What’s going on with the Cossacks?

There are a few rumors passing around about the Cossacks today. One, that they were allegedly attempting to earn their 1% diamonds in Waco on May 17th. With recent witness statements that Cossacks and Scimitars started and caused that entire thing at Twin Peaks, things aren’t looking great for the Cossacks. On top of that news, an article has appeared stating that the Cossacks caued ANOTHER public altercation the night before, at the Porter’s Thriftway in Allen, Texas, brutally beating one of their own in a public parking lot. It looks to me like they want to grow up and be like the Bandidos, but are using Jax as a role model. I sure would like to know where these four were Sunday around lunchtime. It seems the Cossacks have a problem with public altercations.

There are also witness statements claiming undercover cops, snitches, and especially someone named Voodoo in their club as being involved in the Waco Massacre’s planning. Now, I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theory here.. But. There are a few troubling facts.

πŸ“ Why was this NOT all over the news after Waco happened? Especially since they most certainly posted every little thing any Bandido has ever done all over national media.

πŸ“ Why are the men who attacked someone at the grocery not named, even though the victim is, in the initial reports?

πŸ“ Why was it leaked to the media a Bandido shot a gun on the patio in the video, when in fact it was allegedly a Cossack?

πŸ“ why are the Cossacks not listed on the arrest records for that jail until May 18th, but the article says they did it on May 16th, and were followed to a house and arrested.

πŸ“They all appeared to already be out of jail and posting on facebook within a day or so. Why weren’t they treated like the Waco bikers? Or held for questioning and being involved in gang activity on the 18th? Or picked up under RICO? They admit they were beating down a former Prospect. That’s a lot more involved than a lady handing out Motorcycke Awareness flyers, I have to say.



3 Responses to “What’s going on with the Cossacks?”

  1. I’m just a slick back,but love riding,I don’t like following any ones rules! But DAMN,I’ve been to BANDIDO sponsored parties,in CORPUS CHRISTI TEXAS, always had a great time! I just can’t put into words how bad all this shit makes me feel! MAN we Isis on our front door and we’re still squabi’n over shit as ridiculous as TURF, & DOMINANCE! WTF !!! That’s all that keeps running thru my lil rebel brain! C’mon ,I mean shit man,C’mon!

    • you know it wil be some hoorah about they dont have it yet on that stuff.

      • jessica Says:

        ‘This is not completely true’, says Jessica as she plucks a hair from between her teeth that used to be attached to a Cossack’s ballsack… She longs her head in such a way hat her hair brushes across the face of Patrick Swanton as he drill her in her asshole….

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