From the Biker Lives Matter FB Comments …This is an amazing post…

Dear America,
Since the events in Waco unfolded I have been blown away by the amount of incorrect information that media, as well as certain law enforcement outlets, have dished out to the public. I realize that most people who are not in the motorcycle culture obviously have no clue as to what it is all about. It is obvious that the public in general assumes the events portrayed on “Sons of Anarchy” and biker movies is the reality of the biker culture, those of us that partake in the biker world know that this could not be further from the truth!
So let’s get some facts straight……
1. Not every organized group of motorcycle aficionados is a “gang”. The media as well as law enforcement have been throwing that term around since the incident in Waco and it is, to say the least, a misnomer. Much like every facet of society there is a small portion of the motorcycle world that is comprised of nefarious individuals and I won’t insult anyones intelligence by trying to argue otherwise, however using the blanket term “gang” when referring to any group of bikers is just ignorant and insulting. The vast majority of riders are law abiding, hard working, tax paying, contributing members of society and yes some belong to motorcycle clubs!
2. Gang vs. Club…..the word “gang’ in and of itself has various meanings not all of which have negative connotations.
Webster defines the term gang as the following:
: a group of criminals
: a group of young people who do illegal things together and who often fight against other gangs
: a group of people who are friends and who do things together
The third definition is representative of what most motorcycle clubs are about, a group of people, who are friends, and who do things together. I would add to that they they are bonded by a common interest which would be motorcycles and the motorcycle lifestyle. The men and women who partake in the motorcycle club lifestyle form relationships that are based on love, respect and trust. You can in no way, shape, or form ride 70 MPH in heavy traffic with someone you do not love enough to keep safe, respect enough to know their boundaries and limitations, and trust enough to put your life in their hands….it is that simple.
Unfortunately when the media and law enforcement outlets use this word they are referring to the first two definitions which is 100% inaccurate. Motorcycle clubs come in all flavors…religious clubs, law enforcement clubs, veteran clubs, family clubs…motorcycle clubs are formed by people from all walks of life from all sorts of different backgrounds who all have one thing in common, the love of motorcycles!
3. Motorcycle club members have regular old jobs, children, families, and hobbies just like every other person in the country. The media act like it is groundbreaking news that some of the men arrested have jobs working for city municipalities, law enforcement, hospitals, etc. etc. etc. Motorcycles and the motorcycle lifestyle is expensive and the majority of people that ride need a good paying job. Motorcycles require constant maintenance not to mention all the gear a rider needs to purchase. Leathers ain’t cheap folks!
4. The media keeps rambling on and on about the number of weapons recovered from the scene, in particular firearms, but what the media has not stated is how many of those weapons recovered were in the possession of legally registered CHL holders?
People this is Texas and in Texas we love several things… BBQ, football, our constitutional rights, and FIREARMS….end of story.
5. Why do bikers carry weapons?
Well….why does someone driving in their car need a firearm?
Why does a hiker carry a survival knife?
Why do women carry pepper spray or stun guns?
Why does law enforcement carry weapons?
Because shit happens that is why!
Criminals are everywhere not just in the biker subculture. When riding on a motorcycle the rider is completely exposed to everything around them including the criminal element. A motorcycle rider does not have the option of rolling up the windows and locking the doors. Keep in mind not everyone that rides carries a gun or a knife for that matter, but a large portion of us do. As a law abiding citizen it is our right to protect ourselves just like any other member of society. In addition knives can come in handy for a majority of things while on the road. Bikes break down ALL the time and a good knife on your hip can be the difference between calling for help and having your bike towed or doing a quick roadside repair so you can keep riding to your destination.
6. The C.O.C. (Confederation of Clubs) is NOT a criminal organization. It is not a coalition of “gangs”. It is not a forum for “gangs” to meet and talk about their criminal agenda or settle their differences. The C.O.C is an organized group of clubs that meet to discuss matters that effect the motorcycle community as a whole as well as voting on and approving new clubs.
Please America open your fucking eyes and realize you are being lied to!
Deadman Dan


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