The Bullshit Stops Here.. A Real Comparison of Bikers vs. Gangs

There has been a whole lot of comparing Waco to Baltimore/Ferguson/Trayvon lately. Some of its factual, some not so much.

As far as Trayvon, there is NOTHING in common. He was a repeat offender with lock picks, lurking around in a dark neighborhood and attacked George Zimmerman. The only thing you can possibly compare to Waco from that one is the lying in the media and ensuing fallout of the buffet of idiocy which is public opinion.. Mainly the fact that George Zimmerman got bludgeoned over the head with ‘white privilege’ crap when all along it was quite obvious he was not white at all, but Hispanic. When you read the rosters of people killed and people jailed, the one stand alone thing that stares back is the names.. Jesus, Mendez, Rodriguez… How exactly does ‘white’ anything come into play when at least one black man and probably the majority in jail are Hispanics. Along with their freedom, they are being denied their race and heritage. It’s wrong to say they are getting special favors for being white when neither thing is accurate. How the hell does the media get by with shit like that?

As far as Mike Brown.. No looting, rioting, or lies by the bikers save that one Cossack. Mike Brown bullied a store keeper and a cop and got himself shot. One of the elemental differences in motorcycle clubs and gangs that the American people don’t see is this… Street gangs do things for themselves only. Bikers spend the majority of their time helping or defending someone. Bikers find it disgusting to see that huge man pushing around a tiny storekeeper.. It’s against everything we stand for. Street gangs, this behavior is so commonplace that nobody even notices it’s out of the ordinary. Bikers also are not producing fake witnesses to cry on CNN or perpetrating lies about what happened. Bikers have not threatened law enforcement or said ‘they all need to die.’ Bikers have not looted or burned anything. Mike Brown was aggressively pursuing a cop while engaging in criminal activity. Bikers went to lunch and the equivalent of a city council meeting and got shot up by cops. When the shooting occurred many caught bullets trying to pull the wounded or dead to safety. Stories are coming out of the jail about people who saved lives that day. Other bikers were trying to herd the crowds into safe areas instead of fleeing for cover themselves. This is so far beyond Mike Brown stealing cigars that I don’t even know where to start. Mike was engaged in criminal activity.. Bikers were engaged in heroic activity. Mike got expedited hearings and investigations from the justice department. They won’t return the biker’s calls. Hands up don’t shoot never happened. Bikers are not making up fake hand gestures.

As far as Baltimore.. The mayor came out and said she was giving them room to destroy, and destroy they did. They joined forces with the Nation of Islam whereas the majority of the bikers involved were hanging out with Christian bikers who now sit in jail. I haven’t seen any photos of bikers running around with stolen toilet paper and a mazel tov cocktail. They did millions of dollars worth of damage to Baltimore, including burning an old folks home… , they threw rocks and bottle at cops and innocent people… Not one person was shot. The bikers have yet to produce a single shooter in an incident that left 9 dead at the hands of snipers. The bikers tried to save folks then sat quietly until they were arrested. Nobody is in jail for rioting, they were released pretty much immediately. The bikers have been in jail for two weeks. Even a basic understanding of the area and ballistics tell you that a large portion of the people in jail were nowhere near the altercation.

I can’t breathe? Those are the same words a vet with COPD has been telling his wife from the Waco jail for two weeks now.

The president showed mad support for the black gangsters, but crickets about the bikers. This is ridiculously bad taste from DC.

Don’t buy into the bullshit about race in the media. Overall, not even half the bikers have criminal records and many of the ones who do, it’s things like ‘had a hot check once’ .. ‘Disturbing the peace’ with his brother when they were teens… This doesn’t exactly hold up next to 16-18-20 year old boys who already have hardcore multiple conviction rap sheets of dealing drugs, stealing cars, armed robberies, and various other felonies. All those black thugs murdered really were involved in stealing, running from a cop, grabbing a cops weapon… I have yet to see a bad rap sheet surface for any bikers or proof they were involved in anything wrong.


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  1. Rex King Says:

    Just about how it is when the lamestream media.

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