My Letter to the Guvnah of Texas

Dear Guvnah..

What is “ORGANIZED CRIME’ to you nincompoops, exactly? Does it mean they keep their baggies color coded? They have a Rolodex for their mule’s phone numbers? Because man, ya know, I have to tell ya… I only saw one group of people in those photos who looked like “organized crime” to me. And that would be YOUR guys.. not ours. The things being said are completely utterly ridiculous and without precedence. Yea, 10 percent at most may do drugs or run guns or something else shady. The other 90 percent don’t ever even KNOW about it. The very small criminal element of bikers that do exist, they don’t get up on the stage at the toy run and grab a mike and say, “Hey, everyone! I am going out to buy some drugs now!” Drug dealers and thieves in the biker community are no different than the ones in the mainstream culture in that they HIDE their nefarious doings from everyone else… they don’t flaunt it. .. They are also by no means a larger percentage of our populace, either. In FACT.. MOST bikers get kinda mad when people are all high and stupid around them, because you have to have all your faculties about you to maintain a motorcycle, most especially riding in a pack. I know a helluva lot of patches that have been PULLED due to stupid behavior. The clubs don’t condone that shit by and large, and don’t elevate in the club due to their amount of drug running like in street gangs. You wil amost NEVER find a lot of drugs in most bikers events unless somehow one sneaks in with it. They aren’t normally whipping out the cocaine in McDonalds and snorting it off a stripper’s butt. That’s only in television, sir. Also drug issues arent rampant in our culture.. and in fact pretty much happens about as often as a priest gets caught poking little boys behind the vestibule. We can’t help it anymore than the rest of the world can help the dopeheads who filter through the communities. Maybe if your imbecilic flying monkeys lead by Swanton spent more time actually working and less time at Clayton’s Gun Range learning how to go all Call of Duty at people for going to a meeting, there might would be less drugs on your streets. I know there would be less dead bikers.

Why are YOU not ripping the tits off the ACLU? YOUR CONSTITUENTS are being held for no reason whatsoever other than owning a motorcycle. How DARE you pretend to justify that asinine horseshit by calling them all criminals and pretending to thank those trigger happy bastards for gunning so many people down in cold blood? Because.. guess what, Guvnah. People are now getting bonded out that KNOW what’s on that tape you all are protecting like the crown jewels.. and… someday very soon, I am going to TELL it. Your cops are going to go down. It will not be jumping up and down in the streets like baboons. It will not be stealing toilet paper and burning down Dollar Stores. Because ya see, Guvnah? Regardless of how many times you coerce the newspapers into calling us names and stand up there flapping your craphole about how safe your state is from the SCARY BIKER GANG…. Everyone in America deep down knows you are full of grade A first class Texas Prime Bullshit. These people know who go above and beyond to take care of every aspect of their communities.. and its us, not you. They know that these men who ride twenty thousand dollar machines and mow their yard and coach their little leagues and fix their cars are just like everyone else… they just happen to be a biker. Our lifestyle does NOT mean we have less rules that you.. it means we have MORE. We have saints and we have sinners. As a matter of fact, every damned one of them IS a saint and a sinner, sir. same as every other red blooded man on earth. Some just have a little more of one or the other. We all see which one YOU are, by the way. Don’t go ordering any halos. Have you sat down and looked at those photos of those bikers in their cuts? Have you seen the pristine beauty of bold rich colors embroiderd on elaborately tooled leather? The heavy embossed jewelry? All of the things that should siginify to you they are men who maintain their looks, their lives, their vehicles.. and their clubs. You have access to their phones and their “had a hot check once” or “went in a bar with a gun on his belt twenty years ago” criminal records.. meanwhile you wipe your big billy bad ass boots all over the heads of well loved and respected members of your communities. How DARE you even show you ugly old face in public, you braying old goat. Letting people set over there and go through their phones to see who texted who. Are you kidding? Are you a thirteen year old girl on her period? How would you not understand a CMA and Bandit who have known each other for thirty years may have each others phone numbers.. and may even call for such awful criminal activity as borrowing a wrench or having a cup of coffee, you drooling simpletons. There are citizens of YOUR state that are having every single right and liberty raped from their very souls. There were women there for Motorcycle Awareness YOU ENDORSED who got frisked and thrown into jail for two weeks with murderers. A lady in the Eastern Star is in there for THAT. There is a twenty something year old young man in there who is a Mason. Now. you want to call them all criminals? Why don’t you ask any Mason on earth if you are allowed to be a worthy Mason with a criminal record. This is a beautiful, kind hearted young man who kept a job and paid his bills and rode a motorcycle. A young man so stable he’s already a freemason in his twenties. You have allowed Waco to effectively ruin his entire life. Are you still PROUD of your police force? Probably. There is a REASON men like you don’t understand bikers. That’s because you are a pencil neck, weinie headed talking puppet who has no idea how to live life or be a man. You wouldn’t make a pimple on a biker’s left nut. You don’t even have enough balls to stand up to that Barney Fife in Legoland lying ass Swanton. Are you KIDDING? WHAT are you so afraid of? Don’t sit there and lie and say the bikers either, you old fart. We are tired of all that wind coming out your ass stinking up the South. Those men stand up for women and children. They teach Sunday School. They are daddies and grandpas who go to birthday parties and drink imaginary tea from tiny cups because it makes their granddaughter smile. Why don’t you grow a set and DEFEND those veterans and other good men in that jail? Pick up your phone and call and tell them they are pardoned… and without that BULLSHIT 25,000 for this abond and 70,00 more for that layer and wear a thing on your ankle.. for WHAT? They did NOTHING. you allowed them to be kidnapped and ransomed and lose their jobs, even their KIDS, you dumbass. You know its the right thing to do. You know you are evil as all hell to let their lives be destroyed to cover your inmate shortage in your jail. Every night one of them sleeps in a jail cell you are gonna fry a little bit hotter, sir. Why don’t you do a press release admitting the only drugs found was a little pot, and you basically made that legal anyway, right? You are probably toking on a big fat ol doobie right this minute.

And ANOTHER thing, Guvnah, you bumbling, babbling old fool. You are not the governor of Chutes and Ladders. You are the governor of fucking TEXAS. Call down those asshats for claiming a wallet chain and a nail clipper and a BOOT are dangerous weapons. The SCARY CHAINS they confiscated was a two inch long piece of jewelry on a lady’s vest. You ALSO are aware that the large majority of the few guns that WERE found after Swanton’s jackassery, that those men and women had PERMITS to have their guns in their vehicles or vests or wherever they had them. They were completely legal under the second amendment. How DARE you or any damned body else that lives in Texas even THINK of saying “oh heavens to Betsy, WHY did they have their guns in their VEHICLES!” Same damned reason every single one of you do, you lying ass two faced, yellow bellied hypocrites. Don’t mess with Texas is right because you might get that shit all over you! You haven’t said a damned thing about those poor families that are suffering needlessly in your state, you callous old horse’s ass. People will remember that crap when the truth comes out. And guess what.. Even if a biker DID shoot.. or two.. that is NO EXCUSE for those redneck hillbilly fools to blast away at the restaurants and cars and bikes and people and patrons and each other! And THEN.. and THEN blame the restaurant and get them ostracized? For real? You ever ask yourself if those cops got a scary FBI warning why they didn’t PREVENT the fight? Because their story is a crock of shit, that’s why. You need to get a better liar than Officer Patrick to be your front man, Guvnah. He sucks at it.

You know, there ARE criminals who are bikers. But I challenge you to something here.. Would you like to compare how many criminal politicians i can find against how many criminal bikers you can find? We all know that the Clintons have had more people killed than the Bandidos. And while we are at it.. would you like to go double or nothing for biker murders vs. cop murders? of course you don’t. Grow a set and let them innocent people out of jail, because, frankly. you have beat that dead horse named “Gang” until there are maggots coming out. The longer you let it lay around in the hot Texas sun, the more it’s going to stink. BEYOND THAT… Do you truly believe covering Swanton’s ass is more important than jeopardizing the lives of every biker in America with trumped up Sons of Anarchy bullshit about explosives and GANGS riding to attack your towns. Quit lying. And quit calling us gang, you asshole. And stop wiping your ass on the Constitution.

Most assuredly, Amy Irene White


11 Responses to “My Letter to the Guvnah of Texas”

  1. OkieJohn Says:

    Thank You Amy

  2. well, i think that should about cover it. and to anyone afraid to respond to this since perry the fairy will likely be checking out this blog – this is how you write to your representatives. they TREAT you like shit so the least you can do is WRITEto them like they’re shit.

  3. Detroitheat Says:

    You tell them girl, every one of these Politicians are a bunch of fucking pussyfied Hippocrates, and operate the largest criminal organizations in the history of the world, little alone the United States, I personally believe they have had more people killed then Adolf Hitler and the Christian Crusaders combined, and talk about DOPE just who in hell do you think is behind all and I mean all of the dope that is coming into OUR country from Mexico and South America, it sure as hell isn’t your average Joe, every Politician Republican and democratic party’s sense L B JOHNSON was in office.
    And now they are going with this One Word Order, and take away all of OUR constitution rights, that we Americans have fought and Died for, I personally believe it’s time to eliminate this federal government and reinstate a constitutional government of the people and for the people and by the people, it will come down to a civil war, and I can’t say I will survive it, but if not they will find my body in a pile of empty brass, and the barrel of my gun smoking hot. I personally LOVE MY COUNTRY but I HATE THIS GOVERNMENT.
    Remember ((((( America Bless God and God will Bless America ))))).

  4. I truly understand everyones feelings on this matter. I just wanted to say that if you are writing to government officials, its better to make your letters brief and to the point. I say this because your chances of being heard and your letters being read are much better. When they are too long they tend to glance and ignore due to the length of the letter. Keep in mind they dont want to read about your personal feelings but they want you to make a point in your statement . yesterday June 2nd. was national gun violence awareness day and many participated all over the country. IT is in memory of those victims that have fallen due to gun violence. This is something to keep in mind to honor the fallen at twin peaks. As far as owning a gun its each persons choice. Understand i feel like many of you about this tragic matter. GOD bless you all

  5. Well said…..well said

  6. […] Biker – Author – Amy Irene White – My Letter to the Guvnah of Texas You know, there ARE criminals who are bikers. But I challenge you to something here.. Would you like to compare how many criminal politicians i can find against how many criminal bikers you can find? […]

  7. thay say something enuff thay are going to will it to happen

  8. Gerald Lowrey Says:

    Thank you Amy. Gov Abbott visited Waco 25 Sep 15 and made this statement: “America needs Texas more than ever,” Abbott said. “Texas needs McLennan County.”

  9. Terry 'Shortround' Rains Says:

    You are the shit! The world would be a better place if more m-f spoke the truth, yeah they say they want the truth…bastard liars! Thank you! I could read your writing all day. Very few have that charismatic, twisted gift of telling people to go to hell & they without second thought hastily oblige. Brilliant! (I laugh all the way through every piece I read! …and the shit is so not funny!)

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