that’s where things get done. if things get done at all. unless youre a cop. when they gather, things get done. all of them bad things.

  6. Diz Howard Says:

    Thank You for this post. As a Biker and Nam Vet I thank you. My Respect and Concern for All of the victims of this massive fuck up by the WacoPD continues. How long is it going to take to get the rest of Ametica to realize what all Real Deal Bikers have known forYEARS!!!!!!!!!

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