Out in the West Texas Town of El Paso… Deadly Police Gangs Strike Again


El Paso Gangster Cops

Today, Texas cops struck again when they arrived in great force at yet another run of the mill Coalition meeting at a VFW in El Paso and frightened everyone to death. Yet, again, there was absolutely nothing scary or nefarious at hand….

From their Facebook, which happens to have a Christian looking cross and star as Facebook cover photo:

Thank you for your interest in the El Paso Motorcycle Coalition. The El Paso Motorcycle Coalition is an alliance of avid motorcycle clubs and enthusiasts serving El Paso, Texas and our surrounding communities. There are 48 active clubs in this coalition and hundreds of independent riders. The goal of the EPMCC is to unify our local riders and serve the needs of our community. We organize local rides, public events; keep the biker community informed of issues and current events, locally and nationally. Each year our clubs are involved in variety of fundraisers including the annual Toy Run/Parade. All motorcycle riders are encouraged to join, whether as a club or individually.

The coalition meets at 7:00PM the first Wednesday of every month at The VFW Post 6388 on Cananea Lane. The meetings are open to the public. To learn more about the EPMCC, please join us.”


Eye witness quotes from FB:

“Police along with Sheriff’s deputies and State Troopers descended en masse on the El Paso Coalition of Clubs meeting. In the middle of discussing what upcoming charity events the various clubs were hosting, officers made their way into the building with the excuse that they were searching for someone who had evaded them earlier. It was an amazing show of force with several dozen law enforcement vehicles, including K9 units, as they searched for this ONE fugitive. They blocked off the entrance to the parking lot of the VFW hall where the clubs were meeting and milled about in front making it near impossible to leave the premises without forcing their way through a throng of officers. It was a wonderful example of what can happen in a police state.”

“Tonight at our monthly Coalition of Clubs meeting things started out pretty well, as you can see in the first picture a check presentation to the Alzheimers Association of El Paso from the Seed of Abraham bike run on Sunday, Shortly after that we were told that the meeting was breaking up as not to bring heat to the VFW where we hold our meeting. Unfortunately it was a little to late. As we were trying to leave we were met in in the parking lot by about 50 plus law enforcement personnel. We were herded back into the meeting hall a was told that we needed to stay put. The lame excuse that law enforcement used was” that they were looking for someone that had evaded them earlier” Then when we were allowed to leave the meeting hall we still could not leave. As you can see by the rest of the pictures the only way in and out was blocked by a couple of police vehicles. So the questions that I have are the following : Did it really take all those Law Enforcement people to look for that one person? What were they really looking for? I think that in light of what happened in Waco there is a lot more going on than what is being said. There are about 50 bike clubs in El Paso that get along in peace and harmony we all support our community by doing fund raisers thru out the year for different organizations. We get together monthly to pass around upcoming events and goings on. We also receive information on what is going on in the legislature pertain to anything that may affect our rights..”


Texas police got a taste of biker blood on May 17th in Waco, Texas. The Cossacks MC and Scimitars MC rolled into an Texas Confederation of Clubs Meeting. The Bandidos and other clubs present had no idea anything was out of place beyond all the Cossacks crew rolling in..until they surrounded some Bandidos in the parking lot and began and altercation over not wanting a Bandido to park next to them. A fight ensued where a large number of Cossacks attacked less than ten Bandidos, and ultimately shot one of them. This opened the door for the Waco police and swat team to open fire, and rain hundreds, maybe even thousands of rounds into a restaurant full of innocent people. They then rounded up the innocent people and threw them in jail with one million dollar bonds, then proceeded to slander them on every available media outlet.


These Texas gangster cops seem to get an uncommon thrill from harassing and killing veterans. Many vets in jail were made to wear their soiled pants for up to six days without a change. one wore a bullet in his chest for about ten days. One of the men they killed, Jesus Rodriguez, was a purple heart recipient Marine veteran, They have continuously downgraded him and bashed his memory because he was wearing a red and gold bandanna. If you looked at that bandanna closely, it was a POW/MIA emblem on it, not a Bandido. The marine insignia is red and gold and so of course that is what colors the Leathernecks and a good many Marine bikers wear. Pretty much the only “support” anything he wore was the standard Bandido crest on the front of his vest. It’s a shame that the policemen and their experts aren’t as educated as they think… a bikers “colors” are the patches on his BACK. the front of your vest is pretty much for name patches, rally patches, memorials and loved ones… patch wearers do wear some insignia on the fronts of their vests, such as officers name tags, military rank, in country or support patches, and  their coalition patches.


The police, DA, a Justice of the Peace and most assuredly Patrick Swanton have lied, connived, snuck around, and even broke laws on several different levels. They are making all the bikers who did nothing but show up for a meeting and get shot at by a swat team stay in jail until their families can scrape up the tens of thousands of dollars needed to bond out. They do indeed have to sign papers saying they won’t talk to or congregate with other bikers. This will be detrimental on the ministers they are holding, They also are forced to wear a tracking device on their ankles. why? they are innocent. Many of them haven’t even gotten paperwork for court appointed attorneys,and may not see a judge until August.

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6 Responses to “Out in the West Texas Town of El Paso… Deadly Police Gangs Strike Again”

  1. Bob meadows Says:

    All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward

    Protest video please share it!
    Title : Waco River of Blood !

  2. Maj. Richard M. Cole, USAF (Ret.) Says:

    Sign the petition to set the Waco bikers free and investigate the events of May 17! http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/free-the-waco-bikers.

  3. James Davis Says:

    This is a major case of police being unconstitutional. The lawmakers have to see how wrong this is and punish police and other law enforcement officials who took part in all this BS!!! They had no right swarming on the bikers like that and profiling colors. All biker clubs, whether involved or not, need to band together and protest the hell out of these”rulings” and get some xocops fired and out of a job because God knows there will be many bikers out of jobs by the time they get out of jail!!!



  5. Ya’ll need to get together and hire a high powered attorney for a class action suit and sue the living hell out of anyone or any entity connected with this harrasment.

  6. Up here in Oregon the cops do this to individuals, and basically ruin the lives of those they accuse.
    They had tried this same thing with me, and I was cleared of all charges after paying for the investigation myself. The burden of proof is placed on the accused, and that’s not right.
    There was no evidence, and no investigation performed by the police, this is not the way it should be. It’s perfectly okay to “Open Carry” and they just didn’t like that I exercised my right’s under the law.
    I lost most of my belongings, and they completely overstepped their authority. The “Warrant” was written and signed after I was in Lane County Jail. This is how they treat citizens, they destroy our lives, and charge us huge amount’s of money to remain “Free” Benjamin Franklin said it best, “We shall all hang together, or, we will all hang individually”.
    So I don’t believe anything the Government says or does, they lie and cheat us out of our inalienable right’s under the United States Constitution.
    Something needs to change, and the cops are the biggest problem that exists.
    I don’t ride, but I am still an American, and I see this is not right, we must all stand together to correct all that is wrong in our country. That includes cops that don’t mind the law or break the law to harass innocent people everywhere.
    A badge doesn’t exempt them from following the law. It actually means they must be held to a higher standard than an ordinary citizen, but they get away with just about anything.
    Let’s all stand together and see this get’s corrected.

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