The Man Who Put 177 Bikers in Prison.. Fast Facts about Walter H. Peterson

Just when you think the news from Waco couldn’t get any shadier… the Motorcycle Attorney goes and drops a bomb like this!!!


The issue with a $1 million dollar bond was also mind boggling until now. The arrest warrants were issued by a Justice of the Peace, not a judge! A Justice of the Peace has the authority to hear misdemeanor cases if no jail time is sought and civil cases not exceeding $10,000 (small claims courts). The Justice of the Peace that issued the arrest warrants, Walter H. “Pete” Peterson, is a former Public Safety Trooper with no formal legal training; meaning he is not a judge nor an attorney!

The not so honorable Walter H. Peterson made some really idiotic choices in the last couple weeks, starting with violating the terms of his office by not writing one insanely high bond, one hundred times more than his office is allowed in fact… Not one, but 177 one million dollar bonds on innocent people. He isn’t even allowed to handle things that are felonies. Look at him hard, folks. This man is the reason your friends and loved ones are losing their homes, cars, bikes, even their children. This fat faced ugly pig is the reason bikers bloodied and shot up and frightened were herded up like cattle to slaughter and all but 6 of them are still sitting in jail today. He pretends he is being malevolent by lowering their bonds to $25,000.. plus the added approximate cost of a lawyer is around $70,000.. what a wonderful way to treat Americans after you force them to lose their jobs for doing nothing more than going to a restaurant where a bunch of bikers are. He has perpetrated slanderous misconceptions on literally hundreds of people.. every biker in the world, actually, with this idiotic stunt he pulled. I guess once a cop, always a cop, huh? He violated every single civil right that every single person there had. He violated the sanctity of the law of the Great State of Texas by basically giving it the bird. He knew he wasn’t allowed to write the first bond for that amount of money. I believe Waco should make sure he loses that $70,000 they pay this sorry dog every year. I wish he would live to see the repercussions his fraud will cause on the biker community for years to come, seeing as how he effectively wiped away about half a century of hard work trying to kill the stereotypes by allowing HIS gang to attack and kill and wound American citizens on American soil, but I don’t see that happening since those fleshy jowls insinuate he is probably a walking heart attack anyway.


Walter H. Peterson, Sr.
Retired State Trooper
Waco, Texas Area Law Enforcement
Texas Department of Public Safety
Central Texas College

Retired Highway Patrol Sergeant
Texas Department of Public Safety
January 1979 – August 2011 (32 years 8 months)Waco, TX
First line supervisor for nine Troopers in all their duties, making schedules, checking reports, complaint investigation, administrative duties.

Central Texas College
Associates, Criminal Justice
1975 – 1977
Attended part-time while working full time for Copperas Cove Police Department

I’m not sure why his campaigns are called “GoPisForMe.” maybe he is incontinent?

sure does think a lot of himself, doesn’t he? sounds like a holster sniffer too.


“I don’t care if they need me to sign a warrant in the middle of the night…I’m used to it. My wife’s used to it…I’ve been on call my whole life,” exclaimed Peterson regarding his commitment to the job.

give him a call at 254-420-3151 on his Southwestern Bell landline and tell him what you think of those million dollar bonds!

Map of location at 500 Moss Hill Rd

500 Moss Hill Rd Hewitt, TX 76643-3352

According to the latest state records, Walter H Peterson is a Sergeant, Dps in the following department: TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY. Peterson had a salary of $69,043, which is 1.5 times greater than the average of all TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY employees ($47,221) and 1.7 times greater than the average Texas state employee ($41,475).

Peterson was hired on 01/10/1979 by the State of Texas.


67 Responses to “The Man Who Put 177 Bikers in Prison.. Fast Facts about Walter H. Peterson”

  1. LadyRavenSDC Says:

    Reblogged this on LadyRaven's Whisky In A Jar – OH!.

    • Well said! Great blog! Keep up the good work in help spreading the word!!!!

      • LadyRavenSDC Says:

        MC Atty – I have been mostly absent for three days – a new child in my life. I save all the posts (and comments) here at WB site and I WILL be getting her writings up as soon as possible.
        Meanwhile – there is huge support not only for WB site – all the bikers and that is at the Conservative Tree House.

  2. agent provocateur Says:

    Reblogged this on Nevada State Personnel Watch.

  3. LadyRavenSDC Says:

    Amy – according to article below – there were some 215 vehicles impounded. That is about thirty more than bikers jailed or killed.
    Did PD (or whoever) go to the bikers homes and grab other vehicles? Has anyone made mention of that to you?

  4. he must’ve had a club member steal a girlfriend once. Or maybe just a small dick.

  5. Please do not resort to harassing at calling private phone numbers of officials no matter how misguided they might be. That is NOT a productive way to help.

    • I could give a fuck at this point. Everybody will call again now. Oh I’m disturbing his dinner? Tough shit. He faked paperwork to hold nearly 200 Americans hostage for the last two and a half weeks eating green Bologna while their families starve.

    • We will be happy to stop calling when that asshole stand up and says he was wrong and they give the tens of thousands of extortion money they have pocketed already back to those poor folks. We will stop calling when we see JUSTICE SERVED.

    • Just Tawni Says:

      Hey, he doesn’t mind phone calls in the middle of the night even, nor does his wife….they love writing bonds, even ones they are legally not allowed to write. A public servant is a public servant. When you abuse law abiding legal citizens, you deserve it.

  6. well he just cost the city of waco taxpayers a bundle in lawsuits

  7. Terry Yates Says:

    All of the bikers will be exonerated,but this moron exceeded his authority and apparently the AG is afraid to call him on it. If we want this miscarriage of justice end quickly we need to flood the Texas AG’s office and ask him to intercede in this case.. You can google the Texas AG’s email. Let’s let him know that we want this to end now.

  8. David Smith Says:

    You might want to do a bit more fact checking on what Texas JP’s can and can not do. Read this carefully and you will see.

    A JP in a large precinct in a large county will work 5 days a week, 8 or more hours daily. Their duties will include, but are not necessarily limited to the following: Trials of civil matters, both to a 6-person jury and to the bench, with an amount in controversy not exceeding $10,000.00. Trials of criminal matters involving traffic violations and class C misdemeanors punishable by fine only. Pre-trial motion dockets and show cause hearings are held, and all discovery must be approved by the Judge in advance in civil cases. All criminal matters are controlled by the rules of criminal procedure and evidence. A much more restricted and smaller set of rules apply in civil matters unless in the Judges discretion, it is believed to be in the best interests of justice to apply the standard rules of evidence and procedure. The court has the exclusive jurisdiction of evictions. A Texas JP Judge will also magistrate prisoners and set bail. The Judge will hear juvenile violations such as truancy, and underage drinking and smoking. Warrants of Arrest, Alias, Search and Capias Profine are issued. Protective Orders can issue and result in jail time if violated. Several administrative matters are heard including the finding of a Dangerous Dog, Occupational Drivers License and tow hearings. Many writs are issued such as writs of re-entry to apartments, possession of realty and to reinstate utilities a landlord may have turned off. A JP has contempt power of $100 and up to 3 days in jail per occurrence. And of course, a JP will perform matrimonial services.

    • didn’t see anything about warrants for organized crimes, which is what he issued, right?

    • they can issue warrants but not “preside” over a case. The problem is he has no legal training whatsoever, and for a complicated case such as this, they should have had a criminal judge issue the warrants. Just imagine if someone with no legal training was the one deciding whether you go to jail or not today? That’s like having a non doctor, non surgeon, perform an operation.

      • And dumping a bond on you that’s more money than you ever will see in your lifetime and forcing you to buy a $70,000 dollar lawyer.. No offense.. And of course let’s hold you hostage long enough to lose your job and get a month behind on bills.. People keep saying ‘they will own Waco.’ Their kids may. It will take YEARS to get thru the 177.

  9. Beth Speelman Says:

    You filthy pig! How dare you slander the police officers in every part of this country! Your face is the least respectable I’ve ever seen! You put the most respectful people in jail you PUTZ!
    Go directly to jail let those men out and put your fat ass in there where you belong!!!!

    • ummmm? who exactly are you yelling at?

      • I don’t think any of these people did a google search (police brutality in Texas) and was willing to read and accept the true hard facts that the law enforcement agencies are the largest criminal elament on the streets today across the entire country. So “slandering every police officer” is very easily and quickly discredited as “telling the truth”. The American American, Fighting to Restore Our Free Nation from Baytown, Texas said that. I own mine!

      • Dred Fusion Says:

        Beth was yelling at the JP

  10. Grumpyjack Says:

    you dont know what the hell youre talking about . A JP IS a judge a magistrate and has authority to issue misdemeanor and felony warrants in the name of the State of Texas. In addition he has the authority to set bond for misdemeanors and felonies. AND it is NOT required that he have a law degree to be a JP but it is required that he take the state mandated courses and continued in service courses all year to maintain his status. So you are wrong as hell on both counts. As for being a trooper and a Sgt that just adds to his knowledge of the law from a working stand point. You have never worn a badge or carried a side arm or worked the streets so you dont know shit basically Youre like everyone else just want to run your mouth for attention. Ive been a biker AND a cop all my damn life and you don t know shit about either side apparently. People like you just inflame the problem with your bullshit. Keep on running your mouth apparently thats all you know how to do. You are pathetic!

  11. Great blog! Keep up the good work and in helping shedding light on this issue!

  12. Too bad the attorney general or at least the governor doesn’t step in. Hell, at least the governor wants to pass open carry.

  13. Patrick Says:

    Beth, In this case I believe you have the word PIG used in the wrong context.

  14. Chainsaw Says:

    Him and Terry Katz probably trade gerbils!

  15. police supporter Says:

    You are a terrible person! Its people like you who continue to stir the pot that is preventing your bikers from getting out of jail. Many if them can’t find a lawyer because the lawyers won’t take their case due to fear of backlash from others. Let it alone and maybe just maybe they will get out!

  16. Dan Fridenberg Says:

    Why has no one talked to the people that was wounded to get their story

  17. Too man didn’t cause people to go to a restraint carrying guns,knives , chains and whatever else they had. He didn’t pull the trigger or use a weapon against others there.

    • the “chains” found were vest extenders. the knives tiny little pocket knives. the guns were legal and locked in cars. talk what you know.

    • why some of the dead have police bullets in them, in fact I think they all were.

      • yea. you are right. one bandido has a cossack bullet… i believe he is still alive, though.. he may even be the one in jail with a bullet in his chest. I am pretty sure all or at least all but one or two of the dead have cop bullets. thats what they are trying to cover up, more than likely. fact of business, thank you.. i will add this in the blog.

  18. okay he did the damage, but watch your property tax go up, AGAIN, to pay the law suits off. Waco law enforcement will never admit they might have been wrong. didn’t Hitler load up the Jews and cart them off to death camps (prison). seems the same thing happened in Waco. WPD I dare you to contact me…better not or I will get on the law suit band wagon

  19. Randy Patranella Says:

    What a DUMBASS! !!!

  20. paula white Says:

    i just spoke to someone that is in jail and he said they was gonna try use a bonds man they know and they told them no they can only use bonds mans in that county. does anyone know of this???

  21. This man and waco police,the sgt in paticilar need to be incestigated fir cirruotion fraud and human rughts offenses

  22. Karen perkins Says:


  23. In my opinion.. 9 times out of 10 the law are the criminals!!!!
    Bike clubs donate more time,money n pleasure in more charities than any government agency!!!!
    I’m a firm believer that if a club can’t ear their colors in an establishment,the law shouldn’t be allowed to wear their patches or badges!!!
    I’m a lady who grew up w both her parents being deputies in Hancock county,Maine.

    • What do you suggest we do to get Texas to wake up and quit turning their heads?

      • Me? I am all about protesting normally.. I just won’t do it against a direct CoC order. I say protest in every city in america. Mail letters call people at home and at work. I mailed used dildos off amazon for $2 a piece to someone once.. I called it the dildo of he month club. Do anything to be a pain in the ass to the politicians of that town and state and to get media attention. I STRONGLY suggest picketing the ACLU in texas. Every day. I told one of he Waco widows they should herd up their babies and go sit on the jail lawn with quilts and lunches every day and signs saying ‘Waco took my man and my income so I came here to let them watch my kids cry for their daddy.’

  24. need to set up a protest,on the weekend because we have to work.we will come from all over.and call the media

  25. AshleyS. Says:

    Regarding his campaign “GoPisForMe.” That’s not “Go Pis” — it’s “GOP is For Me” as in GOP = Republican. He’s a friggin’ Republican.

  26. If he worked full time for Copperas Cove Pd he is a crooked assed jackass to say the least. that whole department is pure corruption and full of liars, thieves and abuse the law to do what they want it to. Regardless, I hope the city of Waco goes bankrupt and a LOT of those “law enforcement” personnel get exactly what they deserve..JAILTIME with a million dollar fine and a conviction with no chance of parole… sorry sob’s…

  27. Arlene Wayne Says:

    Impeach him.

  28. Mike Mullen Says:

    1) Instead of ranting about what a jerk the JP is, why don’t you guys dig up some real dirt on the guy so they can start an investigation of some sort and put him on the hot seat for a change? From the “facts” that I read, all you have on the JP is that he is a retired state trooper. Whoopdee Doo….Who cares if he is not a lawyer or a judge ?? There are thousands of those types in every small county in the state.
    2) As far as the shootings are concerned, I will tell you the same thing I told all the Lib crybabies during the Michael Wilson, Trayvon Martin incidents: The forensic evidence and reports will tell the tale about who got shot and who shot them and how they were shot and that will be the cold hard truth.

    If you want to demand anything, demand that the coroner reports from the medical examiners be made public immediately. Believe me when I say I support you because I am a motorcyclist too, but you have to fight smarter than you are right now……..

  29. John Hunt Says:

    He should be charged with abuse of office at the very least.

  30. Interesting timing. With Jade Helm around the corner, there are less intrepid and able warriors around to stand their ground against military tyranny, if things do indeed go ‘live.’ As for this Peterson fellow, he is accountable to someone. He needs to be impeached and held liable for legal kidnapping, a capital offense.

  31. Here’s a copy and paste from section 39.03 of Texas State Statutes.

    Sec. 39.03. OFFICIAL OPPRESSION. (a) A public servant acting under color of his office or employment commits an offense if he:
    (1) intentionally subjects another to mistreatment or to arrest, detention, search, seizure, dispossession, assessment, or lien that he knows is unlawful;
    (2) intentionally denies or impedes another in the exercise or enjoyment of any right, privilege, power, or immunity, knowing his conduct is unlawful; or etc., etc., etc.

    The law needs to be equally applied to ALL involved. I suggest that all contact the Texas State Attorney General’s Office.

    These so-called law enforcement officers and officers of the court need to be held accountable. Personally accountable under USC stautes would be a good start…42 USC 1983 conveys personal liability for violations of one’s civil rights, and while said cops may not have nearly as much money as the city does it hurts a hell of a lot more when you’re personally bankrupted and have someone after you — legally — working to collect their judgment for the rest of your life.

    Silence is consent……….Contact the State Attorney General’s Office, the Governor, etc. They’re our servants and they’re past due to be reminded of that fact…………

  32. lpreacher Says:

    you should put his home address on there too… after all he got all the bikers address…and its public record>>>

  33. Grumpy 13 Says:

    THE TRUTH IS ! We the people are under attack by our own government ! AND IT IS NOT GOING TO GET ANY BETTER ! They have an agenda to iradicate any and all those they see as a threat to of resistance ! THERE IS NO PEACEFUL SOLUTION TO THIS ! The only way is to do as OUR fore fathers done ! TAKE IT BACK BY FORCE ! Those killed by law enforcement and jailed by illegal search and seizure with property empounded and confiscated are casulties of was !There is no time for law suits and for the judicial system to rite the wrongs ! We will all be in concentration camps before that happens !This has been going on for along time and we are aproaching the end game ! They have we the people in check as we speak and if the battle line is not formed now we will all be dead or enslaved and our children will not have a free country to inherit ! TEXAS IS THE BIGGEST THREAT THEY HAVE !

  34. Can I simply just say what a comfort to uncover someone that truly knows what they’re talking about on the
    net. You actually know how to bring an issue to light and make it
    important. A lot more people have to check
    this out and understand this side of the story. I was surprised that you aren’t more popular because you surely have the gift.

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