Daddy’s Girl.. Attica’s Badass Campaign for her Daddy


Friends, family, bikers, models, photographers etc …

I’m gonna auction off a date with me paid for by me
Highest bid gets a date with me (I know not that exciting but it’s all I got)

Rules :
1)comment below your bid, share this status on your page or any group page that may be interested in helping

2) Date will most likely be Netflix, beer, and pizza (I’m broke so deal with it)

3) after 72 hours the winner will have to donate the money to the families of the innocent men arrested in waco (I will send you a message with who will be accepting the donation)

You’ll also get an autographed signed poster of my sylb biker shoot

And go!


Watching Attica do everything within her limited means to try to get her father released from the Waco jail makes you have an enigma of emotions. You want to cheer for her dogged determination.. She is a beautiful warrior grudgingly, proudly dragging weakly and strongly forward day after day… A sexy, modern day Joan of Arc attempting to lead the bikers to freedom from their captivity. You want to scream at the injustice of what her family is going through… And you want to hug her neck and keep her safe and help her mom and her babies. Her father was amongst the 177 men arrested in Waco, Texas after cops opened fire on hundreds of people killing 9 bikers and wounding many more. The town of Waco is currently holding around 170 people hostage in their privately owned prison and trying to blackmail them with signing guilty pleas, no lawsuit guarantees, and gag orders in exchange for reducing the $1,000,000 bonds dumped upon all their heads.


Attica wrote the story of her parents for me to share with you all.. I consider it a grave honor to hereby close this article with her words.. Her mom started this, but is too upset and couldn’t finish so Attica helped… This is their story.. Her family’s truth. Rock on, Attica! We love you, beautiful thing! Respects…

When I was three years old my mother divorced my biological father, the marriage was abusive both physically and emotionally. Afterwards my mother struggled as a single mom of seven children, working multiple jobs sometimes three at once doing whatever she could to take care of her children. By the time I was five she met Gilbert Zamora a man who was covered in tattoos, rode a motorcycle and was a single father with custody of five children. Upon meeting him they fell in love almost instantly. Worried how they would be able to raise 12 children together they figured it out and both did the best they could to help each other and begin their lives together as one. Over the years there were ups and downs, Christmases with no presents, nights without food, winters without heating but they did their best. One day they were going through pictures of my mom from when she was a professional dancer and performed at an army base, Gilbert quickly recognized her and they realized they had met before. God was leading them to each other. 15 years ago my mom was offered a job in Texas and with no hesitation he agreed to follow the love of his life anywhere and we made our trip down south. Two years later they finally married on Valentine’s Day! Saving money they were able to purchase their new home in order to provide their children with a stable home they wouldn’t be embarrassed to have friends over. Gilbert who I refer to as my dad because he has been the only male figure I’ve had my entire life started working as a truck driver so my mom wouldn’t have to work as much due to her declining health issues. He went three years driving in Texas delivering cement in a truck with no a/c in the Texas heat without complaining because for him providing for his family was his first priority. In 2003 my little brother was born and few years later I had a little sister as well. My sister was four months early and almost did not survive, but thankfully my parents were able to bring her home and spent every moment they could praying she would be okay. In this time they didn’t stop trying to help others, donating clothes and toys to charities and people in need. Helping anyone they could opening their home to strangers “adopting” many people and feeding them. A few years ago my dad joined a motorcycle club, he wanted to have more of an opportunity to help people so every chance he got he volunteered for bike runs to raise money and every year they both would go without in order to buy presents for children who wouldn’t get any for Christmas. Sunday may 17th 2015 my dad turned 60 but instead of celebrating he decided to go to Waco in hopes of volunteering for more charities and learn any new laws he needed to be aware of. We didn’t hear from him again. The last message my mom received was “I’m being arrested; I love you it will be okay”
I saw the news reports about what had happened and was struck hard, not knowing if he was there or not if he had been one of the men killed or arrested I called my mom she was in tears trying to explain what happened. The next morning I went to their home reading reports, messages, and comments about the Waco shooting I knew something didn’t sound right. I kept reading people across the nation hating and discriminating against bikers…how do they know these men? How do they know who these men are? In what way is the death of any man okay? I immediately posted a message on my Facebook asking people to not speak ill of the Waco shooting and I began to describe my father and the fact that he had been there and was now arrested. What people failed to see was that there were innocent men that were there, military men, independents, charity clubs etc. I began to step into a world I had never really known before. I spoke out! Many people heard me! I shared stories and am now hearing from many people who are suffering the same way my family is. See my mom won’t say anything but I will.. My mother is ill, severe pain in her hips inhibit her from walking for a certain amount of time, she has high blood pressure, heart problems and her body is being destroyed by tumors.. My dad took care of her! He helped her any way he could. And now he’s gone and we don’t know for how long. He is her rock and this event is emotionally destroying her health even more. She is on disability but it is not enough to support their two children, pay the bills or put food on the table.
Before he left Sunday morning he promised to be home early to work on their home. Another thing many don’t know is the home my mom owns is being rented out to people who had no home before, my parents live in a small travel trailer on a piece of land they have been wanting to build a home on. They gave up their home so others had somewhere to sleep.

My dad would work 4 am to 5 pm everyday and on the weekends try to progress in the process of building their home… Almost two years they have just now started the process of paying cement down. Why? Why did it take two years to do this? Why did they chose to live in a small trailer? Because they wanted to help others. People less fortunate, people who had no where else to go, people who had no food. They have always been this way. Neglecting their own needs to help someone else. This is the type of person that is sitting in jail right now! Someone who will give his life for our freedom, someone who will work even with injury or discomfort to provide for others. He has taken on children and loved more people just because they are there. No matter who you were, no matter what the situation, he would be there. So now I am doing what he would do.. if you didn’t know him he is Helping. Supporting. Caring. Loving. best friend. Amazing father and the world’s most wonderful “pop pop” please bring my children’s grandfather home.




3 Responses to “Daddy’s Girl.. Attica’s Badass Campaign for her Daddy”

  1. LadyRavenSDC Says:

    Reblogged this on LadyRaven's Whisky In A Jar – OH!.

  2. Bless your heart, don’t want a date (you’re not my type) hahaha, but I would like to help out in some way. Will be watching your page and keeping up with what’s going on. I did make a decal design for shirts and car window stickers for awareness, hoping it will help make people think and not forget. I will keep them all in my thoughts and prayers, as well as your Family. Keep on, keeping on…as I know you will. Your Dad must be proud of you, I know I would if I were in his shoes. {{{hugs}}} from North Texas!

  3. amyrpse Says:

    God is watching. Prayers that our Waco bikers are released.

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